Nightlife in Mauritius

Mauritius Nightlife

Fifty-Five Lounge Club, Play at Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles, Lakaz Cascavelle Restaurant & Club, BARaBAR, Le Suffren Hotel & Marina, Le Caudan Waterfront Casino, Taste the Freshly Crafted Beer at Flying Dodo, The Beach House Bar & Restaurant, and many more.
Known for its gorgeous landscapes, bewitching beaches, glorious history, and culture, Mauritius makes for a perfect holiday destination. But there is more to what meets the eye as nightlife in Mauritius is quite unexplored. Mauritius offers the most entertaining and fun experiences that you will have on your holiday to this stunning country.

Mauritius nightlife includes numerous beach clubs, lively and colorful parties with renowned DJs that will make you groove to the popular numbers letting you lose yourself to the music and the energetic atmosphere forgetting about all the tensions and stresses of everyday life.

The casinos, pubs and bars also make it to the top suggested things to do by the Mauritius nightlife guide to witness Mauritius in a different light which is pure entertainment and excitement.

Places like the Kenzy Bar, Banana Beach Club, Lambic and Le Caudan Waterfront are nestled amidst the most beautiful surroundings with fine interiors. These places buzz with people all night enjoying the scrumptious food of multiple cuisines along with the exotic cocktails and freshly crafted beer making it one of the best vacations to remember for a lifetime.
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Mauritius Nightlife FAQs

What are the best places to visit and things to do in Mauritius at night?

1. Fifty Five Lounge Club: An extremely attractive and vivid club, Fifty Five is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for a relaxing and fun night. Dance to the tunes of the famous DJs like Fergusan, Wiky and more, it is one of the best places to witness nightlife in Mauritius.

2. Play at Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles: Engage in the fun games of roulette, stud poker, black jack and more at this casino which is one of the most exciting things to do and experience the nightlife in Mauritius.

3. Lakaz Cascavelle Restaurant & Club: Hosting the craziest parties for chic people, Lakaz Cascavelle is one of the places to see the Mauritius nightlife up and close. Providing entertainment at its best, this restaurant and club will make you forget about the chaos of your regular day life.

4. BARaBAR: One of the most exciting nightclubs in Mauritius, BARaBAR offers everything that makes you go rock and roll while offering the best and most luscious cuisines including Asian and European. Friday nights are crazy and one of the highlights of this place.

5. Le Suffren Hotel & Marina: Taste the most exotic and best drinks and cocktails at this hotel and enjoy the Mauritius nightlife at its best. One of the favourites among the working locals of Mauritius, it is a place filled with excitement to be witnessed at night.

6. Le Caudan Waterfront Casino: Home to numerous shops, a five star hotel, casinos and cinemas, Le Caudan Waterfront is a place also suggested by the Mauritius nightlife guide as it is one of the most entertaining and captivating places to witness.

7. Casino Senator: One of the top suggestions of the Mauritius nightlife guide, Casino Senator allows you to experience and play the fun and exciting games like Scibo Shake, Vanlak, Roulette and more. This is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius at night for a fun filled experience.

8. Taste the Freshly Crafted Beer at Flying Dodo: One of the most famous microbreweries in Mauritius, one of the best things to do in Mauritius at night is to taste the famous craft beer, along with the delectable fish and chips at Flying Dodo.

9. The Beach House Bar & Restaurant: Offering a great ambience along with a perfect chilling and relaxing environment, The Beach House is one of the best places to witness the nightlife in Mauritius. Taste the exotic cuisines and cocktails offering authentic flavours of the beautiful country while you take in the bewitching surroundings of the place.

10. Zoobar: A perfect place to chill and relax with your friends while you sip the best beer, Zoobar offers you an experience to remember. Relax, enjoy the most delicious Crab Bouillon in the company of your friends and enjoy one of the best nights in Mauritius.

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Which are the best night clubs and casinos in Mauritius?

1. Banana Beach Club: One of the best venues for nightlife in Mauritius, Banana Beach Club offers grooving live music from the renowned and awesome DJs that will make you forget your worries and stress of everyday life.
Timings: 5:30 PM - 1 AM on all days and closed on Sundays.

2. Kenzi Bar: Offering the most delectable meals, Kenzi Bar is one of the most amazing venues for nightlife in Mauritius. You can have a relaxing and a lively night at Kenzi Bar away from the hustle of city life.
Timings: 6 PM - 12 AM on all days and till 10 PM on Sundays.

3. Lambic: One of the most stunning venues for nightlife in Mauritius is Lambic where you can enjoy imported beers and exotic cocktails while forgetting your stress. Dance to the tunes of the most famous music and have the best night.
Timings: 9:30 AM - 10 PM from Monday to Thursday and till 11 PM on Fridays, 1 Pm -10 Pm on Saturdays and remains closed on Sundays.

4. Big Willy's: Categorised under the best places to experience Mauritius nightlife, Big Willy’s is a place to enjoy the best time with your friends and share drinks. Taste the most delicious meals and party till your heart desires.
Timings: 11 AM - 10 PM from Tuesdays to Thursdays, 11 AM - 11 PM on Fridays, 12 AM - 11 PM on Saturdays and remains closed on Sundays and Mondays.

5. Zoobar: Blend in the party vibe and lose yourself to the most famous music that will make you forget about all the stress and worries. Dance to your heart’s content while enjoying the drinks and lip smackingly delicious food. Have the best time at one of the best bars in Mauritius.

6. C Beach Club: Nestled in the beautiful surroundings, C Beach Club is one of the best places to witness the Mauritius nightlife. Perfect for couples, friends and family, this beach club will offer you one of a kind experience.
Timings: 7 AM to 10 PM on all days.

7. Flying Dodo: Relish the fresh brewing beer at one of the best nightlife venues in Mauritius. With twenty different beers, this is the place to be visited during your Mauritius tour and have the best time of your life.
Timings: 11 AM to 11:30 PM on all days.

8. Merveilles Restro-Bar: Offering multiple cuisines and mouth watering food, Merveilles Restro Bar is one of the places offering the best meals and best food. Enjoy the ambience while you enjoy the delicacies here. This bar will relax you by providing you with memorable experiences with your friends and family.

9. Casino Senator: Casino Senator is nothing less than a world of fun where you can play jackpots and win. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to enjoy the Mauritius nightlife at its best. With unmatched hospitality and catering, you will have the most amazing time here.

10. Trou Aux Biches Casino: Located at a gorgeous location, Trou Aux Biches Casino offers a rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere with fun games. From slot machines to other games that are pure fun, it is one of the best casinos to visit in Mauritius.

11. Le Caudan Waterfront Casino in Port Louis: With a wide variety of meals available at one of the craziest places to experience the nightlife in Mauritius, Le Caudan Waterfront is unsurpassable. With multiple cafes and bars, you can have a great time here with your loved ones.
Timings: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM from Monday to Saturday and remains closed on Sundays.

12. Casino De Maurice: One of the traditional casinos in Mauritius, Casino De Maurice offers games including roulette, blackjack, slot machines and jumbo joker. From families to your friends, it is one of the most enjoyable places in Mauritius.
Timings: 8 PM - 5 AM on all days.

Is Mauritius safe at night?

Yes, Mauritius is safe at night as it is a friendly country and welcomes tourists with open arms but it is also advisable to avoid roaming around alone in the night in very secluded areas to avoid any sort of harmful incident.

Do Mauritius beaches have nightlife?

Yes, Mauritius beaches have a nightlife since the country is replete with buzzing beach clubs playing lively music and people dancing and grooving forgetting about all the rest while enjoying their cocktails.

There are also numerous bars, pubs and casinos in Mauritius where you can have fun.

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Which are the best places to eat at night in Mauritius?

1. Le Château De Bel Ombre: One of the most amazing fine dining restaurants in Mauritius, you should definitely visit this place with your family or your partner. The food here is prepared by a Michelin star chef and is absolutely magical.

2. Foobiss: Offering the taste of heaven in its delightful meals, Foobis is the perfect night restaurant to go in order to satisfy your cravings.

3. Green Island Beach Restaurant: With a stunning sea view and scrumptious food, Green Island is famous for offering delicious seafood and other Mauritian dishes. Visit this one of the best night restaurants in Mauritius.

4. Chateau Mon Desir: Providing the best culinary experience with friendly staff, this restaurant is a must visit for night dinners.

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Which places are famous for candle light dinner in Mauritius?

1. Domaine Anna: Enjoy the most romantic candlelight dinner with your beloved in the gazebos on the lake offering pristine views. Domaine Anna offers the best candlelight dinner with your partner.

2. Indian Pavilion: Amidst the riveting surroundings soaked in romance and love, Indian Pavilion offers the best candlelight dinners under a starlit sky.

3. Le Barachois: Encapsulated by a canopy of mangroves, Le Barachois offers a candlelight dinner on the floating decks for a mesmerising experience with your partner.

4. Le Fangourin: Taste the rich heritage of the place through its food in one of the finest restaurants and enjoy a candlelight dinner with your sweetheart.

Which are the famous night markets in Mauritius?

1. Floreal Square: One of the famous markets in Mauritius to shop from, Floreal Square is the best to buy local products and unique handicrafts.

2. Bay Bazar: Shop to your heart’s content and buy souvenirs for your friends and family to take back home. It is famous for handicrafts and beautiful souvenirs.

3. Central Market: Shop for homemade oils, groceries and traditional remedies, this is one of the most buzzing and colourful markets in Mauritius.

4. Le Craft Market: Visit this beautiful market and buy products for home decor made of cane and the glass craftworks that are breathtaking.

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