Rodrigues Island Overview
Rodrigues islands are located around 650 km from the eastern coast of Mauritius in the middle of Indian Ocean. These islands are a result of volcanic eruptions from the mainland and its surrounding by shimmering turquoise lagoon bounding bountiful marine life in it. Rodrigues Islands can be considered as one of the best places in the Indian Ocean to spend your holiday vacation because of its pleasant atmosphere which makes it just perfect for outdoor activities.

With colonial buildings, diverse flora and fauna, pristine beaches, and loads of adventure, this place will surely hypnotise you with its mystical charm. Apart from all these, you will also get a chance to look at one of the best nature’s wonders, the Stalactite, in one of the underground caves of Grande Caverne. Rodrigues Island is also known for its popular viewpoints that gives a panoramic view of the entire surroundings.

During your visit, you must make sure that you get a glimpse of Eau Claire Viewpoint which offers a crystal view of the Indian Ocean as well as Grande Passe and Citron Donis Viewpoint which provides captivating views of the southern islands. You can just sit down at this place to capture the scenic views of Indian Ocean.

How To Reach

You need to take a plane or a ship to reach Rodrigues Island.

- By Plane: You will get regular flight services to the Rodrigues island from Mauritius ranging from 2 to 5 flights per day all through the year. It takes about 90 minutes to cover the distance. Some of the major operators in this route are Air Austral and Air Mauritius.

- By Ship: Mauritius Trochetia serves the island of Rodrigues on a bimonthly basis. You will need to catch the cruise from Port Louis and it would take about 36 to 48 hours to reach the island depending on the sea conditions.

Best Time To Visit

The climatic condition of Rodrigues Island remains pleasant all through the year as it ranges from 24 to 28 degree celsius. It would be best to plan trips to the islands in between the month of June to the Month of November to enjoy serenity all around and get indulged in a wide range of adventure activities without any issues. If you love the rainy season, then you can also plan out to visit the islands in between the month of January and the month of March.

Other Essential Information

- Time zone:
- Location: 344 miles (553 km) east of the island of Mauritius
- Language Spoken: Rodriguan Creole
- Capital: Port Mathurin
- Currency: Mauritian rupee

Why to Visit Rodrigues Island

If you are wandering about why you need to visit Rodrigues Island, then here are some of the reasons that will entice you to spend a vacation here:

- Secluded Public Beaches
- Fun Filled Weekend Camping
- Home to a wide range of flora and fauna
- Alluring coconut groves all around
- Delectable fresh cuisine to taste

Best Places to Eat in Rodrigues Island

1. Mazavaroo: 
Known for its super delicious  range of seafood, this restaurant is definitely worth trying out. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is every possible edible seafood on their menu.

2. Le Marlin Bleu: Located on the outskirts of Port of Mathurin, this sea view restaurant is famous for cooking up some of the best local delicacies. What is more surprising is that they do have an off the menu list of vegan cuisines for people who do not eat meat, fish or even dairy products.

3. Mourouk Ebony Hotel: The 3 star hotel has its own dine in restaurant that is open to even the general tourists exploring St Rodriguez. Seafood being the main star of all the cuisines, the restaurant also has a wide range of dessert selection that often draws people from all over the island.

4. Mama Lacaze: The fairly recent restaurant of Mama Lacaze is a very unique place to eat for sure. Combining the authentic local delicacies and creating fusion preparations is an art that Chef Paulina has mastered very well. A massive success amidst the locales and the tourists, the restaurant is a mini hotspot in itself.

Things to Keep in Mind

You should be judicious with your consumption of water as the island faces water scarcity due to scanty rainfall. 
- English happens to be the official language but you will face some issues with the local residents in communication that they will not be able to understand you. 
- Internet connectivity is also an issue here. Coming over to this place, you will not anymore find high speed internet connectivity which will cut you off from the rest of the world virtually. 
- As the islands are located on hills, you will have to walk up and down for most of the time. 
- The climatic condition of the islands remains pleasant all through the year and this makes outdoor activities comfortable. You can take part in some of the activities like surfing, parasailing, and kitesurfing.
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Rodrigues Island FAQs

How do I get from Mauritius to Rodrigues Island?

In order to reach Rodrigues island from Mauritius, you can either take a flight which takes 90 minutes to cover 385 miles or else you can travel by a cruise ship which takes about 36 to 48 hours to cover the distance depending upon the sea conditions.

What should I buy in Rodrigues?

- Raffia
- Aloe
- Bamboo Baskets
- Vetiver
- Coconut shell jewellery

How many hours from Mauritius to Rodrigues?

Travelling by plane from Mauritius, you would be able to reach Rodrigues in just 90 minutes covering 385 miles. The average speed of the flight is close to 560 miles per hour.

How far is Rodrigues from Mauritius?

The air distance between Rodrigues is about 385 miles from Mauritius. You can cover the distance between the two island destinations in just 90 minutes.

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