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Tourist places in Male have been one of the most picked places by adventure seekers. The capital city of Maldives, Male is one of the most beautiful offerings for travelers all across the globe. This tourist destination possesses a differentiated character including colored houses, narrow lanes, beaches, and an amazing communal feel. This beautiful island offers peaceful and beautiful getaways in the name of Hulhumale as well as Villingili. Male is a small yet graceful touristy destination that can be explored within an hour's time merely by walking. The northern shore offers most of the attractive sights to be witnessed. While exploring this attraction you can visit Friday Mosque, an ancient beauty built in the year 1656 which depicts beautiful ornamental patterns and minute Arabic writings engraved. Republic Square also popular by the name Jumhooree Maidhaan, the center point of Male located on the northern coast is worth a visit as well. Another tourist attraction located just a boat ride away is the beautiful Hulhumale Island. This is a peaceful artificial island which is developing with rapidity but a peaceful getaway countryside for tourists.


If you are one of those who loves antiques then visiting Maldivian National Museum, the only surviving built up of old Sultan's palace is no less than a treat. It houses a wonderful haphazard collection of old photographs as well as of royal regalia for you to witness. And if adventure drives you crazy then you can have a thrilling experience while witnessing underwater life on a submarine tour while exploring Male. These submarine tours in Male will leave you exposed to the mesmerizing ocean life. While picking Male as your choice for the best tourist places in Male, you can be assured of treating yourself with exotic sea-food prepared with mouth-watering Maldivian flavors. Experiencing the white sands, crystal clear waters, and the life within is unexplainable in words making your vacation a truly memorable one.

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Avoid sunburns here. Do apply a sunscreen whenever you are on the beach. Carry with you sunglasses on the beach.

    • The customs here are strict and rigid. The bags are checked everywhere physically. So, make sure you do not carry anything that is dangerous or illegal.

    • It is always a good idea to wear footwear when on the beach.

    • Drinking is not allowed in Male so don’t even think of drinking there. Punishments here are very severe so make sure you don’t end up in any trouble.

    • Importing of pornographic material is strictly prohibited. So, make sure you do not break any rules.

    • Waves can be really rough sometimes so it is good to read a weather forecast before you head to the beach.

    • Whenever you get involved in any adventure activity or water sport, make sure you have adequate practice on the same. Always hire a good and a qualified instructor who’ll guide you adequately during the drill.

    • Do not little or mar the environment here.

    • Always carry with you a first aid kit as you never know when you may need it.

    • Do not carry with you cash more than what is required.

    • Learn a few words of the local language to avoid any communication barrier.

    • Avoid filming or shooting videos without permission.

  2. Drinking Laws

    Legally, if you are not a Muslim and over 18, you can purchase and drink alcohol. However, given the fact that Maldives is majorly an Islamic nation, alcohol here is effectively banned for the locals. However, the bars, resorts and clubs always stock alcohol.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Maldives National Museum

    In the 12th century B.C., Maldives accepted Islam. Post that for the following 8 centuries, the archipelago was dominated by the sultanate. The Maldives National Museum located in the capital city, Male is housed in the part of the Sultan’s Palace that is still erect. Here the exhibits include several possessions of Sultan including photographs, furniture, throne and clothing of the royal family. This museum also houses rare statues of Buddhist and goes back to the time when Maldives used to be a Buddhist nation. It is a great sightseeing attraction.  

    Maldives Grand Friday Mosque

    Hukuru Miskiiy or Grand Friday Mosque was constructed on the foundations of a way older temple that faced west to catch the glimpse of the setting sun.  As a result of this, the structure does not face in the real direction of Mecca. Thus, the worshippers must take adequate adjustments when they pray. Mosque was built in the year 1656 and the mosque’s blue and white minaret of the mosque was built in the year 1675. It may seem to many that the exterior of the mosque is slightly unattractive appearance of the ridged iron. The interior wall of the mosque is made using the coral stone that is beautifully engraved with Arabic script and geometrical designs. In the interior of the mosque there are elaborate cravings in wood that include a 13th century panel which puts forth the conversion of the Maldives to Islam. This indeed is a must visit destination in Maldives.    


    In the front of the Hukuru Miskiiy lies the Mulee-aage. Built in the early part of the 20th century, the Mulee-aage was constructed as the home for the Sultan’s son. It is a beautiful palace embellished with a charming roof and iron gates. As of today, it is the house of the offices of the President. It is indeed an important place to see in Maldives.   

    Maldives Fish Market

    Northern waterfront of Male’s is the commercial center. It is peculiarly famous for its fish market. The market is precisely a hub of activity. Presently, the catch is majorly tuna. You can also find other markets in the area that stock fresh produce and sell dried fish which is brought from nearby atolls by dhoni.

    The Esjehi Art Gallery

    An important tourist attraction, Esjehi Art Gallery is one of the oldest buildings. This 19th century nobleman's palace has intricately carved wooden panels adorning the walls of the building. This gives a sense of what life may possibly be like in Male during the bygone years. As of today, you can find a tiny collection of the art and craft of Maldives. You can also take a guided tour to this gallery.

  4. What will like you like there?


    Male is one important sightseeing destination in Maldives. It is globally for its picturesque landscapes. However, what really pulls the crowd to the country is its exotic culture. The city is principally occupied by the Sunni Muslims. Here the local culture is a predominant blend of Sinhalese, Arab along with Indian influences. Male is also a hub for cultural attractions such as the Presidential palace, Grand Friday mosque, Sultan Park, Male’ Fish Market and National Museum.  Official language of Male is Dhivehi however, locals around can speak English fairly. So, communication shall not be a problem.


    Be it the casual dining or the gourmet meals, Male offers its tourists with an interesting variety of international cuisines. Resorts, guesthouses, stays and the hotels here have very well accepted the worldly fare which is well depicted in the connoisseur preparation of the fresh sea food as well as the appetizing flavors of the Italian food.


    Major chunk of the economy of the Male is based on the tourism of the city. It is unbelievable to see how well this beautiful island paradise has accepted the international requirements of the tourists. Keeping in view these requirements, the city has come up with different luxury accommodations that assure a pleasant and luxurious stay to all the tourists. The resort density of every island here is limited only to one making Male a great destination for couples who seek to steal some private moments and spend time in luxury. You can also find some gratifying spa treatments that can be satiating for some rejuvenation. Prices might not be very inexpensive but are ideal to cater to the upscale.   

    Male: A true paradise

    Be it the isolated stretches of the natural white sands or the crystal clear waters, Male indeed has on offer a peaceful respite from the harsh realities of the world outside. All islands in the city are pure and lie away from each other thereby assuring great options for sightseeing.

    Phenomenal Marine Life

    You cannot go on exploring every wonder of the Maldives in a single trip. However, the breathtaking emerald blue waters of the sea are the natural habitat for the colorful sea life. Some important water sports that can be tried here include fishing, diving and snorkeling.

  5. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Visit Maldives

  6. When is the best time to visit Male?

    Male is blessed with tourists almost all around the year. Some particular seasons are commonly preferred while others are perfect to spend holidays if one looks for a peaceful vacation with fewer tourists around.

    •       December to April - The time ranging from December to April is considered the perfect time to visit Male as these are the dry seasons. There is ample amount of sunshine accompanied with clear skies. This time encounters most tourist visits to Male each year.
    •       May to November - The tourists who are not very particular about weather conditions and rather desire to observe sea life and the beautiful coral reefs around can consider the time between May to November. This time will also offer less tourist gathering.  
  7. How to reach Male?

    Male can be reached by taking a flight. The International Airport of Male is situated on the neighboring island called Hulhule. If you desire to head to the city of Male than a public ferry can be opted for, which takes around 15-20 minutes. These ferries are scheduled at a difference of every 15 minutes during the day as well as 30 minutes at night. You can even take speedboats as well as planes to reach resorts or hotels.

  8. What are the things to do in Male?

    There are a lot of adventure activities in Male for travellers to perform. Some of them are:-

    •       Surfing - A visit to the nearby located artificial beach situated on the eastern coast is an amazing option for people fond of surfing. You can very well try this adventurous activity in Male
    •       Submarine Tour - Male offers submarine tours which let you experience the mesmerizing underwater life. This tour is designed to offer the best underwater views possible in Male.
    •       Cruises - Cruises are available for tourists who can take an entire day or half day excursions leading to beautiful islands, angling trips, snorkeling trips etc.
  9. What is the local food of Male? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The cuisine of Male is traditionally based on three major food items and their various derivatives - Fish, coconut as well as starches.

    •       Fish - A variety of fish species, skipjack tuna being the favorite of all. These can be consumed either fresh or dried. Other fish species include yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, little tunny, mackerel scad as well as bigeye scad. Rihaakuru, A thick brown tuna-based paste is one of the essential edible items of Male's cuisine. Also, Maldivians do not follow the tradition of consuming raw fish.
    •       Coconut - Coconut milk is one of the essential ingredients in a lot of Maldivian curries as well as dishes. Coconut is also used in the grated form in dishes. Dishes here are often deep-fried in coconut oil.
    •       Starchy Items - Rice, sweet potato, fruits such as breadfruit and screwpine, and cassava are consumed by Maldivians as part of their cuisine.

    Best places to try food and drinks in Male are:-

    •       Sala Thai - It offers authentic and mouth-watering Thai food.
    •       Irudhashu Hotaa - Extremely popular amongst locals this place serves delicious fish curries as well as hedhikaa.
    •       Sea House Maldives - This place serves mouth-watering sandwiches as well as pizzas along with beautiful landscaped views.
    •       Thai Wok Restaurant - The most recommended place by the locals this restaurant is a must visit for tourists.
    •       Seagul Cafe House - This place offers the best desserts in Male. Hence a must try for tourists possessing a sweet tooth.
    •       Shell Beans - A nice place offering delicacies at affordable prices.
    •       Aioli Restaurant - This place offers a sumptuous dinner for vegetarians making it a must visit for vegetarian tourists.
  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Male?

    Male can be visited around using public ferries or speedboats while commuting in water. And while exploring the city you can easily cover the entire place by walking in almost an hour's time span. Public transportation in Male also includes roving taxis.

  11. What is the local language in Male and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The local language of Male is the Dhivehi which is also spoken by a majority of the citizens of Maldives. This language is the most spoken, understood as well as utilized one on Male. As the city is one of the most visited tourist destinations all across the globe it extensively common to figure English speaking people all around Male.

    Some translations in Dhivehi language are as follows:-

    Morning - Hendhuneh

    Evening - Haveereh

    Night - Reygande.

    Thank you - Shukuriyaa

  12. Which are the best shopping places in Male and what are they famous for?

    Male offers the following options for the purpose of shopping:-

    •       Male Fish Market - This market offers varying kinds of small and large fish. In case you plan to stay in a self-catering outlet then surely you can pick your choice of fish and prepare a delicious meal.
    •       S.T.O Trade Centre - A supermarket in Male that you can head to in case you require some emergent items.
    •       Male Local Market - As the name suggests, this market offers all that a local resident requires. Hence, you can visit the place for any of your requirements.
    •       M Souvenirs - This place is popular for gemstones as well as local souvenirs.
    •       Island Bazaar - This unique boutique offers locally crafted products at affordable prices. From swimwear to handbags to cushions this shop offers you all. You can also purchase a handcrafted refrigerator magnet and take it back home as a memory.
    •       Mare Scuba Concept - Being a diving shop this place offers you all that is required while taking an adventurous diving trip.
  13. What adventure activities can be enjoyed in Male?

    There are many water sports in Male which you can try:

    Snorkeling - Male is a perfect tourist destination for snorkeling. There are various professional organizations providing snorkeling trips that can be picked while planning to experience the activity.

    Diving - Suba Diving in Male is another adventurous activity that one should definitely go for. With this activity, you get an opportunity to witness the beautiful underwater coral reefs.

    Whale Submarine - The whale submarine tour lets you witness the underwater world including colorful tropical fishes, coral reefs, blue surroundings, marine life etc.

    Surfing - Surfing can be indulged into while being on some of the nearby islands while visiting Male.

  14. How is the nightlife in Male?

    Male is the capital city of Maldives, a Muslim country. Hence, Nightlife in Male wouldn't offer you any bars or lounges' serving liquor within. Restaurants do not offer booze unless they are a part of a Hotel or Resort. Restaurants remain open till late hours where you can grab food till late night. But if you intend to enjoy late night parties, then Male does not offer any suitable options. You can instead relax at your resort, relish a drink and enjoy the sparkling sky along with ocean breeze.

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