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  • Beautiful Mauritius with its ethereal white beaches, green countryside and wide choice of cuisine is the ideal place to be on a honeymoon. This picturesque island nation off the southeast coast of Africa comprises of 2000 kms large Mauritius Island, followed by Rodrigues Island which is 560 kms and outer islands comprising of Agalega and St. Brandon.  This nation is a welcome change for travellers from around the world for its multi-ethnic and multi-lingual culture that gently welcomes people from every economic and ethnic background with equal warmth and candor.

    Mauritius is the preferred destination for tourists from Europe as well as Africa and Asia as they feel that its cultural roots are suited to their temperament as it was a former colony of Dutch, France and England while Hinduism is the largest practiced religion. The strategic location of Mauritius Island has led to creation of an ecosystem that is rich in biodiversity in the form of lagoons and islets.  While some of the outlying small islands off the Mauritian coast have been left alone as natural reserves for protection of endangered species in these areas, there is still the world’s third largest coral reef and several other romantic places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon that a couple can explore at their leisurely pace.   

    Here Are The Best Things To Do In Mauritius On Honeymoon:-

  • 01Bath in Natural Pool - Chamarel Waterfall

    Bath in Natural Pool - Chamarel Waterfall
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    The majestic Chamarel waterfall located at a height of 100 meters is a sight to behold that cannot be forgotten in a lifetime. Voted as the best photography spot of the island nation, it cannot be seen from close proximity as it is surrounded by forests and gorges, but one can always take photographs with its majestic waterfall as a background. 

    Couple can turn it into a romantic destination by heading down to the shallow pool at the bottom of Chamarel falls and taking a private swim together surrounded by lush greenery of the surrounding rainforest.  

    Location: This charming waterfall is located around 45.1 kms from the international airport and is part of the Seven Colored Earth attraction comprising of natural sand dunes that also houses a family of land turtles.  

  • 02Visit Lord Sacred Temple of Lord Shiva - Grand Bassin Lake

    Visit Lord Sacred Temple of Lord Shiva - Grand Bassin Lake
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    The Grand Bassin Lake tucked within mountains of South West, is one of this nation’s most important attractions also called Ganga Talao and is said to be connected to Ganges river of India.  The lake which became a legend after it was discovered by a Hindu priest is adjacent to a cluster of temples with mammoth statues of Lord Shiva, goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman and a few other gods. 

    Location: The grand lake located in Savanne district is 1800 feet above sea level and between around 27 kms from the international airport depending on the route taken. Being a place of religious significance there are no entry fees for this region and only temples accept donations from devotees.

  • 03Learn About Sugar Making Process - Sugar Museum and Factory

    Learn About Sugar Making Process - Sugar Museum and Factory
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    A visit to Mauritius on honeymoon or for any other purpose would be incomplete without a visit to its famed Sugar Museum and Factory. The museum is located in a factory that is more than 250 years old and its history is fused with the history of this relatively young country. 

    Location: The museum located 60 kms from the international airport is open 7 days a week and the entry fee for adults is 10 Euros and for children it is 6 Euros. While you are at this charming place do not forget to visit the nearby Restaurant Le Fangourin located within a tropical garden with a pool with a veranda that overlooks the central plateau.  

  • 04View Mauritius From Le Morne Brabant

    View Mauritius From Le Morne Brabant
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    For a newly wedded couple seeking privacy with a romantic background, the Le Morne Mountain of Mauritius which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site is the best place. Located in the southern region of Mauritius, this rugged mountain located around 58 kms from the international airport, was used as a shelter by slaves that had escaped from their masters. 

    Le Morne or “the marooned” stands as a physical symbol of the wretched practice of human slavery that was rampant in these parts as free labor for sugar cane plantations. Even though the place has a sad history, the view from the mountain tip is considered among the top romantic activities in Mauritius where visitors have to pay 25 Euro to be let into the area.

  • 05Enjoy Kayaking With Your Spouse At Ile D'ambre

    Enjoy Kayaking With Your Spouse At Ile D'ambre

    Kayaking and Rafting are great sports to bond with your spouse and if the surroundings are as beautiful and riveting as Ile D’Ambre Island then one would not ask for more. This is among the region’s most popular islets with white sandy beaches and mangroves filled with colorful birds and exotic flowers. 

    Location: Located around 70 kms away from the international airport towards north of Mauritius, this islet may be small but the natural beauty of lagoons and sparkling blue waters make this a must visit place for every visitor to Mauritius. All kayaking trips arranged by the camp and priced at Euro 79 per adult, are carried out under supervision of experts.

  • 06Feel the Lush Greenery - Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

    Feel the Lush Greenery - Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
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    Every couple on honeymoon should try out one of these romantic activities in Mauritius which involves spending quality time at the Mauritius National Botanical Garden that was established by its French governor around 300 years ago. 

    The magical Pamplemousses Garden spread across 37 acres has more than 650 species of plants and trees that you are not likely to find in any other single location. Besides the famous Baobabs, the garden is home to giant water lilies, medicinal plants, spice garden and 85 varieties of palm trees from all parts of the world. 

    Location: Located 60 kms from the international airport, entrance to the Botanical garden is at 8 Euro per adult.

  • 07Watch Wildlife & Corals at Ile aux Aigrettes

    Watch Wildlife & Corals at Ile aux Aigrettes
    Image Credit : CoCorail Le Blog

    Being an island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a virtual goldmine of   flora and fauna species that cannot be found anywhere else.  This enchanting botanical paradise is entirely made up of coralline limestone and is home to several indigenous species like pink pigeon, Mauritius kestrel, giant Aldabra tortoises, Ornate day gecko and others. Boat trips to this island are conducted daily from Pointe Jerome for 26 Euro per adult and visitors are not allowed to eat, smoke, consume alcoholic drinks or litter during the tour.

    Location: The Ile Aux Aigrettes is a small island spread across 850 meters on the south-east coast of Mauritius and around 30 kms from the airport. 

  • 08A Taste of Beach Romance - Cap Malheureux

    A Taste of Beach Romance - Cap Malheureux
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    With a depressing title as Cape Misfortune due to its history of being the site of many shipwrecks, one would expect a dull inspiring place filled with jagged rocks and harsh sea waves. But visiting this stunning location located close to a small fishing hamlet surrounded by enthralling views of nearby islands like Ile Plate, Coin de Mire and Ile Ronde is one of the perfect things to do in Mauritius on honeymoon. 

    Location: Cape Malheureux is located in north of Grand Baie and is around 75 kms away from the international airport. Stroll with your spouse along the picturesque village or relax under a beach umbrella with a picnic lunch and if time permits explore the beautiful Notre Dame Auxiliatrice church with a quaint red roof.

  • 09Enjoy Sunset At Riambel Beach

    Enjoy Sunset At Riambel Beach

    Voted as one of the best beaches on Southern Coast of Europe, Riambel Beach is the perfect location for a romantic walk into the sunset with your significant other. Enjoy a leisurely horse ride with your spouse and explore the picturesque Riambel village that is nestled around several hundred meters away from the beach. 

    Location: The beach located around 35 kms from the airport is deserted during the day and it would be best for a short visit post lunch. The best advantage of this beautiful beach is its peaceful and unexploited ambience with just the wide open blue waters and trees palm trees for company. All one needs in this location is a beach umbrella, picnic lunch, juices and appropriate swimming clothes.  

  • 10Underwater Walk

    Underwater Walk
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    Regarded as one of the best activities in Mauritius, underwater sea walk is a once in a lifetime experience that is rarely available on islands. The site of this enthralling sea walk conducted in the Grand Bay region that has shallow waters and is ideal for this experience as the water is safe and clear. 

    Location: Located around 60kms away from the airport, this adventure takes around an hour wherein couples can enjoy the shared experience of the beautiful fauna, corals and fish in their natural surroundings. 

    Cost: The excursion carried out under an experienced guide requires participants to wear protective breathing gear and take an underwater tour of the region’s rich sea life which costs 37 Euro per adult.

  • 11Blue Safari Subscooter

    Blue Safari Subscooter
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    Based on north western region of Mauritius in Trou aux Biches, is a one of a kind experience of underwater ocean life that you are not likely to forget in a hurry. Run by Blue Safari Mauritius this underwater adventure is unlike any previous experience as the operators of this tour take tourists in submarines and underwater scooters to explore the ocean life. 

    Location: Prepare to spend at least a couple of hours at this location if you are planning to head out from the airport which is 68 kms from the diving point. For the pleasure of their guests, the operators of Blue Safari have several group activities and exclusive package tours including food and drinks and also a romantic undersea wedding among fishes, turtles and sea urchins!!

  • 12Underwater Waterfall From Helicopter

    Underwater Waterfall From Helicopter
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    Regarded as one of the most fascinating activities in Mauritius, this phenomenon can be watched at south western part of the island from a plane hovering over the island at a certain angle as it is an optical illusion.  The illusion is created due to the location of Mauritius Island which is on a submarine plateau that is 150 meters below sea level. 

    As the shelf’s actual drop-off is to the ocean floor is 4000 meters the process that one actually witnesses from the plane is sand being forced off the plateau and beaches by oceanic currents.

    Location & Cost: As the location of this sandy waterfall is close to Le Morne Brabant one can hire a chopper from the airport which is 57 kms away or select one from helipads located on the island for a fee starting from 790 Euro.

  • 13Enjoy an Unforgettable Sunset Catamaran Cruise

    Enjoy an Unforgettable Sunset Catamaran Cruise
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    If you want a honeymoon that has at least one out-of-this-world experience that defies logic then traveling to Mauritius is an absolute must, as only here you can take a romantic cruise into the sunset with your spouse on a catamaran and glide along the sun’s descent to the ocean’s end. 

    The sunset catamaran trips that head out of Grand Bay allow guests to enjoy two hours of pure bliss with calm winds, golden sunset and the occasional view of a school of dolphins or whales which have the ability to turn the most nonchalant person into a romantic soul. 

    Cost: This cruise however is conducted only during summer i.e. between September to April and on Wednesdays at a nominal rate of 25 Euros per adult.

  • 14Explore Mauritius On Horse

    Explore Mauritius On Horse

    Like every tourist at a new location you would too want to be driven around a new location instead of trying to explore everything yourself. But if you are on a honeymoon then there is nothing as romantic as going on a long drive with the spouse and exploring all the things to do in Mauritius on honeymoon.  

    You can always hire a taxi with a driver and take trips to locations of your choice to avoid the hassle of driving while exploring a new place where the roads and signs are unfamiliar. Renting a car from local Mauritian firm is cheaper and could cost around 25 -30 Euros a day without fuel and the best places to visit this way are along the southern coast of the island. Check out best places to visit in Mauritius and let your honeymoon be a memorable journey.

  • 15Explore Tea Plantations

    Explore Tea Plantations
    Image Credit : hemawagh26

    Tour of Mauritius is incomplete without a visit to its famous tea plantations that are located in the mountains. The tour includes trips to two of the largest and oldest tea producers in Mauritius namely the Domanine des Aubineaux that was established in 1872 and Bois Cheri which was the first and till date is the largest tea producer in the nation since 1892. 

    Location & Cost: A guided tour to these two locations with tea sampling sessions including a visit to tea museum and tropical garden can cost around 37 Euro for an adult. As the tour takes around 5-7 hours you can enjoy a cozy five course lunch at “Le Saint Aubin” for a taste of local cuisine and hospitality.

  • 16Visit Coloured Earth of Chamarel

    Visit Coloured Earth of Chamarel
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    The island of Mauritius had a lava spouting volcano till recently and even though the region is dormant, there are signs of its volcanic heritage in the Chamarel plain of Riviere Noire district of south west area. The seven colored earth is a geographical phenomenon of multicolored sand dunes that is spread across 7500 square meters. 

    The formation has seven distinct colors of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow and one has to walk all around the formation to have a better view of all the colors on its surface. 

    Location: Located around 50 kms away from the airport, the site is protected by a fence and people are not allowed to walk over the surface.

  • 17Get Some Tanning At Belle Mare Beach

    Get Some Tanning At Belle Mare Beach
    Image Credit :

    The eastern coastline of Mauritius is just as beautiful as the southern coast with sparkling white beaches and crystalline blue waters.  Besides deep sea fishing and horse riding, Belle Mare Beach is also recognized for the best water activities in Mauritius as there are abundant aquatic sports conducted by hotels and adventure clubs. 

    If the lovely tropical climate appeals to you then relax under the beach umbrellas and tan yourself. The region is also a base camp for trek to Lion Mountain peak which gives a sweeping view of the coastline.

    Location: The shoreline has calm waters and a beautiful lagoon so one can definitely check into one of the many hotels in this region which is around 60 kms from the international airport. 

  • 18Enjoy your day out at Champ de Mars (Port Louis)

    Enjoy your day out at Champ de Mars (Port Louis)
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    Want to try out something exciting during the weekend at Mauritius then do go ahead and explore its prestigious Champs de Mars thoroughbred race horse track located in Port Louis. Set up in 1812, the race track is still managed by Mauritius Turf Club which is the second oldest horse racing club in the world. 

    Thoroughbred racing was the pastime of the island’s colonial masters and is a historical legacy. Ensure that races are being held on day of your visit to enjoy its electric atmosphere along with canapés and drinks. Beach lovers can read more about the beach resorts, our guide beach resorts in Mauritius won't disappoint you.

  • 19Explore Flowering Plants at Black River Gorges National Park

    Explore Flowering Plants at Black River Gorges National Park
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    Looking for some adrenalin pumping action with sightseeing on your Mauritius trip? Then opt for a trek across the trails of Black River Gorges National Park to explore its flora and fauna first hand. The national park spread across 65/4 hectares is home to more than 311 species of plants and 9 endemic bird species along with the almost extinct pink pigeon. 

    Location & Cost: The views of the mountain foliage and stony gorges are worth capturing for eternity in your camera. Trekking trips towards the park located 30 kms away from the airport are conducted by approved groups with guides that have knowledge about the park trails for as little as 54 Euros per person.

  • 20Enjoy Skydiving

    Enjoy Skydiving
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    When a couple is on a honeymoon then there is nothing as exciting and fun as doing adventure sports together that force you to cling to your partner in excitement. It is no wonder that skydiving is considered one of the most romantic activities in Mauritius as it allows couples to view it like a bird from the sky. 

    Location & Cost: Skydiving is carried out over the sugar fields of Mon Loisir that offers breathtaking views of the lagoons, reefs and mangroves around Mauritius which is around 65 kms away from the airport. This hour long adventure sport costs around 49 Euro per person of which 25 minutes comprises of a flight to 10,000 feet and remaining time is spent on free fall skydiving and parachuting.

  • 21Obselora and Fauna At laVanille Crocodile Park

    Obselora and Fauna At laVanille Crocodile Park
    Image Credit :

    Even if you do not have any special affection towards crocodiles, La Vanille Crocodile Park is an ideal place to learn about the local flora and fauna. The park has been designed like a jungle with trails through banana, palm and giant bamboo plants to give visitors a realistic feel of the environment.  Besides being home to several Nile crocodiles, the park has a rare collection of butterflies, giant tortoises and other reptiles. 

    Before planning a trip to Mauritius you should read this: MauritiusTravel Guide For Honeymoon

    Location & Cost: Located at 23 kms from the international airport, entry tickets to this park cost 12 Euros per adult which is worth every penny for the wide variety of species one can view at this location.  

  • 22Watch Colonial Wooden Mansion - Maison Eureka

    Watch Colonial Wooden Mansion - Maison Eureka
    Image Credit :

    Mauritius has several strategic points across its landscape that gives spectacular views of its coastline and landmass surrounded by the peaceful Indian Ocean. One of the best things to do in Mauritius on honeymoon is to visit the romantic Eureka House located close to river Moka that was built way back in 1830. This elegant Creole house preserved across the years, has a magnificent garden before it and the majestic waterfalls of Moka River behind it. 

    Location & Cost: Located just 40 kms away from the airport, this house today is a museum dedicated to antique art and musical instruments with entry fees of around 10 Euros per adult. There is also a restaurant attached to the Eureka house where you can enjoy tasteful lunch of Mauritian delicacies and then take a leisurely tour of the waterfalls.

  • 23Swimming With The Dolphins

    Swimming With The Dolphins
    Image Credit :

    Want to try out something absolutely unique on your honeymoon that you can boast about to friends back home? Explore the tranquil blue waters of Tamarin Bay swimming for more than 2 hours alongside dolphins and whales at a low entry fee of 42 Euro. 

    Unlike most other close dolphin encounters that are undertaken within shallow pools, the experience at Tamarin Bay is absolutely unique as the dolphins are in their natural environment. This experience along the west coast of Mauritius is possible because a large school of dolphins have made it their natural home and if you are lucky a migrating whale can give you a live display of its acrobatic skills!!

  • 24 Explore The Capital City - Port Louis

     Explore The Capital City - Port Louis
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    The capital city of Mauritius is as charming and beautiful as the rest of the country and is located in the west coast region in Black River District area. This cosmopolitan city founded in 1735 by French pioneer Betrand-Francois Mahe de La Bourdonnais is regarded as the island nation’s economic and cultural center. 

    As a port city, the capital has a popular beach referred to as Apravasi Ghat that had been used as a sorting area for slaves. Besides interesting markets and temples, the city has several museums that cater to different aspects of the island’s growth and changes through the years. 

    Location: Take a casual walk with your spouse along the city center and explore the fine colonial buildings and quaint Chinese pagoda.

  • 25Go for Honeymoon Shopping In Mauritius's Famous Markets

    Go for Honeymoon Shopping In Mauritius's Famous Markets
    Image Credit : insidenanabreadshead

    Honeymoon to an exotic location like Mauritius is incomplete without a visit to its local markets to purchase something special for both of you that will serve as a memory of time spent here. As people back home will also be expecting some souvenirs from your visit, it is best to keep aside a couple of days from your holiday for one of the most essential activities in Mauritius that almost every tourist has to do. 

    You can purchase colorful bags as souvenirs along with flavored tea bags or spice pouches to take home. While Grand Bay’s tourist village and Sunset Boulevard are ideal location for duty free shops for purchase of traditional handicrafts, shops and malls in Port Louis, Quatre-Bornes and Rose Hill should also be explored.  

  • 26Scuba Diving In Mauritius

    Scuba Diving In Mauritius
    Image Credit :

    Scuba diving in Mauritius gained prominence only after 2012 when it was declared as the Indian Ocean’s best diving site. The vast coastline offers several diving locations and plenty of interesting things for diving enthusiasts to explore besides swimming with dolphins and whales. 

    Though expert divers prefer taking newbies to north and west coast of Mauritius due to clear waters, reefs encircling the entire island have made shallow lagoons around it making the entire island ideal for beginners. 

    Cost: Diving conducted under supervision of experts starts from as little as 35 Euro per hour and is allowed throughout the year.

  • 27Big Game Fishing

    Big Game Fishing
    Image Credit :

    The experience of underwater sea exploration and diving in Mauritius is enough to encourage every visitor to try their hand at fishing in its tranquil waters. The sport is so exciting aboard a luxury boat with crew that knows the best places to sink anchor and catch large fishes that most tourists have listed this as one of the best activities in Mauritius. 

    All deep sea fishing trips in Mauritius generally depart from the Grand Bay area or the Black River region and are done for exclusive groups or couples that want to enjoy the privacy of this experience. 

    Cost: Depending on the duration of the trip, type of boat booked for the trip and the facilities provided by the service provider, deep sea fishing trip prices start at 100 Euros.

  • 28Sega Dancing With Your Partner

    Sega Dancing With Your Partner
    Image Credit :

    When you are on a honeymoon to a location as exotic as Mauritius then learning its local music and dance would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation for its hospitality. The foot-tapping rhythm of Sega music and fast movements of the dance that has been passed on from one generation to another is unique to this island. 

    Most hotels organize programs by groups of professional Sega dancers for guests in the evening and invite them to join in the festivities. One of the best things to do in Mauritius at night would be to go swirling on the dance floor to the romantic beats of Sega music with your spouse.

  • 29Horse Riding At Domaine de L'Etoile

    Horse Riding At Domaine de L'Etoile
    Image Credit :

    The pleasant climate and riveting views of its many lagoons, mountain ranges and colorful landscape, has made horse riding excursions, a popular practice among tourists to explore the picturesque island of Mauritius. All horse ride trips are conducted under the supervision of experienced guides and gentle South African “Boerperd” horses are used for the trip. 

    Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse watching the beautiful countryside and enjoying local cuisine. 

    Cost: Most rides are for a maximum of 2 – 3 hours and cost around 60-65 Euros per person.

  • 30Island Hopping In Mauritius

    Island Hopping In Mauritius
    Image Credit :

    While there are endless ways to keep a couple engaged in an island paradise like this, Island Hopping is one of the most exciting things to do in Mauritius on honeymoon. Best way to do this would be to hire catamarans with safety equipment water, juice and a picnic lunch and explore islands like Ile Plate, Ile aux Benitiers, 

    Le Morne, Ilot Mangenie, Baie DuCap and several others. The pleasant climate, natural beauty nestled in the gentle lap of the ocean and rich culture emphasized by its friendly citizens makes Mauritius the ideal location for a memorable honeymoon.



St Félix Beach

If you still haven’t come across as one of the most beautiful beach of Mauritius then its time you should visit St Felix Beach. This beach will provide you some of the most beautiful intimate moments with the soft winds. It is just a perfect escape from the usual hustle and bustle of a crowded beach.

: You can try some popular water sports like deep sea fishing and speed boat trip.

Best time to visit: June, however early mornings are best for this beach.

Souillac Beach

Souillac Beach that is rather more popularly known as the Gris Gris Beach. You can admire the power of nature here amidst the strip of coastline which offers a nice counter point to the several calm and sandy beaches of Mauritius.

 Stand atop the remote cliff and watch the strip of coastline which brings forth a nice counter point to the abundant calm sandy beaches of Mauritius. From the top of cliff, you can get a good view of the powerful waves that crash into the rocks below and present a spectacular view. You can even head down to the sandy beach to see the fishes swimming over coral and feel the ocean spray. It is not possible for you to swim here as the current here is too massive however you can relax on the sand and enjoy a hearty snack from one of the mobile vendors selling their stuff here.

Location: Souillac Beach is located near the town of Souillac. Souillac lies in the southern end of Mauritius. It is one of the many beaches of Mauritius that lie in the Savanne district.

Timings: The beach is open 24 hours.

Price: Entry is free.

Trou aux Biches Casino

The Trou aux Biches not only has a beautiful location which is not only appreciated by tourists but has a relaxing atmosphere too. It also has a wide variety of slot machine and live games too. It is one of the most popular casinos in Mauritius. Primarily the languages spoken is both English and French.

There are 15 tables playing Blackjack, Roulette, Oasis Poker and many more. There is an adjacent hotel and restaurants too, which makes it even more convenient for the customers.

Anse La Raie Beach

The most amazing thing you would see as soon as you reach close to the beach is the different shades of blue. The waves of the water lapping against the sand will definitely make you feel good.

: You can either go out on a romantic boat ride or else can go for some kite surfing too. You can eat some fresh fruits too which will make a good appetite. Complement the food with an amazing cocktail to make your visit enjoyable. This should be must visit place in your trip to Mauritius for honeymoon.

Best time to visit
: June is the best time to be in the place.

Location: It is 27 km away from Port Louis.

Poudre D'or Beach

When you don’t find sand around, you can be sure that you have reached Poudre D’or Beach. It is more of a park than a beach and the water is considered to be quite muddy for a major part of the year.

Highlights: You should be visiting the famous monument which was built in memory of two friends and lovers Paul and Virginie. Or you can take a short stroll by the bustling city of Goodlands.

Best time to visit
: March and May are the best time to visit this beach.

Location: It is 23 km from Port Louis.

Casino De Maurice, Curepipe

It is one of the oldest casino of Mauritius and was set up in the year 1970. Ensuring customer delight is quite important for this casino.

Highlight: The most amazing thing about this casion is the fact that it is located amidst an island. It was again rebuilt to provide an amazing experience to its clients.

Games: 53 jackpot Slots, Video machines, American Roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker and lot more.

One of the primary language that is spoken here is French and English.

Poste Lafayette Beach

If you are a hard core beach trekker then it is best to take a walk by the beach. Poste Lafayette Beach. The scenery has some pristine white sandy beach which makes the place look even more beautiful.

Highlight: The beach has amazing coral reefs too for you to witness. It is not an appropriate place for swimming because of harsh undercurrents. You will find many snack vendors selling local burgers in the beach which can satiate you palate.

Best time to visit
: April to September is appropriate to visit this beach.

Flic En Flac Casino

Life itself is a gamble so why not try some gambling in the casinos. The casino is filled with a lot of liveliness in and around and is considered to be the one of the best place if you want to try your hands on gambling. The casino has friendly atmosphere and the languages spoken inside the casino is English and French.

Games to play: 53 Jackpot slots, Video Machines and live table games such as American Roulette, Black Jack, Oasis Stud Poker and many more.

Baie Du Tombeau Beach

Baie Du Tombeau Beach also known as the Tombeau Bay Beach is one of the many beaches of Mauritius. Situated in the Pamplemousses district, the beach is quiet and is not frequented much during the week.
The charm of the Baie Du Tombeau Beach lies in its fine golden yellow sand as well as its peculiarly shade shore line. You can rest under the trees while you enjoy the magnificent view of the sea. The sea here seems a little rougher than what you get at the other beaches of Mauritius. Shore too usually drops suddenly and quickly. The upside of the Baie Du Tombeau Beach is that it is completely vacant on some days. Be sure to get your own refreshments and snacks here since no food stands can be located on or near the beach the beach.

Location: Baie Du Tombeau Beach is located in the vicinity of the Tombeau Bay village that lies in the western part of Mauritius.

 Timings: Beach is open for visit 24 hours.

 Price: Entry to the beach is free.

La Gaulette Beach

La Gaulette is a village in Mauritius. It is a fantastic place because of the natural beauty this place has. The place isn’t much known for the commercial activities. However, if you want a place to open up yourself and feel relaxed in the fresh breeze, this is a place to go.

Le Morne Beach in La Gaulette is an eye candy. The sunset at this place is phenomenal to be observed. You will fall in love with the view and would love to capture that moment forever.

Location: It is in La Gaulette village itself, which is a fisherman village. This place is a must visit for all and is easily accessible too.

Price: The entry to the beach is free of cost. However, any charges for any commercial activity will surely be levied. "

Ti Vegas Casino Grand Baie

Sometimes life looks dull and boring and to give a twist to your boring life and to add some fun, try these amazing casinos which not only provide time to have some fun with your friends and family but at the same time will give you an opportunity to play some live games too.

English and French are the primary language that are spoken inside the casino. There are no slot machines in this casino, hence you can play live games such as Roulette, Blackjack, SIC Bo, Texas Hold’emPoker and many more.

Trou Aux Cerfs

Get the chance to witness the dormant volcano. Trou Aux Cerfs is a german word which means (Hole of the deer.) The last eruption took place around the year 1200 and one can find many oak trees in and around the place.

Highlights: You can get to see most amazing view of landscape Curepipe and even the surrounding places.


Best months to visit
: October is considered to be the best month to visit.

Location: It is approximately 22 km from Louis Port

Grand Baie

A Bay which was once rightly named as De Bogt Zonder Eyndt (Bay without end) is one of the major tourist attraction because of its amazing blue waters and water sports.

Highlights: It is an excellent bay for swimming, sailing, windsurfing and sailing. Some people also consider it to be an ideal place for boat excursions to Gunner’s Quoin, Flat Island and Serpent Island. It is a popular destination for many shopaholics too since the bay has shopping centres focussing both on fashion and crafts. Some of the shops are 50 year old too.

Best time to visit
: May to November.

: It is a 30 minute drive from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius.

Grand Bassin

One of the most sacred place for Hindu’s is considered to be Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao.

Highlights: One of the famous temple of Lord Shiva is located some 1800 feet above the sea level. Not just Lord Shiva, you will also find temples of Hanuman and Lakshmi. You will be completely sold by the calm and peaceful nature of the place which makes it worth visit while in Mauritius.

Best time to visit
: Maha Shivratri becomes the best time to visit Grand Bassin since it attracts a large number of followers. However, visiting this place during February and early March are considered to be ideal time to visit this place.

Location: It is approximately 38 km from Port Louis.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

Want to meet crocodiles and giant tortoises? You should visit La Vanille Crocodile Park where you will find not only these but will also get an opportunity to watch various species of animals, reptiles and plants.

: You can get an amazing opportunity to feed these giant tortoises and crocodiles, you can even pet them, if you want. The park also features a rare collection of butterflies too. Even the children can have their own adventure spot as the park features ‘Jungle Adventure Playground’ too.

Prices: 9 Euros. Location: It is 50 km away from Port Louis, which makes it quite accessible.


Tired of the usual hustle-bustle of the city life? And you are looking for something which is a lot more blissful and peaceful then Rodrigues is a place to be. The place is often termed as the Mauritius 25 years ago. Everybody living there follows a slow pace of life that some time you will you have severed all chords from real life. However, you can have the opportunity to have some good food.

Highlights: It is an amazing place for water sports which allow you to try zip line and fishing too.

: It is approximately 621 km away from Port Louis.

Best time to visit: November to April.

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