10 Hotels In Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, Book & Get Upto 50% Off
COVID-19 : MAURITIUS is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to MAURITIUS?

Entry to Mauritius is completely restricted.

  • Lockdown lifted from June 15
  • Supermarkets and shops are operating normally
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and markets are allowed to operate under sanitary conditions
  • Places of worship are allowed to reopen
  • Beaches, nightclubs and cinemas are closed

The entry of any aircraft in Mauritius is prohibited till 31st August.

Local Transport
  • Public transport such as metro and buses are operational.
  • The buses are operations from 5 AM to 9 PM and Metro is operational from 6 AM to 7 PM.
  • Taxis can run with 3 passengers and for 7-seater taxi the maximum passengers allowed are 4 people. 

Currently, aircrafts entry is restricted in Mauritius. However, once travel resumes, Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and precautions issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to stay safe.

Entry of all travellers in Mauritius restricted till the 31st of August Updated: 21 Aug 2020

Till 31st August, the entry of all aircrafts and ships are restricted in the borders of Mauritius except for the ones approved by the Prime Minister.Read more.

Mauritius becomes the first African Country to control COVID-19 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Since April 27, Mauritius has not recorded even a single death through corona virus. Moreover, the country hasn't seen any locally transmitted infection for over three months.Read More

Internal lockdown in Mauritius lifted from June 15 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Mauritius authorities lift internal lockdown from June 15, including resumption of all economic and social activities. Despite lifting the lockdown, wearing protective masks is mandatory in pubic places, workplaces and public transportRead More

Night curfew lifted in Mauritius since May 30 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Night curfew in Mauritius was lifted from May 30. Regular activities are allowed from 8 pm to 8 am now.

All restrictions in Mauritius lifted from June 15 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

All economic and social activities have been allowed to resume in Mauritius from June 15.

Hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius

Bubble Lodge Ile Aux Cerfs, Friday Attitude, Constance Prince Maurice, One&Only Le Saint Green, C Mauritius, Anahita The Resort, Constance Belle Mare Plage Mauritius, Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel, The Residence Mauritius, Salt of Palmar, Seasense boutique hotel & spa.

Do you want to savour the tropical essence and mystical beauty of Ile Aux Cerfs in a true manner? Then, you will need to stay in one of the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius! But, which one would be ideal for your purpose? Well, if you are looking for something modish and innovative, then the Bubble Lodge Ile Aux Cerfs should be an ideal option for you.

However, if you want to stay at an utterly luxurious palace, then the Constance Prince Maurice should be your go-to option. On the other hand, Friday Attitude will be a bit of a casual retreat if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere. There is an outdoor pool available here as well, where you can take your steam off while swimming.

Aside from it, the Resident Mauritius can be a decent alternative for you as well, especially if you are looking for a peaceful environment as a whole. No matter what your type of accommodation you need, Ile Aux Cerfs has several options for you.

Here is the list of best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius:


Bubble Lodge Ile Aux Cerfs

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Bubble Lodge Ile Aux Cerfs
Image Credit : bubblelodge.com
Unlike most other best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, the Bubble Lodge is quite innovative and unique. The rooms of this beautiful location are almost shaped like bubbles and offer an elusive view of the night sky. Aside from it, there is also a dining place available here, which offers an excellent eating experience. The resort also provides direct beach access for everyone.

Location: Ile aux Cerfs, Trou d'Eau Douce, Mauritius

Price: INR 30,750 to INR 36,500

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi Connection, Child-friendly, Direct Beach Access, Free Parking, Complimentary Breakfast, Air-conditioned Suites
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Friday Attitude

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Friday Attitude
Image Credit : hotelsattitude.com
Situated amidst sublime greenery and a huge sandy beach, the Friday Attitude definitely offers a mystical vibe through and through. Like any of the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, this one, too, comes with two outdoor pools and proffers air-conditioned rooms to everyone! Besides, there is also a kids’ club, spa centre, and a restaurant as well.

Location: B59, Royal Road Belle Mare MU, 742CU001, Mauritius

Price: INR 16,000 to 17,000

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi Connection, Air-conditioned Rooms, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Kids’ Club
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Constance Prince Maurice

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Constance Prince Maurice
Image Credit : constancehotels.com
Situated at the heart of Mauritius, the plush resort of Constance Prince Maurice is considered to be an ideal option for the opulence-seekers. Aside from the regular amenities, it comes with a huge outdoor pool and spa section where you can calm your senses and relish utter serenity. The suites of the resort feature free Wi-Fi, minibars, and terraces or balconies.

Location: Choisy Road Poste De Flacq, Mauritius

Price: INR 72,000 (approximately)

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Spa and Wellness Center, Air-conditioned Rooms, Complimentary Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Private Beach
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One& Only Le Saint Green

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One& Only Le Saint Green
Image Credit : oneandonlyresorts.com
Boasting an authentic view of the beautiful Indian Ocean, the One& Only Le Saint Green comes with high-end rooms with sea-view. There are terraces and balconies, too, available in the resort, where you can spend some alone-time, entangled in your thoughts.

Unlike the other best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, there are four different restaurants available as well, along with a waterfront option and a steakhouse!

Location: Pointe de Flacq, Poste de Flacq 41518, Mauritius

Price: INR 70,000 to INR 86,000

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi , Air-conditioned Rooms with an Attached Bathroom, Outdoor Pool, Complimentary Parking, In-house Restaurant and Free Breakfast, Coffee-making Facility
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C Mauritius

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C Mauritius
Surrounded by a massive tropical garden, the C Mauritius resort boasts an intriguing modish outlook. Like most other best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, this one, too, comes with an in-house restaurant with a buffet.

Moreover, there is also an outdoor swimming pool available in the premises of the same. The resort also offers free laundry service to all of its residents!

Location: Coastal Road, Palmar, Mauritius

Price: INR 25,000 to INR 29,000

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi Connection, Buffet Restaurant, Direct Beach Access (for the upgraded rooms), Free Parking Facility, Bar, Air-conditioned Suits with Bathroom
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Anahita The Resort

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Anahita The Resort
When talking about the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, the first name that comes to mind is the Anahita Resort. Situated in the heart of the city, the property features various 3-bedroom suites, which are spacious and equipped with a bathroom as well.

There is also a small Kids’ Club available here to cater to the tiny travellers. Free room service and parking are available here as well.

Location: La Place Belgath, Mauritius

Price: INR 34,000 to INR 67,000

Amenities: Free Internet , Ai-conditioned Rooms, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Breakfast, Golf Course Facilities, In-house Restaurants, Fitness Center
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Constance Belle Mare Plage Mauritius

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Constance Belle Mare Plage Mauritius
Aside from the common amenities, the Constance Belle Mare Plage Mauritius is quite popular for social activities as well. For example, you can indulge in cooking classes, scuba diving, submarine trips, and much more.

There are nine different restaurants and bars on the property available near the beach as well, where you can enjoy some amazing drinks together with your friends.

Location: Pointe de flacq, Belle Mare, Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

Price: INR 35,000 to INR 42,000

Amenities: Air-conditioned Suites, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Parking, Free Room Service, Spa Center, Kids’ Club
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Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel

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Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel
Overlooking the serene beauty of the Indian Ocean, the Veranda Palmar Hotel is situated only 3km away from the Domaine De L’Etoile Nature Reserve. The property comes with sea-inspired rooms and features free internet connection as well.

Parking is free-of-cost here, as is having breakfast and various other activities like kayaking and snorkelling.

Location: Coastal Road Belle Mare MU, 42210, Mauritius

Price: INR 12,000 to INR 12,500

Amenities: Hut-style bar, Complimentary breakfast, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Kids’ Club, Water-view Terraces or Balconies, Spa and Wellness Center
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The Residence Mauritius

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The Residence Mauritius
An elusive 5-star hotel situated on the sandy beach of Ile Aux Cerfs, The Residence Mauritius offers colonial-styled suites to the residents. You can indulge in circuit training and get breakfasts for free here as well.

There are three different dining options available here as well and among them, one is on the beach. The hotel also houses a huge tennis court where you can play some competitive games with your friends or kids.

Location: Coastal Road, Mauritius

Price: INR 14,000 to INR 24,000

Amenities: Outdoor Lagoon-style Pool, Free Parking, Complimentary Breakfast, Free Internet Connection, Coffee-making Facility, Kids’ Club
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Salt of Palmar

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Salt of Palmar
Broadly considered as one of the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, the SALT of Palmar comes with a well-decorated in-house restaurant. There is also a café available on the premises of the same, where you can spend some alone time or gossip with your friends.

However, unlike most other hotels mentioned here, SALT of Palmar does ask for a small amount of money to serve breakfast to you.

Location: Coastal Road, Palmar Belle Mare Belle Mare MU, 41604, Mauritius

Price: INR 14,000

Amenities: Free Parking Facility, Laundry Service, In-house Restaurant with a Terrace, Tablets with Netflix (for Upgraded Rooms), Rooftop Bars
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Seasense boutique hotel & spa

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Seasense boutique hotel & spa
Like many other best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, the Seasense boutique hotel & spa, too, comes with a huge Spa and Wellness Center. It is well-decorated and, thus, can make you feel calm and comfortable right away.

Furthermore, there is also an outdoor pool available here, which enables you to have a small swim to freshen up your mood.

Location: Coastal Road, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

Price: INR 12,000 to INR 20,000

Amenities: Outdoor Swimming Pool, In-house Eatery and Bar, 24x7 Room Service, Free Breakfast Buffet, Free Bicycle Hiring, Daily Housekeeping
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People Also Ask About Mauritius

  1. Which are the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius for couples?

    1. Bubble Lodge: Widely considered as one of the best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, Bubble Lodge is particularly known for its spacious rooms and the aromatic ambience.

    2. Anahita Resort: Whether it is the exotic surroundings or the romantic vibes – the Anahita Resort can be an ideal option for the couples in almost every aspect.

    3. Friday Attitude: Aside from being spacious, the suites of the Friday Attitude feature a snuggly feeling, which should be ideal for most couples.

    4. Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel Mauritius: If you and your better half are considering living a luxurious holiday lifestyle, then the Maritim Crystals Hotel is going to be an ideal option for you.

    5. SALT of Palmar: Intimate setting, gorgeous beach, and romantic ambience – the SALT of Palmar has it all to make your holiday even more amorous.
  2. Which are the best luxury hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius?

    1. Constance Prince Maurice: Be it the opulent design, spacious yet well-decorated rooms, or extravagant restaurant, the Constant Prince Maurice oozes beauty from its very core!

    2. C Mauritius: The C Mauritius can be yet another excellent option for the luxury-seekers, as it comes with an exquisite setting, a wide array of amenities like attached bathroom, swimming pool, in-house restaurant, etc., and offers unparalleled comfort.

    3. LUX Belle Mare: Whether it is the beautiful outdoor pool or the extravagant setting - the LUX Belle Mare has everything to make your holidays much more fun.

    4. Long Beach Mauritius: Like most other best hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius, the Long Beach Mauritius, too, comes with a minibar, in-house eatery, and awe-striking suites to fulfil the quota of luxury.

    5. One& Only Le Saint Green: Like only a few other hotels in Mauritius, the suites of One& Only Le Saint Green restaurant offer a romantic bath and small minibar to make everything look more extravagant and welcoming.
  3. Are hotels in Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius safe for couples?

    Yes, the hotels of Mauritius come with a wide array of safety systems, which stay activated throughout 24 hours. Therefore, the risk of thievery or burglary is very low in these properties. However, you should still check out the safety measures of a hotel before booking to understand its overall efficiency.
  4. What is Ile Aux Cerf famous for?

    The Ile Aux Cerf is primarily famous for the extravagant beach and exquisite nightlife of the same. However, many people also love to indulge in the wide array of adventurous activities, such as parasailing, underwater sea walk, and zip-lining. The cuisine of this beautiful place is yet another aspect, which attracts many travellers here.

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