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About Port Louis
Founded back in 1736, Port Louis lies in the west Indian Ocean, sheltered between a deepwater harbour and a semicircular chain of mountains. Blending perfectly the contemporary charm and glamour with its 300 years old customs, Port Louis presents before the world an awe-inspiring blend of history and modernity. The culture of this flamboyant city has been deeply influenced by the customs of countries like India, China, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The beauty of Port Louis lies in its artistic, musical, historical, and architectural heritage.

The city’s colonial vibes, brilliantly architectural marvels, and stunning views of the Indian Ocean and the Moka mountain ranges perfectly define the charm of this exuberant city. The city of Port Louis brims with a myriad of enchanting attractions that range from intriguing museums and stunning monuments to breathtaking gardens and swanky hotels. While Pointe aux Piments Public Beach and Baie Du Tombeau Beach define the beach culture of the Mauritian island, while the Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum unravel the age-old history of the country.

Microbreweries like Flying Dodo Brewing Company and casinos like Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes familiarize you with the lively nightlife culture of the city, whereas lush gardens like Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Jardins de la Compagnie assure you of the calmer and more serene side of Port Louis. While you are holidaying in Port Louis, you can engage in an array of fun-filled activities.

From exploring the intriguing Chinatown of Mauritius and finding sanctuary at Jummah Masjid to basking in the spectacular views from Fort Adelaide to walking through history at Aapravasi Ghat, there’s so much to do in Port Louis for an action-packed holiday. Bestowed with a tropical maritime climate, Port Louis enjoys a sunny and balmy weather almost throughout the year with constant sea breeze keeping the city cool and pleasant. The best time to visit Port Louis is during the summer months of May to December when the weather is salubrious and the beaches are bright and sparkling.
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Port Louis FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Port Louis Mauritius?

1. Natural History Museum: Considered to be the oldest museum of Mauritius, the Natural History Museum was built in 1842 under Sir George Ferguson Bowen. The museum was established with the primary aim of collecting and recording important details about the fauna and flora housed across the island of Mauritius. At present, the museum has over 35000 specimens and samples of natural history, out of which more than 3,000 are on display.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

2. Port Louis Waterfront: Packed with fascinating casinos, elegant restaurants, and famous shopping stores, swanky movie theatres, Port Louis Waterfront is an important landmark and the perfect day out destination in Mauritius. Some of the very popular buildings in Port Louis Waterfront include Le Caudan Mall, Caudan Arts Centre, and Le Labourdonnais.

Location: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius

3. La Place D’Armes: Having gained a lot of popularity since 1865, La Place D’Armes is considered to be one of the most important historical landmarks in Port Louis. The main attraction of this place is the life-like statue of Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, surrounded by towering palm trees.

Location: Place D’Armes, Port Louis, Mauritius

4. Blue Penny Museum: Inaugurated in 2011, Blue Penny Museum is a popular stamp museum in Mauritius. The prime attraction of this museum is its one and two penny stamps, which date back to 1847. The museum also has a huge impressive collection of ancient marine maps, old sculptures, artefacts, and engravings. The entire museum is divided into many rooms; while the first room depicts the glorious maritime explorations in the Indian Ocean, the second room speaks about the colonial rule in the country, and the third room offers an insight of the 18th and 19th century Port Louis.

Location: Caudan Waterfront, Block A, Port Louis, Mauritius

5. Champ de Mars Racecourse: Established back in the 1800s, Champ de Mars Race Course stands as the world’s second oldest racecourse. Before it was transformed into a racecourse by the Britishers, this place served as a training center for the French military. At present, Champ de Mars Race Course is maintained and administered by the Mauritius Turf Club.

Location: 9 Dauphine St, Port Louis, Mauritius

6. Jummah Mosque: Better known as the Mosque of Arabs, the majestic Jummah Mosque presents a mesmerizing blend of Islamic, Creole, and Indian architectural designs. Due to the sudden hike in the muslim population in Port Louis, Jummah Mosque was built in the year 1852 to let the islamic community practice islam freely. One of the primary attractions of Jummah Masjid is the almond tree that has been standing in its courtyard since 1852.

Location: Royal Road, A1, Queen St, Port Louis, Mauritius

7. Citadel Fort: Better known as Adelaide Fort, the very famous Citadel fortress offers mesmerizing views of the entire city of Port Louis. This fort was initially named after the wife of William II, Adelaide, however, the building was renamed after the Britishers captivated it at the time of colonial rule. Citadel Fort manifests a stunning Moorish style architectural design with horseshoe shaped arches.

Location: Sebastopol St, Port Louis, Mauritius

8. Aapravasi Ghat: Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006, Aapravasi Ghat is known to be the Immigration depot. During the colonial rule in Mauritius, Aaprasavi Ghat served as the establishment centre of contract labours. The depot received contacted labourers from Southeast Asia, Africa, and India, who were put to work in the sugar plantations in Mauritius. At present, Aapravasi Ghat is a witness of the historic tales of indentured labour prevalent during colonial rule.

Location: Ex-DWC Building, 1 Quay St, Port Louis, Mauritius

9. Mauritius Photography Museum: Established by avid photographers Tristan Breville and Marie Julie, Mauritius Photography Museum exhibits a glorious collection of ancient cameras and some of the earliest photographs clicked on the island country. The Gaumont stereoscopic film and age old press machines can also be found in this museum. Admired by international researchers, students, and journalists, the exhibits of the museum are believed to date back to the 1800s.

Location: Rue du Vieux Conseil, Port Louis, Mauritius

10. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden: Also known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is considered to be Mauritius’s largest botanical garden. Spread across a huge area of around 37 hectares, the garden is home to rare plant species and endemic animals. Here, you can find 85 species of palms, giant water lilies, and medicinal herbs. You can also witness a number of exotic birds, including Moorhen and bulbul.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

11. Jardins de la Compagnie: Spread across a huge area of about 37 hectares, Jardins de la Compagnie is a colourful mystical garden known for its calm atmosphere and beautiful greens. Packed with tall banyan trees serving as overhead canopies, this garden is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a picnic lunch with your loved ones. The garden also has a number of benches, where visitors can sit comfortably and soak in the breathtaking views of the setting sun.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

What are the best things to do in Port Louis Mauritius?

1. Enjoy Shopping for Souvenirs at the Craft Market: If you want to purchase good quality local souvenirs at convenient prices, head to the Craft Market. Here, you will find a myriad of stalls, selling a variety of traditional souvenirs. Some of the best things you can shop for at the Craft Market, include Mauritian glass, essential oils, artworks, and bright coloured clothes.

Location: Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius

2. Take an Exploration Tour of ChinaTown: Enjoy a day out at Mauritius’s Chinatown and explore the best of shopping and food touring here. Go on a street shopping spree and purchase Chinese paintings, home decor, watches, footwear, and second-hand products. Do not forget to pamper your taste buds with pickled vegetables, dim sums, and bol reverse. If you are lucky enough, you may also get a chance to enjoy the local festivals observed here, including the Annual Chinatown Food and Cultural Festival and the Chinese New Year.

Location: Royal Road, Port Louis, Mauritius

3. Hike the Pieter Both Mountain: Try hiking the majestic Pieter Both Mountain, which is perched at an elevation of around 820 meters and is considered to be the second highest mountain of the Mauritian island. While you hike this towering mountain, spot huge round-shaped boulders, rare Hyophorbe amaricaulis palm species, Chinese guava trees, and diverse wildlife, on the trail.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

4. Unwind at Pointe aux Piments Public Beach: Pay a visit to Pointe aux Piments Public Beach, which is spread across 3 to 4 kilometers and is better known as Le Meridien Beach. You can unwind on the soft sand of this beach and soak in the calm and peaceful atmosphere. While you are here, you can also enjoy some delicious Mauritian snacks from the stalls lining the beach.

Location: Pointe aux Piments village, Pamplemousses district, Mauritius

5. Shop for Local Produces at The Central Market: Enjoy a shopping spree at the famous Port Louis Central Market and purchase popular Mauritian produces. While you are shopping at this open market, you can buy natural spices, fresh seafood, local rum, and traditional handicrafts. You can also shop for good quality Mauritian textiles and fashionable clothing. Furthermore, you can also buy yourself some delicious Mauritian street food, including curries, pancakes, dumplings, and alouda.

Location: 9 Corderie St, Port Louis, Mauritius

6. Encounter Rare Tropical Plants at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden: Visit Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden and spend time exploring the wide varieties of rare plants sheltered here. Try to spot 85 species of palms, medicinal herbs, baobabs, and giant water lilies. You can also take a walk through the ebonies, spices, and sugarcane plantations housed in this garden. You can even try to discover the trees planted here by legendary personalities, including Indira Gandhi, Princess Margaret, Robert Mugabe, and Francois Mitterrand.

Location: Pamplemousses, Port Louis, Mauritius

7. Spend a Day Out at Le Caudan Waterfront: Spend a day engaging in various activities at the famous Le Caudan Waterfront. Shop til you drop from the modern boutiques, relish authentic Mauritian cuisine at the elegant restaurants, enjoy a movie, and try your luck at gambling in the Le Caudan Waterfront Casino. If you are a history buff, you can also pay a visit to the Blue Penny Museum and take a stroll through the ancient stamp and artefacts collections.

Location: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius

8. Walk Through History at La Place d’Armes: Take a stroll through the iconic La Place d’Armes, stretching from Port Louis Waterfront to the Hotel du Gouvernement. Witness the life-like statues of some of the renowned personalities of Mauritius, whose work have glorified the rich history of the country. Some of the famous legends, whose statues you can try to spot at La Place d’Armes are that of Queen Victoria, Sir W. Stevenson, Sir John Pope Hennessy, Sir William Newton, and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

9. Marvel at the Stunning Architecture of Jummah Mosque: Admire the magnificent white-walled Jummah Masjid, which is the second oldest mosque of Mauritius. Marvel at the intricate blend of Indian, Creole, and Islamic architectural design. Take enough time to peacefully witness the impressively adorned minarets, arches, domes, columns, and the magnificent entrance door.

Location: Royal Road, A1, Queen St, Port Louis, Mauritius

10. Learn About the Wildlife of Mauritius at National History Museum: Pay a visit to the National History Museum and check out the important galleries of the museum - Fauna Gallery, Marine Life Gallery, Dodo Gallery, and Insects, Meteorology and Giant Tortoise Gallery. Witness skeletons and specimens of Dodo, Mauritian Dutch pigeon, and the giant Mauritian Lizard. You can also encounter marine species, including dolphins, crabs, sharks, eels, and rays. You can even witness a variety of corals, including octocorals, madrepores, and hexacorals.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

What are the most romantic things to do in Port Louis Mauritius?

1. Unwind at Baie Du Tombeau Beach: Lie down on the soft golden sand of Baie Du Tombeau Beach and enjoy sunbathing with your sweetheart as you bask in the enthralling sea views.

2. Go Shopping at Port Louis Central Market: Take your beloved on a shopping spree to Port Louis Central Market and shop together for fashionable clothing, trinkets, and handcrafted sculptures.

3. Soak in the Stunning City Views from atop Fort Adelaide: Hike to Fort Adelaide, located 100 meters above sea level and bask in the breathtaking views of Moka mountain ranges and the Champ de Mars racecourse.

4. Enjoy a Romantic Stroll at the Mauritius National Botanical Garden: Take a leisurely, hand-in-hand stroll at the Mauritius National Botanical Garden. Witness 650 varieties of exotic plants, including Giant Water Lilies, Baobabs, and Palmier Bouteille.

5. Watch a Horse Race at Le Champ de Mars: If you are a sporty couple, enjoy watching a zealful horse race at Le Champ de Mars. You can also bet on your favorite horse and try your luck.

6. Pay Tribute to Virgin Mary at Marie Reine de la Paix: Visit the chapel of Marie Reine de la Paix and pay homage to the 26 feet statue of Virgin Mary, which stands on a 175 feet high platform.

How to reach Port Louis?

The nearest airport to Port Louis is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, located 48 kilometers away. This airport is well-connected to the important countries of the world through prime airline carriers, including Air Mauritius, Emirates, British Airways, Air Asia, and Turkish Airlines.

Is it worth visiting Port Louis Mauritius for a honeymoon?

Yes, Port Louis in Mauritius is totally worth visiting for enjoying a romantic honeymoon. This flamboyant city is packed with swanky shopping malls, elegant waterfront restaurants, and beautiful sun-soaked beaches, all of which promise to make you both fall in love all over again.

When is the best time to visit Port Louis?

The most ideal time for visiting Port Louis is during the summer months of May to December. During this time of the year, the place enjoys a balmy weather and the beaches are sunny, while the waters are clear.

Is Port Louis safe for tourists?

Yes, Port Louis is absolutely safe for all kinds of tourists, including solo trippers and female travelers. However, you are advised to avoid roaming on isolated streets at night and restrain from engaging in illegal activities.

What are the things to do in Port Louis at night?

1. Spend an Evening at Caudan Waterfront: Enjoy a beautiful evening at Caudan Waterfront, shopping souvenirs from the Craft Market, food touring, or watching a movie at one of the swanky film theatres.

2. Try Your Luck at Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes: Try your hands at a wide variety of games at the very popular Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes. Enjoy playing live table games like Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette & Blackjack.

3. Drink the Night Away at Lambic Restaurant: Choose from 46 varieties of premium whiskies and 130 varieties of imported beers at Lambic Restaurant. You can also enjoy fresh beers from their in-house microbrewery.

4. Hang Out With Friends at Sunset Cafe: Sit under a colourful wide umbrella with friends at Sunset Cafe and chat over exotic cocktails and a wide range of quickbites, including pizzas & sandwiches.

5. Experience Fine Dining at Le Courtyard Restaurant: Experience the best of fine dining at Le Courtyard’s open air restaurant. Relish authentic Mauritian and French delicacies as you soak in the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant.

6. Enjoy Mauritian Street Food at Port Louis Central Market: Take a food tour at Port Louis Central Market and relish authentic Mauritian street food, such as Almond alouda, Farata, dholl puri, biriyani, and haleem.

Which are the best casinos in Port Louis?

1. Le Caudan Waterfront Casino: With an entrance like that of a private ship, Le Caudan Waterfront Casino is the most popular casino in Port Louis. This casino features double bars, reel machines, poker, Blackjack, and electronic roulette.

2. Casino Senator Port Louis: Casino Senator Port Louis is known to offer a number of exciting casino games, such as Roulette, Sic Bo Shake, Blackjack, Van Lak, Sicbo Throw, and Poker. The casino also has Amatic, EGT, and Novomatic slot machines.

3. Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles: Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles is a lavish casino with a funky vibe. This casino features 48 jackpot slots, Oasis Stud Poker, Blackjack, and American Roulette. You can also find several restaurants and a VIP salon here, as well.

4. Port Louis Casino: Port Louis Casino is a magnificent lively casino with a ship-shaped design. The casino features American roulette and blackjack on its first floor and slot machines at its ground floor.

Which are the best resorts in Port Louis?

1. Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel: Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel offers tastefully adorned rooms, featuring a private balcony, an attached bathroom, and a seating area. The resort also features excellent culinary options, including one bar and two restaurants.

2. Villa Anakao: Featuring a nice restaurant, a huge pool, and a fully functional kitchenette, Villa Anako is a very accommodating resort. This place offers a wide range of fun-filled activities, including canoeing, snorkeling, windsurfing, & body massage.

3. Le Suffren Hotel & Marina: Nestled on the Port Louis Waterfront, Le Suffren Hotel & Marina offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and its lovely gardens. This place is also known to serve the most delicious seafood on the island.

4. Hotel Champ De Mars: Situated just opposite of the Champ De Mars Racecourse, Hotel Champ De Mars features deluxe rooms that offer stunning city and mountain view rooms.

5. Cocotiers Hotel: Encompassed by lush tropical gardens, Cocotiers Hotel is a popular beach stay. This resort is known for offering guests exciting recreational activities, such as snorkeling, dart, and billiards.

6. Trevessa House: Lying 2.4 kilometers away from the famous Jummah Mosque, Trevessa House is an elegant resort. The resort is adorned with a well-trimmed garden and a shimmering swimming pool.

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