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Male Packages

Duration Price
Kihaa Maldives Resort4 days & 3 nights
INR 85,999
Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives4 days & 3 nights
INR 67,167
Angsana Velavaru Maldives5 days & 4 nights
INR 2,10,250
Waldorf Astoria Maldives Resort4 days & 3 nights
INR 2,59,290
Scuba Diving in Male Maldives4 hours
INR 10,280
Snorkeling And Sandbank Visit In Maldives4 hours
INR 6,124

If you are in search of a reason to buy Male Tour Packages, then pause here for few moments and you shall get your answer. This capital city of Maldives is certainly one of the best tourist locations in the world attracting numbers of visitors each year. The metropolis, which is immensely crowded, has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit here. If you want to get the experience of real Maldives, then undoubtedly this is the best place to be in.

The town is appreciably quirking and amusing in an extremely beguiling way. Starting from the energetic markets for shopping, liquor free bars, and the eateries, the general brouhaha still is very much apparent. It is the city island of the Male that offers the sightseers with an opportunity to witness the genuine feel of Maldives. It clicks with the general population and consequently is headed to explore the country on rising to balance.

Accommodation in this part of the world can never be an issue for anyone. From budget hotels to mid-range ones and even luxury hotels, all are present here, You can choose the best as per your need. Alluring sightseeing and amazing fun of watersports like scuba diving and also cruising are some of the key highlights which you will enjoy in this part of the world. If you are a food lover and a shopaholic then there is no chance that you will return home with disappointment.

 The only setback as a traveler that you will face is that the region is liquor-free. You will not get here in any way off the chance. The only place where you can try your luck is Hulhule Island Hotel. Otherwise, the destination has a lot in it which will give you lots of memories. Male tour packages will give you a chance to explore Male in the best possible way.

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Male Tour FAQs

Which are top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Male?

There are so many numbers of attractions in the metropolis for a tourist to explore. From awesome beaches to the beauty of architectural monuments your eyes can get the view of everything. Following are some of the popular places to visit in the city:

  • Grand Friday Mosque
  • Maldives National Defense Force HQ
  • National Museum and Sultan Park
  • Tsunami Monument
  • Victory Monument

The name above describes the varieties of sightseeing you can enjoy here. These are just a few names and you can explore more such places in the conurbation.

Hulhumale Island is one of such place which cannot be missed out when there is a discussion on sightseeing in Male

Which are some famous scuba diving tours in Male?

Known for its stunning beaches with azure waters, the country of Maldives is considered as one of the best locations in the world to enjoy scuba diving. There are plethoras of scuba diving tours in this wonderful city which you will be tempted to go for. Some destinations where you will enjoy this tour to the maximum are as follows:

  • Ari Troll
  • Vaavu Atoll
  • North Male Atoll
  • Far North Atolls

The beauty of the underwater experience is something which can be regarded as ultimate. There are so many things you will discover during the journey including the underwater creatures. Underwater photography in your diving tour is another aspect to go ahead with.

Where are the best sites for snorkeling in Male?

Almost every traveler who visit here, look for places where they can enjoy activities like snorkeling to the best. In this regard, you will come across several locations in Mali. Here you will get all sorts of facilities and technical assistance as required to do such water activities. Some of the best places to look for when it comes to snorkeling are:

  • Shaviyani Atoll
  • Hulhumale Island
  • Kanifinolhu Island
  • Thulusdhoo Island
  • Dhiffushi Island

Apart from above, there are so many sites where you can stay and enjoy some adventurous water body activities. When it comes to the beauty of the whole experience the place is truly amazing, which is the reason why several tourists prefer this place for such activities.

Which are the different cruising experiences in Male?

Cruising is another activity which is people from all across the globe look forward to enjoying in this part of the world. The simple reason for the same being the peace and tranquility you experience amidst the true beauty of underwater nature. Some of the popular cruise experience you should go ahead with is:

  • Dolphin Sunset Cruise
  • Dive Master Cruise
  • Dhoni Charter Cruise
  • Cruise at Northern Atolls
  • Safari Cruise

In all such above tours, you will be feeling like that you are in a different sort of world. The enjoyment of typical cruise along with the sense of nature’s beauty is bound to give you the experience for which you have boarded the flight to Male

Which are the famous sailing sites in Male?

Sailing is something which one will surely enjoy this beautiful conurbation. The pleasure of sailing with the true beauty of nature is something which everyone looks ahead for. Although there are several places here where you can go ahead for this activity, some of the popular sites are:

  • Hulhumale Island
  • Maafushi Island
  • Emboodhu Finolhu

Above are the few popular names but there are several small islands where you can enjoy sailing.

With cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more activities enjoyed everywhere in the destination, you will be surely enjoying this part of the adventure also. There is no reason why one shall not look for such wonderful tour in the wonderful capital of Maldives.

Where Can I do parasailing and kayaking in Male?

Parasailing and Kayaking is another fun which must be explored by every tourist for ultimate memories of the vacation. It gives an aerial view of the place, thus mesmerizing your eyes to the maximum. Following are some of the ultimate places to enjoy such activities:

  • Maafushi Island
  • Shaviyani Atoll
  • Hulhumale Island
  • Thulusdhoo Island

Taking aerial route, security is something which you should take care of. The fun is of no use if there no life in your body. The professionals present here will give you the best guide ensuring that journey will be fun for memories and unforgettable moments. Don't forget to take photographs from the sky to cherish your memories later.

Which are the best places for Paragliding in Male?

Paragliding, although not a common daring activity in Male, still you have ample scope to enjoy the same here. Make sure of all security and training before you pursue such daring and adventurous activity. There are no popular places in Male which offers such fun, but some of the areas where you can enjoy this activity are:

  • Anantara Veli
  • Kurumba
  • Maafushi Island
  • Southern Atolls

There shall be no reason why shall you not enjoy such fun activities which give immense pleasure. If you are an experienced glider and want to glide over the serene scenic landscape of water bodies, then beyond any doubt this is a correct place for the same.

Which are the best beaches to visit in Male?

Beaches are the ultimate attraction which drives numbers of visitors to Maldives. There are numerous beaches all across the country and nearby it's the Capital City of Male. All of them give a unique experience and serene beauty. It is a perfect destination for love-birds and newly married couples to enjoy the moments of their life. Some of the popular beaches near the city are:

  • Hulhumale’ Beach
  • Reethi Beach
  • Cocoa Island Beaches
  • Vabbinfaru Island Beaches
  • Fulhadhoo Beach

Undoubtedly, you will get all you desire from these wonderful beaches of the place. There shall be no reason for anyone to return home with any sort of disappointment after the visit to the beaches here.

Which are the best places for surfing in Male?

Surfing is an activity which is truly an amazing one. With the presence of numerous water bodies where you can enjoy so many water sports activities, there is no point on why surfing should remain behind. There are numerous locations where you can enjoy the sport near the town. Some of them are:

  • Guraidhoo Island
  • South Atolls
  • Thulusdhoo
  • Maafushi island

The idea of surfing amidst these water bodies is definitely not a bad one. With exotic and thrilling waves, the fun will be ultimate. Also, the feeling that your surfing just nearby some true beauty of nature is simply startling.

Which are the best places for a shopping tour in Male?

Without shopping no vacation is complete and this city is ultimate for the same. Although not as good as other popular destinations Male still has a lot to offer for shopaholics. Maldivian Tuna and other local snacks, imported apparels are some of the things to name a few which you can purchase in this part of the world. Some of the popular places where you can do shopping in the metropolis are:

  • Southwest Harbor area
  • Majeedhee Magu
  • Independence Square
  • Male Market
  • State Trading Organization

Thus, shopping here will give you the ultimate experience. Ensure you check the price and do the bargaining if you want to be in the profit.

Which are the different night adventure activities and where can I do it?

There is literally not much nightlife activity in Male. Being a dry state you will not find any bars, pubs or hotels where you can go ahead with various fun activities and more. Well, if you want to have some night out then Hulhule Island Hotel is the best and the only option for you in this metropolis. Here you can get some liquor, music, playing activities like billiards and more.

Apart from it, there are some agents offers some adventurous activities like scuba diving even in the night time. A perfect example of this could be Night Dive at Villingili House Reef. So for nightlife, you need to make some compromise in this city.

Which are the famous water sports activity tour one can take in Male?

Maldives is known for its water bodies beaches and thus water sports activity is very much common here. Several tourists come here only to enjoy the thrilling water sport which one can experience only in this destination. Some of The popular water sport which one can pursue in Male are:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Surfing
  • Sailing
  • Cruising
  • Underwater walking
  • Kitesurfing

The charges here are very much reasonable and people here enjoy a lot. The services and professionalism is something which will surely make you feel a lot comfortable thus making your adventure a safe one. You will surely take home a lot of enthralling moments from this amazing destination.

Which are the best places for a food tasting tour in Male?

Eating is another thing which one will enjoy this conurbation. There is the number of places where you can enjoy so many delicious meals. It is for sure that you will keep on licking your fingers after having your meal. Some of the popular eateries in the town are:

  • The Hive Cafe
  • Pool Side
  • Thai Wok
  • Shell Beans
  • Olive Garden
  • Cafe' Marine Drive
  • The Hive Restaurant
  • Jade Bistro

Being a small city, you may found several limitations here, but regardless of everything you will get the least you want and fill your tummy and satiate your taste buds.

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