Best Water Sports in Mauritius

The paradise island Mauritius of South Africa has been among the top destinations for adventure lovers especially in the water sports section for decades. Travelers and local tours around Mauritius united in each other’s company and either innovate or invent newer water sports every year. Known for some of its highest tide beaches, Mauritius is a favorite spot for surfing. The sun-kissed beaches draws many travel lovers to come and spend days here, indulging themselves in many beach activities and the best watersports tours in Mauritius. The flora and fauna alive under the water are one of the blissful attractions here giving people more and more excuses to come visit. Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing and the list can just go on for the number of water sports Mauritian waters have to offer. Unless you are the type who is not too fond of adventure, walks by sea on those white sandy beaches is also a life-changing calming experience.


Stand-up paddling has been a growing craze here off late, which is a blend of surfing and kayaking. You stand on a surfboard and glide on the water while using a longer paddle than kayaking to row yourself forward. If you are a little hydrophobic and want to take lesser chances with Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, the thirty-five-meter submarine dive is here to save your adventurous day, ensuring you are not the only one staying behind while others are engrossed in exploring life underwater. Did SpongeBob leave you in splits end when you saw him riding around a red scooter underwater? Did you ever in the wildest of your dreams think you would get to live a day in his shoes? Well, thank you, stars cause your dreams are about to come true with the Underwater Scooter rides amidst the Indian Ocean. With the best watersports tours in Mauritius, Thrillophilia has it all figured out for you.

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What are the best Mauritius travel packages I can book with Thrillophilia?

What are the best Mauritius travel packages I can book with Thrillophilia?

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