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Known for its monasteries and temples, Gangtok is a beautiful city and mountain biking in Gangtok is one of the best ways you can explore all its beauty! Bike rides through the peaks and ranges give tourists an unmatched thrill as you ride through Sikkim's rugged terrain and explore the beauty that lies beyond.

The view of the magnificent Himalayas and Mt. Kanchenjunga can be witnessed from close quarters when you're biking through the small town. If you're an ametuer rider, you may take a short trip from Gangtok to Hanuman Tok or Martam, which are a short distance away from the capital city.

For a more satisfying experience, you can explore destinations within 100 Kms like Tashiding or Yuksom, where you can spend the night before riding back to Gangtok. If you're an adventure enthusiast and short trips simply aren't enough for you, you can choose a 9-day or 15-day tour all the way from Gangtok to Darjeeling or other destinations around.

This will give you an opportunity to visit the Nathula Pass, ride through bends and steep slopes and marvel at the sight of the Yumthang Valley. All this and more, while being mesmerised by the Himalayas in the backdrop.

Mountain biking through Gangtok is challenging as much as it is exciting, and is quickly gaining popularity. Make sure you head there while it's still a unique activity!

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7 Days Adventurous Sikkim Bike Tour


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About the Tour:Get ready, start your engines, and hit the road on our 7-Day Adventurous Sikkim Bike Tour. Sikkim, the Himalayan state, will leave you spellbound as you navigate the winding mountain roads, lush valleys, and pristine landscapes on bike. Starting from the capital city of Sikkim and passing through charming villages, mesmerizing lakes, and monasteries that offer rich culture and history.As you proceed further into the heart of Sikkim, you will be on high passes like Nathu La and Tsomgo Lake, where the breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks will take your breath away. Your bike will carry you to places like Lachen and Lachung, where you'll witness the surreal beauty of Gurudongmar Lake and Yumthang Valley. This is not the end; there is much more to discover, including hidden waterfalls and hot springs. Make yourself ready for the adventure and thrill as you ride with Thrillophilia.Batch Dates:7th of OctoberQuick Info:Start Point/ End Point: IXB Airport/ VEGA CircleTour Type: Group TourDuration: 6 Nights & 7 DaysRoute: Gangtok - Tsomgo Lake - Baba Mandir - Zuluk - Gangtok - Lachen - Gurudongmar Lake - Lachung - Yumthang Valley - Gangtok

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 33,500

₹ 29,500 per Adult

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Sikkim Darjeeling Bike Adventure | FREE Ropeway Activities


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About the Destination :Obscured from the world, the abode of Mt. Kanchenjunga is a heaven on earth. With its charming hill stations, winding roads carving their way through hills, pristine meadows adorned with rhododendron flowers, and majestic landscapes, Sikkim is a paradise for bikers. So, embark on a thrilling bike trip to Sikkim and get mesmerized by the beauty of the valley of flowers, the 17,800-foot Gurudongmnar Lake, and also pass through the quaint hamlets of Lachen. Hop on your bikes for a high-octane ride into the mesmerizing splendor of the mountainous state.Quick Facts:Starting Point/ End Point : SiliguriTour Type : Group TourDuration : 9 Days and 8 NightsRoute : Siliguri - Gangtok - Lachen - Gurudongmar - Lachung - Yumthnag Valley - Zuluk - Padamnchen - Darjeeling - Siliguri
Very Good

286 Ratings


286 Ratings

₹ 29,999

₹ 24,000 per Adult

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Sikkim Bhutan Bike Adventure | FREE Kanchenjunga Excursion


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About the destination :Considering the snow-capped peaks that disappear in the clouds, emerald alpine valleys, and magnificent vistas of the Himalayas, it is not surprising that Sikkim is bewitchingly magical. Cruise through this Jewel in the North East and turn towards the land of mountains and monasteries. Upon entering the Buddhist Kingdom, you ride into a trance as if traveling back in time, and then the clinking of chimes in the monasteries brings you back.Quick Facts About Sikkim - Bhutan Bike Trip :Starting Point/ End Point: SiliguriTour Type: Group TourDuration: 13 Days & 12 NightsRoute : Siliguri - Gangtok - Lachen - Lachung - Zuluk - Padamnchen - Siliguri - Phuentsholing - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro - Jaldapara - Siliguri

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 31,000

₹ 29,000 per Adult

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Adventurous Bike Trip to North Sikkim | Fuel Inclusion


2D Gangtok 1D Lachen 1D Lachung 2D Gangtok
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 17,825

₹ 15,500 per Adult

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T7tnx7wnd8d34701s6kkfixb03v7 sikkim%20biker Pi595bghkv90pxldpzb9j93cqtoq silk%20route%20valley 03t9vit2o2c7g252jyogeec4kesv silkroute%201 K1gs5zj3x0uggvle8v3li0iyisgp img 2271 Rtlga1lcvl1dj9v3ev047ej0ked9 sillery%20gaon%201
Silk Route Bike Trip


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Destination:The Silk Route bike tour takes you through the ancient route of Chinese Silk export while moving towards the European region in historical times. Sikkim is a place blessed with wonderful scenic views and nature. If you love adventure, landscapes, lakes, snow-clad peaks and want to experience spirituality, then there is no best place than Sikkim. The Silk Route is also famous for its zig-zag roads which is one of the most picturesque things. This trip package of 6 Days Silk Route Group Tour Package with Zuluk will make you explore the hidden beauty of Sikkim.Quick Facts About Silk Route Bike Trip : Starting Point/ End Point: SiliguriTour Type: Group TourDuration : 6 Days & 5 NightsRoute: Siliguri -  Sillery Gaon - Aritar - Sillery Gaon - Zuluk - Nathang - Reshikhola - Siliguri

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 18,975

₹ 16,500 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Biking in Gangtok

  1. Which are the best places for Mountain biking in Gangtok?

    1. Gangtok - Martam
    Start your 19 km long journey from Gangtok and ride downhill through Ranka which is fairly simple. Admire the mystic beauty of Rani Khola, a small town, before heading to the beautiful Martam Village. Martam is home to the lush Saramsa Botanic Garden, Shanti Viewpoint and a short distance away is the Rumtek Monastery that you can head to.

    The beautiful Village Resort in Martam is a great venue to reside at, if you choose to spend the night here before heading back.

    2. Gangtok - Ravangla - Tashidang
    This 100 km route makes every bit of mountain biking in Gangtok worth it! Pedal towards the picturesque Temi Tea Garden, the only tea estate in Sikkim known to make the finest quality 'black tea'. Head to the gorgeous town of Ravangla and be mesmerised with the views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kabru, and Mt. Sinialchu.

    Take a stopover and witness the crack of dawn as the golden rays gleam amidst the mountains. After making your way to Tashiding, seek blessings at the local monastery before proceeding with your journey or making your way back to Gangtok.

    3. Gangtok - Rumtek
    The journey from Gangtok to the pilgrimage town of Rumtek is a short 35 km ride. The first 20 Kms are a downhill journey on a bumpy road, followed by an uphill bike climb the rest of the way. Along the way you'll notice brightly coloured prayer flags hanging across, which symbolise blessings.

    Once at Rumtek, visit the popular Rumtek Monastery known for its Golden Stupa. A trip to this tranquil destination will make mountain biking in Gangtok absolutely worth it! Try to be here for the Tibetan New Year called Losar, to enjoy festivities to the fullest!

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06 January 2015
The positives of this tour are that it was extreme fun. It was thrilling and adventurous without being risky. The roads are tough to drive. Cycling is also available in this route, but that would be a serious option and more tough that is. This was perfect fun. I enjoyed it, and I made a lot of buddies. I I wish I could do more such biking expeditions soon. I also had a brief stay in Darjeeling. It was awesome place to visit. I loved it all.
17 February 2015
I loved this trip. It was an amazing experience. It was nice to drive to this distance. What started as a normal ride, turned awesome and super fun, and I had a great time. I suggest everyone to take this trip. Even if you are not a biker, you can ride pillion and it is fun too.
18 July 2014
Deeptanshu Bhattacharya 9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip
WOW WOW WOW! The trip is just wow. Cheers to the organizers! It was quite awesome and interesting. I had a really great time with the trip. The trip was super fun. I highly recommend it to all. Try it out and you will love it too.
23 September 2013
The Biking tour was great, the entire journey was fantastic. i made new biker friens and every destination had its own charm. for me riding from Temi Tea Garden to Ravangla was tiring and difficult but was really worth it. Amazing trip and please plan more trips like this wold be a part of this !!
04 September 2014
Deenabandhu Sinha 9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip
Very Good
This was a great trip. We had a great time. I would love to do more such trips some time soon again. Since I'm a beginner, biking that long was quite stressful, plus the roads were not exactly that comfortable to drive on to. But kind of like a sense of achievement and great feeling to have gone and completed this journey!
26 February 2021
Gorakhnath Sethi 9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip
I and my friends love to travel through our bikes and we love climbing to the skies and waltzing through a mountain’s hairpin bends. This time we planned to visit Sikkim on our bikes and Thrillophilia helped us to make our dream Sikkim tour possible. I took my bike, my friends got their own 500 cc bikes on rent, and off we went tracing the famous Nathula Pass, the Gurudongmar Lake, and rode rigorously through the spiral bends of Zuluk. It was an amazing experience, they took care of everything from lodging, to food, mechanic, etc everything was well taken care of.
04 March 2021
There is nothing like a high-octane ride into the scenic villages of Sikkim or Gangtok soaring mountains. My four friends and I absolutely loved our Sikkim-Darjeeling biking tour that was so well curated by Thrillophilia. We had the most enthusiastic and fun captain to assist during the entire trip along with our team. We whirled towards Gangtok after getting our permits and riding towards Lachung. I must add that the major highlight of our biking tour was sipping on a cup of tea in the chilly breeze at the Zero point. All thanks to Thrillophilia for arranging the most sumptuous breakfasts to kickstart a super enduring day, come what may. We glided along charming villages, picturesque valleys and majestic waterfalls during our 9-day tour. I am still flipping images of the stunning views of Mt Kanchenjunga we were treated to, while descending towards Padamchey.
18 November 2015
Sikkim – Darjeeling road is the best one to drive through. I always wanted to drive between these spots, but I never had a chance to do that. Once I heard of this trip, I immediately took it. It was fun, thrilling, adventurous, and awesome. I took it with my girlfriend. It was indeed a perfect vacation for us. On the downside, the climate was quite stressful and tiring on us.
07 August 2014
Gotum Deshpande 9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip
Sikkim Darjeeling Biking Tour is one of its kind of tours in India that you would definitely love to take. This is sheer fun. You can be a biker or a pillion rider but you will enjoy the tour. It is not that expensive too. You can easily take this trip as it has zero planning involved. I am so recommending this to you all.
23 October 2014
Very Good
Nice trip. Biking trip was something that I want to take for quite sometime now. I had a great affinity for bike rides, but I never happened to be on one serious trip too. When I did finally take this trip, it was a complete awesome experience. I loved it. It was spellbinding. Also, the trip was not costly or expensive. The whole experience was awesome. Darjeeling is a paradise for travellers. I had amazing travel experience to cherish from this place. There are many such biking tours available for bike enthusiasts at nominal price. Definitely planning to take more such trips soon.

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