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Panaji Tour Packages include beaches, temples, plantations etc. One of the best parts of vacations is the shopping. Goa is basically made of markets and beaches. The markets are full of hand-made artifacts. the population of the city experiences all its amenities to the fullest, but the markets seem to be god’s gift from heaven, as small souvenirs and trinkets can be found at very cheap prices. Mapusa, Anjuna, Calangute are famous markets of the small city.

The best part of Panjim or Panaji, obviously, is the beach. The beaches and the on-shore resorts available on these beaches offer is more than just good. These beaches give to person all that they could possibly expect from a beach. The sandy shores come along with many activities, such as paragliding, scuba diving, water-skiing etc. Some of these activities allow kids to go so that families can enjoy the entire, family-vacation to the fullest. The beaches also offer television services, where you cad it in groups, with strangers, or family and friends and watch your favorite show, or match airing.

Along with beaches and shopping, come monuments. The great monumental and historical heritage that the city of Panaji and Goa, in general, is as great as can be. The many temples and churches that grace the soil (or sand) of Panaji are amazing. The best parts of these great architectural beauties are the carvings and engravings on them. The decorations are perfect and hold true to the great craftsmanship of the old ages. These buildings reflect that the rulers of old were not frugal when it came to their gods.

Spice Plantations are another very big factor of the state of Goa, and Panaji has quite a few of them. The Tropical Spice Plantation offers many sorts of varieties of spices to the people going there. The people visiting these plantations are greeted with garlands and warm smiles. Then they are appointed a guide, who offers explanations with earnest behavior. Anyone who has questions will be dealt with accordingly. These guides provide visitors with many educational values.

Another plus point of Panaji is the sailing provisions it has. Sailing is also mentioned among the best tour packages in Panaji. The many water-based activities of the city are very important. These activities normally include cruises, paragliding etc. Cruising on the blue waters of the Arabian Sea is on the bucket list of just about every traveler.

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Panjim Tour faqs

What are the best areas for a shopping tour in Panaji?

As going to Goa is on everybody’s bucket list, the fact that a friend is going to Goa brings happiness too, because of all the gifts which come along with such an expedition. Goa, known for all the local handmade pieces of beauty, has more than one market on its streets. The best areas for shopping in Goa are:

  • Mapusa Market
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Calangute Market Square
  • Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora
  • Mackie’s Night Bazaar
  • Caculo Mall  
  • Velha Goa Galeria  
  • Sacha's Shop  
  • Zantaye'
  • Gallery Gitanjali
  • Fabindia
  • Paperwork
  • Soul of Asia India
  • Krishtu Kala Mandir Art Gallery
  • Gallery Attic
  • Azulejos de Goa
  • Big G
  • Marie Elena's Wardrobe
  • Durjya Mini Market

What are the best beaches to visit in Panaji?

Goa is the best-known beach city of India. It is the go-to city for a road trip or a vacation. It is the hub of college-goers’ vacations, are a reunion, or a bachelor party. Goa is where dreams come true. On the bucket list of all Indians, Goa is the only city on the planet which entertains everyone’s wishes. The best beaches of Panaji are:

  • Ashwem Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Miramar Beach
  • Patnem-Colomb Beach
  • Anjum Beach
  • Coco Beach
  • Vainguinim Beach
  • Rajbagh Beach
  • Odxel Beach
  • Bambolim Beach
  • Caranzalem Beach
  • Dias Beach

What are the best spice plantation tours in Panaji?

Goa is also known for its spices and the plantations that exist of these spices. The plantations are full of different spices such as cardamom, palm roots, nutmeg, etc. Out of these, cardamom is the most famous. The people living in Goa enjoy these on a regular basis but the tours offered to visitors, enhance the experience ten-fold. The best spice plantation tours in Panaji are:

  • Arla Bazaar Keri, Ponda
  • Sahakari Spice Farm
  • Pascoal Spice Village
  • The Spice Plantation
  • Tropicana Spice Plantation
  • Savoi Plantation
  • Abyss Spice Plantation
  • Pasco Spice Village
  • Rustic Plantation
  • Vasundra Spice Farm
  • Mangal
  • Parvati Madhav
  • Sanskriti Savoi

What is the best pilgrimage tours in Panaji?

Panaji is dotted with many churches and temples. The beaches overflow not only with water but also with visitors who come to check-out the temples perched on the ancient sand. The many temples and churches that are spread all over the beach-city are always overflowing with the visitors. These people come in every day to pray to their respective gods. The best pilgrimage tours in Panaji are:

  •       Se Cathedral
  •       St. Francis of Assisi Church
  •       Holy Spirit Church Margao
  •       Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  •       Chapel of St. Catherine
  •       Church Of Our Lady of Rosary
  •       St. Catejan Church
  •       Shri Mangeshi Temple
  •       Shri Mahalaxmi Temple
  •       Shri Shantadurga Temple
  •       Basilica of Bom Jesus

What are best evening cruise tours in Panaji?

Panaji is the best place one can go to enjoy tours on the beach and cruises. The people living there do it quite often, but visitors enjoy it all the more. The water is dotted with ships, and yachts which can be seen from above. Evenings are even more beautiful, what with the sunset, the purple skies, and the serenity. The beaches of Goa either get absolutely full absolutely empty and everything about them is beautiful. The best evening cruise tours in Panaji are:

  •       Overnight Houseboat Tour Of Goa
  •       Sailing Trip of Beach Bohemia
  •       Private Tour on Yacht
  •       Paradise Cruises
  •       Santa Monica
  •       Cruises in Goa
  •       Goa Tourism
  •       Champions Yacht Club

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