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  • House-boating is a common activity in Alleppey. On the serene backwaters of Kerala, the best way to experience the lake’s multiple facets is to glide through the waters on some of the best houseboats in Alleppey. The picturesque network of waterways is appealing to the eye.

    Lagoons, canals, waterways and rivulets crisscross ways. The inland coast gradually opens to a larger water body. Traditionally these backwaters were used for public transport. The backwaters are also the venue for numerous annual events. One of them is the snake boat race.

    The palm-fringed lake offers exotic views. The biodiversity you see and experience is unique and confined only to this blessed land. Wildlife is diverse. There are small villages tucked into pockets of greenery. A journey to this teeming naturalistic paradise is an experience that you would find worth revisiting.

    Some of the best houseboats of Alleppey:

  • 01Rainbow Cruises

    Image Credit : Alleppey Houseboat

    The objective of this houseboat tour company is simple – to give you the most enchanting experience in the world. Located in Alleppey, this houseboat captures the essence of the Venice of the East, which is Alleppey. Sailing on the backwaters, there are more than 900 km of waterways to be explored.

    The houseboat traverses only a small fraction of this distance. Along the way you experience the diverse ecosystem of the terrain and the lake in general. Rivers meet the sea. Freshwater confluences with the sea water of the Arabian Sea.

    Gold Star rated, this houseboat company is one of the finest in Kerala. Rainbow Cruises capture the delights of God’s Own Country by providing a surreal experience through Alleppey houseboats tour packages. A floating vacation on these backwaters is anyone’s idea of a dream honeymoon or vacation.

    Once you step aboard, you feel at home on a houseboat. It could never be a strange feeling. You feel that you belong to the houseboat. The oarsmen navigate you through the serene and intriguing waters. Called the Kettuvallom, the houseboat is equipped with all amenities for a pleasurable stay and journey.

    Luxuriously furnished, these 80-foot crafts serenade through the water silently and in harmony with the surroundings. There are three types of houseboats. The high-end houseboat is denoted by the Luxury tag. Following this tag are Premium and Deluxe types of houseboats. The houseboats have rooms. All rooms have a bathroom attached to them.

    Image Credits : Upendra Kanda

    There is an open lounge in the houseboat for you to sit down and enjoy the scene around you. A well-stocked kitchenette is available. A captain and chef are on-board. A guide who can speak several languages accompanies you and explains sightseeing splendours.

    Rainbow Cruises have a fleet of about two dozen of the best houseboats in Alleppey. All houseboats are certified as Gold Star. This is the certification accorded by the Department of Tourism to houseboats for complying with certain quality standards. The houseboat service of this company has won many awards. You can visit their office and ask them to show these awards.

    There are various packages offered by this houseboat service. For instance the One Night Cruise in Alleppey package allows you to see many places over a period of two days and one night. You will initially cruise on the Punnamada Lake.

    The houseboat enters the Vembanad Lake. You have a sumptuous lunch that is prepared in the houseboat. You then visit Chavara Bhavan and drop anchor at Munnatummugham for an overnight stay. The next day in the morning you traverse through the SNDP Canal.

  • 02Angel Queen Houseboats

    Image Credit : Miquitos

    Angel Queen Houseboats is one of the popular houseboat services in Alleppey. This houseboat service has been in the hospitality industry from long. Providing excellent tariffs and rates, bookings are open at this houseboat service at all times during the year.

    There is no season or off-season when it comes to giving you a fulfilling houseboat experience. The booking rates also incorporate tasty Kerala culinary delights. The houseboat service employs a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to combining quality service at value-for-money rates.

    The houseboat service welcomes nature lovers to experience the celestial beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. You can enjoy, relax, and visit the different aspects of the backwaters. The diverse terrain provides scenic delights that you can see and relish.

    The expeditions on these best houseboats in Alleppey are an opportunity to see the essence of backwaters in a heritage-styled houseboat. Enjoy a holistic experience in one of the most salubrious settings on the face of the planet. There are different types of accommodation available. You can choose between Standard, Deluxe or Premium.

    Image Credits : Upendra Kanda

    The houseboat service provides multiple packages. The Alleppey Round One Night Package lets you explore the backwaters within a day. You set sail and reach Kayal by afternoon. After a sumptuous lunch prepared in the kitchen of the houseboat, you start the cruise again. In the evening you reach Kainakary.

    The houseboat drops anchor at this place. You alight and visit the local sightseeing attractions here. Some of them are the church and market area at Kainakary. After this activity, you set sail again, reach Vattakayal and drop anchor for an overnight stay in the houseboat. The next morning after a breakfast you sail back to Alleppey.

    There is another trip called the Two Nights’ Trip. You travel to places such as Champakulam. Over here you can see a giant snake boat anchored which is used for snake boat race competitions. Next you navigate to Karimpavalavalu and then eventually reach Vembanadu Kayal.

    The Kumarakom Package gets you to reach Kumarakom as the final destination. You visit places such as Meenapally Kayal and Rani Kayal in-between. In the Alleppey-Kindagara Package trip your final destination is Kindagara. You visit interim places such as Ellyandu (East) St Michael's Church in-between.

  • 03Prasanthy Houseboats

    This houseboat service delivers comprehensive house-boating services including taxi services as well. The trained staff at Prasanthy Houseboats provides you elegant service. Get sumptuous food cooked from on-boat chefs during the journey. The houseboat service allows you to capture the essence of Alleppey.

    Prasanthy Houseboats are preferred by locals, national, and international visitors alike. You can book online on their website by filling in the form and submitting it. They will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call them and take a reservation.

    One of the packages offered by this houseboat service is the Cochin-Alleppey two-nights, three-days trip. At Cochin, you have breakfast and check-in to an island resort at Alleppey. Accessible only through boat, this is an exotic backwater island resort. You enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel. 

    This is your first day activity that lets you enjoy the salubriousness of the island resort. It is the most secluded place to experience tender moments of togetherness.

    On the second day, you have breakfast and proceed to the houseboat. The houseboat traverses through the backwaters. You are taken through canals, waterways and lagoons on some of the luxury houseboats in Alleppey. It is an opportunity for you to see the local culture. On the sides of the water body are villages.

    Image Credits : Upendra Kanda

    You can see schools, churches and markets. The locals traverse these waters using their private boats. For once you feel that you have reached Venice. Indeed, Alleppey is called the Venice of the East.

    During the journey you are provided with meals and snacks. A sumptuous lunch is prepared by the staff inside the houseboat. During the evening, you can even have a candlelight dinner in the houseboat. As you enjoy the facilities of the houseboat and scenes around you, it is a perfect day for you to have a good night’s sleep.

    You sleep overnight in the houseboat. Feel the difference when sleeping on a boat that glides through the water. The houseboat is docked at a particular place during the night. On the third day you head back to Cochin after checking out from the houseboat.

    Prasanthy Houseboats provide all the necessary surface transport facilities when in Cochin such as taxi service for example, despite having some of the best houseboats in Alleppey. You can intimate the houseboat administration to get special arrangements done, like a flowerbed for instance.

    If it is a birthday celebration, the houseboat service will prepare a special cake for the occasion. Therefore, this houseboat service is a well-rounded one.

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  • 04Johnson's Eco Houseboats

    This is one of the unique houseboat services in Alleppey. Houseboat service companies such as these become a strong reason to visit the backwaters of Alleppey. For long this region was only a fringe backwater destination. But with the setting up of quality houseboat companies, the influx of tourists has risen substantially every year.

    Currently, Alleppey is a popular destination in Kerala. It is highly sought-after for honeymoon tours, backwater trips, personal vacations and corporate outings.

    Johnson’s Eco Houseboats carry forward the torch of honour that Alleppey has gained by offering luxury houseboats in Alleppey. It carries forward the legacy of this picturesque region with outstanding customer service. This houseboat service started operations when there were already established service companies in this region.

    Despite this competition, this service company has come up as one of the top houseboats in the backwaters. The service has more than a thousand houseboats in operation.

    Overnight trips around Alleppey are the ultimate means to experience togetherness of blissful solitude. The diverse and scenic backdrop of this enchanting region regales and refreshes you.

    There are daily trips between Alleppey and Kollam here. Traversing between these destinations takes about eight hours. In these eight hours you experience bliss like no other. The incomparable beauty of God’s Own Country is in full display on the fringes of the lake.

    The ‘Only in Alappuzha’ riceboat is a popular houseboat for such joyous expeditions. Of the fleet of boats belonging to Johnson’s Eco Houseboats, this one offers a unique romantic experience as part of Alleppey houseboats tour packages. The first houseboat from the company was the ‘Pride Eco-houseboat.’

    Image Credits : Upendra Kanda

    It took about twenty four months to build this houseboat. Initial guests in this houseboat still recall their experience as one of the best in their lives. One of the highlights of these houseboats is their environment-friendly design.

    Even the on-board engine on the houseboat does not make noise. There is a bio-tank that is used to store water in the bathroom. Plastic is extinct in the houseboat. Power for the lighting fixtures is procured from the boat’s engine. All such efforts have resulted in numerous awards for this houseboat service including Greenpalm and Gold certifications.

    Even care was taken to compensate for a tree cut to build the houseboat with a sapling that was planted in lieu thereof. Such is the generosity of this company towards the environment. It is definitely your privilege taking an excursion on their houseboat service.

  • 05Grandeur Houseboats

    Customer service and an orientation towards service quality have helped this houseboat service build long-lasting relationships with clients. Grandeur Houseboats have been the front running houseboat service in Alleppey from a long time and with the best houseboats in Alleppey. The cruise line of this service has all types of houseboats.

    Excellent accommodation facilities are characteristic of these dream floating homes. All houseboats have bath-attached rooms, lounge, kitchen, oarsmen, cooking personnel and tour guides. Rooms in houseboats range from one to six bedrooms.

    A leisure trip on any of these floating masterpieces is an opportunity to see the undulating scenery that pervades Alleppey. Whilst exploring the lake, you are docked frequently at various places.

    You alight at the picturesque pit-stops to explore the local villages. The local culture amazes you. The cleanliness and pristine appearance of people are a sight to behold. The culture is perfectly suited to the natural grandeur of this region.

  • 06Best of Kerala | Fly & Stay | 7 Days/6 Nights

    Best of Kerala | Fly & Stay | 7 Days/6 Nights
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Thrillophilia
    About the Activity:
    • Describing the God's Own Country, Kerala is actually a hard task but here comes an enticing tour package from Delhi that would cover the pulsating destinations Kerala is always proud of.
    • Start your journey from Munnar, the hilly region and continue through the seaside locations to the thick forests to the historical sites and capture some opulent moments in this small region of wonders alone.
    • Mark your footprints in Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam and other parts of the capital city, Trivandrum while you partake in this 7 day tour.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the entire trip which is inclusive of air transfers.
  • 07Breathtaking Kerala | 5 Nigths & 6 Days Ex. Mumbai

    Breathtaking Kerala | 5 Nigths & 6 Days Ex. Mumbai
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • Add this 6 day sightseeing tour of different magnificent locations in Kerala to your travel diary at the earliest. Choose this Mumbai- Kerala- Mumbai tour package for clubbing with the scenic images of God's Own Country.
    • Start the trip from Kochi, the IT hub of Kerala but it still possesses a plenty of unrivaled historical sights very proudly.
    • Visit Munnar, the coldest region, then Thekkady, an enlarged tiger reserve and Alleppey, the region encircled by backwater; know the beauty of this tiny state is undefinable.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the whole trip which is inclusive of flight transfers.
  • 08Mesmerizing Kerala - 5 Nigths & 6 Days Ex. Mumbai

    Mesmerizing Kerala - 5 Nigths & 6 Days Ex. Mumbai
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • Never be late to make use of this amazing opportunity to spend a quality time in the most visited part of South India, that is Kerala. Here is 6 day tour from Mumbai and covering the major tourist destinations in Kerala.
    • The journey to Kerala will absolutely do wonders and at the end you will start lingering. This is a place where hill stations and backwaters equally attracting visitors, a place where beaches and mountains make anyone's heart get stolen.
    • Begin the tour from Kochi leading to Munnar, Thekkady and Alappuzha which are still the enduring passion of thousands of travelers.
    • This package will provide you with food, accommodation and transportation during the whole trip that is inclusive of round trip flights.

  • 09Wonders of Kerala - Fly & Stay Ex. Delhi

    Wonders of Kerala - Fly & Stay Ex. Delhi
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • This is an intriguing call for all those who are planning to pack their bags for a trip to Kerala; this is from Delhi to the different parts of Kerala.
    • Begin the journey from Munnar, the favourite hill station here and then never miss the chances to spot the rare species at the Tiger Reserve in Thekkady.
    • Feel the freshness of the Venice of the East, Alleppey while you cruise along the scintillating backwaters here. Wind up the tour in Thiruvananthapuram that is packed with multitudes of ancient buildings and more cultural depictions.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the whole trip that is inclusive of flight transfer from Delhi to Kerala and return.

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