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Jaipur’s cultural heritage has been known far and wide attracting scores of tourists every year. Jaipur's rich social legacy is shown in the conventions, traditions, way of life, workmanship and engineering of this place. The city is known to be the Pink City of the nation because of the pink shades on the dividers of each architectural marvel around the city. This glorious city is home of a few blue earthenware, bandhani and square painting, block painting, carving and the folk dances and music has an exceptionally uncommon place in the way of life of Jaipur alongside the great food served here. This city witnesses various fairs and festivals at a different time of the year celebrated by the warm and lively people living here.

The way of life of Jaipur is a mix of legacy and conventions which uncovers the illustrious past alongside their fantastic way of life. The splendid design of the city offered the name Paris of India owing to the Jaipur’s cultural heritage. Voyagers can have a stunning get-away encountering the one of a kind culture, conventional cuisine alongside enthusiastic music in the entrancing visit to Jaipur.Since its beginning, the city of Jaipur has kept up its vibrant social legacy. Beginning from the time of Jaipur’s first ruler, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh till date the city has kept up its own particular social flavour adding to its cultural heritage. The way of life of this city is a great amalgamation of tradition and cosmopolitanism which you can only explore with a refreshing getaway to the glorious city of Jaipur. Jaipur welcomes  its tourist best sightseeing places that eveyone must visit.

Various cultural heritages of Jaipur that visitors should not miss:


Performing Arts of Jaipur

Performing Arts of Jaipur

The markets of the royal city are always flooded with exclusive pieces of handicraft and other fine carved pieces such as kundan jewellery, silver jewellery, meenakari jewellery, woodwork and other ivory sculptures.

The artful talent in this city comprises of bandhani, zari, stone carvings, block printing, kinari, gota, zardozi. The miniature paintings as well as the shellac work are quite famous in the town. The markets of this city are always cherished by the tourists and have always been the cynosure of their eyes.


Art and Crafts of Jaipur

Art and Crafts of Jaipur

The markets of the royal city are always flooded with exclusive pieces of handicraft and other fine carved pieces such as kundan jewellery, silver jewellery, meenakari jewellery, woodwork and other ivory sculptures.

The artful talent in this city comprises of bandhani, zari, stone carvings, block printing, kinari, gota, zardozi. The miniature paintings, as well as the shellac work, are quite famous in the town. The markets of this city are always cherished by the tourists and have always been the cynosure of their eyes.


Dance forms of the people of Jaipur

Dance forms of the people of Jaipur

The people of Jaipur flaunt colourful outfits in a flamboyant fashion apart from adorning a few unique pieces of jewellery. The people often dance to the tunes of Rajasthani folk songs which are played along with the contemporary instruments like Sarangi, Jhalar and Ektara.

The celebrated folk dance of this region is Ghoomar which is performed by dancers who lift a lit pot shaped diya on their heads. The ladies wear huge ghagras while performing the folk dance of Ghoomar. 

As a part of Jaipur cultural heritage, the folk artists performthese dances on occasions liketraditional festivals, fairs, marriages and other celebrations. The sight of watching such folk performances is truly mesmerising! 


Cuisine of Jaipur

Cuisine of Jaipur

The royalty of the city is reflected perfectly in its cuisine. A number of gratifying delicacies are offered in the city which can suit the taste of the people from various walks of life. The food offered here is purely vegetarian and thus nutritious. However, the food is a little high in terms of calories, as a lot of butter and ghee is used in the preparation of cuisine.

Dishes such as dal-batti churma, mawa kachori, chakke ki sabji, besan ke gatte, pyaaz ki kachauri, sangri sabji, missi roti and sweets such as rabri, ghevar, gajak, feeni, moong thal and chauguni ke laddu, are some of the prime delicacies on the menu of the city which can delight the taste buds.


Fairs And Festivals

Fairs And Festivals
People celebrate various festivals all through the year along with the exhilarating and fascinating fairs that showcases the vibrant heritage of Jaipur. Different regions of Rajasthan are different and vary in their forms of folk entertainment, tunes, customs, attires, etc. which shows the true Indian diversity. Also, the people of Rajasthan are well acknowledged for their heartfelt welcomes, delicacies, traditional dresses, rituals, culture, etc. Notwithstanding of caste and creed, people come together and relish the festivals and fairs held in the lively city of Jaipur. 

In the capital city of Rajasthan, the festivals such as Teej, Diwali, Gangaur, Kite Festival, Elephant Festival, Camel Festival, etc. are celebrated with great fervour and joy.Gangaur is the most significant and colourful festival which is celebrated with great zeal all over the Rajasthan celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra. During this auspicious occasion, they worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati or Gauri by making clay idols of them.

Teej is another important festival when women pray to Goddess Parvatifor their husbands whereas girls pray for their future husbands.  Various kite competitions are held in Jaipur on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, most famous is International Kite Festival. The Elephant Festival is an annual festival which is held every year in the Pink City, Jaipur during the eve of Holi. This matchless event is organised on the full moon day of Phalgun Purnima which falls in the month of February/March. 

People and Languages

People and Languages
Being a land of vibrant cultures and traditions, Jaipur is home to lively people who mirror the true heritage of this grand city. The people of Jaipur are called Rajasthani and are well known for their warm hospitality. Their vivid outfits and extraordinary adornments are the piece of their way of life showed ostentatiously. They love to dance to the tunes of Rajasthani folk tunes.

Rajasthanis form an ethno-linguistic group that is distinct in its language, history, cultural and religious practices, social structure, literature, and art. However, there are many different castes and communities, with diversified traditions of their own.  The city has a population of 3,073,350, of which 78% are Hindus, 18.6% are Muslims, 2.3% are Jains and others are 1.0%.

The rich linguistic diversity of Jaipur becomes evident with the prevalence of different dialects in different districts.However, Marwari, Hindi and English are also spoken in the city. The local language of Jaipur is Dhundhadi whereas Brajbhasha, the language of Brajhas seen it’s usage in various literary works from Jaipur. The commonly used language in Jaipur is Hindi. However, in the professional circles you can find English being spoken as well. People here are very simple, co-operative and cultured. The majority of the people are Hindu or the followers of Sanatan Dharma, followed by some Muslims, Jains, Sikhs and Christians.
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