Rock Cave (Malayil Kallan Guha), Munnar - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Rock Cave (Malayil Kallan Guha)

On the way to Thekaddy, after around 13 to 14 KM from Munnar you will spot a Board opposite to a cave entrance right on the NH and the board reads a very interesting story about the Rock cave, also known as Malayil Kallan Guha where Malayil is said to the one who leaves on the mountain or rock, Kallan is a thief  and Guha  means a cave in Malayalam; which together tells the story of the thief who lived in the cave and robbed people taking a journey on this road, in earlier days. 

It is just opposite to the Lockhart Gap which provides some breathtaking vistas of the entire town, soaked in fumes of clouds and mist. This is one of the Munnar 
tourist places which is a good spot to stop your car and take a short break.

Location: Munnar: Madurai National Highway, Mattupatty, Munnar 685613

Idukki, Kerala 685613

Entry fee: None.

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