Kundala Lake Overview

Embark on a journey to Top Station and find this beautiful mirror-like lake after around 20 KM of a drive. The breath-taking backdrops of green hill slopes, the majestic sunrises, the unparalleled beauty of cherry blossoms and a blue blanket of the famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom only once every twelve year makes this place a dreamy location and is one of the main places to see in Munnar.

This artificial lake has Asia’s first Arch dam and the water engages the tourists in different kinds of boating experience such as rowboats, Kashmiri
shikara boats, and pedal boats. A vast golf course that belongs to Tata Tea Ltd and a nearby waterfall known as Aruvikkad Waterfall is also situated in proximity to the lake which can be visited in a single trip.

Kundale Lake, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685615

Timings: All day.

Price: None.

Kundala Lake offers a plethora of natural gems to wanderlust tourists who are ready to go the extra mile for satisfying their nomadic drives. Located at an altitude of 1700 metres from sea level Kundala Lake is a must stopover en route Munnar. Rolling tea plantations on the slopes of the Nilgiris under the canopy of the blue sky above with mild aroma of fresh tea leaves will make your holiday experiences richer than ever.

One of the major attractions of Kundala Lake is the historical dam which shares its name with the lake. Riding through the tranquil waters of Kundala Lake on a Shikara boat in the midst of eternal greenery is something many honeymooners will yearn for. Kundala is paradise of flowers. With the host of Cherry Blossoms flowers that bloom only twice a year, the surrounding area takes on a postcard perfect look. The place is also the homeland of the world famous Neelakurinji flower which blooms only once in twelve years.

If you are lucky you can witness the rare natural phenomenon of the Nilgiris being swathed in a brilliant indigo hue when the flowers bloom in its slopes. The Sethu Parvathi Dam and the Golf Course are the nearby sites of attractions in this place. There are various hotels from deluxe to budget where amenities for a comfortable stay is available. Being close to Munnar, the place has smooth transportation by road and rail networks with other parts of Kerala. 


Timings: Open for 24x7, visit duration is 1-2 hours.

Entry Fee: No entry fees

Famous For: The place is a blissful escapade for tourists who want to spend undisturbed sightseeing in Munnar. Kundala Lake is a popular picnic and photography spot for the tranquil landscape it embraces. The water reservoir is one of its chief attractions. 

Location: Kundala Dam Lake, Top Station, Munnar, Kerala, India

Best Time to Visit Kundala Lake: Kundala Lake attracts tourists round the year for its pristine natural settings and soothing climate. But it is during monsoon (months between June- September) the place receives maximum tourists. The entire region is enveloped in a blanket of greenery with brilliant flowers dotted across the landscape of the hills.

How to Reach Kundala Lake 

The nearest settlement to Lake Kundala is Munnar. Being a highly acclaimed tourist destination of India, Munnar is well connected by road and rail networks with the major cities of the country. Check out for the best route to Kundala Lake and prepare your itineraries for an exciting holiday trip:

By Road: Kundala Lake is located on the Munnar Top Station Highway at about 26 Km from Munnar. Rental cars and taxis ply to and fro to Kundala Lake from Munnar. 

By Rail: The nearest railway stations are Ernakulam and Kottayam Railway Junctions that are connected to the major stations of India. From both Ernakulam and Kottayam stations, taxis and rental cars are available that will drop you to Lake Kundala. 

By Bus: Kundala Lake is at a distance of about 10 Km from Munnar Bus stop and buses ply regularly between the two places. 

Traveller Tips for Visiting Kundala Lake 

- A list of things you should take into consideration before preparing your itineraries for Kundala Lake is provided below:
- Kundala Lake is located in the midst of pristine natural surroundings that will certainly invoke the photographer in you. If you are a shutterbug don’t forget to put your camera in your luggage at the foremost of backpacking. Else you may miss out on the chance to capture some of the best moods of nature. 
- Try to visit the lake before sunrise when the region slumbers under a thin veil of mist. As the sun rises and the mist gradually disappears, the reflection of the sun's rays dance on the lake water creating a spectacle to behold. 
- Take light woollen garments for your trip to Kundala Lake. Being located in hilly areas, the climate is cool and often chilling. Ponchos, shawls or woollen scarves will keep you warm. 
- Start your journey early for Eravikulam National Park to avoid long queues at the ticket counter.

Things to Do at Kundala Lake 

Kundala Lake never fails to allure tourists to try different activities and enjoy a fun-filled vacation in one of the most coveted tourist destinations of South India. A list of activities is provided below:

1. Boat riding- Boating is one of the most fascinating experiences in Munnar trip. Rent a pedal boat or rowboat and go for a cruise in the lake on the backdrop of breath-taking natural surroundings. 

2. On the ride- Horse and elephants are hired for riding across the open verdant stretches near Kundala Lake. You can enjoy the scenic charm of the surroundings mounting on horse or elephant back.

3. Shikara cruise- If you are on your honeymoon trip, you can enjoy a romantic Shikara cruise in the waters of the lake. It is also a perfect setting for photo shooting at the backdrop of the vast expanse of eucalyptus trees. 

4. Visit to Sethu Parvathi Dam- Make a visit to the nearest Sethu Parvathi Dam and be astonished to know its interesting history. Don’t forget to go for a boat ride in its waters which is always worth experiencing. 

5. The echo phenomenon- Visit the Echo Point located at the vicinity of the lake and experience the amazing echo phenomenon at this site. Shout out to the open space and hear your voice coming back to your ears.

6. Activities at Blossom International Park-  Located at 3 Km from Munnar, Blossom International Park is a great outdoor zone which offers a wide range of activities for your family. If kids are accompanying you on your trip, they can have a real fun time in the sprawling parkland of 16 acres. It is equipped with multiple swings and ropeways specially designed for kids. You can go boating, skating, cycling, hiking or just sit back and sink into the serenity of the place.

7. Golfing at Kundala- Try your hand at golfing at the High Range Golf course near the Kundala Dam. It is affiliated to 41 national and 2 international golf clubs.  The green stretch of undulating meadows offers a pleasurable visual treat to nature lovers. 

Nearby attractions 

Munnar has always been in the foremost of the holiday bucket list of Indian travellers who want to be one with nature and appreciate its unbound charm quietly. Nestled amidst the Nilgiri range, the Kundala Lake allures tourists to fulfil their desire of nature study and explore the other sites of attraction.

A list of attractions near Kundala Lake you must include in your itineraries is provided below:

1. Mattupetty Dam and Mattupetty Indo-Swiss Farm- It is a must visit place for tourists and a popular picnic spot in Munnar. A boat ride in the adjacent lake in the bosom of picture perfect natural settings is an experience worth cherishing. The Indo Swiss Farm is an achievement of the locals of Munnar in the field of trade and commerce. In this highly specialised farm, more than 100 species of productive cattle are reared. Visitors’ entry is restricted only to three among the eleven cattle sheds. The rest are not open to public entry. 

Timings: 9:30am- 5:30pm (for Mattupetty Dam Boat Ride), 9am- 11am and 2pm- 3:30pm (for Indo Swiss Farm). 
Entry fees: Rs. 300 (15 mins/ 5 people) for boating, Big Boat price Rs. 700 (30 mins/ 20 people) and Mattupetty Indo Swiss Farm entry fee is Rs. 5. 

2. Devikulam- Enjoy a panoramic landscape view of Devikulam- a must visit place in Munnar. The picturesque hill station is located about 16 Km from Munnar and is a favourite trekking spot for tourists. 

Entry Fees:No entry fees. 

3. Rajmala- It is the ultimate destination for naturalists and wildlife lovers. Located at an altitude of 8983 ft., Rajmala is a quaint hill station nestled in the Nilgiris. The place is home to the rare species of Nilgiri goat, locally known as Nilgiri Tahr. It is an endangered species and once upon a time, more than half of its population could be found only in Eravikulam Rajmala region. The nearby hills and valleys are also worth your visit. Rajmala is located about 25 Km from Munnar. 

4. Chithirapuram- The place boasts of housing the first hydroelectric project in Kerala which is known as the Pallivasal Hydel Power Project. It is the old world charm which attracts tourists to visit the place besides its natural gems scattered all over. Small cottages, antiquated bungalows, courts and playgrounds all reflect glimpses of the bygone colonial era. Rolling tea estates on the slopes of the Nilgiris seem to envelop the entire region in a green blanket. Chithirapuram is located about 10 Km from Munnar. 

Entry fees: No entry fees. 

5. Floriculture Centre- Although not a very popular tourist attraction near Kundala Lake, the place has to be in the bucket list of a true anthophile with a discerning eye. It is a perfect place to spend quality time in close connection with nature while quenching your thirst for knowledge about different rare varieties of flowers and herbs. Located about 2 Km from Munnar, the Floriculture Centre is a teeming garden run by the Forest Development Corporation of Kerala. The rolling tea estates at the backdrop add to the scenic beauty of the place. 

Timings: Between 10am- 5pm. 
Entry fee: Rs. 10 per person, still camera Rs. 20 per day, video photography Rs. 50 per day. 

Facts & Trivia about Kundala Lake 

Get to know the interesting facts about Kundala Lake before backpacking:
- The Sethu Parvathi Dam (1946) near Kundala Lake is India’s first arch Dam. 
- One of the best tourist attractions near Kundala Lake is the Aruvikkara Waterfall.
- You can get to see the exquisite Cherry Blossom flowers in this region that bloom twice a year.
- The hills surrounding Kundala Lake is home to the famous Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once in twelve years covering the hill slopes with brilliant blue hue. 

Other Important Information 

1. Places to Stay near Kundala Lake

Kundala Lake being one of the best attractions of Munnar offers deluxe resorts and hotels for tourist accommodation. Although not at a stone’s throw distance from the lake, yet some of the most exotic places of stay are located within 15 Km of radius from your destination. The soul soothing atmosphere of Munnar coupled with its abounding greenery will give you the best staying experience ever in any of these places given below:

1. Camp Noel- It is a highly recommended deluxe resort located just 5.6 Km from Kundala Lake. Nature lovers who want to spend some quality time far from the maddening crowd of city life will certainly find a piece of heaven in the relaxing ambiance of the resort. Amenities include family rooms with kitchenette, 24-hour front desk, laundry, restaurant, complimentary breakfast, room service etc. 

2. Vrindhavan Mist City- It is one of the best hotels of Munnar located at a moderate distance of about 9 Km from the Kundala Lake. Vrindhavan Mist City covers a whopping area of 33 acres atop a mountain at an elevation of 5600 ft. above the sea level. The sprawling property has plantations of multiple fruits and vegetables and various species of flowering trees that will give you a visual treat and a feeling of staying close to nature. The other amenities of the property include mountain viewing suites, kitchenette with every room, free parking, complimentary breakfast, airport transport etc. 

3. Mountain Club Resort- Located at a distance of 11.4 Km from Kundala Lake in an idyllic hamlet Chinnakanal, the Mountain Club Resort offers everything to make your holidays exclusive. The exterior stone walls matched with typical Kerala roof tiles exude a rustic look to the resort. The family rooms of each cottage are cosy and spacious equipped with all the amenities of a plush accommodation. Mountain Club promises you of a truly amazing holidaymaking experience in the midst of rolling tea estates, blue Nilgiris, mystic forest trails under the canopy of the spotless sky. Its wide range of amenities include free parking, free high speed Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, shuttle bus service, outdoor pool, room service, laundry etc. 

4. Sterling Munnar- Located 18 km from the bustling Munnar town, this property offers a truly comforting retreat to solitude seekers. Nestled in the undulating Nilgiris in a quaint village of Chinnakanal and surrounded by sprawling tea gardens on all sides, Sterling Munnar promises you of a luxurious and peaceful stay. From the private balcony of your suite you can quietly enjoy the view of the Anayirangal Dam at the vicinity. Amenities include free parking, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, concierge, laundry, meeting rooms, children's activities etc. 

5. The Siena Village Munnar- Located at 11.6 Km from Kundala Lake, Siena Village is a vacationer's best retreat where you can enjoy your vacation in a true ‘Siena' style. Providing sophisticated accommodation in the bosom of untamed nature is the motto of this luxurious resort. Amenities include free parking and breakfast, free internet, concierge, laundry, spa, banquet facilities, suites etc. 

Places to Eat near Kundala Lake

Dining is an indispensable part of holidaymaking and if you are travelling to Kundala Lake you just cannot wait from tasting the mouth-watering platters served in the restaurants at the vicinity of the lake. Although most of the restaurants provide typical South Indian meals, there are some really great food joints where you can enjoy various cuisines according to your taste. The best restaurants near Kundala Lake are as follows:

1. Sree Mahaveer Bhojonalaya- Specialises in Indian and Asian cuisines, vegan friendly, all meals available, table service, takeaway options available
Address: Colony Road Government Guest House Road, Munnar- 685612

2.KTDC Tea County- Operates a multi-cuisine restaurant County Cuisine and a beer parlour called High Life. All meals are available, vegan friendly dishes, valet parking, table service and reservations provided.
Address: Colony Road, Munnar- 685612
Opens from 7.30am till 10.30pm

3. Al Buhari- Indian, Asian, Arabic dishes are available for all kinds of meals. Vegetarian friendly, Halaal, table service, take away parcel are available. Address: Ikka Nagar, Colony Road (near Maruti service centre), Munnar- 685612

4. Bethel Varkis B & B- located about 11.4 km from Kundala Lake. Dining with accommodation facilities, Indian, vegan friendly meals (breakfast and lunch) available. Address: Chinnakanal, Munnar-685612

5. Sandal Breeze Hotel- Vegetarian friendly restaurant, Indian, Chinese, Seafood and fast food available. Address: 438/7, Munnar Coimbatore Road (near Marayur Panchayat Building), Marayur, Munnar- 685620
Open from 7am- 10pm.


The nearest town to Kundala Lake is Munnar which is well connected to the lake by road. Buses, taxis and rental cars commute to and fro to Kundala Lake from Munnar. The nearest railway station is Ernakulam or Kottayam from where rental cars are available up to Kundala Lake.

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