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Marayoor Dolmens, Munnar

  • This interesting place has 15 different types of Dolmens belonging to Neolithic age and some of which belongs to the Iron age. These prehistoric dolmens are situated around 55 km from Munnar and are worth taking a long trip to reach and witness the remnants of Dolmenoid cists which date back to the Megalithic age.

    One has to trek through Muniyara to see these magnificent burial chamber designed with four stones placed by the edges together and then covered by granite slabs which belong to different ages. Muniyara is also famous for prehistoric paintings, thick sandalwood forest, and these prehistoric structures. Marayoor Dolmens is a peek into our past heritage. This archaeological site is blessed with nature and rich history.

    Location: Near old Siva Temple | Kovilkadavu, Marayur.

     All day.

    Entry fee: