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Houseboats in Munnar

One of the many reasons tourists from all over the world visit Kerala is to spend a day or two in Munnar houseboats. The idea of spending a night or two on the calming backwaters of Munnar is quite healing. There is no one to disturb your peace and you can ameliorate with the natural surroundings at your own pace. The fascinating thing about Munnar houseboats is that even though they are equipped with modern tools and amenities, they haven’t failed to carry their traditional touch, which is evident in their decor, food, and hospitality.

There are numerous options of houseboats to choose from.  If you are looking for a serene yet traditional experience, then, you should book Kettuvalam houseboats - for they are the oldest houseboats in Munnar. The upper deck houseboats are aided with picturesque views, tranquil hillside views, and relaxing sound of birds. Additionally, delectable South Indian food is being served to you as you laze in your opulent room with your friends or family.

Punting houseboats are inclined toward a bit of an adventure because of the way they cut through the calm waters of Munnar. It’s a rush for sure! The truth is, this experience cannot be described in words. The yellow rays of the sun reflecting on the shimmering backwater on which your houseboat cruises is a sight to behold. This is reason enough for you to pay a visit to houseboats in Munnar and check it out of your bucket list!

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Munnar Houseboat FAQs

Which are the different types of houseboats available in Munnar?

Different types of Munnar houseboats are listed below-

1. Kettuvalam Houseboats: This is one of the most popular and widely used houseboats in India. The traditional Kettuvalam houseboat comprises of a thatched roof cover and an overall wooden body. They are also known as ‘boats with knots’. Kettuvalam is a significant part of houseboats in Munnar. If you truly want to have an authentic houseboat experience, then you must book a night or two in one of the standard houseboats.

2. Punting Houseboat: These boats provide a tranquil experience of the backwaters of Kerala. The boat first rises upwards before it starts cutting through the surreal water and makes you fall in love with the process in-between. The boats are made of jack wood with touches of coconut husk and palm leaves to accentuate your stay in its rooms. Even though these houseboats are traditional in every sense, they carry modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

3. Upper Deck Houseboats:  Imagine the tranquility of evergreen rice paddies and coconut grove surrounding your houseboat cruising on the crystal clear backwater of Munnar. The houseboats in Munnar is a sight to behold, with or without any embellishments. It is fully air-conditioned and well-furnished for its guests and also has modern amenities such as TV, tea-maker, Wi-Fi, and intercom.

What kind of room facilities are there in Munnar houseboat?

Room facilities are provided according to the chosen package. Luxury is the costliest package so it has the maximum facilities that a Houseboat can Offer, whereas standard is the lowest package providing the basic facilities. You can choose the package and available facility according to your budget.

Is Houseboat available on a multi sharing basis?

Yes, the houseboat is available on the Multi sharing basis. There are many houseboats with 2 and more bedrooms who have a multi sharing basis. With 2 bedrooms, there can be 2 couples to share and same in the case of 3, 4, 5 rooms houseboat. All rooms have the attached bathroom, all they need to share is the Dining area, Lobby, Sun Deck, sightseeing etc. Multi sharing Houseboat is much cheaper than Private Houseboat. If your budget allows, you can hop on for private as well.

What are the kinds of dishes(Foods) available in a Munnar houseboat?

Kerala is known for its spices and food varieties. Then how come you not be excited about the food availability in Munnar Boat House.Munnar houseboat provides varieties of food dishes from Breakfast until dinner.Varieties of dishes will be changes according to your chosen Houseboat package.

Morning Breakfast would be cheering with a Welcome drink and South Indian dishes like Puttu & kadala, beef roast, Chicken roast, Dosa-chutney-Sambar, Egg Roast.

In Lunch Fish Curry, Kerala Style veg curry meal, Veg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Polao, Fried Rice.

In Evening, Tea, Coffee, Banana toast is usually Provided.

In dinner, Steam Rice, chicken curry, Fish Curry, Vegetables, Soup are available.

All these mentioned food may be varied according to houseboat and Chosen package.

Is Houseboat cruise available in monsoon season?

Yes, Houseboat Cruise is available in the monsoon season. As the numbers of tourist are less in the monsoon season, the availability of houseboat is pretty well. Most couples find it’s romantic to enjoy showers in the houseboat cruise but if heavy rain along with strong wind starts, cruising stops and you need to stay inside the Houseboat. Seating with your loved one and gazing the rain from a houseboat will definitely have positive growth in your relationship.

Charges of Houseboat are also less in monsoon season as people generally don’t visit to Munnar during monsoon. You can save an optimum amount of money while visiting Munnar boat house in Monsoon.

Is Vegetarian food serviceable in Munnar houseboat?

Yes, Vegetarian food is serviceable in Munnar houseboat. Travelling is a right for everyone, and Kerala tourism knows this very well. They serve both Veg and Non-Veg foods to the tourist. There is a range of veg foods available, but most of them will have Kerala taste. Some of the houseboats provide customize cooked foods which you can pre-order with your favorite dish in advance. Some of the common veg foods in a houseboat are Dal fry, Fried bean, Banana fry, Manchurian, Dosa-chutney-Sambar, Idli, Idiyappam(Rice Noodles), Ladies Finger Fry, Green Salad, Curd, Pickle, Papad, Veg Biryani.

Is Munnar boat house stay safe and comfortable?

Yes, the Munnar houseboat is very safe as well as comfortable.A Houseboat cruises with a team of Well trained crew. The team includes one Captain, one Guide, two Oarsmen, and a Cook. They take care of everything inside the houseboat, no matter what. A captain is responsible for cruising the houseboat, the guide will help you to know the place and cook serves the best delicious food in Munnar.They’ll always make sure every passenger is comfortably enjoying the cruise in the houseboat.

Every houseboat has comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, a large dining area and a comfortable seating area for sightseeing. The Munnar boat house is a complete package of Munnar for you and your loved one. So why wait? Book it now and fall in love with Kerala’s beauty with own eyes

How far is Kumarakom from Munnar?

Kumarakom is located at a distance of 147 km from Munnar via NH-85. It takes about 4 hours and 15 minutes to reach Kumarakom from Munnar.  The aerial distance between the two is about 85 km. However, the best and most convenient way to reach Kumarakom from Munnar is via road. You can self-drive or hire a cab to cover the distance between the two.

How far is Alleppey from Munnar?

Alleppey is situated at a distance of about 172 km from Munnar. It is recommended to cover the distance between Munnar and Alleppey via road. The route is absolutely mesmerizing with brimming mountainside and tea plantations.

There is no dearth of buses that run from Munnar to Alleppey throughout the day. You can catch a bus to Alleppey from the KSRTC bus station in Munnar.  One can also self-drive from Munnar to Alleppey to have an exclusive experience. Stop by the tea plantations to soak in the beauty of the route.

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