Meesapulimala Overview

Around 15 KM from Munnar lies Rhodovalley which is famous for the blooming Rhodendron trees and there sits the peak of Meesapulimala at an elevation of 8000 ft above sea level. This is the first highest peak in the Munnar region that can be trekked as Anamudi has restrictions. The peak shares the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu and is a moderate trek of one day that goes through passing eight hills to reach the top.

Perched at a height of 2640 meters above the sea level, Meesapulimala is the second highest peak when it comes to the mountain ranges in the Western Ghat. This mountain range is a trekker’s paradise in the Southern parts of India, and is located just a small distance away from the beautiful Munnar town of Idukki district in Kerala. The name of the peak is derived from the fact that it is made of a total of eight peaks. All of these mountains are spread out and have a moustache like formation. The mountain range is sandwiched between Anaimalai Hills and the Palani Hills, which are located near Suryanelli. 

The beauty of the mountain range can only be fully appreciated if you trek to the top of the mountain. To that end, first, you have to take a jeep to the base camp and then hike to the top of the mountain. However, this route should only be undertaken by veteran hiking enthusiasts, as it can be quite grueling. Most of the travelers prefer to undertake an easier trek from Rhodovalley to Meesapulimala, which is 8 km long. You can also hike to the mountains from Silent Valley, which is located 6 km away from Rhodo Valley.

Regardless of what trail you take, the mesmerizing views of the grasslands, emerald green rainforests and the rich wildlife of the region is sure to take your breath away. The trek covers 8 hills on the border of Kerala, and offers you some of the most stunning views of the region.

Moreover, Meesapulimala has also been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, so it is definitely worth checking out. This small town is located just 20 km from Munnar, and also oversees the beautiful Kolukkumalai tea estate. You can also visit other tourist attractions like Tea Station and Tripadamala when you are here, as both of these places are quite close to Meesapulimala.

How To Reach

To reach Meesapulimala, first you have to reach the base camp of the mountain peaks. The total distance from the city center to this base camp is nearly 42 km. You can cover this distance via the Suryanelli-Kolukkumalai tea estate road. But if that sounds boring, there is another, more picturesque option too. The very first thing you have to do is travel to Mattupetty via the magnificent Aruvikkad estate. This journey is 24 km long and will take you about an hour. 

After that, you will go to the base camp of the mountains. From the base camp, you will take a jeep to Rhodo valley, which is 4 km away. This valley is the last point in the region that is accessible by a four-wheeler. You will also see the Pandava caves on your way to Rhodo valley. After reaching Rhodo Valley, the next part of the journey has to be covered on foot. You will travel to the top of the peak by hiking amidst the beautiful rhododendron trees. It should be noted that this is a difficult trek and you need to be well prepared to undertake it.

Best Time To Visit

It is best to plan your trek to Meesapulimala in the months of winter, that is, between October and February. This is because once the monsoons are over, the entire region is reenergized after rain. The grasslands seem greener, the jungles look prettier, and the flowers look more vibrant. During these months, your entire journey will be filled with sounds from singing birds, rushing waters and a cool breeze. Moreover, the weather is pleasant enough and comfortable, so that you can soak in the beauty of the trail in peace. 

On the other hand, the summer months, that is, between March and June, it is too hot and uncomfortable to undertake the hike. The scorching sun makes it difficult to even step outside, and the hot sun on your back will soon discourage you from hiking. Moreover, there is also a good chance that you might get dehydrated. During the monsoon months, that is, between July and August, the rains are too incessant to go sightseeing. The roads get blocked and there may even be landslides. So, it is not recommended to attempt hiking during this season.

Other Essential Information

Location: Meesapulimala, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala

Average Temperature: the average temperature in this region of the country is a pleasant 19.4 degrees centigrade, and the average precipitation received by the hills is 2640 mm.

Trek Duration: the entire trek is only 8 kms long, so it will not take you more than one day to cover this entire region on foot. Once you reach the top, there is a 4 km jeep ride to the Silent Valley too.

Distance from Munnar city centre: the peak is located at a distance of nearly 42 km from the city center and it will take you just 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach here via road.

Traveler's Tips for Visiting Meesapulimala:

Here are some helpful tips to make your journey to the peak more pleasant and comfortable:

1. It is recommended to get a tour guide to ensure that your journey is hassle free.

2. If you do not speak Malayalam, it is better to request a multilingual tour guide.

3. Do not throw away garbage or plastics in the region. Littering should be prohibited.

4. The trek is quite difficult, so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

5. The trek is not recommended for pregnant women.

6. Do not drink alcohol before going on the trek.

7. Make sure you carry some food and water with you.

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Meesapulimala FAQs

What is the height of Meesapulimala in Munnar?

The mountain is located at a towering height of 2640 meters above the sea level and is considered to be one of the highest mountain peaks in the Western Ghats.

Can we do camp and trekking in Meesapulimala?

Yes, camping and trekking are allowed in this region. Your journey will start at the base camp and then you can hike to the top of the peak. Once you reach the peak, you will spend the night in a camp and return to the base camp the next day.

It should be noted that the hike is not easy in this region, so it is recommended to partner with a travel agency to plan your hike and camping.

Is Meesapulimala worth visiting?

The road to Meesapulimala is flanked by tea estates and beautiful grasslands that will take your breath away. As you pass through the lush green jungles and pine plantations, the serenity and tranquility of the valley will astound you. The entire trek to the peak offers some of the most magnificent views of the region all around – lush grasslands dotted with shola forests and verdant greenery.

Once you reach the top of the peak, you will be greeted by spectacular views of the valleys with cotton white clouds you can almost touch. The mountain peak offers magnificent landscape views of Tamil Nadu, the Kolukkumalai plantation, and the Anayirangal dam. You will get a chance to enjoy the spectacular views, the cool breeze, and the divine silence of the hills here. So yes, the mountain range is certainly worth visiting.

How is the climate of Meesapulimala?

The climate in this region is mostly cool. The average temperature in these areas is 19 degrees centigrade, so you won’t feel the oppressive heat that some other areas of Tamil Nadu suffer from.

On the other hand, the hills do receive a lot of rain during the monsoon months, so there may be high humidity during that season. Overall, however, the climate at Meesapulimala is extremely pleasant and lovely.

Do I need training to trek to Meesapulimala?

The trek is a medium difficult hike. So, if you have undertaken trekking before, it won’t be too hard for you. But if this is your first time trekking, it is recommended to get some training before at easier trekking routes.

Alternatively, you can hire a tour guide who will help you throughout the hike and will also offer you some valuable advice to make the journey easier for you.

How much time does it take to trek to Meesapulimala?

Depending on where you start from, the trek can take one to two days to complete. If you are travelling from Munnar, it will take you a few hours to reach the base camp where the trek starts. Here, you can rest for the night or continue hiking to the top.

Once you reach the peak from here, most people prefer to spend the night at the mountain stop to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the stunning views of the valley. You can return to base camp the next day. So the actual trekking may be less than a day, but the entire journey will take at least 2 days.

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