Lakkam Waterfalls Overview

Lush amid the emerald green hillside Lakkam Waterfalls is one of the dreamiest places to visit in Munnar. The rambling waterfalls plunge down from the precipice of Eravikulam Plateau and meander its way to the splendorous Marayoor from Munnar.

The area surrounding the falls brims with deep forest trails, bewitching mountains, occasional visits by wild animals, and songs of both indigenous and exotic birds. If you are a lover for adventurous treks, then Lakkam Waterfalls is the best destination for you. The best time to visit the falls is after monsoon, from October to January, when the nature and all its fragments are in full bloom.

Location: Munnar - Udumalpet Road, Near Eravikulam National Park, Marayoor in Kerala-685620.

Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM (all days)

Price: The entry fee is INR 20 per person

This cascading waterfall located in Kerala meanders towards Marayoor from Munnar and is set among rolling hills and thick, lush vegetation. Tourists flock here to experience its mesmerizing magnificence and splendour. The tranquil surroundings coupled with thick flora make Lakkam Falls one of the coveted holiday destinations for couples looking for an unforgettable vacation in Munnar, Kerala. 

If you are an adventure-seeker, Lakkam is popular for trekking because you have opportunities to explore the mysteries of the deep forests and undulating hills, surrounding this waterfall. The fall plummets down the stony cliffs of the bewitching Eravikulam Plateau, which is 7300 feet above sea level. If you have a penchant for photography, Lakkam Waterfalls offer loads of opportunities to take some splendid snaps of the scenery around. 

You can also explore Vagavurai Valley, which is another picturesque spot bordering Lakkam. Take in the beauty of the Vaga trees, after which the valley is named. Visit Lakkam in winter after the monsoons to seep in the beauty of the trees in full bloom. If you explore this place during the rains, you can see the streams creating multiple cascades, making this place a visual spectacle for travel aficionados like you. 


Location: The fall is located in Munnar - Udumalpet Road, Near Eravikulam National Park, Marayoor in Kerala 685620. It’s seated in Lakkam, close to Vagavurai Estate towards Marayoor to Munnar. 

Timings: You can visit Lakkam Waterfalls from 8 am to 5 pm, throughout the week. 

Entry fee: The entry fee is 20 INR per person. 

Height: Plummeting from a height of more than 50 feet, Lakkam Waterfalls is set amongst deep, verdant forests to feast your eyes. The water collects into a small puddle right at the bottom of the falls and offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy its cold mineral-rich waters. 

Best time to visit: Lakkam Waterfalls stay dry most of the year and therefore, you must visit from October to January, during monsoon or post-monsoon. The spectacle of the gushing waters crashing against the rocky terrain is a feast to your sore eyes. The tuneful melody of Lakkam Falls is best-experienced after the rains. Visit Lakkam Waterfalls when it is full of vitality and life. The place engulfed with Vaga trees with blossoms is a sight to behold that you can only witness post rainy season. 

How Do You Reach Lakkam Waterfalls

By Road:
You can easily reach Lakkam Falls by road from Munnar. You will need to hire a cab and reach the fall, covering a distance of 1.5 km from Marayoor. 

By Rail:
You can reach Lakkam Falls by rail. The closest railway stations to Munnar are Aluva (110 km), Madurai (135 km), and Ernakulam Junction (130 km). 

By Bus:
You can reach Lakkam Waterfalls by bus from the town of Munnar. The distance from Munnar bus stand to the fall is 26.4 km. It would take you 1 hour to reach the place. 

Tips for Visiting Lakkam Waterfalls 

- There are a couple of things to know before you visit the fall. Here are some of the tips to keep handy: 
- Make sure to seek authorization from the Wildlife Division of Munnar before heading for this destination. Show your ID proof and pay the required entry fee to enter the premises. 
- Tread carefully on the rocks because they are slippery.
- If you would like to trek, seek a permit from the forest officials. Avoid trekking if you are visiting during the monsoon. 
- Carry an umbrella and raincoat.
- Carry additional clothes if you would like to take a dip in the cool waters of the fall. Use the restroom to change clothes.
- Wear appropriate trekking shoes if you trek. 
- Winter is the best time to go for a trekking adventure. 

Things to do at or near Lakkam Waterfalls

1. Picnic: Lakkam Waterfalls form plunge pool areas that are ideal for family picnics for locals and tourists alike. Take in the surrounding scenic beauty of this spot with your loved ones while eating sandwiches and coffee. You can also play some outdoor games with your family and friends. 

2. Relax in nature’s lap: Tourists who love unwinding in nature's lap, Lakkam Waterfalls is their best bet. Enjoy the jaw-dropping sight of the blooming Vaga trees. Relax, sit back, and take in the beauty of the waterfalls. 

3. Trekking: You can go for a trekking adventure to discover the beauty and aura of the forest surrounding the falls. Unleash your adventurous spirit while exploring the deep jungles. 

4. Swimming: Take a cool dip in the crystal clear waters of the natural pool just below Lakkam Falls. Splash water at each other and have fun. You can also choose to sit on the edge, just dipping your foot into the cold pool water. 

5. Nature walks: Taking a leisurely stroll with your loved one is a wonderful experience at Lakkam Falls. Take a nature walk through the pristine forest, an experience to treasure forever. 

6. Hut visit: Yes, you can explore a nearby hut near Lakkam Falls to savor your taste buds with special Kerala delicacies. Help yourself to some lip-smacking lunch with sambar, rice, and fish curry. 

7. Rock climbing: Lakkam Waterfalls feature a rocky terrain, which makes it a coveted spot for adventure-seekers. Try rock climbing, which is an extremely breathtaking activity under the guidance of a professional. 

8. Rappelling: You can also indulge in rappelling for some adrenaline rush near Lakkam Falls. The National Adventure Foundation organizes both rappelling and rock climbing in Munnar. The activity will take you about two hours to complete. 

9. Mountain biking: A couple of areas in Marayoor and Munnar have opportunities for cycling or mountain biking. The activity is an ultimate adventure and thrill when you ride down the hairpin bends and undulating roads. Conquer the lush meadows and hills on a bike. 

10. Boating: Enjoy a shikara ride at Kundala Lake while appreciating the beauty and tranquility around the water body. If you are fortunate, you can spot Neelakurinji flowers, the beautiful blooms that appear once in 12 years. Enjoy pedal boating, shikara rides, or row boating. This activity is a must-do in Munnar. The entry fee is 10 INR per head and boating charges are 350 INR for about 15-20 minutes. You can negotiate the boating fee. 

Other Places to Visit near Lakkam Waterfalls

There are many other places to explore near Lakkam Waterfalls. Here are the most popular ones:

1. Kolukkumalai: Experience the intoxicating aroma of tea at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, which is considered one of the highest plantations around the world. Seated at a height of 7900 ft, this tea garden is sure to leave you mesmerized. Take the zigzag path down Kolukkumalai Hills, which will lead you to this tea estate. The scenic beauty around and the lush gardens will be a jaw-dropping experience. The tea estate remains open on all days except Sundays. The entry fee for this is 75 INR per head. 

2. Eravikulam National Park: If you are a brave heart, explore this national park in Munnar with thick, dense forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and biosphere reserves. Spot some of the endangered animals and birds here. Spot the Nilgiri Tahr and other animals like deer, elephants, squirrel, and leopards. Explore the bird sanctuary to see many migratory birds like peninsular bay owl, crimson-colored barbet, rose-billed roller, fairy bluebird, and more. The timings are from 7 am to 6 pm. The entry fee is 90 INR per person. The wildlife and bird sanctuary fee is 10 INR for locals and 100 INR for foreign tourists. 

3. Echo Point: Munnar is an adventure-seeker’s paradise, especially for trekkers. Echo Point, situated 15 km from Munnar is a spectacular spot with Top Station, the highest point offering sweeping views of the city encircled by verdant valleys and hills. 

4. Mattupetty Dam:  It is one of the popular scenic spots for you to explore near Lakkam Waterfalls. Situated in Munnar, close to Anamudi Peak, Mattupetty Dam will leave you bewitched with verdant tea estates, undulating hills, and spice gardens. The place has a perfect picnic spot and is ideal for trekkers. Enjoy boating in Mattupetty Lake. Choose from motorboats and speedboats. The entry fee is 10 INR for the dam. The boating fee is 500 INR for a 15-minute boat ride shared by 1-5 tourists. 

5. Carmelagiri Elephant Park: How about some adventure in an elephant safari near Lakkam Waterfalls with your partner? Enjoy a fun ride at Carmelagiri Elephant Park in Munnar. You can take an elephant ride with your family and kids too, singing Haathi Mere Sathi! You can offer a fruit hamper to these giant animals too. The timings are from 9 am to 5 pm. The fee is 1,150 INR per head for a 15-minute elephant ride. 

Other Important Information

1. Places to stay

You will find around 64 hotels near Lakkam Waterfalls. Boarding costs start from 773 INR per night for travellers exploring Munnar and nearby areas. 

Chandana Residency: Stay in deluxe rooms here with modern amenities that will cost you around 872 INR per night. It is located in a strategic place, close to Lakkam Waterfalls, with a restaurant, Wi-Fi, and parking facility. 
Location: Chandana Residency, Munnar - Udumalpet Road SH17 near Chandana Cinemas, Marayoor, Kerala, 68562. The hotel is just 1.7 km from Lakkam Waterfalls. 

Oyo 10428 Hotel Sandal Breeze: It is a budget hotel for travellers planning to visit Lakkam Waterfalls and nearby places. The place is 1 km from the falls with deluxe rooms costing you 1,517 INR per night. The facilities include free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, parking, and 24/7 reception.
Location: 438/7, Udumalai-Munnar Road, Idukki. 

Kadampil FarmHouse: It is another budget hotel and 1.2 km from Lakkam Waterfalls. Get deluxe rooms at 999 INR per night. The amenities include free Wi-Fi, a bar with lounge, parking, and a 24/7 reception desk. You can take your pets too during your stay here. 
Location: Kovilkadavu, Kerala 685620

2. Places to eat

There are many restaurants to eat out near and around Lakkam Waterfalls. 

Rapsy Restaurant: Located in Munnar, it serves Indian, Asian, and vegetarian food. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cost is affordable and the dishes are mouthwatering. Besides vegetarian meals, the special inclusions are mutton roast, chicken biryani, French fries, and lemon juice. Rapsy operates from 7 am to 10 pm. 

Gurubhavan: Savor your taste buds at Gurubhavan in Munnar. The restaurant serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, Indian and Asian food. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. 
If you are looking for authentic Kerala cuisines, Gurubhavan is the place to be. The chicken, vegetable biryani, and grilled fish delicacies are mouthwatering. The food here will cost you around 800 INR. 

KTDC Tea County Restaurant: Located on Colony Road, Munnar, the restaurant serves Indian, Asian, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. Order chicken Malabar curry, chilli chicken, and pineapple salad. Do not forget to ask for their special tea. 
The opening hours are from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm.

3. Transportation

Lakkam Waterfalls is approx 25 km from Munnar and accessible through cabs, buses, two-wheelers when you are heading towards Udumalaipettai. The distance from Munnar bus stand to the fall is 26.4 km. It would take you about one hour to reach the place.
The closest railway stations to Munnar are Aluva (110 km), Madurai (135 km), and Ernakulam Junction (130 km). 

4. Medical facilities

The hospitals in Munnar are High Range Hospital Munnar by Tata, Arun Hospital, Primary Health Centre, District Hospital, and Taluk HeadQuarters Hospital Adimali to name a few. 

5. Network connectivity

- The network may be a little weak at Lakkam Waterfalls. However, hotels near Lakkam have good Wi-Fi facility. 
- So pack your bags to enjoy a magical tryst with nature at Lakkam Waterfalls!
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