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Jeep Ride and Forest Camping Munnar

Jeep Ride and Forest Camping Munnar

4.0 28 Reviews
3050 1850
Forest Camping in Munnar, Flat 35% off

Forest Camping in Munnar, Flat 35% off

5.0 84 Reviews
3900 3000
Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar

Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar

4.0 24 Reviews
Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

4.0 40 Reviews
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Tiger Trail Trekking and Camping, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiger Trail Trekking and Camping, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

3.0 28 Reviews
Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

5.0 80 Reviews
Jungle Camp in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Jungle Camp in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

5.0 23 Reviews
Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

3.0 25 Reviews
Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar

Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar

5.0 36 Reviews
Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

4.0 40 Reviews
Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket

Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket

4.0 34 Reviews
Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar

Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar

4.0 25 Reviews
Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

5.0 80 Reviews
Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

4.0 26 Reviews
Jeep Safari from Munnar to Vattavada

Jeep Safari from Munnar to Vattavada

3.0 41 Reviews
Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

3.0 25 Reviews
  • Tree houses in Munnar include Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House, Vanya Tree House, Nature Zone Resort, Double Tree Villa, 7 Springs Plantation Resort, Ela Ecoland Nature Resort, Jungle Jive Tree House and many more.

    The alluring hill station of Munnar, situated in the state of Kerala is famous for its tea states, abundant greenery, rocky peaks, and the famous tree houses. Home to many tea estates, the town it an important commercial center, in addition to wonderful houses for guests to settle in.

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    These tree houses give the tourists a once in a lifetime experience. Situated amidst the stretching wilderness and plantations of the town, these places are a peaceful retreat for anyone who wants to escape the city life for some time. Munnar tree houses are known as 'Erumadam’ in the local language and built over tall sturdy trees looking at the green forests. 

    Exciting Offer: Camping Experience at Munnar Top Station @ ₹1,999 Only!

    The resorts that host tourist in these tree houses also offer various activities, such as trekking, campfires, sightseeing, bird watching, etc. 
    These tree houses are just not a log cabin but instead made of boards and bamboos without driving in it any nails. Interesting? 

    Here is a list of the best tree houses in Munnar:

  • 017 Springs Plantation Resort

    7 Springs Plantation Resort

    A 3-star resort with one tree house and spread through a cardamom plantation. The resort is situated in a very peaceful and calm environment, surrounded by Green Hills, and waterfalls and rivers. The resort is located on the top of a mountain from where one can see the Idukki Arch Dam.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The plantation place is perfect for trekking and base camp. It also provides to its guests' flavors of different kinds of fruits. Campfires can be arranged and the resort also offers jeep safari.

    The guests can trek through the cardamom plantation and enjoy the lush green of the evergreen trees.

    Seven Springs Plantation Resort, Mankulam Road, Letchmi Estate, Munnar.

     INR 8000 for one day and night stay. 

    Tree House Stay Experience at Seven Springs Plantation Resort, Munnar

    Tree House Stay Experience at Seven Springs Plantation Resort, Munnar

    NNNNM30 Ratings

    h23 HourslMunnar


    Starting from


  • 02Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House

    Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House

    Kaivalyam resort is a holistic health retreat in the middle of the pleasing wilderness of Munnar. It provides a calm, peaceful, and scenic surrounding to its guests alongside experience of the traditional form of Yoga and organic living.

    It has a beautiful view of widespread tea gardens, mountains, and water stream pathways, along with plantations of tea, coffee, pepper, and other spices. It follows the old Indian traditions and ensures a comfortable stay for its guests.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The place has a landscape garden, Rose garden, and a spice Plantation. One can enjoy Yoga and related activities inside the resort. They also arrange campfires, Nature photographer and bird watching on the site.

    You can take strolls through the plantation and get Farmyard experience in the resort. The resort offers a multi-cuisine restaurant, and vegetable garden and nursery. 

     Moolakada, Pallivasal - Munnar, Kerala.

    INR 6000 for two people for one night in peak season.

  • 03Vanya Tree House

    Vanya Tree House

    'Where man goes back to his roots’ - with this slogan Vanya is exactly what it says. The resort is a replica of the life that is actually lived by people in treehouses in Kerala. They have ensured, their treehouse is surrounded by mother nature and the guests see how she keeps us nourished and self-sufficient.

    Every aspect at Vanya is made in such a way as it reflects the appreciation for Earth and the surroundings.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The resort is located near to Periyar forest on a 12 acres area. It has a unique forest ambiance property, solar and windmill electricity, traditional methods of storing and fetching water.

    They provide open air bathing area i.e. Marapura and natural scrub and pea paste instead of soaps. The solar plant and bird watching are major attractions.

    66th mile, Spring Valley, Kumily, Thekkady.

     One day and night stay for two people costs INR 19000

  • 04Nature Zone Resort

    Nature Zone Resort

    Nature Zone Resort is one of the finest resorts offering the experience of living in a tree House in Munnar. The tree house in the resort is built on living trees and given full attention in regards to comfort. The tree house is spacious and luxurious, located amidst the wilderness of Munnar.

    It offers its visitors an astonishing view of the greens and peaks from the balcony of the tree house. The chirping of birds is like music to the ear of any nature lover.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The resort offers a scenic view of the tea plantations. The resort has 5 well furnished Tree Houses with a Multi cuisine restaurant and activity center. It offers 24 Hour Hot water facilities. The resort also has a Badminton court, Hammocks and soft trekking inside the resort itself.

    Plantation tours are given inside the resort and you can also see organic vegetables & fruits farm. The resort also arranges campfire for its guests.

     Nature Zone Resort, Pulippara, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala.

    A package of 3 days / 2 nights stay at the tree house is for INR 14000

  • 05Double Tree Villa

    Double Tree Villa

    Double Tree Villa holds a valuable experience for the visitors, blending the best of nature with sophistication. The ambiance of the place is peaceful and calm, ensuring the guests have a wonderful holiday.

    Situated amidst the breathtaking beauty of Munnar tea gardens and wilderness, the ambiance fills the visitors with delight and joy. The abundance of local flora, exotic flowers, and trees, with the chirping of birds, adds beauty to the ambience of the place.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    Apart from the basic amenities the resort offers help in Ayurveda and arranges campfires for its guests. It also arranges sightseeing tours and jeep safaris to the KolukkuMalai Top Station.

    Sooryanelli Road, Chinnakanal, Munnar, Kerala.

    INR 3500 for one day and night stay. 

  • 06Dream Catcher Plantation Resort

    Dream Catcher Plantation Resort

    The resort is situated amidst natural beauty and along with charming hills. The resort has four separate tree houses which are self-sustainable and located in the middle of the dense plantations.

    They are everything you need for a peaceful time away from the city and its hustle and bustle. Enjoy the serene view of the plantation, and the surroundings from 60 feet high tree house with all modern facilities for a comfortable stay.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant and barbeque. Visitors can take walk on the hanging bridge and go to the watchtower. The resort also arranges for activities like off-road ride by Polaris jeep and campfires.

    Major attractions are the in house trekking within 22-acre tea, orange and cardamom plantation.

    : Ratnagiri, Tea Company Bison Valley Road, Munnar - Idukki District, Kerala.

    The price of one tree house for two guests is approximately INR 14000

  • 07Ela Ecoland Nature Resort

    Ela Ecoland Nature Resort

    This place is nowhere close to a flashy contemporary restaurant and right for you if you want to experience nature in its raw form. A rough terrain, with steps and slopes Ela Resort, is everything you would get if you actually lived in a treehouse amidst the wilderness.

    A self-service retreat 18 km away from Munnar town, the place has no televisions or wife to hook you on technology. It is perfect if you are a true nature lover and need time from the outer world.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    The place is rugged and raw in nature, a true escape from city life. A rather charming stream or river flows from the middle of the site in the form of a waterfall. Food at the restaurant is prepared by local women and thus is authentic and delicious.

    One can go to sightseeing in Munnar, take up trekking in nearby peaks and waterfalls, and take the plantation tours on the site itself. 

    Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat, Vattiyar PO, Kallar, Munnar, Kerala.

    Around INR 4000 for one day and night stay. 

  • 08Jungle Jive Tree House in Munnar

    Jungle Jive Tree House in Munnar

    A place for families, romantic escape for couples, and a heavenly stay for nature lovers. The Jungle juvenile tree house in Munnar is spread in a land of 15 acres surrounded by tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations.

    Surrounded by hundreds of trees it is an idol destination for bird watching and listening to their musical chirping. A great experience in the lap of nature, it is modern architecture mixed with Japanese design.

    Attractions & Amenities:
    Guests can practice classical Japanese green tea hand rolling techniques. It is built on Japanese design of living and offers three different floors for a different purpose. One can take up trekking, jeep safari, photography, boating, and campfire in the nearby areas of the treehouse. Authentic food of Kerala is served for dinner and breakfast.

    Mary Land, Chithirapuram, Munnar, Kerala.

    Twin room with garden view is for INR 3700 and a twin room with Mountain View is for INR 4500 for two people.

Nature and wildlife in Munnar

Luxury in Munnar

Tree houses in Munnar



Attukal Waterfalls

It is one of the four main waterfalls of Munnar and is very popular among adventure seekers, as the dirt mountain path through the forest gives chills on every step towards Attukal Waterfalls. Take your swimwear as the pool at the bottom of the fall has enough water to dip and bath. 

It is highly recommended that you visit Munnar during Monsoon season if waterfalls top the list of ‘places to visit in Munnar.’ Attukal waterfall is located between Munnar and Pallivasal and can be reached by crossing a wooden bridge. 
The waterfalls in Munnar witness hordes of tourist every year and Attukal is one of those famous waterfalls which is mystically beautiful.

2nd Floor, Mermaid Complex, Nadaiyar road, Munnar 685612

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

One can pay INR 100 per person to a guide who can lead the trek through the narrow mountain path.

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Pothamedu View Point

Drenched in the mist and greenery, Pothamedu viewpoint is a spot worth trekking to. This viewpoint enables a panoramic vista of the valley and if the day is clear, you can also see Muthirapuzha River and Idukki Arch Dam from quite a height. The view is made of a series of emerald hill slopes where tea, coffee, cardamom, and pepper make a blanket of green all over the hills.

While you are enjoying the mesmerizing view of the valley, take a sip of ginger tea from the only tea shop nearby and you would love spending your evening at Pothamedu. Watching the sun slide down the horizon in the vast expanse of the Sahyadri ranges is one perfect way of spending your vacation in this quaint town. 
Pothamedu is one of the many places to visit in Munnar which have a refreshing environ.

Pothamedu, Munnar.

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

Entry fee: 


TATA Tea Museum

If you are lucky enough to make it during the show timings, you will learn a lot that day. From the early history of Tea Plantation to how British brought Tea culture and cultivation in the region, the toil and hard work of the people who endured during those days, the machineries and tools, the entire process of cultivating, plucking, drying and final packaging of Tea; almost everything you learn in just a half an hour documentary that is played here. 

You will also get to see the typewriters, magneto phone, the hand tea roller,
and manual calculators and iron oven which have been very useful tools during the earlier days. This is one of the best tourist places in Munnar.

Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

Timings: It remains closed on Monday and opens from 9 AM till 5 PM on all the remaining days of the week.

Entry fee:
The entry fee for adults is INR 75 per head and for children of a particular age group is INR 35.

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Top Station

Greeting visitors all around the year, Top Station Munnar lies amidst three mountain streams, at the confluence of Mudrapuzha, Kundala, and Nallathanni mountain ranges. Top Station is a part of reckoned Kannan Devan hill station encircled all around by magnificent views. Turn around your eyes and lose yourself in the sophistication of rich green valleys! 

Here, there are ample of Neelakurinji flowers blooming once after every 12 years. Tourists from far off places visit here for a picture-perfect shot of these rich and luxurious blue flowers. Once a while, this beautiful place was a well-known trans-shipment tea delivery point connecting Munnar with Bodinayakkanur. You can still find some remains of Top Station’s ropeway station there.

Never miss on to accompany yourself with your DSLR’s to snap down a panoramic view of the mighty Western Ghats. Standing at the top station, you can have a bird’s eye view of the township that lays all along the downfall.  All over the path that leads you towards Top Station Munnar, has a beautiful exhibit of blooming flowers. These belong to the rarest varieties and are endearing enough to leave you amazed with both their beauty and fragrance. 

Location: Top Station Hwy, Munnar.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: None.

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Kundala Lake

Embark on a journey to Top Station and find this beautiful mirror-like lake after around 20 KM of a drive. The breath-taking backdrops of green hill slopes, the majestic sunrises, the unparalleled beauty of cherry blossoms and a blue blanket of the famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom only once every twelve year makes this place a dreamy location and is one of the main Munnar tourist places.

This artificial lake has Asia’s first Arch dam and the water engages the tourists in different kinds of boating experience such as rowboats, Kashmiri
shikara boats, and pedal boats. A vast golf course that belongs to Tata Tea Ltd and a nearby waterfall known as Aruvikkad Waterfall is also situated in proximity to the lake which can be visited in a single trip.

Kundale Lake, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685615

Timings: All day.

Price: None.


Tree House Stay

Munnar, the perfect getaway for people in Kerala during summers, has some of the most unparalleled experiences to offer. And one of these experiences is staying in a treehouse. This must have been everyone’s childhood dream at one point of time and now it has come true as the Seven Springs Plantation Resort. 

This resort offers a stay in the fully wooden treehouse that is 30 feet above the ground and offers impeccable amenities like a luxurious mattress, attached toilets, A/C, LED TV, intercom, minifridge, and a lot more. The resort is just a 15 minutes’ drive away from Munnar main bus station. Tucked away in between the cardamom plantations and the dense forests, this tranquil place is the perfect getaway for peace-seekers.    

Location: Mankulam -Nirar Dam Trail, Kallar - Mankulam Rd, Letchmi Estate, Munnar, Kerala 685561

Timings: Open 24 hrs

Price: Starting from Rs 1534 per adult

Eravikulam National Park

This national park is home to the endangered Nilgiris Tahr, which is located in Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district and covers a total area of 97 square kilometers. After the Nilgiri Tahr, Neelakurinji flowers are the second major attraction of this park because this flower blooms once after every 12 years. Anamudi (2695 m), the highest peak of south India also takes abode in Eravikulam National Park. 

It is under the care of the Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife, Munnar and is situated along the crest of Western Ghats. The subtropical moist broadleaf forest and evergreen tropical forest are commonly known as “Shoals” in the region which is layered on the high hill slopes. The tributaries of Periyar and Chalakudy rivers chisel down these slopes in the form of small rivulets and you can also see Lakhom waterfall within the Park.

Location: The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

7:30 AM to 4 PM on all the seven days of the week.

Entry fee: An entry fee of INR 65 for Indian citizens and INR 245 for foreign nationals.

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Mattupetty Dam

Almost 13 km off the Munnar town, Mattupetty Dam is a famous holiday spot for tourists. This beautiful hill station is hemmed in by Anamudi Peak covered with undulating slopes of tea gardens with an emerald lake in the middle of the place where people often indulge in speed boating. 

Carefully watch the stillness in water; you would notice the rippling reflection of the lush tea gardens on the sides. The height at which Mattupetty is located is around 1,700 m which makes the Dam to be one of the highest Dams in Munnar. 

This is one of the attractions in Munnar that goes on everyone’s to-do list because Mattupetty is dream destination Munnar and the Dam falls en route. Just a few kilometers away from the Dam lies the lake which is settled amid the tea gardens and Shola forest; one of the places to visit in Munnar that goes without saying.

Mattupetty, Munnar, Kerala 685616.

All day.

Entry fee: 
INR 10


Photo Point

This is a picturesque curve on the Nilgiri slopes which is located at a distance of around 3 km from Munnar on the way to Top station and Mattupetti. Photo point truly justifies its name and if you do not think the location has nothing as such to offer while driving through the undulating plains, take a pause, come out of your car and get clicked here, you would notice how photogenic the place is. 

The flickering leaves of the tea garden and the twittering brooks, the scenic hills, and the floating clouds; everything in one picture, it is really an amazing location to take out your camera which makes it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

SH18, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

 10 AM - 8 PM

Entry fee:

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Around 15 KM from Munnar lies Rhodovalley which is famous for the blooming Rhodendron trees and there sits the peak of Meesapulimala at an elevation of 8000 ft above sea level. This is the first highest peak in the Munnar region that can be trekked as Anamudi has restrictions.

The peak shares the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu and is a moderate trek of one day that goes through passing eight hills to reach the top. The place is idyllic and is enough to attain peace making it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

Meesapulimalai, Idukki.

: All day.

Entry fee: None.

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Lakkom Water Falls

This waterfall is part of the Eravikulam National Park and falls on the route to Udumalaipettai from Munnar. It originates from the Eravikulam stream at around 30 km off Munnar. Travel through the thick tea plantation on a narrow winding trail and witness this silky white magic of nature. In the clear water of the pool below, you can even see your toe twiddling on the rocks.

The water takes a plunge out of a thick green forest from afar and the sight of this small yet charming waterfall is spellbinding. There is a small shop situated a little away from the fall that serves mouth-watering Kerala food, like fish, rice, sambhar etc. It is one of the sightseeing places in Munnar which commands your attention.

Munnar - Udumalpet Rd, Marayur.

9 AM to 4 PM

Entry fee:
INR 20 

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Echo Point

Trek, walk, stroll or indulge in boating because Echo point in Munnar is a place where you see the creamy clouds floating and rolling down the hilltops, the lush vegetation creates a sight which is often captured in cameras to boost the beauty of Munnar. At 600 ft. above the sea level, people scream with utter enthusiasm to hear it resound and then laugh out of pure amazement. 

Listening to your voice reverberate in the valley is thrilling which makes it one of the best places to visit in Munnar. The Echo point mostly displays the confluence of three mountains - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala and a picturesque lake which makes the view highly captivating.

Munnar, Top Station Highway, Idukki District, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685616

6 AM - 7:30 PM

Entry fee: 



The most sought-after destination in Munnar is Anamudi peak (8842 ft), the highest peak of South India. Trekking in Munnar on the misty path Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park and then following a view of what we know as “the Himalayas of South India” can leave you in a state of ecstasy. The place is a delight for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, mountaineers, trekkers, and photographers. 

The hill is covered by variety of floras such as trees of sp.Bamboos, black wood, and teak trees and the famous Neelakurinji flowers which bloom once every 12 years, the wet grass on the slopes of the hill make trekking a difficult sport and that is you need to take special permission from Eravikulam National Park authorities to trek to the peak top.

Idukki District, Munnar 685602

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.

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Devikulam is a quaint little hill-station tucked between lush greenery and beauty. Located very close to Munnar, this is an ideal destination to visit as a day trip. Home to make scenic attractions and sites, Devikulam, which literally translates to ‘pond or lake of the Devi’, is a great alternative to other Munnar tourist places.

The exotic flora and fauna have made the village is a must-stop place for those in the vicinity. Sita Devi Lake, the closest site to the village, is a top attraction in Kerala. You can also find many tea and spice plantations in this area. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearby Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are looking for some spiritual or physical rejuvenation, positively stop by this hill-station during your trip.

Location: Sita devi lake, Munnar.

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm

Mattupetti Dairy farm, also known as Indo-Swiss farm is a dairy farm started under the Indo-Swiss project in Kerala. Dedicated to cattle development and research, the Indo-Swiss project started in 1963 to improve livestock farming in the state. Also known as ‘cattle village’ Mattupetty is a tiny, charming village famous for its green lands and forests.

Home to several varieties of high-quality cattle, one should visit Mattupetti Indo-Swiss farm for its beautiful gardens, picturesque views and for a chance to meet the many cattle breeds. 3km away from Mattupetty Dam, the dairy farm is one of the offbeat Munnar tourist places you should visit.  

Location: 3 km from Mattupetty Dam, Mattupetty, Idukki, Munnar, 685612.

Timings: 9 AM – 11 AM | 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Entry fee: INR 5

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Blossom Park

From several swings to a small canal, from a maze of colorful flower on the banks to the soft grasses; The Park is an ideal location to unwind and relax in Munnar. Embrace the lush green vegetation around and relax listening to the chirps of migratory water birds. 

This refreshing piece of land is surrounded by hill slopes and is a place where serenity has its own voice.

Aluva - Munnar Highway, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala 685612

 9 AM to 7 PM

Entry fee:
The entry fee for children is INR 2 and for adults, it is INR 10 per head.

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  • Q. Where can I find the best deals on places to stay in Munnar?

    In Munnnar you may find a variety of places to stay ranging from tea plantations to the one amidst clouds to a jungle stay. We have here curated the best places to stay in Munnar that might help you:

    1. Forest Camping in Munnar @ Flat 35% Off
    2. Luxurious Homestay Amidst Hills, Munnar @ Flat 20% Off
    3. Homestay Amidst Nature, Munnar @ Flat 20% Off
    4. Camping Amidst Tea Plantations, Munnar @ Flat 20%
    5. Camping Amidst Clouds, Munnar @ Flat 20% Off 

  • Q. Which are the must visit places in Munnar in one day?

    When you travel to Munnar just for a day there are so many the places you must not miss. Check out to know more.

    1. Munnar Top Station - Known for the rare Neelakunji flowers that bloom once every twelve years
    2. Lakkam Waterfalls - Known for scenic views of the waterfall, bask in the natural beauty.
    3. Echo Point - Known for unique echoing phenomenon
    4. Tea Estates - Known for fragrance of tea plants & its making process
    5. Tea Museum - Known for fully automated tea factories
    6. Eravikulam National Park - Known for safari & Nilgiri tahrs, the endangered species

  • Q. Which camping sites in Munnar offers upto 45% discount?
  • Q. What is the best time to visit Munnar?

    The best time to visit Munnar would be between September to March, when the town experience winter and spring months. During summers, the weather becomes really hot and the outdoor activities that Munnar is typically known for, such as trekking or camping, cannot be enjoyed to the fullest. There are also heavy showers during this season, which continues into the monsoon months, making this duration a bad time to visit.

  • Q. What is Munnar famous for?

    Munnar is famous for the large number of plants and herbs that it has to offer. Munnar is also well known for its rivers and waterfalls. The Lakkam Waterfalls, Attukal Waterfalls and Nyayamakad Waterfalls are one of the few popular sites to visit here. These, along with the banks of the flowering rivers in Munnar, offer a perfect picnic and trekking spots for their visitors.

  • Q. What can I buy in Munnar?

    From tea to chocolates to clothes, one is spoilt for choice while shopping in Munnar. The most popular item to shop for here, however, is Munnar’s gift of tea, both natural and flavoured. There are a number of plantations and factory outlets that sell the freshly grown teas from their own gardens. The Kanan Devan Hill Plantations and Abbas and Co. Tea Merchants are only two of them. Munnar is also popular for its spices, which one can purchase from places like Munnar Market or the GreenLand Spices SuperMarket. There are also multiple flea markets here, offering thrift items at cheap rates, of which the Mattupetty Dam Market is one.

  • Q. What kind of weather does Munnar have?

    In the summer months, between March to June, the humidity and temperatures are relatively high. There are also periodical showers. Between July and August, during the monsoon months, Munnar experiences really heavy showers, and the hill station is best avoided during this time. During Autumn, till September, the weather is usually dry, covered in mist. In the winter months, the temperature falls, and Munnar experiences frosts and snowfall.

  • Q. Is Munnar safe?

    Yes, Munnar is completely safe for tourists. The locals here are kind and hospitable, and crime rates are relatively low.

  • Q. Which are the top places to visit in Munnar?

    The waterfalls in Munnar are its most popular destinations. The City has multiple waterfalls, the most popular of which are the Attukad and the Nyayamakad Falls. These areas are extremely popular picnic spots, and are also frequently visited for trekking purposes. The Mattupetty Dam is also another popular tourist spot. Munnar offers multiple National Parks that are worth visiting, such as the Eravikulam National Park or the Blossoms International Park. The rolling greens at Anamudi peak, with its trekking opportunities, is also frequented by most visiting Munnar.

  • Q. Which are the nearest cities to Munnar?

    The nearest cities to Munnar are:
    1. Kochi - 91 km
    2. Coimbatore - 102 km
    3. Dindigul - 102 km
    4. Thrissur - 104 km
    5. Tiruppur - 117 km
    6. Madurai - 117 km