8 Best Tree Houses in Munnar - 2020 (With Photos & Reviews)
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Tree houses in Munnar include Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House, Vanya Tree House, Nature Zone Resort, Double Tree Villa, 7 Springs Plantation Resort, Ela Ecoland Nature Resort, Jungle Jive Tree House and many more.

The alluring hill station of Munnar, situated in the state of Kerala is famous for its tea states, abundant greenery, rocky peaks, and the famous tree houses. Home to many tea estates, the town it an important commercial center, in addition to wonderful houses for guests to settle in.

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These tree houses give the tourists a once in a lifetime experience. Situated amidst the stretching wilderness and plantations of the town, these places are a peaceful retreat for anyone who wants to escape the city life for some time. Munnar tree houses are known as 'Erumadam’ in the local language and built over tall sturdy trees looking at the green forests. 

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The resorts that host tourist in these tree houses also offer various activities, such as trekking, campfires, sightseeing, bird watching, etc. 
These tree houses are just not a log cabin but instead made of boards and bamboos without driving in it any nails. Interesting? 

Here is a list of the best tree houses in Munnar:


7 Springs Plantation Resort

7 Springs Plantation Resort

A 3-star resort with one tree house and spread through a cardamom plantation. The resort is situated in a very peaceful and calm environment, surrounded by Green Hills, and waterfalls and rivers. The resort is located on the top of a mountain from where one can see the Idukki Arch Dam.

Attractions & Amenities:
The plantation place is perfect for trekking and base camp. It also provides to its guests' flavors of different kinds of fruits. Campfires can be arranged and the resort also offers jeep safari.

The guests can trek through the cardamom plantation and enjoy the lush green of the evergreen trees.

Seven Springs Plantation Resort, Mankulam Road, Letchmi Estate, Munnar.

 INR 8000 for one day and night stay. 


Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House

Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House

Kaivalyam resort is a holistic health retreat in the middle of the pleasing wilderness of Munnar. It provides a calm, peaceful, and scenic surrounding to its guests alongside experience of the traditional form of Yoga and organic living.

It has a beautiful view of widespread tea gardens, mountains, and water stream pathways, along with plantations of tea, coffee, pepper, and other spices. It follows the old Indian traditions and ensures a comfortable stay for its guests.

Attractions & Amenities:
The place has a landscape garden, Rose garden, and a spice Plantation. One can enjoy Yoga and related activities inside the resort. They also arrange campfires, Nature photographer and bird watching on the site.

You can take strolls through the plantation and get Farmyard experience in the resort. The resort offers a multi-cuisine restaurant, and vegetable garden and nursery. 

 Moolakada, Pallivasal - Munnar, Kerala.

INR 6000 for two people for one night in peak season.


Vanya Tree House

Vanya Tree House

'Where man goes back to his roots’ - with this slogan Vanya is exactly what it says. The resort is a replica of the life that is actually lived by people in treehouses in Kerala. They have ensured, their treehouse is surrounded by mother nature and the guests see how she keeps us nourished and self-sufficient.

Every aspect at Vanya is made in such a way as it reflects the appreciation for Earth and the surroundings.

Attractions & Amenities:
The resort is located near to Periyar forest on a 12 acres area. It has a unique forest ambiance property, solar and windmill electricity, traditional methods of storing and fetching water.

They provide open air bathing area i.e. Marapura and natural scrub and pea paste instead of soaps. The solar plant and bird watching are major attractions.

66th mile, Spring Valley, Kumily, Thekkady.

 One day and night stay for two people costs INR 19000


Nature Zone Resort

Nature Zone Resort

Nature Zone Resort is one of the finest resorts offering the experience of living in a tree House in Munnar. The tree house in the resort is built on living trees and given full attention in regards to comfort. The tree house is spacious and luxurious, located amidst the wilderness of Munnar.

It offers its visitors an astonishing view of the greens and peaks from the balcony of the tree house. The chirping of birds is like music to the ear of any nature lover.

Attractions & Amenities:
The resort offers a scenic view of the tea plantations. The resort has 5 well furnished Tree Houses with a Multi cuisine restaurant and activity center. It offers 24 Hour Hot water facilities. The resort also has a Badminton court, Hammocks and soft trekking inside the resort itself.

Plantation tours are given inside the resort and you can also see organic vegetables & fruits farm. The resort also arranges campfire for its guests.

 Nature Zone Resort, Pulippara, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala.

A package of 3 days / 2 nights stay at the tree house is for INR 14000


Double Tree Villa

Double Tree Villa

Double Tree Villa holds a valuable experience for the visitors, blending the best of nature with sophistication. The ambiance of the place is peaceful and calm, ensuring the guests have a wonderful holiday.

Situated amidst the breathtaking beauty of Munnar tea gardens and wilderness, the ambiance fills the visitors with delight and joy. The abundance of local flora, exotic flowers, and trees, with the chirping of birds, adds beauty to the ambience of the place.

Attractions & Amenities:
Apart from the basic amenities the resort offers help in Ayurveda and arranges campfires for its guests. It also arranges sightseeing tours and jeep safaris to the KolukkuMalai Top Station.

Sooryanelli Road, Chinnakanal, Munnar, Kerala.

INR 3500 for one day and night stay. 


Dream Catcher Plantation Resort

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort

The resort is situated amidst natural beauty and along with charming hills. The resort has four separate tree houses which are self-sustainable and located in the middle of the dense plantations.

They are everything you need for a peaceful time away from the city and its hustle and bustle. Enjoy the serene view of the plantation, and the surroundings from 60 feet high tree house with all modern facilities for a comfortable stay.

Attractions & Amenities:
The resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant and barbeque. Visitors can take walk on the hanging bridge and go to the watchtower. The resort also arranges for activities like off-road ride by Polaris jeep and campfires.

Major attractions are the in house trekking within 22-acre tea, orange and cardamom plantation.

: Ratnagiri, Tea Company Bison Valley Road, Munnar - Idukki District, Kerala.

The price of one tree house for two guests is approximately INR 14000


Ela Ecoland Nature Resort

Ela Ecoland Nature Resort

This place is nowhere close to a flashy contemporary restaurant and right for you if you want to experience nature in its raw form. A rough terrain, with steps and slopes Ela Resort, is everything you would get if you actually lived in a treehouse amidst the wilderness.

A self-service retreat 18 km away from Munnar town, the place has no televisions or wife to hook you on technology. It is perfect if you are a true nature lover and need time from the outer world.

Attractions & Amenities:
The place is rugged and raw in nature, a true escape from city life. A rather charming stream or river flows from the middle of the site in the form of a waterfall. Food at the restaurant is prepared by local women and thus is authentic and delicious.

One can go to sightseeing in Munnar, take up trekking in nearby peaks and waterfalls, and take the plantation tours on the site itself. 

Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat, Vattiyar PO, Kallar, Munnar, Kerala.

Around INR 4000 for one day and night stay. 


Jungle Jive Tree House in Munnar

Jungle Jive Tree House in Munnar

A place for families, romantic escape for couples, and a heavenly stay for nature lovers. The Jungle juvenile tree house in Munnar is spread in a land of 15 acres surrounded by tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations.

Surrounded by hundreds of trees it is an idol destination for bird watching and listening to their musical chirping. A great experience in the lap of nature, it is modern architecture mixed with Japanese design.

Attractions & Amenities:
Guests can practice classical Japanese green tea hand rolling techniques. It is built on Japanese design of living and offers three different floors for a different purpose. One can take up trekking, jeep safari, photography, boating, and campfire in the nearby areas of the treehouse. Authentic food of Kerala is served for dinner and breakfast.

Mary Land, Chithirapuram, Munnar, Kerala.

Twin room with garden view is for INR 3700 and a twin room with Mountain View is for INR 4500 for two people.

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  1. Where can I find the best deals on places to stay in Munnar?

    In Munnnar you may find a variety of places to stay ranging from tea plantations to the one amidst clouds to a jungle stay. We have here curated the best places to stay in Munnar that might help you:

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  2. Which are the must visit places in Munnar in one day?

    When you travel to Munnar just for a day there are so many the places you must not miss. Check out to know more.

    1. Munnar Top Station - Known for the rare Neelakunji flowers that bloom once every twelve years
    2. Lakkam Waterfalls - Known for scenic views of the waterfall, bask in the natural beauty.
    3. Echo Point - Known for unique echoing phenomenon
    4. Tea Estates - Known for fragrance of tea plants & its making process
    5. Tea Museum - Known for fully automated tea factories
    6. Eravikulam National Park - Known for safari & Nilgiri tahrs, the endangered species
  3. What is the best time to visit Munnar?

    The best time to visit Munnar would be between September to March, when the town experience winter and spring months. During summers, the weather becomes really hot and the outdoor activities that Munnar is typically known for, such as trekking or camping, cannot be enjoyed to the fullest. There are also heavy showers during this season, which continues into the monsoon months, making this duration a bad time to visit.
  4. What is Munnar famous for?

    Munnar is famous for the large number of plants and herbs that it has to offer. Munnar is also well known for its rivers and waterfalls. The Lakkam Waterfalls, Attukal Waterfalls and Nyayamakad Waterfalls are one of the few popular sites to visit here. These, along with the banks of the flowering rivers in Munnar, offer a perfect picnic and trekking spots for their visitors.
  5. What can I buy in Munnar?

    From tea to chocolates to clothes, one is spoilt for choice while shopping in Munnar. The most popular item to shop for here, however, is Munnar’s gift of tea, both natural and flavoured. There are a number of plantations and factory outlets that sell the freshly grown teas from their own gardens. The Kanan Devan Hill Plantations and Abbas and Co. Tea Merchants are only two of them. Munnar is also popular for its spices, which one can purchase from places like Munnar Market or the GreenLand Spices SuperMarket. There are also multiple flea markets here, offering thrift items at cheap rates, of which the Mattupetty Dam Market is one.
  6. What kind of weather does Munnar have?

    In the summer months, between March to June, the humidity and temperatures are relatively high. There are also periodical showers. Between July and August, during the monsoon months, Munnar experiences really heavy showers, and the hill station is best avoided during this time. During Autumn, till September, the weather is usually dry, covered in mist. In the winter months, the temperature falls, and Munnar experiences frosts and snowfall.
  7. Is Munnar safe?

    Yes, Munnar is completely safe for tourists. The locals here are kind and hospitable, and crime rates are relatively low.
  8. Which are the top places to visit in Munnar?

    The waterfalls in Munnar are its most popular destinations. The City has multiple waterfalls, the most popular of which are the Attukad and the Nyayamakad Falls. These areas are extremely popular picnic spots, and are also frequently visited for trekking purposes. The Mattupetty Dam is also another popular tourist spot. Munnar offers multiple National Parks that are worth visiting, such as the Eravikulam National Park or the Blossoms International Park. The rolling greens at Anamudi peak, with its trekking opportunities, is also frequented by most visiting Munnar.
  9. Which are the nearest cities to Munnar?

    The nearest cities to Munnar are:
    1. Kochi - 91 km
    2. Coimbatore - 102 km
    3. Dindigul - 102 km
    4. Thrissur - 104 km
    5. Tiruppur - 117 km
    6. Madurai - 117 km

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