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Places to See in United Kingdom

London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, York, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Canterbury, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, Norwich & many more place to visit in United Kingdom.

There are umpteen places to visit in United Kingdom that will turn your trip into a dream holiday. From fascinating museums and art galleries to a plethora of castles and forts, you'll be amazed to see the variety of things that the country offers. It is also home to some of the most bustling cities like Birmingham and Cambridge, where you can see the perfect blend of history, cutting-edge buildings, art, and entertainment venues.

If you're looking for the best places to see in United Kingdom, then you shouldn't miss visiting Bath and York which are known for their surreal landscape and Roman architecture. If you, however, wish to explore the modish venues of the country, then Liverpool and Bristol will amaze you with their ravishing, bars, clubs, and shopping malls. 

If you wish to gorge on Scottish cuisine or you want to enjoy eclectic nightlife, the best tourist places in United Kingdom like Canterbury and Oxford will satiate all your travel goals.

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Famous Cities to Visit in United Kingdom



London city is a memoir of cobbled streets and hidden gems, and you’re bound to unravel a new side of it every time you’re over here. It is located in the Southeastern area of Great Britain and has something for everyone, from history and culture to fine food and good times. London is packed with conventional tourist spots, and the best way to explore the city is to discover the lesser-known nooks and crannies. The capital is known for its world-class cuisines, fashion statement, and superb shopping. 

There are various art galleries in London that have preserved the rich culture and history of this city. From museums to aquariums to giant shopping centers to world-class hotels and restaurants, you’ll find everything in London to keep you on your toes. London tourism has significantly increased in recent times because of the new avenues it has added in its already diverse historical and cultural scene. you can feel like being in the royal era by visiting Buckingham Palace, and you can recreate the scenes of your favorite movies at Warner Bros studio

London also offers tons of enthralling activities like strolling through the garden, watching shows at performing art venues and pedaling the fastest cycle track at Queen Elizabeth Park. You can also take a boat ride down the Thames River and you can try white water rafting at the Olympic course. In London the winters are very cold, windy and long while the summers are partly cloudy, comfortable and short. The daily lows range between 6 degrees to 13 degrees Celsius and the daily highs range between 12 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius. The overall weather here is generally temperate marine which means not higher than 32 degrees Celsius in summers and not less than 0 degrees Celsius in winters.

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The breathtaking capital of Scotland, Edinburgh comprises two distinct sections, a medieval Old Town and a Georgian New Town. It is located in the southeastern part of Scotland in Lothian on the south bank of the Firth of Forth, a estuary that opens up into the North Sea.

The city is known for its gorgeous beauty with not only immense natural splendor but also stunning architecture, majestic castles, and miles of meandering streets. The spectacular and diverse landscape of the city makes it a must visit especially as you can witness a gradual transformation from the volcanic Pentland Hills in the south to the beaches of Portobello in the East.

Edinburgh has several attractions in the historic Old Town including the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. You can also go on a sightseeing tour to the New Town where you can explore the exquisite shops and restaurants or even climb up to the Arthur’s Seat for some of the most breathtaking views.

There are various other interesting activities that you can engage in such as exploring the Edinburgh Castle, visiting the National Museum of Scotland, strolling through Holyrood Park, discovering the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, and much more.

Like most other parts of the country, Edinburgh has a temperate maritime climate with its summers very mild but winters cold and humid. It rains here all through the year and the average temperature is around 8.8°C.

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Birmingham is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. With a population of 1,140,000 it is the largest and most populous British city outside London. Birmingham's metropolitan area is the second-largest in the United Kingdom with an estimated population of 2.2 million.

The place is breathtakingly beautiful and filled with culture and history. It is also a city which serves the regions of the West Midlands, a centre of higher education and a major economic driver. Its industries include aerospace, automotive, engineering, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Birmingham is the only major British city with a Muslim majority.

Birmingham contains a wide range of cultural attractions which makes it a very diverse and unique city. Some of the major attractions of the city include the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, which is the largest in Europe and the National Sea Life Centre which is located at the city centre.

Birmingham's culinary scene has progressed enormously over the last few years and is now an established and popular part of the city's cultural history and social life. The success of restaurants such as Gilroy's, Little Barbecue, Aspery's, including their various spin-offs - Battersea Park Hotel, Parlour Bar & Brasserie and Flat Iron - has meant that Birmingham has become known as the National City of Gastronomy.

The place offers a lot of interesting and fun activities to do including playing football or rugby in one of the many parks in the city or taking in the beauty of the lovely botanical Gardens at the place. One can also explore the brindleyplace or the canal quarter or discover the city on a walking tour.

The weather at the place is generally warm and temperate. Birmingham experiences all four seasons, which is predominantly conditioned by the mass of the ocean and latitude. The local climate is hot-summer Mediterranean and its summers are notably warmer than London and other places in the United Kingdom, although they are affected by frequent minor rainfall. Winters in Birmingham tend to be mild with infrequent heavy periods of rain and snow every few years. Heavy snowfall has been experienced in Birmingham; however it rarely settles on the ground for more than a few hours.

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York City

An iconic Roman cathedral city, York is located in North Yorkshire on the confluence of rivers Ouse and Foss in England. The vibrantly festive city boasts of Roman origins and a memorable Viking past and is placed halfway between London and Edinburgh. Surrounded by the Yorkshire Dales, Wolds and North York Moors, York has a unique place among English cities.

Voted by the Sunday Times as the “Best Place to Live in the UK”, York has ancient historical walls that stand guard over the vibrantly modern shops and eateries and host festivals throughout the year. With a blend of cultural traditions and long-standing heritage, York’s urban aesthetic is unparalleled.

A visitor to York definitely needs to visit its iconic landmarks, like the York Minster, Mediaeval City Walls, Clifford’s Tower, York Castle Museum, Shambles, Jorvik Viking Centre, National Railway Museum, Castle Howard, Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, Stonegate and Barley Hall, York’s churches, Beverley, Yorkshire Wolds Way, Yorkshire Air Museum and Allied Air Forces Memorial, among many others.

From embarking on walking tours of the numerous sights and experiencing York’s spooky side on the ghost walk tours, entertain yourself with a host of activities that range from visiting theatres, cinemas and music venues and biking, golfing and trampolining in the outdoors. Witness the city’s beauty come alive as much at its parks and gardens as at its museums and galleries. York, much like the rest of England, has short mild summers and long cold winters, and rainfall throughout the year, so pack your bags at any point of the year and come visit this iconic city.

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Located in Eastern England on River Cam, Cambridge houses the globally recognized University of Cambridge. Out of all the places in England that are visited by people, Cambridge gives just too many options to choose from when it comes to pleasing the vacationers.

It is a city that has a lot of parks and other open spaces suitable for outdoor activities like walking, cycling etc. 

Primarily known for the University of Cambridge, this city is known to have the largest number of conserved monumental structures making it one of the most popular places to visit in England especially by architecture students and enthusiasts.

When in Cambridge one can submerge themselves in the magnificent greenery of the Botanic Gardens, take university tours, the list of which by the way is endless in this city of academia, feed their internal bibliophile at one of the many libraries found in the city or simply drown in admiration for the exquisite architecture of various structures sheltered by the city of Cambridge.

Cambridge has a gentle summer during June to August and a chilly, wet winter during December and February. May to August is the pinnacle travel time.

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Situated in central southern England, the architecture of its 38 colleges in the city’s center is what made Matthew Arnold call it the 'City of Dreaming Spires'

It is no news that Oxford is known and cherished for the university it houses - the famous University of Oxford. It is the grand culmination of captivating architecture and academic supremacy of the place that makes it impossible for people to forget the town once they have seen it.

The charm of Oxford however is not limited to Universities, it has beautiful libraries, castles and even prisons that one can visit to to know more about the place and that is precisely what makes it one of the most iconic places in England.

When in Oxford, one simply cannot run out of things to do. Other than lining up your day with university tours, you can also visit the Botanic Gardens at Oxford and in case you are a potterhead, you can gladly explore the shooting locations of the best movie ever.

Oxford lies 68m above ocean level. There is a lot of precipitation in Oxford and even the driest month here is therefore lined up with plenty of days of rainfall. It's environment is noted to be warm and calm.

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Situated in the northwest of England, Manchester is a city of rich industrial legacy. The city is particularly known for its unique architecture, iconic music scene, the impact of sports on its culture, and a lot more. Popularized as England's second city, Manchester was once an epitome of an industry that has now evolved into a cultural heaven with libraries, nightclubs and a prideful sporting past and has become one of the most important places to visit in England.

John Rylands Library, The Museum of Science and History, People's History Museum are some popular attractions of Manchester. The music scene of Manchester is undeniably iconic with it being home to some of the latest popular independent groups and artists. 
People visiting Manchester can explore the city's record stores known for their iconic selection. Tourists can get a taste of Manchester's locally brewed coffee and beer. 

Here, summers are conveniently warm and are therefore favored by most travelers. January is the coldest month here with an average temperature of 4°C and July, the hottest with an average temperature of 16°C. Manchester receives about 8 to 9 days of snowfall every year.

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Canterbury is a historic town located in the administrative county of Kent, southeastern England. The cobbled streets and 6th-century Cathedrals make this vibrant city the must-visit destination of England. Canterbury is often nicknamed as the "Garden of England' because of its beautiful countryside, stunning coastal scenery, picturesque villages, and cosmopolitan city life. It is dotted with an incredibly diverse array of landscapes ranging from rugged mountains to grinding glaciers and spectacular coastlines to open tussock grassland to virgin rainforest

Canterbury is known as the cradle of English Christianity as it is flooded with beautiful churches, chapels, and cathedrals. It also has some historically significant attractions ranging from world-class museums to art galleries and Norman-era castles.
You can also find here some vintage viewpoints from where you can have an astounding view of the entire city. If you're a foodie, then the restaurants, cafes, and bakery shops located here will present to you a fascinating array of cuisines that will be a feat for your taste buds. It also has some of the best shopping complexes and mega marts from where you can buy your favorite items at great prices.

If you're looking for some of the best things to do in this iconic city, then you should explore the art galleries that are home to ethnographic exhibits and natural history specimens. You should also crawl at the pubs and bars here that are known for their lively ambiance and unlimited booze and entertainment. You can also enjoy a packed program of drama, musicals, contemporary dance shows, ballet, and performances by the best-loved comedians of the UK at Marlowe Theatre. 

Canterbury lies 11m above the sea level, and hence it has warm and temperate weather. The average temperature ranges around 10.2 degrees Celsius annually. The average precipitation here is 24.2 inches per year.



Situated in Bath and North East Somerset in the United Kingdom, Bath is home to some of the most remarkable Georgian architecture in the world. Regarded as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the city of Bath attracts over 4.4 million people throughout the year to its hot springs and Roman baths.

This beautiful town in the United Kingdom is filled with creativity, uniqueness, and style, which makes it an ideal spot for romantic breaks, a foodie’s getaway to explore new cuisine, and short fun holidays. A world heritage site, Bath garners the interest of tourists with its Hot Springs, Roman Baths, medieval heritage, and Georgian architecture.

There are innumerable tourist attractions in Bath that visitors must include in their travel itinerary, including Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, Thermae Bath Spa, Cross Bath, Holburne Museum, Fashion Museum Bath, Sally Lunn’s Eating House, Herschel Museum of Astronomy, and Theatre Royal.  

Visitors can take a tour of the beautifully preserved Great Bath, soak themselves in the rooftop spa pool, and pay a visit to the Pulteney Bridge for shopping. Besides this, you can take a stroll around the Royal Crescent, go to an art gallery to admire the fine and decorative art collections, and dive deeper into the history of Bath through different museums in the city.

In the town of Bath, the weather is comfortable and partly cloudy during the summer season, while the winters are long, windy, chilling, and mostly cloudy.

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Bristol is a thriving coastal city in the southwest of England, spanning the River Avon. Its old city-center port, the Harbourside, is at the present time a popular cultural hub where the M Shed museum highlights local social and industrial history. Restaurants, boutiques, and cultural institutions, such as the modern art museum The Arnolfini, have been added to the harbour's 19th-century warehouses.

Bristol is a bustling and colourful city known for its innovative architectural marvels, such as Banksy's graffiti art and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, among others. Bristol is a city on the River Avon in the southwest of England. Bristol, more than any other English location, is a must-see, especially if you're a culture vulture, because the city is so vibrant and culturally diverse.

30 art museums and a handful of parks are among Bristol's many tourism attractions. Bristol Zoo Gardens and We The Curious, a science and arts centre specifically designed to stimulate young minds, are also great options for families. Ashton Court Estate, a site that offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor recreation for families, is also worth visiting.

Explore maritime history at the famed SS Great Britain steamer, or take a tour of the ancient Clifton Suspension Bridge for breathtaking views. There's a lot for craftsmanship ventures to engage in here, from current displays like the Arnolfini to excellent historical locations like the M Shed on the harbourside. With cheap to high-end shopping and a thriving music scene, one thing is certain: the hometown of Massive Attack and The Eagles will not disappoint.

The weather in Bristol is cold for the majority of the year, while the rest of the year is filled with cool, wet days. Every year, Bristol receives more than 100 days of rain. The months of October and December are thought to be the wettest.

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Liverpool is one of the fundamental cities in the United Kingdom located in Merseyside within the boundaries of Lancashire. A metropolitan borough, Liverpool is renowned for its fantastic culture, The Beatles, its award-winning football team, and buzzing nightlife. All the football and music fans have an obsession with this beautiful town of Liverpool.

The town of Liverpool is the ultimate blend of ancient heritage and urban culture. With stunning architecture, tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful parks, colorful and interesting docks, and two famous cathedrals, the city is considered to be the third most beautiful sight in the entire United Kingdom. 

Some of the prominent attractions of Liverpool that you must include in your travel itinerary are The Beatles, Royal Albert Dock, Tate Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Pier Head, Victoria Gallery and Museum, Walker Art Gallery, St. George’s Hall, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, and Croxteth Hall.

Upon your visit to Liverpool, tourists can indulge in some Beatlemania in The Beattle, enjoy the city’s music scenery in local venues, and witness the beautiful city through the Daily River Explorer Cruise. You can also admire the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in the United Kingdom from the Albert Dock and take a stroll along the Georgian Quarter.

As far as the weather is concerned, Liverpool experiences a temperate climate with cool summers and gentle winters. You must always expect the unexpected as there are frequent chances of rain, clouds, wind, and the sun.

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Norwich is located on the Wensum River in East Anglia, about a hundred miles north-east of London. It is the county town of Norfolk and is unofficially considered to be East Anglia's capital. It is one of the best places to visit in united kingdom that is renowned for its vibrant food scene, high living standard, and posh accommodations.

The city is considered to be the treasure trove of scenic attractions and natural splendors, making it one of the best
places to visit in united kingdom. From the perfect urbane environment to the natural scenic spots, it offers the perfect blend of modern as well as the contemporary.

Norwich is dotted with fantastic theme parks, animal centers, zoos, and gardens that make it one of the best
places to see in united kingdom. It also has some museums and stately houses that are renowned for their breathtaking architecture and impressive design. The city is also home to some of the best treehouse playgrounds, parks, wildlife, and nature reserves that will give you a chance to appreciate the glory of nature. If you're a shopping enthusiast, then you'll also spot here some of the best malls and retail shops from where you can buy everything that you ever wish to buy at pocket-friendly prices. 

Some of the best activities that you can enjoy in Norwich is exploring its modern community centers that witness many happenings ranging from music, dance, and concerts. The kids are in for a treat in this bustling city as it has some of the most breathtaking amusement parks where they can enjoy thrilling rides and play fun games.

If you're a night owl looking to shake your hips on to the hit songs while gulping in your favorite drinks, then you should definitely stop by the famous nightclubs and bars located here. 
The weather in Norwich is typically oceanic with rainy and cold winters and rainy and humid summers. The average temperature here ranges around 36°F to 71°F and rarely goes below 27°F



On the banks of River Derwent in southern Derbyshire is the city of Derby, making its location in East Midlands, England. Renowned as one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution, Derby’s industrial reputation lives on in modern times as it is the home of the iconic transport giant, Rolls Royce.

History plays a central role in the city’s contemporary existence, with its rich cultural traditions finding an outlet through numerous live entertainment events and activities. Despite its long industrial past, Derby’s natural landscape remains a sight to behold.

The Museum of Making at Derby Silk Mill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet there is so much more to Derby than that one attraction. Explore magnificent tourist attractions like the Derby Cathedral, Pickford’s House, Darley Park, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Markeaton Park, Bluebell Dairy Farm, East Midlands Aeropark, Locko Park, Derbion, Pride Park Stadium, Famous Trains Model Railway, Derby Theatre, and so much more.

From exploring historical landmarks, museums and galleries during your sightseeing tour to basking in the natural beauty of the parks and gardens, Derby has something in store for everyone. Indulge in live entertainment events and shows and immerse in the adventurous outdoor activities on offer at the city’s various tourist hotspots. Short, comfortable and somewhat cloudy is what summers in Derby look like, while the winters are long, cold and windy. Rainfall in Derby, like much of England, is a regular occurrence. 

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Vibrant, modern, edgy, artistic and beautiful are just some of the words that can be used to describe the largest city in Scotland - Glasgow. Located on the banks of the River Clyde, the city is one of the most important centres for culture and trade in the Western Lowlands. The city is also an important access point for the rest of the country, and the perfect place from which you can explore the rest of the places like the Highlands and the capital city of Edinburgh.

The city is also brimming with some of the most significant historical attractions in the UK, including the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Cathedral, Necropolis, The Botanical Gardens, and The Lighthouse. You can explore the myriad facets of the culture of Glasgow in the many museums that can be found in the city as well. Places like Finestone and Merchant City are also ideal for shopping.

When you are exploring the city, make sure you don’t mind out on some of the essential experiences like walking or cycling tours, visiting the many whiskey distilleries for a taste of the finest whiskey in the world and eating at amazing restaurants that serve delectable Scottish food and also some of the best curries in this part of the world. Glasgow is also known for its vibrant music scene, so make sure you catch a concert while you’re at it.

If you’re wondering when to visit, then the best time would be between March and August when the weather is pleasant and cool, and there is enough daylight. The altitude of Glasgow as well as the mountains and the rivers make it a cold place with little daylight through most part of the year.

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Nottingham is a beautiful city situated in the Nottinghamshire area in the United Kingdom. Home to culture, nightlife, stories, and sports, the city is considered to be one of the perfect places to embrace your independence. From fundamental universities to cultural spaces, Nottingham has everything that is big on fun and small on cost. 

Renowned for its beautiful green spaces, the city of Nottingham consists of stunning nature reserves and rolling hills that fill your heart with a breath of fresh air. The versatile nature of the city offers something for everyone, be it a sports fanatic, a history buff, or a tranquil student experience. Rich in culture and bubbling with fresh flavors, the city provides delicious delights to satisfy your taste buds.

Also known as the Queen of the Midlands, Nottingham is home to some beautiful attractions, like Old Market Square, The Lace Market, The City of Caves, Nottingham Castle, the National Justice Museum, Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Highfields Park, D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, and The Great Central Railway.

A visit to Nottingham provides you with an opportunity to dive into the rich history of the city by unraveling the stories of Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle. Tourists can go outdoors and discover the fascinating network of caves and the mesmerizing Sherwood Forest and have some delicious refreshments at England’s oldest inn. 

In Nottingham, the weather remains warm and temperate with short, comfortable, and partly cloudy summers and long, windy, chilling, and mostly cloudy winters.

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Known as the “happiest place to live in the UK”, Brighton is located in East Sussex in the southern part of England. Situated in the middle of a UNESCO World Biosphere Region, Brighton has been a prominent fixture on the UK’s tourism map ever since its rise in the eighteenth century.

Modern culture mixes with exotic old-world architecture in this seaside city, which has natural beauty and mind-blowing entertainment all blended in for tourists. With its passion for creativity and sustainability, Brighton holds a unique spot in any UK traveller’s itinerary. There’s much to witness and explore in Brighton, but major landmarks that must be on every visitor’s checklist include the Royal Pavilion, The Lanes, British Airways i360, Brighton Beach, North Laine, Brighton Palace Pier, Undercliff Walk, Devil’s Dyke National Trust, Brighton Dome, Volk’s Electric Railway, American Express Community Stadium, and the SEA LIFE Brighton.

A hub of fun and frolic for centuries, Brighton today offers amazing sightseeing opportunities along with adventurous outdoor activities like air-rifle shooting, archery, and treasure hunt tours. Indulge in live cultural entertainment and shop to your heart’s content during your tour of this seaside city. Brighton boasts of warm and temperate climatic conditions, ranging from comfortable summers to cold winters and rainfall throughout the year.

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One of England’s many cathedral cities, Durham lies on the banks of River Wear and is located in north-eastern England. From being a pilgrimage centre in the mediaeval age, Durham is today known as the “City of Medicine” due to its massive healthcare infrastructure. The old city centre, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bears testimony to Durham’s magnificent past and is among the major reasons why Durham is renowned as one of England’s most beautiful cities. The vibrant culture of the city adds to the magical experience with its shopping, dining, and live entertainment avenues.

If you are in Durham, don’t miss out on visiting its top attractions like the Durham Cathedral, The Treasures of St Cuthbert, Durham Castle, Durham University Museum of Archaeology, Oriental Museum, Durham University Botanic Garden, Durham Museum and Heritage Centre, Beamish: The Living Museum of the North, Durham Town Hall, Wharton Park, Finchale Priory, and the Ivesley Equestrian Centre.

Sightseeing in Durham is the ultimate tourist activity, yet if you wish to experience something beyond the obvious, the popular activities include the Stanhope Open Air Swimming Pool, Potter’s World, Spennymoor Leisure Centre, Riverside Cricket Ground, indoor activities like playing bingo and outdoor adventures like axe-throwing and wall climbing, among many others. Durham’s humid subtropical climate makes its summers hot and muggy, winters short and very cold, and the city remains rainy and cloudy throughout the year. 

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This is one of the best places to visit in united kingdom as it is home to around four hundred beaches where you can enjoy kayaking and boating. The dramatic steep-cliffed coves and sweeping stretches of sandy shores make it seem like an absolute haven on Earth.

You can also enjoy swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, and surfing. You can also laze around in the sub-tropical gardens located here that are home to lush flora and fauna. 

Southwest of the United Kingdom

Best Time:
May & June

: vibrant festivals, Tregothnan Tea, Cornish clotted cream, Cornish pasties, vibrant beaches.



Known as the most densely populated city in the UK, Portsmouth is located in Hampshire in southern England. The UK’s only island city, Portsmouth is renowned as the Great Waterfront City and is among the country’s most popular tourist locations. The miles of coastline are dotted with centuries of history, an alluring combination for the adventurous traveller in you. As one of the world’s best-known ports, the natural beauty of Portsmouth is rivalled only by its old-world charm that lives on in the numerous historical structures found throughout the modern city.

Portsmouth has something on offer for all kinds of travellers, and some of its most renowned landmarks include The Mary Rose, Hotwalls Studios, Kings Theatre, Charles Dickens’ Birthplace Museum, Hovertravel, Spinnaker Tower, the D-Day Story, Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery, Gunwharf Quays, St Thomas’ Anglican Cathedral, Cumberland House Natural History, Southsea Castle, The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and the Blue Reef Aquarium.

Take a walk down memory lane as you embark on sightseeing tours and witness the numerous historical landmarks of the city. Indulge in memorable live entertainment and experience the wonder of nature as you participate in adventurous outdoor activities. The coastline is calling you to splash in the waters and create memories of a lifetime with your loved ones. The oceanic city has cold, rainy winters and mild, somewhat rainy summers, making Portsmouth a warm and pleasant city to travel to at any point in the year.

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Inverness is a beautiful city in the Scottish Highlands situated at the mouth of the Ness River. It lies at the end of the Great Glen with Loch Ashie, Loch Duntelchaig, and Loch Ness to the west. Inverness is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern glitz and glamour. It attracts year-round travelers to admire the rugged landscapes and spectacular scenery for which Inverness is famous.

There are many popular attractions in Inverness that should be on the bucket list of every traveler. You can visit Urquhart Castle, which is an ancient fortress and an excellent visitor center. If you wish to explore the Scottish wildlife, you can visit RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, and in order to witness the monastic settlement, you can head to Beauly Priory. There are endless things to do in Inverness to take your Scottish vacation to the next level.

You can stroll through the Inverness Botanic Gardens, admire the beautiful Scots pine trees as you cross Victorian footbridges, and sample traditional Highland hospitality at Hootananny. If you wish to catch a glimpse of the dolphins, you can visit Fort George. Inverness experiences pleasant weather all the year-round with precipitation even during the driest months. January is the coldest month, and July is the warmest month in Inverness.

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Belfast City

It is the capital city of Northern Island and highly famous as it is the birthplace of the classic doomed ocean liner, Titanic. The place continues to increase its number of visitors from year to year because of its wicked sense of humor, warm welcome, enthralling history, and impressive Titanic quarter.

But now the vibrant city is all about welcoming tourists and enjoying character. Moreover, it has a lot of history and culture, including trouble past and fascinating murals making it the best tourist attraction in Ireland. In addition, it has a wide range of species, elegant structures, and beautiful gardens.

Moreover, if you plan to visit the city, don't forget to explore Belfast zoo with 140 species to discover, Titanic Belfast to get a natural feel of the harrowing history, and the Waterfront Hall for world-class entertainment. Now talking about the interesting things you can try in Belfast, don't forget to take an HMS Caroline tour, the last surviving vessel from both the wars. Also, try hiking up the cave hill, riding a city cruiser bike, exploring indoor skydiving, and sky trekking in the hearts of the Belfast Hills. Here, you also don't have to worry about the weather because it has the best weather with slight rain and adequate sunshine from April to October. 

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The largest in the English county of West Yorkshire, Leeds lies on the river Aire and is part of the UK’s fourth largest urban area. The birthplace of carbonated water and the Marks & Spencer clothing brand, Leeds is renowned for its successful sports teams and numerous retail spaces.

One of the most visited cities in England, this old industrial hub has transitioned itself into a modern chic city, incorporating cultural traditions with its historical and natural spaces to offer visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.
Some of the most iconic attractions of Leeds include the famed Civic Quarter, the Headrow, Briggate, The Royal Armouries Museum, St John the Evangelist’s Church, Leeds Corn Exchange, Harewood House, Leeds Industrial
Museum at Armley Mills, Temple Newsam House, Thackray Medical Museum, Lotherton Hall, Abbey House and Museum, Roundhay Park, Golden Acre Park, Yorkshire Dales, Meanwood Valley Trail, and nearby locations like the National Coal Mining Museum and Harrogate.

This university city offers much more than its museums and art galleries, with its shopping scene a major attraction for visitors. Participate in live cultural entertainment at events like the Leeds Festival, the Leeds International Concert Season, and the Leeds International Film Festival. Indulge in the country’s best biking and hiking experiences at Yorkshire Dales, and stroll amidst nature at gigantic parks like the Roundhay and Golden Acre. Warm and temperate, Leeds has comfortably mild summers and cold winters, with rainfall being a regular occurrence throughout the year.

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Coventry, on the banks of the river Sherbourne, is located in the West Midlands region of England and dates back to the Roman era. Among the big cities of the United Kingdom, Coventry was awarded the UK City of Culture in 2021. The legendary sporting city is a bewitching culmination of the natural and the artificial, and the traditional and the modern. Find glimpses of the city’s centuries-old past as you walk through the modern concrete jungle that brings sports and culture together in an unforgettable mix.

Best-in-class sports, world-renowned theatre, stunning country walks – Coventry has a plethora of attractions that cater to every tourist’s itinerary and tastes. The most iconic attractions of the city include the Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry Music Museum, Coventry Cathedral, Coombe Abbey Park, Midland Air Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve, War Memorial Park, St. Mary’s Guildhall, and the Belgrade Theatre.

Explore award-winning museums and galleries, witness the glorious mediaeval architectural heritage, walk across spectacular sculptures and public works, indulge in the world of entertainment with theatres and cultural performances, stroll through parks and gardens, and experience an unmatched adrenaline rush at the myriad sports activities on offer throughout Coventry. Coventry’s summers are mild and somewhat rainy, while the winters are cold and long. All in all, tourists would face pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year.

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The walled cathedral city of Chester can be found on the banks of River Dee, located in Cheshire in north-western England. With a history that can be traced back to the reign of the Romans, Chester is renowned for its Roman city walls and numerous historical structures.

From traces of Romans, Vikings, Saxons, Normans, and mediaeval maritime trade, Chester retains much of its past even in contemporary times. Modern additions like stunning bridges and riverside walks, parks, zoos, and retail and entertainment avenues, make Chester one of the UK’s most-visited tourist attractions.

If you are in Chester, you cannot afford to miss its most popular attractions like the Chester City Walls, Chester Rows, Watergate and Lower Bridge Streets, Chester Cathedral, Chester Cathedral Choir, Chester Roman Amphitheatre, Chester Zoo and Blue Planet Aquarium, Dewa Roman Experience, Roman Gardens, The Groves, St John the Baptist’s Church, Grosvenor Museum, Cheshire Military Museum, Cheshire Workshops, and Beeston and Peckforton Castles.

Chester’s attractions are a sightseeing wonder, and take up much of the city experience. However, the city has many adventures on offer for adrenaline-seeking tourists, ranging from archery and crossbow experiences to horseracing, boat lifting, coasteering, and live cultural entertainment. From beer tasting to interactive activities at the aquarium, Chester has something to offer for tourists of all age groups. Chester has an oceanic climate, which is marked by comfortable summers but very cold winters, along with rainfall throughout the year.

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The capital city of Wales, Cardiff is the largest city in the nation and is part of the Eurocities network of Europe’s largest cities. The most popular destination in Wales, the city has also featured in major international shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Bustling with culture and entertainment, Cardiff is as much a natural paradise as it is a concrete maze. As the mediaeval wonders of the city come abuzz with tourists, so do the numerous natural attractions. From dining at iconic restaurants to staying at spectacular hotels, luxury comes on a budget at Cardiff.

If you are in Cardiff, remember to visit its most popular attractions, the ultimate highlight being Cardiff Castle, where you get to witness 200 years of incredible history. Heritage lives on at the National Museum and St. Fagans, while for those who wish to explore nature’s beauty, Cardiff Bay Barrage and Flat Holm Island are the ideal destinations.

Cardiff is renowned for its adventure-based activities at the Cardiff International White Water. Indulge in the thrills of boat trips, cycling and biking, trekking, and water sports at the various sports centres and outdoor centres of the city. Revel in the beautiful sights and dine and lounge as you travel through this Welsh city.

The oceanic climate of Cardiff ranges from mild and cloudy summers and long and cold winters, and the rainfall here is significant. These pleasant weather conditions make Cardiff popular among visitors throughout the year.

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Renowned as the home port of some of the world’s largest cruise ships, Southampton lies at the confluence of rivers Test, Itchen and Hamble, and is located in Hampshire in the southern part of England. A popular yet infamous association of the city was with the Titanic, which set sail from here on its final voyage.

The historical city is a blend of the past and the present and is a natural paradise. As you explore the environs, the traditional culture seeps through the old buildings and streets. Revel in the maritime charm of the port city as you delve into the magic of Southampton and its attractions.

Southampton’s exciting past can be witnessed in the Mediaeval City Walls, Tudor House and Garden, and the Mediaeval Merchant’s House. Some of the city’s most popular attractions include the National Motor Museum, SeaCity Museum, the Titanic Trail, Steamship Shieldhall, Solent Sky, Old Town and Bargate, Ocean Village, the Hythe Ferry, Netley Abbey, and Mayflower Theatre, among numerous others.

Sightseeing in Southampton is a treat for all kinds of travellers, and so is experiencing the wide variety of live entertainment that the city has to offer. For those seeking an adventure, Southampton has numerous land and water-related outdoor activities that offer unmatched thrills. The weather conditions in Southampton are generally warm and pleasant, with the city experiencing comfortable summers, cold winters and regular rainfall. 

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The historical city of Reading lies on the confluence of the rivers Kennet and Thames and is a popular location in Berkshire in south-eastern England. Known today for organising one of England’s biggest music festivals, Reading has played a pivotal role throughout mediaeval and modern historical periods.

Among the UK’s largest settlements that lack a city status, Reading offers visitors a vibrant urban experience steeped in tradition, culture, history, and modernity. From witnessing traces of the city’s long tryst with history to basking in nature amidst the rush of city life, Reading has all it takes to create the perfect vacation for you.

If you are in Reading, don’t forget to explore the must-see attractions of the city, which include the Reading Museum, Forbury Gardens, Abbey Ruins, Basildon Park, Silchester, Caversham Court, Museum of English Rural Life, Mapledurham House, Kennet and Avon Canal Walk, Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Wellington Country Park, Beale Wildlife Park and Gardens, Cole Museum of Zoology, and The Oracle.

Witness the magic of the world’s oldest pop music festival at the Reading Festival as you tour the city. Explore the historical attractions, museums and art galleries of Reading as you delve into the cultural side of the city. Stroll through the parks and gardens and indulge in shopping expeditions to your heart’s content. Short, comfortable summers, long, cold winters and frequent rainfall characterise the climatic conditions of Reading, making the city pleasant for travel at any point of the year. 

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Located in England’s South Yorkshire is the UK’s “greenest city” and England’s fourth largest city, Sheffield. The home of the world’s oldest football club and ground, Sheffield is a sports legend as well as the meeting point for nature and culture.

This city of innovation has a splendid range of microbreweries and eateries, world-famous live music, vibrant street art, stunning outdoors, critically-acclaimed theatre, amazing exhibitions and festivals, and massive green spaces on offer for visitors. It’s the liveliness of this “Outdoor City” that makes it a staple on every tourist itinerary.

Sheffield offers experiences beyond your expectations, ranging from witnessing the largest urban glasshouse in Europe and the largest theatre complex beyond London. If you are in the city, don’t forget to explore the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield Winter Garden, Sheffield Theatres, Kelham Island, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield Cathedral, The Peak District, National Videogame Museum, National Emergency Services Museum, and the Weston Park Museum.

From exploring museums and galleries, indulging in retail therapy, embarking on nature adventures like rock-climbing, exploring heritage and architecture, visiting parks and gardens, and watching theatre shows, Sheffield has everything a traveller can wish for and more. The bustling yet compact city has moderate weather conditions, where the summers are mild albeit rainy, and the winters are long, cold, and windy. 

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One of England’s classic oceanic cities, Plymouth is located on the southern coast of Devon in southwestern England. Home to the most extensive naval base in western Europe, namely Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth has for centuries held a place of pride as a centre for shipping.

The first thing you would notice about this lively waterfront city is the freshness in the air. With breathtaking views of the ocean and glimpses of the city’s centuries-old historical experiences, Plymouth is a sight to behold with its natural and man-made beauty. If you plan on visiting Plymouth, you cannot afford to miss any of the city’s major tourist hotspots, which range from natural landmarks and historical places to contemporary highlights. Explore the Barbican and Sutton Harbour, National Marine Aquarium, Mount Edgcumbe, Sir Francis Drake, Plymouth Pavilions, Dartmoor National Park, Smeaton’s Tower, The Arts Institute, Tinside Lido, Mayflower Steps, The City Centre, Dartmoor Zoological Park, Theatre Royal Plymouth, and the Plymouth Gin Distillery.

From sightseeing iconic attractions to exploring the waterfront, indulge in the vibrant live events and cultural festivals organised throughout the year in Plymouth. Dine to your heart’s content on local cuisines and shop till you drop during your tour of this renowned port city. Plymouth experiences a temperate oceanic climate, which means the winters are cold and rainy while the summers are mild and somewhat rainy.

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One of the UK’s iconic cathedral cities, Peterborough lies on the banks of River Nene and is located in the Cambridgeshire district north of London in England. Among the important centres of the Industrial Age, the city is best known for its unique cathedral, which is one of the most intact Norman structures and is known for its early English Gothic West Front.

Witness the vibrance of a bustling metropolis with a delectable culinary scene, bewitching live entertainment, numerous award-winning green spaces, stunning nature reserves, and a past dating back hundreds of years at one of the busiest spaces in eastern England.

Explore Peterborough and its stunning tourist attractions like the iconic Peterborough Cathedral, the calming landscape of Nene Park and Ferry Meadows, the ancient Flag Fen, and the city’s rail heritage at Nene Valley Rail and Railworld Wildlife Haven. The best of rural Peterborough is at Burghley House, John Clare Cottage, and Sacrewell, while shopping finds its ultimate haven at Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Experience the magic of live events, markets, and festivals and indulge in delicious local food and drinks at the indie eateries and pubs. If thrills are what you seek, choose from various options like wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, skydiving, and axe-throwing. Peterborough’s moderate climatic conditions, ranging from mild summers to cold winters and regular rainfall, make the city ideal for visiting at any time of the year.

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Attractions to Visit in United Kingdom

One of the most iconic historical sites in the world, the Tower of London is not just a backdrop but the lead actor in various significant events in British history. The tower has other attractions which draw non-military visitors to it. The tower’s history as a prison for various famous and unexpected prisoners attracts visitors. The tower is now a world heritage site and the most famous castle, attracting 2 million visitors annually. 

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The London Eye, one of the world's tallest overhung observation wheels, offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. This gorgeous and unique observational wheel, also known as the Coca-Cola London Eye has 32 high-tech glass capsules or pods inside which you can stand and whirl like a large Ferris wheel.

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Royal Yacht Britannia used to be the Palace on Water of Queen Elizabeth and is now the most renowned tourist attraction in Scotland. Step aboard this ship and follow the footsteps of royalty as you make your way to the elegant State Apartments and the gleaming Engine Room.

This ship has served the Royal Family for over forty-four years, traveling across over one million miles and undergoing nine hundred and sixty-eight state visits. It had a fifty-six-seat state dining room, 24-hour laundry, a state drawing-room, separate sitting rooms and bedrooms for the Duke and Queen of Edinburgh, and a sun lounge.

Location: Ocean Drive Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ Scotland
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Windsor Castle

This is famed to be a working royal palace where the Queen spends most of her weekends. It is the oldest castle in the world that is open to visitors all around the year. You can witness here the luxurious State Apartments that are used by the members of the Royal Family.

The changing of Guards is a major event that is organized here that is a colorful spectacle of the British pageantry. You can also witness here St George's Chapel, which is the finest example of Gothic architecture.

Location: Castle Hill, SL4 1PD, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Best Time: Evening

Highlights: State Apartments, St George's Chapel, changing of Guards, moat room.



Stonehenge is an iconic prehistoric ruin that was constructed in six stages between 1520 and 3000 BCE and is considered to be one of the best places to see in united kingdom. This massive stone monument has been referred to be a burial place, a place of worship, and a calendar by the archeologists.

It consists of a huge circle of boulders that surround four massive trilithons; and a smaller circle dating to the early Bronze Age and late Neolithic times. It is believed that it was built to study the movement of the moon and sun, and it was also used for funerals.

Location: Off A344 Road, Amesbury, Wiltshire - SP4 7DE

Best Time: Evening

Highlights: stone monument, 3000 years old boulders.

Edinburgh Castle is a world-famous destination in Scotland and forms a part of Edinburgh’s world heritage sites. It dominated the skyline for centuries as a defender of the nation and a well-renowned visitor attraction that fascinates the visitors due to its magnificent architecture. Visit the castle at 1 pm to witness the One O’clock Gun, which is fired every day (except Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday). Taking a stroll through Edinburgh Castle feels like wandering into the real setup of the show "Game of Thrones".

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St Paul’s Cathedral London is home to an enormous array of art. You can discover a trail of artwork around the Cathedral and theological messaging behind them. The church owns a specific design of the cathedral’s dome, where sound carries incredibly well across the whispering gallery, which goes thirty meters up. You can see fantastic art masterpieces in this church, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Alton Towers is the United Kingdom's largest theme park, encompassing 3.7 km2 in central Staffordshire. Alton Towers has a variety of rides and activities for the whole family's enjoyment. Theme Park goes from all over the UK and abroad to Alton Towers since it is the most well-known and popular one. Set in the picturesque Staffordshire countryside, the resort features a theme park, Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel, Waterpark, Spa, and the Extraordinary Golf and Conference Center. Alton Towers is a beautiful spot for a family day out because more than 75 rides are available for guests, including thrilling rides, spooky rides, rides for younger children, and a range of attractions.

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Featured in several Hollywood movies, the beautiful London Bridge is known as the World’s largest antique and a worldwide famous attraction. Spread over 269 meters, the London Bridge is one of the many bridges in London straddling the River Thames between Borough High Street in SouthWark and King William Street in Lake Havasu City.

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The attraction of Chester Zoo is amongst the must places to visit in Chester as it brings the living beings of the wildlife to you while making you learn about their natural habitats. The preservation efforts of the attraction are aimed towards the conservation of wildlife and creating awareness about their natural habitats.

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National Museum Of Scotland

This is one of the best tourist places in united kingdom that houses around twenty thousand objects aiming to give you the view of the rich history and diverse culture of Scotland. From scientific breakthroughs to exquisite art and fashion from centuries, you'll see tons of things on display at this museum.

You can also witness the national collection of Scottish archaeological finds and medieval objects. The entire museum is divided into different sections ranging from science & technology to weapons and archeology.

Location: Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF, United Kingdom

Best Time To Visit: Evening


Cardiff Castle

This is a Victorian Gothic revival mansion and medieval castle that became the witness of the brutal revolt of Owain Glyndwr. One of the fascinating secrets of Cardiff is the extensive network of underground tunnels that were used as shelters during World War II.

It has lavishly decorated rooms, beautiful grounds, and a clock tower. The fascinating part of the castle is the Museum of the Welsh Soldier that displays memorabilia from around three hundred years of service by the Welsh regiments. It also organizes two hundred Welsh banquets every year, where you can enjoy traditional Welsh food and unlimited entertainment

Location: Castle Street, Cardiff CF10 3RB Wales, United Kingdom

Best Time: Morning

Highlights: Clock tower, Museum of the Welsh Soldier, banquets.


Castle Howard

This is a stately home located in North Yorkshire that has been the home to the Carlisle branch of Howard's family for more than three hundred years. It is known for its impressive architecture and breathtaking furnishings, which makes it one of the best places to see in united kingdom.

Many shows are regularly organized here, and many television series have been filmed here such as the Victoria and Brideshead Revisited. The ornamental vegetable garden, formal parterres, and rose garden make it one of the best tourist places in united kingdom. You can also witness here world-renowned collection gathered by the succeeding generation of the Howard family.

Location: York YO60 7DA England

Best Time: Evening

Highlights: statues, lakes, fountains, adventure playground, landscaped gardens.

Located in London’s West End, Covent Garden is an exciting, must-visit location for anyone who loves culture, history, bands, restaurants, theater, and shopping. It is also famous for its vast market, Somerset House, Royal Opera House, and London Transport Museum. Music festivals and street performances are unique and should not be missed. Neal’s Yard and Apple market are the best market places to visit in Covent Garden UK.

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Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle is the most magical destination in the UK known for its unique range of shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and teahouses. This civil parish and beautiful village is the site of a ruined castle that dominates the Purbeck landscape. It also has two breathtaking museums where you can witness the archeological exhibits as well as old age paintings.

The most notable attraction here is the Corfe Castle on which the village was named. This castle is a fortification and a Norman fortress that stands above the village and is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the united kingdom.

Location: The Square, Corfe Castle BH20 5EZ England

Best Time: Morning

Highlights: restaurants, hotels, teahouses, Castle.

The magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Mother Church of the global Anglican Communion. It also features elements of numerous architectural styles from several ages and is one of the most significant & ancient Christian structures in the nation.

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Home to an extensive collection of marvellous paintings, sculptures, Art Nouveau items, and furniture, this museum boasts a total of 22 theme-based galleries. Here, you will find more than 8000 extraordinary objects belonging to natural history, arms, art movements, etc. 

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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Home to picture-postcard villages, historic castles, and limestone valleys, Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of the best places to visit in united kingdom. This national park has something for everyone; whether you want solitude or limitless adventure or relaxation, you'll find everything over here to satiate your wishes.

It houses some of the best waterfalls, such as the Cotter Force, Stainforth Force, and Aysgarth Falls. It is also famed to be one of the best places to see in united kingdom as you can spot here a wide variety of animals ranging from Red squirrels to cows and foxes.

Location: North Yorkshire, Cumbria & Lancas.

Best Time: Morning

Highlights: Waterfalls, gorges, hikes, caravan park, White Scar Caves.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in England is the British Museum, which is situated in the Bloomsbury neighborhood. It is one of the largest and most significant institutions in the history and culture of the human race. If you're wondering what you can find in this country's oldest museum, you can expect to find collections of works of art, books, and other artifacts that tell the story of human history. The Egyptian Jewels on show at the place's display for human amazement are the main draw for tourists.

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Black Country Living Museum is one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Wolverhampton, which has won many awards. It is an open-air museum that documents the story of initial industrialized zones in Britain. The authorities have carefully restored the shops, buildings, and other forms of architecture, highlighting Black Country's evolution.

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This art museum on Millbank is among the most popular places to visit in the United Kingdom as it houses works of art that date back to more than a hundred years. It comprises paintings and sculptures that have been created by some of the greatest Masters in the world.

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Described as one of the greatest buildings of the middle ages, the Caernarfon Castle finds place in the list of top places to visit in the United Kingdom. The fortress palace displays brilliant architectural work and holds more than 700 years of rich history within its walls.

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Visit the Royal Museums Greenwich and explore the country’s rich maritime history and exquisite works of art. This is also one of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom as it houses the famous Royal Observatory Greenwich, the National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House art gallery.

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Popularly referred to as the Roman Wall or the Picts’ Wall, this is among the most interesting places to visit in the United Kingdom. It is a symbol of the city’s defenses, rich history, and dramatic landscape and today houses several fascinating sites such as Housesteads Roman Fort, and Corbridge Roman Town among others.

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This stately house has been home to nearly 16 generations of the Devonshire family and is today one of the most spectacular places to visit in the United Kingdom. It boasts over 25 elegant rooms and retells the interesting tale of each generation that has inhabited this fine country house.

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People Also Ask About United Kingdom

  1. What are the best cities to visit in the United Kingdom?

    1. Bristol: Famed to be one of the best places to see in united kingdom, Bristol seems to be bursting with creativity, art, and scenic wonders. It has the best suspension bridges, art galleries, and shopping malls.

    2. Cardiff: 
    This is one of the best tourist attractions that is dotted with castles and historic houses. From watersports activities to lively nightlife and vibrant food scene, Cardiff offers everything that you can dream of.

    3. London: Visit the capital of England which is also one of the best places to visit in United Kingdom not only for its magnificent architecture but also a variety of things to do and see. You can explore its wonderful pub and food scene, designer stores, vintage boutiques, elegant markers, and vast green spaces. 

    4. Birmingham:
    One of the major cities of England, Birmingham hosts some of the most important museums, shopping centers, and restaurants in the country. You can also explore its various galleries and a mind blowing chocolate factory when in the city. 

    5. Edinburgh:
    Counted among the best places to visit in the United Kingdom Edinburgh is known for its distinct architecture and rich natural landscapes. The Scottish capital city houses the majestic Edinburgh castle that is one of Europe’s oldest fortified sites. You can also visit the iconic Calton Hill or Arthur’s Seat, and the Royal Mile among several others, when here. 

  2. What are the famous attractions in UK?

    1. London Eye: This is the largest ferris wheel in the world that carries around eight hundred passengers for a thirty-minute ride.

    2. Big Ben: 
    This is the enormous 14-tonne bell that has been placed above the Houses of Parliament at the top of the Tower Clock.

    3. Buckingham Palace: 
    Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the monarch of Britain since 1837. It has 775 rooms where you can witness royal collections, including an array of artwork and finest French furniture.

    4. View From The Shard:
    Plan a trip to one of the most famous UK tourist attractions which is essentially an observation deck between the 68th and 72nd floors of the tallest building in London, The Shard. The magnificent sights of the entire city visible from here are just breathtaking and ones that you should not miss when here.

  3. Where can I go for a day trip in the UK?

    1. Cornwall: This is one of the best places to visit in united kingdom for a day trip and you can witness here sleepy towns, peaceful coves, sun kissed beaches and architectural ruins. 

    2. Cambridge: 
    Cambridge is the best destination for a day trip from the UK, and you can witness here the stunning colleges, museums, art galleries, and bridges.

    3. Bath: 
    Just two hours from Central London, Bath is one of the best places to visit in united kingdom for a day trip. You can explore here Roman Baths, Benedictine monasteries, and Roman Temples.

  4. Which are the romantic places to visit in the UK?

    1. Lake District: This is one of the most romantic destinations in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy boating, or you can even cruise on the lake for a memorable experience.

    2. New Forest: 
    Set off hand in hand as you explore the woodlands of this beautiful forest that is home to rich flora and fauna and low valleys.

    3. Whitstable: 
    This coastal town is a haven for the lovebirds as you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe on the sandy beaches, and you can also enjoy seafood at the quaint restaurants.

    4. Abbey Garden: 
    This is one of the best places to see in united kingdom for couples who're looking to discover some splendid sceneries and breathtaking landscapes.  It has a wide variety of trees, flowers, and plants that you can't find anywhere else in the country.

  5. What is the best time to visit the UK?

    May to March is considered to be the best time to visit the UK as the weather remains extremely pleasant, and the parks seem to be blooming with greenery. During this time most of the attractions are less overcrowded which gives you a chance to explore these landmarks without the hustle and bustle. The ideal weather during this time also makes it possible to enjoy tons of outdoor activities.

  6. What is the most beautiful part of the UK?

    The Jurassic Coast is considered to be the most beautiful part of the UK due to its incredible collection of rocks, landforms, lush flora and fauna  and fossils.  The diverse landscape and the stunning views that this place offers makes it a feast for the senses. It is also dotted with dramatic cliffs, spectacular sea stacks and arches making it a fairyland for the visitors. 

  7. What is the UK famous food?

    1. Cream Tea
    2. Faggots
    3. Cottage Pie
    4. Fish and Chips
    5. Spotted Dick
    6. Trifle
    7. Cornish Pastry
    8. Bread and butter pudding
    9. English Breakfast
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