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What You Should Know More About Austria

  • Travel Advice

    • Make sure you have a medical or travel insurance before going to Austria.

    • You can easily spot an ATM after a distance of 2-5 km. So, make sure when you go out there is just enough cash that lets you commute and enjoy. Carrying excess cash can be an invitation for pick pockets.

    • Strictly avoid traveling alone during the night hours.

    • Make sure whenever you go in secluded trails or destinations, you are in a group.

    • Don’t let anyone mislead you. Gather sufficient information whenever you are traveling to a new place.

    • Stay away from drugs or narcotics in any form.

    • If you are up for some trekking, do wear comfortable shoes as the trails are steep here.

    • Carry your first aid kit with you.

    • Trekkers must have a trekking kit with them.

    • Dress appropriately if you go to a religious place.

    • Don’t photograph wherever prohibited.

    • Film or take videos only with permissions.  

    • Hire a guide only from a reputed agency.

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Austria is 16 years.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Melk Abbey

    Melk Abbey is a famous and renowned monastery which has acquired global recognition. It is situated over a cliff from where you can enjoy the view of the silent waters of Danube River. In 1089, the castle of Leopold II was granted to the monks. Since that time it has been a centre for learning and meditation. This attractive spiritual center is perfect for sightseeing because it contains a marvelous Baroque architecture along with traces of liberal art from the ancient era.

    Seefeld, Tyrol

    This location has been the home for two Winter Olympics.  Seefeld is known for its cross-country skiing center. This area has terrains that are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate level skiers. The natural setup of Seefeld is very amusing that is admired by tourists who plan a stay in this region. You can call it the prime attraction of Tyrol state which is perfect for cold-weather sports along with warm-weather hiking. The level of accommodation in Seefeld is very grand and relaxing.

    Hofburg Imperial Palace

    You cannot miss a chance to view the greatest Hofburg Imperial Palace situated in Vienna. One will be amazed to know that, this palace serves as the residence for the President of Austria. The castle has a brief history which is very impressive. Under the Holy Roman Empire, this structure acted as the seat of the emperors and kings during the period of 1438 to 1583. Later on, the Emperor of Austria had his possession over the seat till 1918. The Imperial Palace is tagged as one of the best places to see in the country.

    Innsbruck Altstadt

    This region is full of snowcapped mountains which makes Innsbruck soothing and picturesque. The Alpine mountain range surely helps to pull a lot of tourists during the year. You will be surprised to know that, the area is a mixture of pristine landscape and a rich urban center. Altstadt is a popular medieval town in Innsbruck which possesses unique architecture. Shopping is one of the prime tasks accessed by tourists because of the presence of interesting shops. The famous landmark in this area is the Golden Roof. This house was built basically for the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I. You can examine thousands of gilded copper tiles which are present on this structure.

    Schonbrunn Palace

    The Schonbrunn Palace is counted as one of the top tourist places in Vienna. This palace has an exotic design that consists of 1,441 rooms. The construction started in 1696 and was completed in 1712. Emperor Leopold I was the person behind the establishment of this marvelous structure. You can visit the Palace Park so as to check out various attractions such as the old zoo, Privy Garden and a labyrinth, which is a marble-made summerhouse. This landmark is located over a 60 meter tall cliff.


    Hallstatt is a serene village located in the Salzkammergut region. The salt production in this area is very popular. This business has kept Hallstatt wealthy since many years. Tourists can examine the splendid baroque village which has been established in a very wonderful manner. You can call Hallstatt as one of the must visit resorts in Austria.

  • What you will like there?


    The landscape of Austria is breathtaking. It boasts of crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains and luscious forests. It offers an instinctive playground for all the adventure enthusiasts. You can carry out adventure activities like mountain biking, hiking or forest climbing.    

    Formula One

    Ever since 2011, Red Bull Ring, Spielberg was reinstated. It hosts Formula One racing every summer. So, if you cannot watch the race you can definitely enjoy a short driving experience on the track.  

    The Brothers Grimm

    Those who love and enjoy Brothers Grimm fairy tales can definitely get immense pleasure by introducing the new generation to these fanciful fables at the Enchanted Forest of Styria theme park. Meeting the characters here is an important thing to do.  


    Apfelstrudel is undoubtedly the most famous dish of Austria. It is basically a dessert which is a traditional pastry that is a perfect reward after you tire yourself with some alpine hiking. It is usually served as an afternoon snack with some hot coffee.


    The classic music lovers will never find a better destination than the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg. Folk music too has been an integral part of Austria’s tradition. Several classic musical events and festivals are organized here in the months of July and August.


    Kids will love the life sized dinosaur models in the Styrassic Park of Austria. It is located about 65 km from Graz in Bad Gleichenberg. A lot of family based activities are organized here. You can find over 75 different types of dinosaurs here.

    Winter sports (even in summer)

    Dachstein which is a home to the alpine glacier is your go to place when you want to have some fun and thrill doing snowboarding and summer skiing. Here you can venture on the Skywalk and explore the interiors of the glacier in the ice palace.


    Only at a distance of 5 km from Camping Bella in Austria is the magnificent Günster Waterfall. This is the highest waterfall of the Styria region. There are steps and walkways here ever since 1906 which makes this place accessible. Further astray are the Krimml Waterfalls that lie near the Salzburg. These are highest waterfalls of the central Europe.


    How can you complete your visit to Austria, without trying its local booze? Try out the Gölles Schnapps that is made using the Styrian fruit juice. For those of you inquisitive beings who wish to know how this is distilled, you must make a visit to the Gölles Schnapps distillery and vinegar factory.  

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