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What You Should Know More About Germany

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Germany is 16 years.

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    The Rhine Valley

    One of the most important waterway of Europe, Rhine, is simply beautiful. Spanning over a length of 1320 km, this beautiful river stretches from Switzerland while passing through Germany and finally entering Netherlands. There are a number of places in Germany from where you can catch a glimpse of this river however the Upper Middle Rhine Valley region is indeed the best place to enjoy the majestic river. Often dramatic, the river sprawls over a 65 km stretch and boasts of 60 picturesque medieval towns and 40 castles that are all waiting for you to explore on a river cruise. You can even explore the area via car. One of the best places to start your cruise is Bingen. It is the place where the river cuts through deep gorge before finally coming to the Bacharach valley.

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber

    Rothenburg is an old Franconian imperial city. It is indeed one of the most fascinating cities of Germany. The romantic Road tourist route lies on the steep banks of the magnificent River Tauber. Its towers and walls have been untouched every since the 1618’s, Thirty Years War. The place has neatly preserved the ideal medieval town vibe with its endless charm. Some of the individual buildings here that demand your attention include the St.-Georgs-Brunnen fountain, Town Hall, Ratstrinkstube, Imperial City Museum and St. James's Church. Taking a stroll along the streets can be one timeless experience.

    The Black Forest

    The Black Forest is undoubtedly one of the most frequented landmarks of Germany. Situated in the south western corner of Germany, the forest extends to over 160 km from High Rhine in the south to Pforzheim in the north. Indeed, a paradise for the hikers, this place is a must visit during your holiday to Germany. On the western end, the forest descends steeply to the Rhine that is brimming with the lush valleys. In the eastern end, there are slopes which are gentle down to the Danube valleys and upper Neckar. The oldest ski region of Germany, Todtnau is a great spot for adventure lovers. You can also come here for the magnificent spa facilities available here at Baden-Baden. Other things that demand your attention include the beautiful resort of Bad Liebenzell, Black Forest Railway, Triberg and Black Forest Open Air Museum.

    Sanssouci Park and Palace, Potsdam

    Beautiful Sanssouci Park was laid out in the period spanning from 1744 to 1756. It is indeed one of the most celebrated examples of Potsdam Rococo. The park presents the personal influence of Frederick the Great. Inclusive of the numerous greenhouses, Baroque flower garden and than 3,000 fruit trees, strolling around the park is indeed one of the best things to do in Germany. Known for its two-and-a-half-kilometer-long avenue, gorgeous gardens, perfect lawns and protected by trimmed hedges, nature lovers will enjoy being here. Here there are a variety of park buildings that demand your attention. One such building is the Picture Gallery that houses a vast collection of art. Other places to see include the Roman Baths complex and Chinese House.    

    Insel Mainau: the Flower Island of Lake Constance

    Insel Mainau is a magnificent Flower Island found on the alluring lake Constance. Spread over an area of 110 acres, the island attracts several visitors who come here to see the different parks and gardens that are located here. Most of these gardens are brimming with tropical and semi tropical vegetation. You can access the island via boat. Another means to reach the island is via a pedestrian bridge that connects the island to the mainland. Be assured to spend some additional time apart from the two hours that will be need to explore the landmark properly. Another sightseeing attraction here is the 18th-century Schloss, which is known for its beautiful gatehouse, White Hall and old defensive tower.

    The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall may not be the most picturesque places to see in Germany however The Berlin Wall and what lies left to it is something that every visitor to Berlin must visit. Built in the year 1961, The Berlin Wall has the most remarkable manifestation of the Cold war mentality which existed after WWII and by the period it was torn down, it further extended to about 155 kms. Thankfully, almost all the remains of the wall today are tiny graffiti-covered sections which put forth a stark reminder of over 70 people who died here when trying to escape from the East.   

    Berlin's Brandenburg Gate

    Berlin's Brandenburg Gate was built in the year 1791 for the King Frederick William II. Modeled on the Athens’s Acropolis, the gate is a monumental sandstone located in the Berlin's Mitte district. It is the first example of Neo classical architecture in the city. Being 26 meters in height, the gate has a beautiful four horse chariot nestled on the top.

    Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

    Situated on the banks of River Rhine, the towering Cathedral of Kölner Dom and St. Mary is an interesting tourist attraction of Germany. This beautiful masterpiece is known for its high Gothic architecture and is also one of the largest landmarks of Europe. The construction for the cathedral began in the year 1248 and it is indeed one of the most ambitious building project of the Middle Ages. Spanning over an area of 6166 square meters, the cathedral boasts of 56 huge pillars.  

    Königssee (King's Lake)

    King’s Lake also known as the Bavarian lake is indeed one of the most important tourist attractions of the Berchtesgadener Land. Located in proximity to Salzburg which is a haven for hikers, you definitely must visit the lake to relax and unwind. Another attractive sightseeing option is the boat trip which will lead you to the northern end’s Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomew that has been in existence since the 17th century. From here, you can take a walk to the Obersee.

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    Museums of Berlin

    In the heart of Berlin lies the Museum Island. It is a strip of land lying in the Spree River where a number of the most impressive museums of the country are located. Pergamon Museum is known to have the most incredible building that has been carefully deconstructed, shipped to Berlin from round the globe. Thereafter, it has reconstructed here. One of the best places to see is the Pergamon Altar.

    Driving Romantic Road

    Take a beautiful road trip that passes through the Bavaria. It takes in few of the most beautiful and interesting traditional towns of Germany. The place is also known for a series of beautiful castles that you can explore along your way.

    Enjoying a Drink During Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest is a party that is celebrated all across the Germany and the world. However, the biggest celebration of the fest takes place in Munich. Here the beer halls fill to bursting. Several huge drinking tents are also erected all around the city. You have a number of beers to try along with the wonderful camaraderie that is shared by all.

    Explore the Historic Sights of Nuremberg

    Nuremberg is known majorly for its medieval architecture. All this make it a magnificent tourist attraction. Be it exploring of the state theatre or the old city walls, churches or castle, this magnificent city has a lot for you to see. You also have a few surprises waiting to be unfolded when you come across the modern architecture which is on display in the city.

    Snow Sports in the Bavarian Alps

    The Alps Mountains are a stunning range which shares its border with Austria. During the winter months, you can carry out a range of adventure activities such as snowboarding and skiing here. Besides the other winter sports, sightseeing is also a great thing to do to explore the local rural Bavarian culture.

    Germany is a Safe and Secure Country

    Germany is known to one of the safest countries of Europe. The crime rate in Germany is very low. There is a very little risk for the travelers who visit this beautiful country. You may also not have to face any risk of threat or pick pockets in Germany. Moreover, the locals of Germany are incredibly humble, generous and polite. They make for great hosts and will try their best to help you if you find yourself in any difficulty.

    Transportation in Germany

    One of the most significant aspect of German transportation is the autobahn which is a complex highway system. Besides this, a good network of bus and efficient train systems will also help you travel around the country with absolute ease.

    Visiting the Old and the New in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is one city that is known for its interesting contrasts. It is a financial powerhouse of the country that is also a home to some of the most interesting range skyscrapers. You can also find a vast variety of historic architecture here. For those who are interested in architecture and history of the city, Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral and old City Hall are believed to be the most magnificent examples.

    See the Amazing Surroundings of the Black Forest

    Black Forest, lies in the south western end of the country. It has long been a vital resource for Germany both in terms of mines and the forestry in this region. This area offers scenic surroundings for mountain biking and hiking in summer and spring months. Skiing is a great water sport for you to enjoy in the winter.

    English is a Common Language

    In case your skills in the local language is limited, your knowledge of English can be extremely helpful. Germany has a vast population that known how to speak English that to fluently. So, if you face hassles in communicating, try English and you have you way easy.

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