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Curating some the best Rome Tours, Thrillophilia has brought Rome Tour Packages, Rome Honeymoon Packages, Rome Adventure Packages, and Rome Sightseeing Packages. All these packages offer a complete travel overview about Rome and its culture. Our perfectly catered packages will offer you flawless services in the foreign land. We have included many fun activities and adventure happenings in the packages to make it more interesting and memorable.

Our Rome holiday packages let you enjoy a wonderful and comfortable stay in some of the selected luxury hotels in Rome. They are carefully designed to include scrumptious breakfast, local sightseeing, adventurous activities, and other favorite tourist attractions offered by the place to make your vacation is surreal and exotic. That being said, we can also customize your chosen Rome vacation package according to your requirements and objectives. If you wish to have a more exquisite experience, you can opt for our theme based Rome packages that allow you to spend your holiday in your own style and collect special memories that will always remain close to your heart.

With our tour packages to Rome, you will be spending time in the Colosseum, exploring artifacts in the Vatican Museum, going on discovery tours on the Appian Way, and much more. Rome is the land of architectural marvels and we have covered everything starting from antique remains at the Roman Forum to gazing at the Pantheon and from visiting peter’s basilica to climbing the Spanish steps.

Rome is a city of magical optical illusions and the Rome Packages from India will be exquisite vacations. You can have all the fun in one of your visit to this place with our package. Check out what’s for you and book an amazing trip with us. If you like to add some more fun, then we will do it for sure without letting you compromise on fun.

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Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
Cycling Tour in Iconic Italy 9D 8N ₹ 80642 4.0 star View Details
Tour Italy over 9 Days 9D 8N ₹ 81260 4.0 star View Details
Mediterranean Sightseeing Tour: from Rome to Barcelona 7D 6N ₹ 81581 3.0 star View Details
  • l
    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the ActivityFixed Departure: 25 AugustĀ 2016.If you've ever wanted to experience the seat of Roman civilization, head out on this cycling tour through iconic Italy.This 9 day 8 night tour will let you experience the best of Italy as you make your way through iconic ...

    Very Good 4.0
    28 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the ActivityTo experience the seat of Roman civilization, head out on this tour through iconic Italy for 9 days.This 9 day 8 night tour will let you experience the best of Italy as you make your way through iconic locations and see sights so beautiful, you will be ...

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

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  • d7 Days n6 Nights

    About the Activity:Rome, Rapallo, Nice, Barcelona! These are some of the major cities you can visit while you partake inĀ this 7 days guided tour of Europe. Head to see these prominent cities have to offer.Starting from Rome, you will be taken to witness the pride the Lea...

    Good 3.0
    39 ratings

    Starting from


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What You Should Know More About Tours in Rome

  • Q. Which are the best tourist attractions in Rome?

    Here are some of the best tourist attractions that you can visit with our Rome Tour Packages:

    The Colosseum: The Colosseum is a classic example of the Roman architecture of Amphitheatre, which was used for hosting cultural performances, festivals, games, circuses, and many more. It is a four-story building that was constructed in late AD 72 that used to accommodate various classes of audience.

    Vatican City: This city is the smallest country in the world spread over an area of about half a square kilometer. The city is blessed to have St. Peter’s Basilica and the famous Vatican Palace.

    The Pantheon: The Pantheon happens to be one of the most preserved Roman architectures. It is one of the marvels of Roman architecture which has been standing tall for more than 2000 years.

    Roman Forum: When you pass through the Roman Forum, you would feel like you are stepping into the past. You can feel the splendor of the triumphal arches and intricately designed walls. It was an important center of the political and religious life of Romans.

    Rome Package tour offers an amazing exploration tour to all these places.

  • Q. What are the must-do things in your Rome tour?

    Gaze towards the heaven at the Pantheon: Being in the Pantheon is one of its kind experiences. It is an iconic Roman building and is one of the largest unreinforced dome ever built with concrete.

    Pay homage at St Peter's Basilica: Paying homage at the St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the very first things to do in Rome. You can spend time analyzing the intricate artisanship in Michelangelo's pieta statue and the Bernini’s Baldachin here.

    Hang out on Piazza Navona: If you love to watch live performances, then this is the place for you. You can enjoy daily circus and street artists performing their acts in front of the baroque Palazzi and ornamental fountains.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Rome?

    If you are watching out for the best time to come to Rome, you can plan to visit in the middle of May and mid – September. You can plan for Rome Tours in this time for the best ever experience.

    Summer Season: The summer season extends from June to October. The summers are hot and humid and the temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. It is mainly the time for the celebration of festivals in Rome.

    Autumn Season: Rome experiences the Autumn season from the middle of October to the end of November. The temperature starts getting mild and it’s time for leaves to change colors.

    Winter Season: Winter is the worst time in Rome. It is mainly the time when the whole of Rome decides to hibernate. The temperature may fall below 3 degrees Celsius.

  • Q. How to reach Rome from India?

    You can reach Rome from India by a flight, which takes close to 8 hours 30 minutes. You can get down at any of the two international airports of Rome - Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino International Airport and G.B. Pastine/Ciampino International Airport.

    After landing at the airport you can head out to your favorite location on rental cabs. You can easily get direct flights to Rome from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Choose Rome Tour Packages from India and travel to this land of divinity and architectural marvels.

  • Q. Do I need a visa for Rome?

    Rome comes under the Schengen agreement and it is mandatory to have a Schengen Visa. The visa is valid for 90 days and if you wish to stay any longer, then you would need to extend the visa.

  • Q. How much time does it take and cost to get a visa to Rome?

    Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 days to get a Visa to Rome. However, it can also take up to 60 days under some exceptional circumstances.

    If you are willing to come to Rome for a short period, then it costs about 60 Euros and if you wish to stay for long then you need to pay 116 Euros. Most of the Rome Packages include this cost of immigration.

  • Q. Why is Vatican City famous?

    The Vatican City is known all over the world for being the headquarters of the Roman Catholic churches. It is also widely acknowledged for its popular paintings and sculptures that are present in more than a few cultural sites like the St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museum, and Sistine Chapel. Vatican City is also known for its museums.

    The museum in Vatican City is spread over a large area and it encompassed a huge number of artifacts of the 16th century from all over the world. These museums serve a great part of the economy of Vatican City. Rome Holiday packages often include a complete tour in and around the Vatican city.

  • Q. Which are the best churches in Rome?

    The Rome Tour Package takes you to some of the best churches in the city. You can pay homage as well as get lost in the intricate designs. Some of the must-visit churches are:

    St. Peter’s Basilica: This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Rome as the Basilica happens to be the largest religious structure of Catholicism in the world. It is one of the tallest constructions in the city and was rebuilt in the 16th century.

    Saint John Lateran: The Saint John Lateran is the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome and it is considered to be the mother of all catholic churches. It happens to be one of the oldest churches in the city and was built by Constantine.

    Santa Maria Maggiore: This happens to be the oldest and the largest church that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. You can find the entire course of Christian art all through the church.

  • Q. Why is Rome famous for art and architecture?

    The architecture of Rome has played a great role in unifying its empire. You can find intricate artworks on all the basilicas, bridges, and buildings. You will fall in love with the Roman arches, domes, temples, and theaters on your exploration tour. Rome Holiday Packages offer a closer trail through all these artistic marvels.

  • Q. How much time do I need to explore Rome?

    If you want to explore all the places of tourist attraction in Rome, then you need to spend at least three days. On day one, you can visit the Colosseum. Then you can visit The Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica on the second day.

    Moreover, on day three, you can explore Basilica San Clemente and Rome Catacombs. Opting for a decent Rome Tour Package will take you through everything that’s important in this city.

  • Q. What about the temperature in Daytime & Nighttime in Rome?

    The temperature in the daytime remains in the range of 89 F to 95 F and in the nighttime, the temperature remains in the range of 28 F to 37 F. The perfect Rome Package is best enjoyed when the temperatures are mild.

  • Q. What are the best places to stay in Rome?

    You can stay and experience the magic of Rome in some of these amazing places when you have come here on a well-curated Rome Tour Package:

    Palazzo Manfredi - Relais & Chateaux: The Palazzo Manfredi - Relais & Chateaux is situated close to the famous Colosseum. It also has a rooftop restaurant for evening get together and parties. The restaurant offers amazing international cuisines.

    J.K. Place Roma: J.K. Place Roma is a boutique hotel that would provide you a picture-perfect luxury stay in Rome. This hotel has an in-house restaurant and a boutique.

  • Q. What are the best historical places in Rome?

    Rome tour package will take you through some of the historical places like:

    The Colosseum: When you are in Rome, it is just impossible to ignore the majestic Colosseum. It is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre which was built in the 1st century. Many modern stadiums are inspired by the architecture of this building.

    Santa Maria Della Vittoria: It is the largest and the most monumental church that is worth visiting while in Rome. It was built in the 17th century and is the home to some of the excellent pieces of art.

    The Baths of Diocletian: This bathhouse was built by Diocletian, who happened to be one of the long-lived and historic Roman emperors. This place is a must visit during your Rome tours.

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Rome?

    Some of the top places for shopping in the course of your Rome Tours are:

    Via Dei Condotti: This place can give you the best shopping experience in Rome. It is well known for its designer outlets and luxury brand outlets that would not only delight the shopaholic in you but also leave you in astonishment.

    Via Del Corso: If you are watching out for the most popular shopping destination in Rome, then this is the place. This is a perfect place for apparel shopping in Rome. You can find high-street Roman stores and international brand outlets in this street.

  • Q. Is it safe for solo women travelers to go on Rome tour?

    If you are a solo female traveler, then there is absolutely no better place than Rome. Exploring in and around the city alone would definitely be a life-enhancing trip. You will love the way things are put up in Rome without worrying about your safety. Our Rome Package completely takes care of your security all the time.

  • Q. Is it worth spending a honeymoon in Rome?

    It is just awesome to spend your honeymoon in Rome, as it offers many opportunities for couples to enjoy the amazing heritage buildings, dining opportunities, exploration tours, cocktail parties, and whatnot. Rome will take you back on the timeline and make you fall in love with its eternal historic allures. Book amazing Rome holiday packages from India and come to this amazing place.