Royal Yacht Britannia Overview
Royal Yacht Britannia used to be the Palace on Water of Queen Elizabeth and is now the most renowned tourist attraction in Scotland. Step aboard this ship and follow the footsteps of royalty as you make your way to the elegant State Apartments and the gleaming Engine Room.

This ship has served the Royal Family for over forty-four years, traveling across over one million miles and undergoing nine hundred and sixty-eight state visits. It had a fifty-six-seat state dining room, 24-hour laundry, a state drawing-room, separate sitting rooms and bedrooms for the Duke and Queen of Edinburgh, and a sun lounge.

Location: Ocean Drive Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ Scotland
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Royal Yacht Britannia Reviews

Priya Embranthiri
Reviewed: 12 Jun 2022
I booked these Royal Yacht Britannia Tickets for a friend's day out and the royal premises of the yacht were mind boggling. Investigating the monarch's royal history and early people and relaxing at the sun lounge and participating in fun activities were all fun. Would simply love going once more! T... Read More
Jithin Shastry
Reviewed: 29 Sep 2022
Visiting The Royal Yacht Britannia was just a dream come true and thanks to Thrillophilia for making that possible. I got my tickets really cheap and spent a fantastic day out in the yacht with my family, surrounded by history.
Kamlesh Roy
Reviewed: 16 Mar 2022
Seeing the Royal Yacht Britannia in person has to be one of the best times of my life, since this ship has such a long history. I booked my tickets from Thrillophilia and got instant booking confirmation. It was a lot of fun seeing the different rooms used by the royals and learning about the histor... Read More

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