Bath Abbey Overview

Bath Abbey, a late medieval Anglican Parish Church, is a place of worship for the Christian community that welcomes about 400,000 people every year. It boasts of striking Gothic architecture, impressive interiors and wonderful choir music. The church hosts prayer services, choir shows and recital events for the public to participate. Be amazed at the ceiling architecture that displays the fan vaulting structure.

The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is a sacred place of worship that has been in existence since 1499. The church is famous for its striking design and gothic style architecture. The church was built on the remains of the Norman Cathedral which replaced the Anglo-Saxon monastery that first existed there. The building was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and is synonymous with the Perpendicular Gothic architecture.

It has a cruciform plan and can seat up to 1200 people at a time. Bath Abbey has undergone several restorations and has survived two World Wars and religious conflicts but still stands proud thus being one of the historic places to visit in Bath.The choir team of the church is world-famous and sings mesmerizing carols. The team has sung musicals on BBC Radio 3, BBC One and at the Three Tenors Concert. The church also hosts civic ceremonies, prayer services, lectures and choir concerts for the public to take part in.

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• Visit and offer prayers at the revered church of Bath Abbey and witness its striking design on the exteriors as well as the interior.
• Listen to the soothing carols sung by the choir team of Bath Abbey and attend the choir services held by the church that narrate thoughtful preaching through music.
• Take part in the elegant liturgy, lectures, civic events and prayer services conducted by Bath Abbey to know more about the Christian traditions.
• Marvel at the church’s beautiful ceiling that is considered as one of the greatest examples of fan vaulting. Be amazed by looking at the architecture of the war memorials and honouring stained glasses.

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