31 Best Italy Honeymoon Packages

Travelling is that one thing that quenches your thirst for an adventure and especially, when your vacation location is so exotic and alluring, it will definitely satiate your wanderlust desire. Exotic location in mind?Head straight to Italy. Check out these Italy honeymoon travel guide before leaving up for a holiday. 

This Italy honeymoon itinerary has the list of the most exquisite beaches which will be perfect for a couple like you. Enjoy the beautiful sites, indulge in most exotic wines, explore culture and history, enjoy the walks on the long white sand beaches, visit green valleys and some amazing hotels on your honeymoon.

Head out on your cheap italian vacations with your better half and explore the beauty of Italy. Get drenched in the romance in Italy. Discover the wonderlands which will cascade the beauties of the world. Witness the architecture of Rome,  vineyards of Tuscany, beautiful waters of Venice, the history of Vatican city, delicious cuisines and romantic city of Florence. Relax, wander in the free lands, sit by the beach, breathe in the freshness, enjoy the view while sipping on your wine as we make it a memorable one for you!

Honeymoon Beaches In Italy


Campo all'Aia Beach, Procchio, Elba Island, Tuscany

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Campo all'Aia Beach, Procchio, Elba Island, Tuscany
Image Credit : elbalink.co.uk

Campo all’Aia Beach, a perfectly shallow beach for those who are not experts at swimming and is an idyllic location for families and couples in Tuscany, Italy.

What’s so unique: This is the longest beach on the northern side of Elba Island, with whiffing fine sand that stretches along the wide coast.

History: Explore the wreck of an ancient Roman Ship that lies about three meters below the surface and is supposedly from 190 A.D. Spend some quality time with your perfect one at the boating trips organized by the clubs or at the bars and lounges with big umbrellas by the beach. Except for several bars and restaurants, almost the whole of the beach is free so you can be sure of a good time here.

Distance From Nearest Airport: Casa de Campo is approximately a 50-minute drive from Santo Domingo's International Airport.

Location: Campo all'Aia is a flat location rising on the right of the Gulf of Procchio.

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Capreria Beach, Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, Sicily

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Capreria Beach, Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, Sicily
Image Credit : casenavarra-zingaro.it

The popular beach Capreria is overlooked by 1700 hectares of protected wild reserve of Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro, which lies at the end of the western coast of Sicily. This wild area with seven kilometers of spectacular coastline was Sicily’s first nature reserve and is still unexplored and pristine. It’s a natural heaven to watch the beauty of the Sicilian coast between the two towns, Castellammare and Scopello. The natural reserve is the first protected region of the area and is still intact like centuries ago.

What’s so unique: The rugged terrain and steep slopes that lead to the turquoise sea is a fabulous thing to keep you mesmerized for hours. The number of small caves and coves along with natural history museum around the beach are sure not be missed!

Activities: Go on a snorkeling sneak out to appreciate the beauty of colorful fishes on the sea bed of clear waters.

Distance From Nearest Airport: The closest airport is Palermo or Punta Raisi Airport with a distance of 29 mi (or 46.6 km) West of the city.

Attractions: Tonnara di Scopello, the natural history museum, Zingaro Natural Park
and Acque Calde Beach

Location: Cala Capreria is a cove beach into Zingaro Nature Reserve near Scopello in Sicily.

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Gavitella Beach, Praiano, Salerno

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Gavitella Beach, Praiano, Salerno
Image Credit : casangelina.com

Get the panoramic views of the Gavitella Beach, near the Vettica Maggiore old town center, in Praiano, which is an ancient town settled high up on cliffs that lead to beautiful and visible Mediterranean waters. This beach is truly magical which is literally sun kissed till the sunset. 

The Italy honeymoon packages take you to witness the beauty of these beaches nestled in tiny coves and often crowded but peaceful. La Praia will entice you with its charms and plants that lean out of its clear beautiful waters. 

How to reach: You can reach this beach by taking 400 steep steps down from the Praiano main square or by renting a shuttle boat service which are free for restaurant guests.

Distance From Nearest Airport: Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport is the nearest airport in Salerno from where you can travel by road or can take a boat to praiano.

Nearby Attractions: Marina di Praia, famous night club L’Africana, main church squares of San Gennaro and San Luca and magical village of Ravello

Location: La Gavitella is located in the province of Salerno in the Amalfi Coast of Praiano.

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Goloritze Beach, Baunei, Sardinia

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Goloritze Beach, Baunei, Sardinia
Image Credit : pinimg.com

Sardinia is one of the famous beach destinations in the world and Cala Goloritze is one such gem of this jeweled crown. This hidden beach in the deep ravine south of Biriola beach is about 200 meters long and only about 9 km from the town of Baunei. It is a stunning setting with clear blue waters and white pebbles on the coastline.

What’s so unique: Have been declared as the best snorkeling beach in the whole of Sardinia, by UNESCO, this tiny beach is a perfect escape from your stressed life.

Activities: Bring snorkel or go on a fishing trip to this transparent water beach which will leave no chance to amaze you with its charms.

How to reach: You will have to take an hour long hiking trip to reach this beach

Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Olbia Airport which is about 158 km from the Goloritze Beach.

Nearby Beaches: Cala Luna, Cala Gabbiani, Cala Biriola Beach, Cala Biriola Beach, Cala Mariolu, Cala Cartoe and Pedra Longa Beach

Location:This is located near Baunei in the Province of Ogliastra, East Sardinia and can be included in your cheap Italy honeymoon packages.

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Isola Bella, Taormina, Messina, Sicily

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Isola Bella, Taormina, Messina, Sicily
Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Renowned as the Pearl of the Ionian sea, this beauty is nestled on the picturesque island near Taormina in Sicily. This place is famous for its exotic plants that bloom in the mild Mediterranean climate and were introduced by the early owners. 

As this beach sits amid a small bay, it is quite popular for its views of clear waters and the mainland. This smoothly pebbled beach is now a nature reserve and attracts a number of tourists all round the year. The water here is supposedly warm and calmer than other parts, and this beach along with the island is protected by the bay. This beauty offers alluring views of the Ionian sea and is a popular spot on the list of Italy travel packages.

How to reach: You can take the cable car that runs from Taormina to Mazzaro to reach this island, or you can walk to this beach by various small paths that connect larger beach to the island.

Distance From Nearest Airport: The Catania Airport is just at about 68 km from Taormina.

Location: Isola Bella is a small island near Taormina in province of Messina, Sicily.

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