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About France
Perhaps, it is its world-renowned romance with fabric that the fashion fraternity calls couture. Or, maybe it is the museums here, home to the most prized art possessions on Earth. However, we opine that the rich beauty of the French canvas, is a portrait narrated by a mindset that’s intoxicated with the cherry wine hues of love and passion, garnished with what the French would call, je nai se quoi. While Paris, home to the Eiffel Tower and a sartorial universe by itself, may invite tourists, there is a lot to France beyond the city.


The villages of the country, picturesque in their provincial glory, are ‘’quaint’’essentially, the heart and soul of France. All the raving about French food is actually all true. Be it their delightful sauces, their filling pastries, their crumbling bread, their lip-smacking cheese, or their effervescent champagne, all of France’s richness is distilled in its cuisine. Infact, coffee is so authentically Parisian that coffee houses over the world are termed café, which is French for the beverage. In addition, art thrived in Paris, especially the romantic style of Impressionism. Cities on the Riviera boast the most legendary curatorial efforts. The Louvre, is another celebration of the most iconic sculptures and paintings, from the time of The Renaissance.


The French skyline is also dotted by the tall minarets of palatial castles and ornate palaces. Case in point, the majestic Palace of Versailles. We invite you to taste the splendour of this exotic country on a decadent dessert platter, and toast a sweet Rose as you sit at a potted balcony, smoking a cigarette, in a pair of bespoke Dior trousers, rejoicing at the idyllic rendezvous of the boundless emerald plains with the clear azure skies. The tourist places in France will give you an experience to be cherished forever.

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France FAQ's

Which are the must Attractions to visit in France?

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris: The world-famous Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and one of the most famous landmarks of France. Your visit to the country would remain incomplete if you do not visit this feat of ingenuity, nicknamed as “Iron Lady”. This captivating structure was named after its constructor Gustave Eiffel and was opened to visitors in the year 1889.
While visiting this magnificent 320-meter-high tower, you will be awe-struck looking at its monumental size. As you go up and take a look at the panoramic view from each of its three levels, you will start understanding why this place is highly acclaimed. Reaching the top level will leave you mesmerised at the beauty of the whole Paris city that will be presented before you. You can further enhance your enjoyment by opting for a dining experience at the Le Jules Verne restaurant on the second level. 
Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France

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2. The Louvre, Paris: 
Visit The Louvre in Paris, one of the largest Museums in the world and feel impressed looking at its art collection of around 35000 prehistoric objects, that includes Egyptian antiques, old paintings, crown jewels, and ancient sculptures. Explore the museum, housed inside Louvre palace, a baroque style palace which dates back to the medieval period.
Feel amazed looking at the contributions from various Fresh emperors from 6th century BC to 19th century AD, that have been displayed in the eight departures of this museum. The Louvre pyramid, located at the entrance, is another important attraction of this museum which you must take a look at. 
Location: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

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3. Palace of Versailles, Ie de France Region: 
Another beautiful place which must be on your France vacation itinerary is the Palace of Versailles, also known as château de Versailles. Known to be the largest palace of France, the place boasts of having 700 rooms with 2153 windows along with 68 staircases, and 2000 acres of beautiful garden. While walking across the various parts of the palace, you will find the elegant Baroque facade and lavish interior of the palace to be fascinating.
You will be dazzled by the brilliance of sunlight in the Hall of Mirrors and the light is reflected off ornamental mirrors. Take a walk through the French gardens after you complete the interior and feel captivated by the beauty of their decorated pools, magnificent fountains and trimmed shrubbery. 
Location: Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

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4. Disneyland, Paris: 
Spend a fun-filled day at the world-famous theme park, an enchanted place to be at, both for children and adults. Meet famous characters from the Disney Fairy Tales and get lost in the fairy land. Feel transported to your childhood days as you partake in thrilling experiences and rides such as Pirates of Caribbeans ride, Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz lightyear laser blast etc. Two key attractions of the park that you must visit are the Walt Disney studio park with movie-based rides, behind the movie’s technology and movie-based business, and The Disney village offering a number of restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping experience.
Location: Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France

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5. Notre Dame Cathedral: 
The UNESCO listed Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is known for its splendid location, enchanting towers, flying buttresses, and spire. Visit this 70 meter high cathedral, which is one of the tallest and most prestigious landmarks of Paris. Admire the French Gothic architecture of the twin towers of the enthralling cathedral and learn about its unique revolutionary medieval design.
A noteworthy attraction of the cathedral is the Rose Windows with their detailed work and magnificent size, if you visit between April to October, you will be rewarded with the spectacular evening light show, illuminating the cathedral along with 20 other monuments of the city.
Location: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

6. Basilica of Sacred Heart of Paris: 
One of the popular landmarks of Paris that you must visit while on vacation to France is the Basilica of Sacred Heart. This enchanting Roman Catholic church is located at the highest point in Paris, Montmartre, and is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus.
You will feel a sense of peace as you enter the large meditation hall of the cathedral and proceed towards the fountain in the center. As you reach the top dome of the church, you will be fascinated with the breathtaking panoramic view of Paris city.
Location: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France

7. Mont Saint-Michel: 
Another UNESCO listed attraction that you can visit in France is the Mont Saint-Michel. Known to be one of France’s most striking landmarks, this “Pyramid of the Seas'' is a mystical sight that is perched 80 meters above the bay, r?ising from a rocky islet off the Normandy coast.
You will feel awed as you take a look at the Abbaye de Saint-Michel, the main attraction of this place, which is a medieval architecture marvel with soaring Gothic spires. The serene beauty of the Abbey Church, the  "The Heavenly Jerusalem '', with its ornate high-vaulted choir and harmonious Romanesque nave will make you feel calm and at peace. 
Location: Bp 22 Au sommet du village, 50170 Mont-Saint-Michel France

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8. Pont Du Gard Bridge, Nîmes: 
The ancient Roman bridge made of yellow lime stones, breeze blocks and calcium deposits still stand proudly near Nimes. Known to be one of the most visited ancient monuments in France, this 50 km long three tier bridge was built in the 1st century and remains to be one of mankind’s great masterpieces. Visit this place to get a glimpse of the rich historical heritage of France.
Location: 400 Rte du Pont du Gard, 30210 Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France

9. Provence: 
If you are a lover of natural beauty, you would like to visit Provence, known for its captivating landscape of olive groves, deep purple lavender fields, and sun-drenched rolling hills, with rustic villages nestled in the valleys surrounded by rocky outcrops. Every tiny village of Provence such as Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Saint-Rémy, and Gordes, will take you through ancient historic sites,  beautiful museums, and an offbeat ambience.
One of the most famous towns of Provence which you must visit is  Aix-en-Provence, famous for its colorful open-air markets and the hundreds of fountains. You must also visit the medieval city of Avignon, which is home to the UNESCO-listed Palais de Papes.
Location: Provence

10. Mont Blanc: 
Those with a love for mountains, especially the snow-covered ones, might pay a visit to the spectacular Mont Blanc in the French Alps, also known as White Mountain for always being blanketed in snow. Visit Chamonix, a traditional alpine village, nestled in a high-mountain valley and explore the little town with its charming auberges, historic churches, and cozy chalet restaurants.
You will also find Chamonix to be great for some outdoor adventures such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking etc. While visiting this town, do not forget to check out the delicious regional Savoyard specialties such as the charcuterie, fondue, and raclette.
Location: Located in the Alps, along the French-Italian border stretching up to Switzerland.

Which are the famous things to do in France?

1. Take a Seine River Cruise: One of the top things to do in Paris is to take a cruise on the Seine River. Choose from a variety of options available and delight in seeing all the top sights of Paris such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Place de la Concorde, the Musée D'Orsay, the Louvre, etc. from the water.
You can opt for a daytime cruise with brunch or lunch and get the day view of the beautiful city. If you want to appreciate the illuminated city of light, go for a dinner cruise which comes with onboard cabaret shows.
Location: Start from Pont de l'Alma near the Eiffel Tower, Paris

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2. Ski in the French Alps: 
Appreciate the spectacular beauty of the Alpine scenery while indulging in a skiing experience. Visit the legendary Chamonix-Mont Blanc and enjoy skiing on its wide range of slopes. You can also go to Val d'Isère, known for its expansive 300-kilometers ski terrain.
If you want to go for a skiing experience in the  world's largest ski area with 600 kilometers of ski runs, then you should visit Les Trois Vallées. Other areas known for offering an excellent skiing experience includes the resorts found in Portes du Soleil ski domain.
Location: South Eastern France

3. Ride a Bike around Bordeaux: 
Rent a bike and plan your self-guided route to explore the beauty of Bordeaux. Feel delighted as you ride along one of the popular routes and pass vine covered rolling hills, quaint villages and magnificent palaces. Take the Roger Lapébie bike path in the Entre-deux-Mer region and run along the Canal de Deux Mers and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Or ride 50 kms from Bordeaux to reach Saint-Émilion, a picturesque medieval village.
Take a look at its historic monasteries and churches which have included the town in the UNESCO list. If you are looking for a shorter ride, you can take a 6 km ride to Pessac to admire Le Corbusier architecture, or take a 29-kilometer route to Margaux, a village famous for its gastronomy.
Location: Bordeaux

4. Surf The Waves in Biarritz: 
Those with a love for surfing will find Biarritz in the French Basque Country to be  a surfing haven. Indulge in this enjoyable activity where you ride the waves with splashes of water hitting your body along with the cool sea breeze. Whether you are an experienced surfer or have just begun to enjoy the activity, be sure that you will enjoy this experience.
Location: Biarritz. 

5. Fly On a Hot-Air Balloon: 
Indulge in a magical experience of flying over some of the beautiful castles of the Loire Valley. You may opt for this beautiful experience during at dawn where you can enjoy the view of the castles with the sun rising in the backdrop.
you may opt to go for this experience at dusk and enjoy the view of the setting sun behind the magnificent Renaissance châteaux De La Loire, and it's beautiful grounds. Enjoy a glass of champagne as you glide through the sky in this floating vessel.
Location: Pays de la Loire, Central France

6. Climb Up the Eiffel Tower: 
A top thing to do in France is to climb up the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower has 3 levels which you can climb on to get a view of the Paris skyline. You will get the best from the top level which will offer you the panoramic view of the city of Paris.
The view becomes even more beautiful if you visit at dusk and take a look at the city with the sun setting in the backdrop. While there, you may opt for having a meal at the famous Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor. 
Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France

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7. Enjoy a Hiking Trip: 
If you enjoy hiking, you may opt for a hiking trip at Auvergne, a land with 450 dormant mountains. The Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Natural Park is the largest French regional natural park, with unique landscapes and both short and long hiking trails to suit all levels.
While on this hiking trip, you will enjoy passing by beautiful heritage places that have been built with volcanic rocks. The Park is also known for its remarkable biodiversity which you will get a glimpse of during your hike. 
Location: Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Natural Park, Auvergne, France

8. Take a Catamaran Tour: 
You can go on a catamaran tour at the National Park Calanques of Marseille – Cassis, in southern France. The Park is known for its spectacular landscapes which are rich in flora and fauna. The Park includes a vast marine area of the Mediterranean Sea with coastal ranges of creeks, few islands, and one of the richest submarine canyons in the world. Opt for a catamaran tour and explore this naturally beautiful park from the water. 
Location: The National Park Calanques of Marseille, Cassis, France

9. Embark on a Food Tour: 
Discover the secrets of French cuisine by embarking on a food tour at the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon. Lyon is a city which has more restaurants than people where food is given a treatment of another level and served to people. 
Feel delighted as you hop from one restaurant or bistros to another and taste mouth watering delicacies and feel curious to learn more about its ingredients and method of cooking. 
Location: Lyon, France 

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10. Join a Champagne Tour: 
Go on a champagne tour along the important champagne houses of the famous Champagne Avenue, located at Epernay, in the region of Grand Est, which is known to be the capital of Champagne.
Admire the beautiful city with its 19th century private mansions as you pass them while moving from one champagne house to another. Learn about the history and production of the champagne wine at each house and indulge in the same sample tasting.
Location: Epernay, France

Is it expensive to visit France?

Vacationing in France may prove to be expensive. While meals and drinks are not so expensive, accommodation and transportation may prove to be expensive. A 14-day long trip for two people may cost you around €6,000 in addition to your flight cost.

Which is the best season to visit France?

Summer is the best season to visit France. The summer months of June to August are pleasantly sunny and warm, with occasional showers cooling off the heat of summer. Whether you want to explore major historical places, castles, museums or natural landscapes, this enjoyable weather will make your vacation even more delightful. Moreover, as days are longer during this time of the year, you will have more hours of daylight to squeeze in more tourist spots in your itinerary.

What is the most visited city in France?

Paris is the most visited city in France. The city has several world-famous attractions, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre and Disneyland. The city also has other attractions on offer for its guests, such as monuments, world-class museums etc. The city lies at the hub of France's national and international communications networks and is the most accessible of French cities.

Is France safe for tourists?

France is a safe country for tourists to visit and has been ranked 66 out of 163 countries. Crimes involving tourists are very rare. However, you should still be careful regarding petty thefts.

How many days do I need in France?

You will be able to cover a major part of the attractions of France in two weeks. An ideal itinerary would be as follows:

  • Day 1 to Day 4: Explore the City of Paris, Versailles Day-Trip, Le Louvre Museum, Dinner Cruise on the Seine etc.
  • Day 5: Train to Caen - Drive to Bayeux
  • Day 6 Tour of Normandy's Landing Beaches
  • Day 7: Mont Saint Michel Day-Trip
  • Day 8 to Day 10: Drive from Bayeux to Bordeaux and Explore the City, Cheese & Wine Tasting etc. 
  • Day 11 to Day 13: Drive from Bordeaux to Dordogne, Explore Dordogne, Canoe Excursion and Paleolithic Art Tour 
  • Day 13: Return to Paris
  • Day 14: Depart Paris

How much does a trip to France cost?

A trip to France for two people for 2 weeks would cost around €5178. This comes to €186 per person per day on an average with €33 on meals for one day, €242 on accommodation for a couple, and €24 on local transportation. Adding to this would be the flight fare to reach France.

How much money should I take to France?

If you are going to France for 10 days to a two-week vacation, you should take around €6,000 with you for taking care of the accommodation, meals, transportation from one city to another, and the sightseeing cost for two people. Moreover, you will also be able to indulge in some shopping with this money.

Which destinations are famous for nightlife in France?

1. Paris: Paris, the city of lights,  is known for its vibrant nightlife. If you have a night to spend in Paris, you can check out its various nightclubs and brasseries. Some of the well-known places which you can check out  are Le Duc des Lombard - a jazz club and restaurant, Au Lapin Agile - known for live cabaret performances, etc. 

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2. Bordeaux: If you are one of those who like to party till wee hours of the morning, Bordeaux is just the city for you. Head towards the clubs around Quai de Paludate or go to Iboat, a 3-level-ferry with a discotheque, a bar and a showroom and enjoy their night events like concerts, exhibitions or jamming sessions. 

3. Lyon: If you are spending your night in Lyon, you must visit Presqu'Île or Croix Rousse, the two liveliest districts of Lyon at night. Enjoy a drink from one of the 15 beer taps at Paddy’s Corner at Croix Rousse or get in the mood for a jazz performance at Hot Club Lyon. 

4. Marseilles: This popular French city is well known for its bar culture. Visit Vieux Port or Place Thiars area for an enjoyable evening.

Which are the most romantic activities to do in Paris for a couple?

1. Take a Sunset Cruise along the Seine River: Admire the beauty of Paris with a backdrop of a breathtaking sunset view. Feel the romance in the air as you hold the hands of your loved one and watch the sun set and the city lit up with lights. Feel awe-struck as you watch famous landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and other places glitter in light.

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2. Go for a Romantic Dinner at Eiffel Tower’s restaurant: The Le Jules Verne Restaurant located on the second level of Eiffel Tower is known for its romantic ambience and outstanding gourmet experience. Delight in having a  5 to 6 course of traditional French cuisine while appreciating the breathtaking view of the Paris city.

3. Lock your Love in Love Bridge: A famous tradition in Paris is for lovers to add their padlock to lock their love for each other forever. So, look out for one of the Love bridges and fulfil this wonderful tradition for you and your partner. 

4. Learn to say “I Love You” in different languages: Your visit to the city of love is incomplete without visiting the “I Love You” wall located at Jehan Rictus Garden square. This wall has 311 ' ‘I Love You” written in 250 languages. So, visit the place and delight your partner by expressing your love in different languages.

Which are some of the best Paris city tours to book from Thrillophilia?

What are the best Paris tour packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

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