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What You Should Know More About United Kingdom

  • Travel Advice

    • The UK is considered to be relatively safer however it is still advisable for you to avoid carrying excess cash with you in the public areas.

    • Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public areas.

    • Do not leave your important documents or valuables in the hotel room.

    • Make sure you book a hotel only where there is a facility of room safe available.

    • Do not let anyone deceive you.

    • Carry at least one proof of your identity with you at all times.

    • Do not leave your VISA or passport carelessly.

    • Do not entertain the touts.

    • Make sure you check for the quality of the street food before you begin eating it.

    • Do not try and get over friendly with the strangers.

    • Keep yourself away from all forms of drugs.

    • Do not indulge in physical or verbal fights with anyone.

    • Make sure you adhere to the local rules and traditions.

    • If you buy bottled drinking water, make sure you check for the seal.

    • Do gather enough information before you travel to any new destination.

    • In case you are going to a restaurant, check online for the dress code applicable.

    • Make sure you negotiate the fare before booking a cab or a taxi.

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in the United Kingdom is 18 years.

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    Buckingham Palace

    All of us grew up wanting to be a prince or a princess. If that is you, it simply doesn’t get better than the Buckingham Palace. Probably the most attractive tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, this magnificent space has been in existence every since the 18th century. From 1837, the Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the Britain’s monarchs. At present, the palace is a home to Queen Elizabeth II, who kindly excuses the visitors to come and wander around the certain parts of this palace. In order to attain an absolute, regel experience, you can approach the palace from the top of The Mall. With extensive canopy of flags and trees, the palace simply won’t get any more grandiose.  

    Jorvik Viking Centre

    With the fearsome reputation for invasion, slaughter and plunder along with the ocean conquering ships, the Jorvik Viking Centre has left an enduring mark on the history of Britain. You can simply not explore the history of the country better than the Jorvik Viking Centre. Located in the York, that is also the prettiest cities of the UK, the centre is nestled on the site of an erstwhile Viking City. Archaeologists have found over 40,000 well preserved textiles, human remains and tools here. Most of these items are on display here along with the significant highlight which is a mock Viking city that is complete with the smells, sounds and even sights. The place is a great fun for kids and is tremendously interactive for all.

    Blenheim Palace

    Blenheim Palace is indeed one of the most impressive sightseeing attractions of the UK. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, the palace has several strings annexed to its bow. The palace was built as a gift to the Lord Marlborough which came as a victory against the French in the year 1704. This battle is regarded as an epic tapestry which is housed within the arena of Blenheim. Birthplace of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is the darling of the Second World War history and the British politics.

    Hadrian’s Wall

    Another best place to see in the United Kingdom is the Hadrian’s Wall. Named after the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the Hadrian’s Wall is a majestic fortress that is situated in north of England. Being one of the most prominent Roman site, it is indeed one of the best tourist attractions of the the UK. Built between the period spanning from 122 to 130 AD, the wall was once about 15 feet tall and 80 miles long. Most of the significant sections of the wall still remain intact as the several other Roman monuments, forts as well as the ruins. Dig out your walking boots and go on a tour to history.

    Houses of Parliament

    With the renowned Big Ben Clock Tower, the Houses of Parliament is indeed a first stoppage for anyone who visits London. Facing the River Thames on one end and the Parliament Square towards the other, it is simply impossible for you to not be awed by the stature of the building and the sheer scale of the Houses of Parliament. It is this very place where both the houses of the Parliament of the UK still converge. The place also happens to be the heart and soul of the British political life. Indeed, a magnificent attraction, the Houses of Parliament is a must visit place on your holiday to the United Kingdom.    

    Balmoral Castle

    When you’ll come down here to explore the Scottish Highlands, you’ll understand the very reason for its mention in the several famous poems. They are simply breath-taking. One of the most ideal ways to explore this is by visiting the Balmoral Castle. With its picturesque setting, series of towers and turrets, Balmoral Castle is just about everything that you would expect from a castle. Built under the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century it is still the official Highlands which is home to the royal family. When you visit the place, you must actually spare a while and spend some time here.  

    The Tower of London

    Had you mention The Tower of London in the past, it would have certainly sent some shivers down the spine pf people despite the tower once being a residence for the England’s monarchs. During those time, the tower was known as a place of execution and torture. It was at The Tower of London that some of the most eminent historical figures such as Sir Thomas More and Anne Boleyn met their brutal end. The existence of the tower goes back to the 1070s. Nestled on the bank of the River Thames, The Tower of London was initially designed as a citadel stronghold that was used to guard England from the conquering forces. As it was intended, The Tower used to be the most prominent and domineering visitor attractions of the UK. It is also the most haunted destinations. It is definitely the most important place to see in the UK.  

  • What You Will Like There?

    Incredible Variety in Landscapes

    United Kingdom’s forces of nature – ice, wind and seas have combined very well to give this relatively smaller island kingdom a vast array of landscapes. Best part is that all of these are located at a relatively shorter distance from one another. Nowhere in the UK is ever more than 2 hours from the sea. You can find the wild heaths, exquisite lakes, lovely valleys and streams, ranges of majestic hills, towering mountains and rolling farmlands.

    The Great Cities and Towns

    There is no truth hidden when we say that one of the greatest cities of the world is London. However, believe us when we add to it that it is just the tip of the iceberg. The towns and cities of London have a lot to offer for the visitors. Right from the medieval passageways of York to the incredible art scenes of Glasgow; Indie and hip scene of Manchester to the lip smacking Balti food of Birmingham and dreaming spires of Oxford to the attractions of United Kingdom, there is so much to see along with an array of things to do that you’ll never have a dull day in UK. Besides this, beautiful Edinburgh Castle towers the vibrant capital of Scotland and the history of Liverpool besides Mersey is the talk of the town.   

    The Multi-Layered Great British History

    Right from the prehistoric Picts, Britons, Celts and Gaels through Normans, Vikings and Romans, wave after wave, the migrants and conquerors have played a significant role in shaping the United Kingdom. Most of them have even left back fascinating traces for the visitors to explore.

    The Great British Pub

    Some of the most notable British pubs are more than just places to eat and drink. They are rather the landmarks of continuity which have been present on the same spot for several hundreds of years. The very names of the pubs tell their stories and are often linked to the customs, local history, wars and outlaws. Other highlight of these pubs is their architecture. Be it built of brick, half-timbered or thatch-roofed, each of them adds a unique character to their villages. However, not all pubs are same or equal. Some of them can be really dreadful especially if you aren’t a local. Make sure you check the reviews online before you head to any pub to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of United Kingdom.   

    Great World Class Festivals and Events

    Some of the greatest set piece events of the world draw a number of visitors to the UK on annual basis. When it comes to England, everything just comes to a standstill for a fortnight during the Wimbledon which is the tennis's biggest grand slam tournament. On the other hand, when it comes to Scotland, during the entire month of August everything seems to be on the go 24/7. Thousands of guest reel from one event to the other during the time of the Edinburgh Festivals which is said to be the biggest performing arts party in the UK.

    Great Traditions and Eccentricities

    The British are actually the masters of wacky and weird. Right from fireball whirling in Scotland, hobby horses terrorizing villages on May Day, cheese rolling in Gloucestershire, Morris Men dancing and banging sticks, there is an array of phenomenal eccentric cultures and traditions prominent all across the British Isles. Most of these have also lost origins in antiquity.  

    Great Storybook Architecture

    Stately mansions, thatched cottages, stately mansions and the soaring cathedrals – the UK has it all. Chester’s half-timbered streets look as if straight out of Disney but they are old and as real as it could get.

    The Greatest Names in Literature

    Visitors coming to the UK regularly make literary pilgrimages when it comes to the search of towns, villages and landscapes that has inspired the classic artists as well as the authors of the English language. From William Wordsworth to Shakespeare, Chaucer, Sir Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Robert Burns and Jane Austen, each one of them have brilliantly contributed to the English literature.

    The World's Greatest Gardens and Gardeners

    Ever since the 17th century, the lady and gentleman horticulturalists of the British Empire have gone ahead and explored the distinct exotic locales to bring back the unusual plant species. This has very well contributed in the magnificence of the UK.

    The Great British Royals

    It is next to impossible for anyone to forget that the United Kingdom is a monarchy however the power of the Royal Family is only symbolic today. Not many notice but monarchy is the very part of the name of the county. You can love them or hate them, and in Britain you’ll find both sets of opinions on the same, sometimes even uttered in the same sentence. Monarchy is indeed woven in fabric of life here. The comings and goings, the events and the palaces, everything depicts royalty in some form or the other for the visitors or the locals to experience.

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Traveller Tales from United Kingdom


Nikita Gupta

23 September 2017

Amazing experience. Learn't a lot about Scottish whisky.


Satish Talwar

23 September 2017

Great experience. Had lot of fun


Triloki Gill

23 September 2017

Love the whiskey trail. Trust me no hangover.

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