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Comprising Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and, the United Kingdom is an archipelago perched in the northwestern part of Europe. The western and northern parts of the UK feature high grounds, verdant valleys, and rugged mountain ranges. This region of the island nation evolved when the whole region was shrouded by glaciers during the ice age. The southern part of the country is packed with rolling lush hills and idyllic lakes.

Much of the beauty of the United Kingdom can be credited to its glorious cultural heritage and diverse scenery. While the serene countryside, quaint villages, and shimmering water bodies will rejuvenate you from within with nature's treatment, the intriguing museums, elegant galleries, architecturally rich monuments, and age-old cathedrals will offer you boundless information about the history of the country.

The United Kingdom is blessed with bountiful attractions that are spread all over the country, oozing out both rustic and contemporary charm. While London and Edinburgh attract history buffs and architectural enthusiasts with their ancient structures, Liverpool and Manchester woo leisure seekers with their trendy shops, lovely parks, and swanky restaurants. While Brighton will let foodies savour the most flavoursome seafood, Snowdonia will take you closer to nature with its hill farms and valleys.

The UK is packed with plenty of things to do in order to ensure your trip is personalized with the activities you want to enjoy. While you can participate in many colourful fairs and festivals in Edinburgh, you can enjoy cost-free museum tours in London. Likewise, while you can experience rock climbing and ziplining in Snowdonia, you can watch impressive musical performances at Manchester.

The United Kingdom experiences a temperate oceanic climate with cool and cloudy weather accompanied with infrequent high temperatures. The most ideal time to explore this island country is during the summer months of June to August, when the days are warm and long, favouring all kinds of outdoor activities.

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United Kingdom FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in the United Kingdom?

1. Edinburgh: Known fondly as the “Athens of the North”, Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. Divided into 2 parts - the Georgian New City and the Old Town, this city showcases a blend of contemporary and rustic atmospheres.

Some of the world-famous historic sites housed in Edinburg include Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, Arthur’s Seat, and Holyrood Palace. Known as the Scottish art and culture hub, Edinburgh also hosts many popular festivals and events including Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, and Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom.

2. London: 
Perched on the River Thames, London makes for the capital city of England. Discovered by the Romans, this is a globally leading city in terms of fashion, entertainment, tourism, commerce, finance, healthcare, and education.

London propels 15.3 million tourists every year owing to its iconic wonders including Big Ben, London Eye, the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. One of the best things about London is that most of the amazing places of interest are absolutely free, making your trip much more cost-friendly.

Location: England, United Kingdom.

3. Birmingham: Birmingham is regarded as the UK’s most exciting food destination having a variety of unique and contemporary restaurants such as Little Barbecue, Gilroy’s and Aspery’s all around the city. But that is not only what this beautiful city is famous for. Birmingham is an extremely diversified and one-of-a-kind city due to the variety of cultural attractions it has to offer.

The National Sea Life Centre and the largest repertory theatre in Europe, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, are a couple of the city's top attractions. The area has many entertaining things to do, such as playing rugby or football in one of the many parks or admiring the beauty of the wonderful botanical Gardens. 

A major city in England’s West Midlands region

4. Liverpool: 
Known popularly as the hometown of the Beatles band, Liverpool is famous for its brilliant football teams and wonderful culture. This flamboyant city has gained a significant amount of fame for its lively nightlife, swanky shopping destinations, intriguing museums, alluring galleries, and enchanting music.

 Having received its name back in 1173, the city is now a renowned trading metropolis, financial center, and university town. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the handsome city of Liverpool is home to many heritage attractions including the Philharmonic Hall, Walker Art Gallery, Albert Dock, and Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Location: Merseyside, England, United Kingdom.

5. Manchester: 
Lying in North-western England, Manchester is popularly known for its prosperous industries, vibrant culture, enthralling music, and famous football clubs. This city is remembered for its active significance in the Industrial Revolution and was counted among the country’s most flourishing cities during the 18th and 19th centuries.

With its wide range of recreational destinations, Manchester is known as a paradise for entertainment and fun seekers. While Opera House showcases brilliant musical and theatrical performances, Chill Factor offers the widest and longest indoor ski spot of Britain. Furthermore, King Street, Bolton Arcade, and St. Anne’s Square offer world-class shopping experiences.

Location: Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

6. Cardiff: 
Making for the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is known popularly for its age-old castles, Victorian-era arcades, and ancient warehouses. While you are here, you can get an insight into the rich history of the city at Cardiff Castle, the “City of Arcades”, Llandaff Cathedral, Red Castle, and National Museum Cardiff.

You can also visit the Wales Millennium Centre, where you can enjoy literary events, ballets, and operas and learn about the glorious culture and art of Cardiff. If you are seeking some fun and thrill, you can head to Cardiff Bay walk at the parks, spot wildlife, and shop.

Location: Wales, United Kingdom.

7. Canterbury: 
The bustling market city of Canterbury is known for its quaint medieval character. Counted among the heritage cities of Britain, this rustic city is home to a plethora of historically significant sites including St. Augustine’s Abbey, Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury Cathedral, and the Canterbury Roman Museum.

It will be unfair to say that the city of Canterbury only attracts history buffs, as the King’s Mile’s historic streets also propel shoppaholics with its bustling shops and elegant galleries. While you are here, you can also visit The Canterbury Tales that recreates the sounds, smells, and sights of Chaucer’s medieval England.

Location: Kent, United Kingdom.

8. Cambridge: 
Known famously for its university, the city of Cambridge boasts the highest number of well-preserved historical structures in the entire England. Before the establishment of the university, Cambridge happened to be a Norman fortification. While the fort was short-lived, this exuberant city has passed the test of time to represent a charming medieval character at the present day.

The city is home to a plethora of heritage buildings including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Anglesey Abbey, Peterhouse College, Pembroke College, National Horse Racing Museum, and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Cambridge is also known for its umpteen varieties of cultural events, such as the Cambridge Folk Festival and the Midsummer Fair.

Location: England, United Kingdom.

9. Windsor: Lying on the Thames river’s south bank, Windsor is a small quaint town that has no full stop to its sightseeing opportunities. Packed with ancient half-timbered houses, cobblestone lanes, and winding alleys, this town retains its medieval look and feel.

This place is known popularly for the world-famous Windsor Castle, which served as a residence to the Royal Family in the bygone times. While you are here, you can spend time exploring the endless historical sites including the Frogmore Estate, Eton College, Dorney Court, and the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum. You can also enjoy a serene boat ride on the picturesque Thames River.

Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom.

10. Oxford: Known well over the world for its highly reputed universities, Oxford is a city with endless charm and numerous attractions. One can visit its stunning libraries, castles, and even jails to learn more about the area. You can go on a visit to Christ Church College or go punting on the river Cherwell.

Apart from seeing the captivating architecture of the famous University of Oxford, you can visit the Botanical gardens at Oxford and in case you are a Harry Potter fan, then explore the location where the shooting of the famous movie was done. 

A city in central southern England

What are the best things to do in the United Kingdom?

1. Visit London Eye: Enjoy beautiful vistas of London city from the London Eye, a giant observation wheel standing at a height of 135 metres above the ground. You can take a ride in one of the spacious and clean observation capsules here and admire the panoramic views of the Thames and wider London. On a clear day, you might be able to see Windsor Castle in the distance as well. One full rotation atop this magnificent wheel takes about 30 minutes so make sure to enjoy your time up in the sky. 

London Eye, Westminster Bridge Road, London, UK
Timings: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Entry fee: 15-30 EUR

2. Pray at St Paul Cathedral:
St. Paul’s Cathedral is a cathedral dedicated to St. Paul or apostle Paul located in the city of London. Admire the breathtaking architecture of the building and see stunning views from the dome of the cathedral. Discover some of the nation's greatest heroes' tombs and memorials by going down to the crypt, including Admiral Lord Nelson, Sir Christopher Wren and the Duke of Wellington.

St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom
Timings: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday-Saturday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                Wednesday - 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. 
                Sunday- 8:00 am to 6:00 pm  
Entry fee: 7-20 EUR

3. Take a Perch on Arthur’s Seat: Home to a popular ancient volcano, Edinburgh boasts of being the site for the Arthur’s seat, an extinct volcano with a height of 351 metres above sea level. Enjoy the vistas of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument, and beyond when you take a break at the summit. This trek is among the best things to do in the UK because of the stunning view over the town from the summit. You can see the seat from almost any part of the city which is just a short walk from the famous Royal Mile street. 

On the hills of Edinburgh, Scotland.

4. Tour the Spectacular National Parks of the UK: Go on an excursion tour to the incredibly diverse countryside of the United Kingdom that is packed with idyllic lakes, rugged moors, picturesque mountain peaks, age-old woodland, and rolling lush hills. In order to witness all the various types of landscapes of the UK, pay a visit to the 15 awe-inspiring national parks here.

From the wilderness of Exmoor and the serene water bodies of the Lake District to the dramatic Peak District and Northumberland’s dark skies, check out the best kept secrets of all the renowned national parks of the UK.

Location: United Kingdom.

5. Laugh Your Heart Out at Edinburgh Fringe: 
If you are visiting the UK in the month of August, consider attending the largest arts festival of the world, the Edinburgh Fringe. During this festival, the capital city of Scotland gets packed with performers and comedians for an entire month of theatre, plays, and shows.

While you are here for the festival, you can expect an amalgamation of big-name stars and first-timers, snappy one-liners, old favourites, new materials, and unique experimental comedy. During the Edinburgh Fringe, the whole city of Edinburgh gets transformed into an exciting and pulsating world of excellent energy.

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

6. Marvel at the Architecture of Stonehenge: 
A trip to the United Kingdom is never complete without a visit to the very popular historic stone circle lying on Salisbury Plain. While you are at this age-old, intriguing structure, marvel at each of its corners while exercising your brain and building your personal conspiracy theories about it.

Were these standing stones a ground for sacrifice, a burial site, or a celestial calendar? Is its evolution supernatural or extraterrestrial? Come out with your personalized true story about the monument.

Location: Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom.

7. Explore the Italian-Style Villages of Wales: 
Head to Portmeirion and you can expect to be forgiven once for assuming you are in Italy rather than Wales. This breathtaking destination is packed with colorful Italian-style villages that let you take an apparent tour of southern Europe.

Perched on its calm private peninsula, Portmeirion Village features a spellbinding collection of multicoloured buildings that are completely strategized by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a renowned Welsh architect. In addition to alluring buildings, this part of Wales is also packed with pristine sandy beaches and picturesque gardens.

Location: Wales, United Kingdom.

8. Visit the Childhood Homes of the Beatles: 
Take an exploration tour to the historic city, Liverpool, which the Beatles considered their home. This flamboyant city is the place where the four talented performers met and began their brilliant musical journey.

While you are touring the city pay a visit to The Beatles Story and collect exciting facts regarding the extraordinary musical career of the Beatles. After that, head to 20 Forthlin Road and Mendips, which once served as the childhood residences of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Lastly, enjoy a memorable night out at Cavern Club that is located near the site where the Beatles began their first performance in the 60s.

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom.

9. Admire the Rock Formations at the Giant’s Causeway: 
Pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Giant’s Causeway and spend some time admiring the geological wonders of this dramatic coastal landmark. Built with 40,000 basalt rock columns, this breathtaking site is home to shiny stones, mesmerizing rock formations - the Giant’s Boots and the Camel, and the Wishing Chair - an amazing naturally formed throne. While you are at the Giant’s Causeway, give it a thought and decide if it is the remnants of a passageway constructed by a magnificent giant or the outcome of volcanic events over a period of 60 million years.

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

10. Hike the UK’s Highest Peak: 
Get into your hiking boots and head on a hiking tour to the highest mountain of the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis. Perched at an approximate elevation of around 1,345 meters, this majestic mountain can be hiked by following two routes - the Mountain Track and the Carn Mor Dearg Arête.

While the former route is usually taken by most of hikers, the latter is picked by seasoned climbers owing to its challenging ascent. Thrill seekers who are in for a more adventurous hiking experience can take up the National Three Peaks Challenge and go hike Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowden, the highest peaks of Scotland, England, and Wales.

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom.

What are the best adventure activities in the United Kingdom?

1. Surfing at Sennen Cove: Surfing is one of the most-loved adrenaline-fuelled activities, which is usually done at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. With its stunning white sand beach & clear waters, this coastal village makes for an excellent year round surf spot.

2. Mountain Climbing at Snowdonia: 
Many adventure junkies visit Snowdonia in North Wales to boast their mountain skills. Plas y Brenin National Mountain Centre situated here offers a number of mountain training courses like mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, and paddle sports.

3. Cycling at Giant’s Causeway: 
Many cyclists love to cycle the 23-mile Causeway Coast Cycle Route, which runs from Castlerock to Giant’s Causeway through Coleraine. This well-paved sign-posted route offers excellent cycle-friendly measures for a safe and traffic-free ride.

4. Kayaking at Helford Passage: 
Kayaking is an amazing water sport enjoyed on the calm waters of the Helford River, set between the Lizard peninsula’s eastern side and the Falmouth Bay’s western side. With its excellent marine ecology and scenic beauty, this place forms a great boating spot.

5. Paragliding at Isle of Wight: 
Go paragliding at Isle of Wight, which is known for its fantastic scenery and reliable wind. You will also find many local schools here that offer easy and rapid training for a smooth paragliding experience.

What is the best time to visit the United Kingdom?

Since the United Kingdom experiences a temperate climate with moderate temperatures during winters and summers, the country can be visited throughout the year. That said, the most ideal time for visiting the UK is during the autumn months of September to November and the spring months of March to June. During this time the weather remains cool and pleasant, favoring outdoor activities.

How much does it cost to tour the United Kingdom?

Your average daily expense during your trip to the United Kingdom will be around 158 pounds (INR 15,451) per head per day. So, the approximate cost to enjoy a one-week tour to the UK will be around 1,107 pounds (INR 108,251) per week.

What is the currency of the United Kingdom?

The official currency of the United Kingdom is the GBP (British Pound) that finds its use in Great Britain, the British Antarctic Territory, British Overseas Territories, Tristan da Cunha, and the South Sandwich Islands. The British Pound is also known as Sterling.

What are the top UNESCO Heritage Sites in the UK?

The Top UNESCO Heritage Sites are in the UK are as follows:
- Stonehenge
- Bath
- Blaenavon
- New Lanark
- Westminster Abbey
- Derwent Valley Mills
- St. Margaret’s Westminster
- Ironbridge Gorge
- Studley Royal Park
- St. Martin’s Church, Canterbury
- Durham Castle
- Conwy Castle
- Beaumaris Castle
- Caernarfon Castle
- Harlech Castle.

What are the best trekking trails in the UK?

The best trekking trials in the UK are:
- Hadrian’s Wall Path
- Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
- West Highland Way
- Helvellyn, Lake District
- Tryfan, Snowdonia
- Wessex Ridgeway
- South Downs Way
- Southern Upland Way, Borders
- Stanage Edge, Peak District.

Which are the top locations for one to go cycling in the UK?

The top locations to go for cycling in the UK are:
- Essex Creeks
- Fen Villages
- West Midlands
- Seaside South Downs
- North Norfolk
- Trent Valley
- Cheshire lanes
- Central Chilterns
- Forest of Dean
- Southern half of Snowdonia
- Central Pennines
- Jurassic Coast.

Which are the best beaches to visit in the UK?

The best beaches to visit in the UK are:
- Pelistry Bay, Isles of Scilly
- Crosby Beach, Liverpool
- Porthcurno, Cornwall
- Hunmanby Gap, North Yorkshire
- Scolt Head, Norfolk
- Compton Bay, Isle of Wight
- Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland
- Rhossili Beach, Wales
- Beadnell Beach, Northumberland
- Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon
- Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire
- Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire
- Longsands, Tynemouth.

Which are the top museums to visit in the UK?

The top museums to visit in the UK are:
- British Museum
- Victoria and Albert Museum
- Natural History Museum
- London Transport Museum
- Science Museum
- Bank of England Museum
- Museum of London
- London Transport Museum
- Imperial War Museum
- Design Museum
- Barbican Art Gallery
- Science Museum
- Royal Museums Greenwich.

What are the top wildlife experiences to have in the UK?

Top wildlife experiences to have in the UK are:
- Selkirk’s salmon leap
- trail of Squirrel Nutkin
- Boar watching in the Forest of Dean
- lying high on the Great Mull
- Historic Spotting of Species in Chillingham
- Puffin spotting on Skomer.

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