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About Turkey
Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a historic country of the world. It resides on the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia and Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. The Turkey Country is enveloped by sea on three sides – the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The beauty of Turkey is lined up with warm colours, sun-kissed beaches, pine-covered forests, and historic Roman wonders. These exquisite exceptions played a big role in bagging the country 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the largest remnants of the Roman Empire to exotic white travertine terraces of Pamukkale, Turkey has it all. 

Turkey Tourism flaunts a flurry of tourist attractions. Head to the iconic Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey for a spiritual experience. Or, visit Pergamon and the Temple of Artemis to explore the remnants of ancient time. If you’re a history enthusiast, head to Hagia Sophia museum for understanding the blend of different religions at one place. When it comes to trying different activities, Turkey has a plethora of options. Gift your adventurous soul an exotic hiking trip to the Valley of Love. Or, explore the pristine Mediterranean Sea at the many beautiful beaches of Turkey. Here, you can participate in kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing, etc. Or, if you wish to explore the Turkish tradition then head to an interactive show and participate in the traditional Turkish dance.
Turkey with all its beauty, attractions, and activities, also has pleasant weather. The coastal areas of Turkey have a temperate Mediterranean climate, consisting of  warm, wet summers, heavy downpour in rainy seasons, and cool, wet winters. While the area away from the Mediterranean Sea has a temperate oceanic climate. In the eastern portion of Turkey, winters witness -30 degrees Celsius while summers witness 30 degrees Celsius.
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Turkey FAQ's

Which are the must attractions to visit in Turkey?

1. Hagia Sophia Museum
One of the most popular gems of Turkey Tourism, Hagia Sophia Museum is an epitome of beauty and boasts of grand Byzantine architecture. Residing in Istanbul, the museum was once a Greek Orthodox Christian cathedral, and after approximately 900 years, it was considered as an Ottoman imperial mosque. Built by Emperor Justinian, the museum is a reminder of the 6th century Turkey. 

Location – Hagia Sophia Museum is situated in Sultanahmet, Ayasofya Meydani in Istanbul.
Entry Fee/Price  – The ticket fee for entering Hagia Sophia Museum is TL 60. 
Timings  – You can visit the museum from 9 am to 5 pm. It remains closed on Mondays.

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2. Goreme Open-Air Museum
One of the UNESCO protected sites of Turkey, Goreme Open-Air Museum is an amalgamation of rock-cut churches, chapels and monk-cells. Dating back to the 10h century, the complex is the most famous tourist attraction of Cappadocia.

Here, you will come across Elmali Kilise – Apple Church, Aziz Barabara Sapeli – Chapel of St. Barbara, Yilanli Kilise – Snake Church with wall paintings of St. George, and Karanlik Kilise – Dark Church storing frescoed walls.

Location – Goreme Open-Air Museum is situated at Cappadocia’s Goreme Valley.
Price – The entry fee for Goreme Open-Air Museum is TL 54 and entry for children under 8 years is free.
Timings  – The place opens from 8.30 am and closes by 7 pm.

3. Kaymakli Underground City
Among the famous Turkey tourism sites, Kaymakli Underground city is the grand historical example of ancient wonders. The underground city was first chiselled out of the ground in the Bronze Age Hittite era when Christians started living underground to protect themselves from Arab and Persian invaders.

This Cappadocian beauty is famed for the 6th and 7th century’s Byzantine history. Here, the city extends to a total of eight levels out of which four can be explored by visitors. The pathways inside Kaymakli are narrow and consists of a confusing network of tunnels.

Location – Kaymakli Underground City is situated at Kaymakli village of Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.
Price  – The entrance fee for visiting Kaymakli Underground City is TL 42.

4. Travertines
Travertines might be mistaken for snow-capped pathways but these white calcite cliffs of Pamukkale were formed by calcium deposits. These travertines look like a bizarre yet stunning natural fortress of snow. Here, for a perfect sightseeing tour, you should head for a walk barefoot from the base of calcite mountain to the top of cliff ridge. The upper levels of travertines have pools of water where you can sit and soak in the beauty of Pamukkale.

Location – The Land of Thermal Pools, Pamukkale is situated near Denizli in Turkey.
Price  – The entrance ticket for adults and children to visit Pamukkale is TL 50.
Timings  – The place opens from 6.30 am and closes by 7 pm.

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5. Hierapolis Theater
Yet another gem from Turkey Tourism, Hierapolis Theater is nuzzled amidst the ruins of Hierapolis. This remarkable edifice was constructed during the reign of the Roman Emperors, Hadrian and Septimius Severus. The mighty theatre has two tiers of seating and consists of 26 rows.

The original details of Hierapolis Theater are well preserved like the imperial VIP guests vox, decorative panels along the stage, and aesthetic composition of rows.

Location – Hierapolis Theater resides in the Buyuk Menderes valley and adjacent to the Pamukkale and Denizli cities of Turkey.
Timings  – You can visit this place around 11 am.

6. Sumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery or Monastery of the Virgin Mary is one of the most beautiful attractions of Turkey Tourism. Situated in the south of Trabzon, Sumela Monastery dates back to the Byzantine era. Inside the chapel, you will come across vibrant frescoes and warren of rooms boasting of the religious life of previous centuries.

Apart from the beauty of Sumela Monastery, the geographical location is its another unique feature. The monastery’s entrance heads to a scenic route where you will come across the rocky terrains around the premises. 

Location – Sumela monastery is enveloped amidst the Pontic Mountains range in Macka district of Trabzon province.
Price   The entry fee for Sumela Monastery is TL 10 and entry for children under 8 years is free.
Timings  – You can visit this place from 9 am to 7 pm.

7. Kabak Beach
Situated in Fethiye, Kabak Beach comprises astonishing blue waters and white sands. To reach this beach, visitors have to take a 30-minute walk from Kabak village down a steep path. Also, several hikers and backpackers follow the Lycian path via Faralya to reach Kabak beach.

The pristine setup of Kabak is surrounded by lush green pine forest and the Turkish Mediterranean Sea. Also, here are several watersports for visitors to experience the laid-back vibes.  

Location – Kabak beach is situated near Kabak village of Lycia in Turkey.
Price  – Not required.
Timings – You can visit Kabak beach from 11 am to 6 pm.

8. Pergamon Acropolis Area
Visit the ancient site of Pergamon near the town of Bergama. An Acropolis area, it was the most striking feature of the Hellenistic city. Here, you will come across a 15000-seat theatre, Temple of Athena, Pergamon’s famous library, the Temple of Trajan, and the Altar of Zeus.

Plan a full-day tour from Izmir to cover the highlights of this classic historical city. Here, you’ll get to explore the Acropolis and Asclepion areas, and the Bergama Archaeological Museum.

Location – This city is situated in Bergama of Izmir province of Turkey.
Price – It will cost TL 20 for visiting the Pergamon Acropolis Area.
Timings   It is open from 8.30 am to 7 pm.

9.Topkapi Palace- 
Topkapi Palace is a colourful and beautiful reflection of the magnificence of Turkey's former Ottoman Empire. The first courtyard is the outermost, and the fourth is the innermost, of the four large courtyards that made up the Topkapi Palace. Each courtyard has a unique collection of buildings and specialties that draw visitors from all over the world. And as the Ottoman Empire came to an end, the government transformed Topkapi Palace into a museum honouring the glorious past.

Cankurtaran, 34122, Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey
Timings- Everyday 10am to 4pm, Tuesday closed.

10.Basilica Cistern-
The Basilica Cistern is a well-known historical attraction that attracts millions of visitors each year. The big cistern is made up of 336 columns that are 9 metres long and 4.8 metres apart. The two Medusa heads are the most notable feature of the Basilica Cistern. The two heads are reminiscent of magnificent Roman architecture and the roof of the cross vault rises high on marble columns laid out in a gridiron pattern. It’s an architectural marvel which is definitely worth visiting. 

Alemdar, Yerebatan Cd. 1/3, 34110 Fatih/?stanbul, Turkey
Timings- Everyday 9am to 7pm.

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Which are the famous things to do in Turkey?

1. Hot Air Ballooning over Cappadocia
Cappadocia’s scenic beauty is clustered with rock formations, underground cities, and cave churches. Hop on a hot air balloon ride to get a bird’s eye view of this exquisite place. In this enthralling activity of Turkey tourism, the hot air balloon will take you to a certain height from where you can admire Cappadocia’s beauty. The ride usually lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the visitors.  

Location – Hot Air Balloon ride takes place at Cappadocia.
Price – The ride will cost approximately TL 840 to TL 1500.
Timings  – The activity takes place before dusk.

2. Dipping in Thermal Hot Springs in Pamukkale
Pamukkale is famous for its terrace pools full of milky mineral waters. The white mineral deposits can fool you for snow-capped mountains, but as you reach the upper levels, tepid water will break your illusion. Here, you can dip into these terrace pools and spend some time splashing and soaking the unique springs.

Location – Thermal hot springs are located in Pamukkale in Denizli.
Price  – A visit to thermal hot springs in Pamukkale will cost you TL 50.
Timings – The thermal hot springs can be visited before dusk.

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3. Hike through the Love Valley
Plan for a quick day trip to the Love Valley. Located near Goreme, this valley comprises hills, narrow pathways, and rock formations accompanied with beautiful flowers. Love Valley is perfect for planning a quick trip as you can cherish the hillside of Cappadocia in your leisure time. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes while exploring the gigantic rock formations.

Location – Love Valley is situated near Gorem of Cappadocia in Turkey.
Timings  – You should visit the Valley of Love before dusk.

4. Paragliding over Oludeniz
One of the most significant places in Turkey Tourism, Oludeniz gained its fame from the movie Skyfall. Quench your thirst for a crazy adrenaline rush by taking part in paragliding at Oludeniz. While soaring high into the mighty sky, you can observe the perfect blend of hills and beaches.

This beach town showcases the lush green forest surrounded by the mighty Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, many tourists take a camera with them to shoot this wild experience.  

Location – Oludeniz is 4 hours away from Antalya.
Price  – Paragliding over Oludeniz will cost you approximately TL 847.
Timings – The paragliding activity will take place before dusk.

5. Spend a night in a Teepee in Paradise
Perched high on a cliff, live your childhood dream of sleeping in a teepee at Faraya. Shiva Camp is a place where you can spend overnight, bracing the beauty of the lush green forests. The camp also provides a hearty breakfast and a cosy dinner for two people.

One of the best parts about this overnight trip is that it boasts beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, many tourists hike down from the camp to spend their morning at the rocky Kabak Beach. The unique blend of pebbles and white sand attracts a lot of tourists to the beach. 

Location – Farayla is situated near Oludeniz and up to the Kabak Beach.
Price – An overnight stay at the camp will cost you around USD 50.
Timings – You should enter the camp before the dusk as you need to hike amidst the forest to reach.

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6. Kayak over the ruins of Kekova
Yet another enthralling adventure of Turkey Tourism, Kayaking is the most amazing activity amidst the ruins of Kekova. This region runs along the south coast forming the Lycian Trail. The sunken city of Kekova, represents the remains of a once town, which was flooded after an earthquake.

While kayaking amidst the clear water, your trip will end at the little town of Kalekoy. After stopping at this spot, you can also indulge in savouring the authentic taste of Turkish dishes. Moreover, you can also head to snorkelling with turtles near the bay.  

Location – Start your trip from Kas then head to Kekova situated near Demre district of Antalya province.
Price  – It will cost you around TL 165.
Timings  – Indulge in kayaking during day time.

7. Take a walking tour of Istanbul
Istanbul flaunts a flurry of exotic attractions from Turkey tourism. Spread into two continents, Istanbul is the most beautiful city of Turkey. To explore the local wonders of this city closely, a walking tour is a must. On this walking trip, you will come across significant landmarks like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace.

Also, some of the other tours include a visit to the famous Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market as well. Moreover, while visiting the mosques, make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Location  Head to SultanAhmet Park at 10.30 am for a free walking tour.
Price  – The walking tours will cost you almost TL 50 – TL 100.
Timings – The walking tours take place around 10.30 am and go on for 2.5 hours.

8.Take a Ferry Ride Down the Bosporus- 
This cruise makes stops throughout the Bosphorus, giving passengers the chance to explore Istanbul's palaces, mosques, and bridges, with amazing photo stops. With a day-long boat ticket, you may quietly explore several neighbourhoods, and at every stop, you have the option to get off and join the next boat within one or two hours.

Istanbul, Türkiye
Price- Around 25TL to 15TL

9.Ride the ATV Bike-
Joining an ATV trip is the quickest and most convenient method to go around the valleys of Cappadocia. While riding your ATV cycle, you can get a thrilling experience of the desert and the scenery likewise. You can take stops along the journey to admire the landscape and snap lovely pictures. Riding an ATV Bike through the valleys is one of the best things to do, ideally at sunrise and sunset.

Müze Caddesi, Zemi Vadisi Yolu, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/Nev?ehir Merkez/Nev?ehir, Turkey
Price- Around 300TL to 400TL 

10.Try the Local Cuisine-
The cuisine of Turkey is incredibly colourful, delicious and has a wide variety of influences and flavours, much like the country's cultural mosaic. Turkey's cuisine has developed throughout the years, influenced by the country's rich past as a host country for the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Mini Ravioli, Turk’s Meatballs, Turkish Style Pizza, Turkish Egg Delicacy, Lamb Delicacy, Turkish Patty, Strips Of Lamb and Spinach Or Meat Puffs are some famous Turkish local foods.

Alemdar, Divan Yolu Cd. No:12, 34110 Fatih/?stanbul, Turkey

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What are the most romantic things to do in Turkey?

1. Romantic stroll at Camlica Hill, Istanbul
Step into the magical world of Camlica Hill to cherish a romantic stroll with your beloved. Situated in the Uskudar district of Istanbul, this romantic spot attracts couples at large. While exploring Camlica, you will come across a panoramic view of Bosphorus Bridge and plenty of flower beds. Also, this public park has cafés, restaurants, fountains, tea houses, etc. where you can spend some quality time.

2. Ride a fayton on the Princes’ Islands
If you wish to tour around the exquisite setup of Istanbul then riding a fayton around the Princes’ Islands is the perfect thing for you and your partner to do. These faytons or horse-drawn carriages will take you across the coastal roads while you cherish the view of old-fashioned villages, wooden chalets, and whatnot.

3. Tea date at Pierre Loti Tepesi
Sipping Turkish tea while you are surrounded by rustic hilltops, rings for an intimate date time? Definitely! Situated in Eyup, Pierre Loti Tepesi is one of the exotic cafes of Turkey. Named after French writer Pierre Loti, this place offers a serene view of the Golden Horn. Plan a cosy brunch with your loved one and soak in the beauty of Eyup.

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Why is Turkey famous to visit ?

A great amount of diversity can be explored in this portion of the world, from the chic textiles and rustic ceramics to aromatic tea and coffee. The naturally designed rugs and carpets are one of the best things about Turkey country. Also, the unique geographical location of Turkey is one significant point to consider for its popularity. It resides in two continents – the east of Europe and the west of Asia.

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What is the best time to go for Turkey?

April to May:
April to May or the Spring season is the perfect time to visit Turkey. Although Turkey is a year-round destination, this season compliments the country’s beauty perfectly. The weather conditions are appropriate for hikers and cyclists. While, the coastline would brighten up and warm weather will start approaching. Also, Turkey hosts two events during this time, i.e., the Istanbul Film Festival in April and Hidrellez Festival in May.

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Do you need a visa to go to Turkey?

Yes, a visa is required to visit Turkey. It is highly advised that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Turkey. You can file a visa through the e-visa system and fill in the necessary information regarding your identity, passport, travel date, and online payment of visa fee.

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How to reach Turkey from India?

To reach Turkey from India, you would have to book a flight from either of the cities- Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore. There are several options available for direct flights from these places. Your landing spot after leaving India would be Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. The shortest time for travel would be available from Mumbai, i.e., 6 hours.

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How much is a Turkish visa?

The Turkish visa fee ranges from INR 3300 to INR 13900. It might vary according to single entry, multi entry, single transit, or double transit.

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Is hijab compulsory in Turkey?

For tourists, the hijab is not compulsory. Although, while entering into the premises of mosques or other sacred places, carry a headscarf else it’ll be provided at the entrance.

Is Turkey a safe country?

As a country, Turkey is a safe place to visit. Ankara, its capital, and Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, are mostly safe. Although, certain precautions should be taken to avoid the chances of civil unrest. Also, the risk of street robbery and pick-pocketing are quite common in this region.

What documents do I need to travel to Turkey?

To reach Turkey, you’ll need some documents like a visa, visa exemption, passport, or residence permit.  Also, your passport should have an expiration date of at least 60 days beyond the duration of your stay.

How many days are enough in Turkey?

To explore Turkey, you at least need 10-12 days. With so much to see and do, you can’t plan just a weekend tour to Turkey. Begin your trip by exploring Istanbul for three days then head to Cappadocia for two days. Afterwards, if you admire ancient cities then head to Ephesus. Or, if your interest area revolves around beaches then visit Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, or Bodrum.

Is English spoken in Turkey?

English is widely spoken in Turkey. In touristic places like Istanbul or Cappadocia, English is quite prominent. Approximately 13% of the whole population is considered as English native speakers in Turkey.

How much does a trip to Turkey cost?

If you are visiting Turkey then the per-day cost for two people could go up to 2000 INR. For buying food, you need to spend INR 370 per day and INR 150 on the daily commute. Also, staying in a hotel would cost you INR 2500. Additional expenditure can be spent on various watersports, tourist place entry fee, etc. That said, a 10-day trip for two would range anywhere between 40,000-50,000 INR.

Is Istanbul safe at night?

As a visitor, Istanbul is safe to explore at night. The locals excel in warm hospitality and you might get into a quick gathering. Although, certain precautions should be taken. Avoid exploring the deserted streets or area after dusk. Just like other places in the world, mild dangers like pick-pocketing or street robbing are common.

Is Turkey visa-free for Indian?

No, Turkey visa isn’t free for Indians. To enter into this exotic country, you need to file for an e-Visa or a sticker visa. A single-entry Turkey visa for an Indian citizen would cost around INR 4000. As an Indian, you need to go through the standard documentation procedure.

How can I get from Istanbul to Cappadocia?

There are plenty of ways to get from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Bus rides from Istanbul usually take 11-12 hours to reach Cappadocia. Also, the cheapest and quickest way to reach the destination is to take a flight from Istanbul airport to Nevsehir or Kayseri airport.

What should you avoid in Turkey?

- Dress decently while entering into mosques. Shorts or short sleeves should be completely avoided.
Do not disrespect the Ramadan customs. Avoid laughing or talking loudly in public places.
While visiting worship places, don’t forget to remove shoes and cover your head with a scarf (women).
Avoid entering into a cab without a taxi logo.
Explore the touristic areas only and avoid visiting secluded areas.

What is the currency of turkey?

The official currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the Lira. On several currency exchange boards; the currency goes by the acronym of TRY of TL. Apart from Lira, US dollars and euros are also accepted by some traders.

What food is Turkey famous for?

Baklava is the most iconic food item in Turkey country. You can find this mouthwatering dish at local markets, bakeries and supermarkets. Also, Turkey is famous for Corba, a delicious soup filled with vegetables. Or, another one of the famous streetside foods is baked potato or Kumpir which can be found across beaches.

What is Turkey known for producing?

Turkey is the world’s biggest producer of hazelnuts, figs, apricots, and raisins. As per the data, Turkey country is considered as the 4th biggest producer of fresh vegetables and grapes, 6th biggest producer of tobacco, 8th biggest producer of wheat, and 10th biggest producer of cotton.

What are the famous mosques of Turkey?

1. Grand Mosque
Constructed during the Ottoman empire, Grand Mosque is a historical marvel. Located in Bursa, this mosque boasts of Ottoman architecture which is influenced by the Seljuk architectural style. Here, the display of Islamic calligraphy is quite prominent across the 2 minarets and 20 domes.

2. Sakirin Mosque
Designed by Zeynep Fadillioglu, Sakirin Mosque is famed for its mesmerizing architectural work. After the creation of the mosque, Zeynep became the first woman to design a mosque in modern Turkey. Sakirin consists of a water-drop shaped enormous glass chandelier and captivating decorative motifs.

3. New Mosque
Situated in Istanbul, New Mosque is the last and largest mosque built by the Ottoman family. The mosque is known for serving religious and cultural purposes. Originally, the New Mosque was named Valide Sultan Mosque, which translates to the Queen Mother.

4. Faith Mosque
Named after the Ottoman sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Faith Mosque is situated in Istanbul. The mosque was built in 1470 but underwent reconstruction after an earthquake. Faith mosque housed a school of traditional Islamic sciences and the idea of school was established by the Persian astronomer Ali Qushii.  

5. Selimiye Mosque
Yet another magnificent mosque of Turkey, Selimiye Mosque was built by the Mimar Sinan of Edrine. The mosque has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011. The mosque is stretched over 28500 square kilometres and can accommodate 6000 people in the prayer hall.

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What is Turkey famous for shopping?

1. Carpets and Rugs
If you wish to bring back a souvenir from Turkey, then there is no better option than shopping for carpets and rugs. The authentic patterns of the rugs consist of vibrant colours and cultural beliefs. You can find carpets at Milas, Usak and Konya, Sindirgi, Bayat, and other places in Turkey. Also, if packing these items becomes an issue, you can buy kilims and rugs instead.

2. Tea and coffee
When it comes to beverages, Turkey boasts of aromatic tea and coffee. You can buy the best tea from Hemsin and Rize. Apart from the authentic taste of tea and coffee, visitors are in awe of the cutleries too. Shop for the tulip-shaped glasses or a small copper pot, Cezve, from the famous markets of Turkey.

3. Sweet Baklava and Turkish Delight
One thing you are always going to miss Turkey for is their delicious snack, Sweet Baklava. Exclusively made for Ramadan festival, many Turkish housewives cook it using age-old recipes. To taste the mouthwatering baklava, you can head to Karakoy Gulluoglu in Istanbul.

Also, Turkish Delight can not be missed when visiting Turkey. To taste this exquisite dish, head to Haci Bekir shop in Istanbul. Turkish Delight is a colourful dish available in several flavours like saffron, fig, rose, and much more.

Which are the best adventure activities to do in Turkey?

1. Family adventure around Kas
Enveloped between the pristine waters of the Mediterranean and the high trails of Lycia, Kas is a former Greek fishing village. Due to its proximity to marvellous natural wonders, visitors consider it as an ideal venue for a family adventure. Here, you can go sea-kayaking above an ancient sunken city of Kekova. Or, head to a rope adventure course at the hidden city of Saklikent.

2. Horse Riding across Cappadocia
The “Big Sky” country in Asia, Cappadocia, is home to mysterious valleys, churches, underground cities, and snow-capped volcanic peaks. To tour around this remarkable beauty, there is no better ride than custom-made horsebacks. Away from the commercialism, the saddle will take you into the unexplored region of Cappadocia.

3. Cycling along the Dalyan
Wish to get on a rendezvous tour of the southwest coast? Plan a cycle excursion around Dalyan. While pedaling around this majestic region, you’ll come across Turkish Backroads, Coastal Towns, and Lake Koycegiz. Drop your bike at Patara Beach for a quick swim and end the trip while soaking in the beauty of imperial Kas.

4. Climbing Mount Ararat
Quench your thirst for adventure while climbing Mount Ararat. Situated at an elevation of 17000 ft, this glacier-clad summit can be completed in almost five days. Although, visitors are advised to get acclimatized then head to Mt Ararat with crampons and ice-axe.

Which are the best areas to stay in Turkey?

1. Beyoglu
This portion of the Turkey country resides on the Eastern side or the European side of the river. The most popular areas fall under Beyoglu regions like Taksim square – tourist area, Pera – Greek neighbourhood, Galata – shopping area, and Istiklal street – shopping street. Moreover, you will come across cobbled roads, cafés and pubs, along with a lot of cool boutiques.

2. Sisli District and Besiktas
To explore the fancy lifestyle of Istanbul, you ought to stay in Sisli district and Besiktas. This region houses Nisantasi, one of the classiest neighbourhoods consisting of cosy book-shops and cafes. The area comprising pastel and vibrant colours is splendid.

3. Sultanahmet
Yet another European side neighbourhood, Sultanahmet is known for housing touristic places. This region might be a little expensive but has its own perks, like you can visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the famous Basilica Cistern from here. If you want to explore the local niceties of Turkey country, you should head to Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market.

4. Uskudar
Miss the Asian vibes? Don’t worry, Uskudar will bring back those vibes for you. Here, you will get several chances to stay close to the sea. You can reach Uskudar by taking a ferry ride. This neighbourhood is made up of minimalistic things and aesthetic ambience.

Which are the famous nightlife places in Turkey?

1. Bosphorus Cruise
The real Turkish nightlife is best witnessed at Bosphorus Cruise. The cruise sails along the Bosporus Strait, the dazzling bridge of Princes Islands, and the awe-inspiring city. You can select luxury yachts, catamarans, or ships for this journey. Under the sparkling stars, spend your night with splendid views of Europe and Asia.  

2. Hodjapasha Cultural Center
If your idea of fun revolves around exploring the cultural sector then Hodjapasha Cultural Center is for you. Situated near Hagia Sophia Basilica, this place hosts Dervish dance and music events. Also, an exhibition is orchestrated which displays artefact, music instruments, clothing, and personal tools.  

3. Pub Crawling
Situated in Istanbul, Pub Crawling is one of the liveliest things to enjoy the nightlife of Turkey. Here, you’ll get on a spree of exploring pubs while partying in between. You will get free entry to famous pubs and rooftop bars whilst you drink and enjoy games. The pub-crawling in Istanbul goes on for hours.  

4. Piano Bar
Embrace the beachy vibes at Piano Bar. This beach bar is situated in Marmaris and remains open until midnight. Here, savour the exotic cocktails and wine whilst you watch over the imperial composition of Turkey’s beach life. Apart from the drinks and views, the groovy music won’t let you sit idly.

Which are the famous beaches in Turkey?

1. Kleopatra Beach
With Alanya castle in the backdrop, Kleopatra Beach is the most beautiful beach in Turkey. Explore the clean beach which is lined up with beach bars, shacks, sunbeds, and whatnot. Also, Kleopatra is known for its enthralling water sports like surfing and paragliding. Visit this place for clicking some panoramic views of the vast sea.

2. Iztuzu Beach
A nesting and conservation ground for endangered loggerhead turtles, Iztuzu Beach is different from other beaches of Turkey country. The beach is open from 8 am to 8 pm only for the public. Visitors also call this place ‘turtle beach’. Apart from seeing the turtles, you can also take part in swimming and surfing here.

3. Patara Beach
Imagine dunes on one side and crystal blue water on the other, this is what Patara Beach looks like. Patara is the longest beach in Turkey which comprises of white sand, beach shacks and bars. Apart from Iztuzu Beach, Patara Beach plays the role of a breeding ground for sea turtles.

4. Lara Beach
If you want to experience the laid-back vibes of the beach while also facing a continuous influx of tourists then Lara Beach is the spot. Excelling in surplus beach facilities, visitors usually prefer to explore this beach. Also, Lara Beach is considered extraordinarily pristine with clear waters.

What are the Things You Can Only Buy in Turkey?

1. Hand- Painted Iznik Ceramics
If you’ve visited the spellbinding mosque of Turkey country then there’s a possibility that you came across the famous red and blue hues of Iznik tiles. If you wish to own these patterns then don’t worry, head to Iznik Art in the Grand Bazaar to buy some hand-painted ceramics.

2. Abdulla Hamam Accessories
Are you a fan of buying exquisite Turkish bath materials? Then, you ought to buy some before leaving. You can find these items at the Grand Bazaar. From thin hammam towels and olive oil soap to handwoven peshtemal made from silk, linen, and cotton, there are a plethora of varieties to choose from.

3. Turkish Sweets from Haci Bekir
Turkish sweets are world-famous and their availability and variety are spellbinding. Resembling the authentic taste of Turkish Delight from 1777, Haci Bekir is the only place to serve the authentic taste. Here, you will get a Turkish hard candy called Akide, pistachio, almond marzipan, and obviously, the delicious Turkish Delight.

4. Classic Turkish Carpets
To buy some chic designed carpets, head to Ethnicon and Dhoku at the Grand Bazaar. Turkey is famed for the traditionally designed carpets and these two stores will serve you the right deal.

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Vishal Shah
Reviewed: 25 Nov 2023
The trip was well planned. Everything was on time . The places were awesome. Hotel selection and everything was superb. This is my one of the best trip...very exited. Next time I won't think on trip without Thrillophilia.
Vishal  Shah
Vishal  Shah
Vishal  Shah
Vishal  Shah
Vishal  Shah
Vishal  Shah
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Danish Irfan
Reviewed: 12 May 2023
It was very well designed, guided tour .The hotels booked were very good, the local staff and guides were very knowledgeable & cooperative. The itinerary was well followed & every thing was covered as planned.Over all it was very good experience.
Danish  Irfan
Danish  Irfan
Danish  Irfan
Danish  Irfan
Danish  Irfan
Danish  Irfan
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Sony Israel
Reviewed: 16 Jun 2023
The guide was jus too good he was really knowledgeable and the overall experience was just absolutely amazing 
Sony Israel
Sony Israel
Sony Israel
Sony Israel
Sony Israel
Sony Israel
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Hema Lata
Reviewed: 16 Oct 2023
Europamundo staff named kadir and the driver Ismail are awesome ppl, wud love to give them a 5 out of 5.
Hema Lata
Hema Lata
Hema Lata
Hema Lata
Hema Lata
Hema Lata
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Reviewed: 19 Aug 2022
Professionally managed tour by Thrillophilia and it is worth every rupee that we spent on this vacation. Special thanks to Shivang for support in Visa and Hot air ballon. Arda managed operation well at Turkey. Wonderful country with handsome men & women who are welcoming Indians. Enjoyed Bargaining ... Read More
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