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What You Should Know More About Hungary

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • If you are visiting a holy temple or any other religious place that does not approve of the short dresses, it is better to avoid the same.

    • Be wary of the touts.

    • Do not get involved in any type of fights with the locals.

    • Make sure you learn some words from the local language. This will help you interact with the locals. It also gives the locals a feeling that you have taken some measure to learn about their culture and tradition.

    • Do not flaunt your valuables or cash in the public places.

    • If you rent a vehicle, make sure you adhere to the requisite traffic rules.

    • Always carry at least one identity proof with you.

    • Make sure you have kept your passport safely all round the trip. To be on the safer side, you can also make photocopies of the same.  

    • Do not let anyone deceive you. It is a good idea to learn about the destination you are traveling to before actually going there.

    • Always book pre paid taxis. In case you aren’t able to get prepaid taxis make sure you negotiate the fare before booking the vehicle.

    • Do not photograph in the area where it is prohibited.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Hungary is 18 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford to Miss?

    Eger Castle

    Hungary is a home to a number of historic castles, palaces and forts that are deeply steeped in the history. Of which, one of the most famously known is the Eger Castle. Nestled in the beautiful spa town of Eger, the castle lies on the Southern slopes of the Bükk Mountains. The castle once guarded the gateway into the northern Hungary. Extended further in the 16th century, the redefined design is largely based on the contemporary Italian fortresses. This is the best place for you to explore the old and medieval Baroque architecture in the lower town. The cafes and restaurants nearby are also a must visit in Hungary.

    Cathedral of St. Peter

    Dominating the north west corner of the Pecs is the Cathedral of St. Peter. The cathedral is built on the ancient Roman burial chapel. Like the different historic attractions of Hungary, the cathedral displays influences from the different cultures. Built in the 1009, the original church lasted well into the 12th century. It was rebuilt then. However, the cathedral again suffered even more damage due to the Mongol attacks. Post several years of neglect, which also includes a spell at a arms store and a mosque, this church was completely rebuilt in the year 1891. The structure that you see today is the one that was created in the year 1891. Inside the cathedral, you can find several unique religious artefacts from round the history of Hungary. After you are done viewing the cathedral, you can take a walk to the Mosque of Yakovali Hassan Pasha that is located nearby. It is a 22-meter-high museum and a minaret.

    Visegrád Royal Palace

    Visegrád Royal Palace is situated above the majestic old town of Visegrád that lies in the Danube Bend which is situated only a few km north of Budapest. The remains of the Visegrád Royal Palace as well as the old citadel, make for a great day tour from the capital of Hungary. The very first Royal Palace was built under Charles I after he along with his court transferred to Visegrád in the year 1316. This went on for several hundred years with several Italian flourishes. Post all this, the palace gained a reputation of being one of the finest places of Europe. The palace is largely in ruins now however it was rediscovered in the 1930s. It majorly impresses the tourists with its incredible views over the River Danube and its dimensions.

    The Buda Hills

    There is so much about Budapest that will make you fall in love with it. Be it the vast number of parks or simply the open spaces, everything about the city is likeable. Located on the western outskirts of the city, The Buda Hills is definitely one of the most popular place to see in Hungary. Rising to the heights of over 518 meters, the hills are criss crossed by a complex and comprehensive system of trails which is simply ideal for biking or walking. You can take a bike on rent to explore the city. Once you are at the hills, you can go on and explore a variety of caves post which you can take a ride back to the town on the Cog-wheel Railway. Alternatively, you can even stopover for a picnic and take up the Children's Railway which is a 13-kilometer jaunt running across the countryside. You can also get to see some of the best views of the city from the Budapest Chairlift.     


    Sopron is located just 64 km south of Vienna. For those traveling from the border of Austria, Sopron is only about 8 km away. Located near the foothills of the Alps, Sopron is one of the most prominent tourist attraction for day trippers. Sopron is alluring not because of the attractive surroundings here but rather because of the several preserved medieval as well as the Baroque buildings found here. This town boasts of 240 protected buildings and 115 officially listed monuments, making Sopron to hold the largest such collection in whole of Europe. Almost every building in the Old Town is located within the confines of the medieval town wall and is built on the Roman ruins. All these, make Sopron a great sightseeing attraction of Hungary.

    Caves of Lillafüred

    Another prominent spa destination of Hungary is the Lillafüred. The city is also known for the spectacular caves which are an easy walk from the town. Some of the most interesting attractions to explore include the István Cave given its Petofi Cave and the fantastic stalactite formations. If you are into adventure, you can take a hiking trail to the Szeleta Cave with the relics from the Ice Age including the artistically made spears and arrows. Once done with the exploration, you can take a ride on the old narrow-gauge railway which will lead you to the most rugged parts of the mountains.

  • Q. What You Will Like There?

    Each city has something unique to offer

    Every city of Hungary has something unique to offer. Budapest that is the capital of country. It offers a variety of experiences that range from cultural to entertaining. Some of the best places to see here include the Gellert Hill, Chain Bridge, Andrassy Street, Heroes Square and Buda Castle. Several world class operas and theatres such as the State Opera House are also found here.

    Hungary is a growing destination for spa breaks

    Given the natural thermal springs, more and more people are traveling to Hungary to relax their bodies and relieve themselves from stress. Its warm waters of the springs are both refreshing and calming enough to help you liven up your senses and unwind.

    Hungarian food has a burst of flavours

    Food is a specialty of Hungary. So, when here you definitely must try out the various local dishes of the country. Dishes here are typically seasoned with paprika and locals of Hungary usually label the dishes as flavourful and spicy.  

    Hungary has some of the best wines

    Wine making is an old tradition of Hungary. Locals of Hungary have been making wines ever since the local times. They are also known to grow the grapes in the vineyards. Two of the best wines that you can find here include the Tokaji and Bikaver or “Bull’s Blood”. Both of these are the late harvest dessert wines which contain six degrees of sweetness.   

    Hungary is a family destination

    Given the number of sightseeing spots and tourist attractions, such as the Lake Balaton, Hungary is a place that can be entertaining for both kids and the grown ups. The Lake Balaton is a prominent destination of the country. Being the largest lake of the Central Europe, the lake is also known as the Hungarian Sea.

    The country doesn’t fall short on world heritage sites

    Hungary is a home to a wide variety of certified UNESCO attractions that are classified according to kind. Most of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the country are concentrated in areas such as Pannonhalma, Budapest, Pecs, Holloko, Aggtelek, Tokaj, Hortobagy and Ferto. One fine example of the world heritage site is the Hortobagy National Park.

     International events abound in Hungary

    The International Opera Festival, Balaton Sound, Sziget Festival and Debrecan Flower Festival are few of the most popular festivals celebrated in Hungary. Brimming with dance, music, food and wine, these festivals will surely drown your senses with a heavy doze of entertainment.

    Hungary is inexpensive

    In comparison to the most other European countries, the prices for food, travel, accommodation and attractions that you pay in Hungary is fairly less making it way more inexpensive.

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