20 Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar in One Day: 2021
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Mahabaleshwar One Day Trip 

Tapola, Pratapgad, Lingamala Falls, Venna Lake, Mapro Garden, Elephant’s Head Point, Lodwick Point, Rajpuri Caves, Table Land, Connaught Peak, Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple, Babington Point, Parsi Point, Morarji Castle, and many other tourist attractions.

Situated in the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra’s Satara district, Mahabaleshwar has a lot to offer to travellers looking to explore this breathtakingly beautiful hill station.

Once the summer capital of Bombay during the British Raj, Mahabaleshwar is famous for its rivers, ancient temples, waterfalls, evergreen dense forests, stunning cascades, majestic peaks and valleys. The city is known for its winding roads, strawberry farms and pleasant weather conditions all year round.

It boasts of several vantage points from where you can witness breath-taking views of the hills, valleys and waterfalls. Popular among travellers, photographers and nature and adventure lovers, Mahabaleshwar is sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day:

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Elephant’s Head Point

As the name suggests, Elephant’s Head Point is a mountain rock that has an uncanny resemblance to an elephant’s head. Easily one of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day, Elephant’s Head Point offers a mesmerising view of the Sahyadri Range.

You can also catch a spectacular panoramic view of the Pratapgarh Fort flanked by the Koyna Valley on one side and the Savitri Valley on the other. With beautiful scenery and a peaceful environment, this hill-top offers the perfect escape from the chaos of daily life. Don’t miss the amazing sunset.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 9 am – 6 pm (Open every day)

Location: Beyond Lodwick Point, Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 41280

Distance from bus stand:
 56.5 km

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A popular hill fort situated in Maharashtra’s Satara district, Pratapgarh stands witness to the famous battle that was fought between the armies of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Adil Shahi General Afzal Khan and it is one of the best places for Mahabaleshwar one day trip.

The fort is in ruins but much of the ramparts are still intact. It has a watch tower just beside the main entrance, a statue of Shivaji Maharaj, Bhawani and Mahadev temples and a library displaying the heritage of the fort. It also boasts of four lakes and stunning views of the hill station. The dargah of Afzal Khan is also located in the vicinity.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 10 am – 6 pm (Open every day)

Location: Poladpur Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412806 

Distance from bus stand:
 20.8 km.

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Venna Lake

A man-made lake spread over 28 acres, Venna Lake is one of the most scenic places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day. It was initially built to cater to the city’s water needs. The lake also has a couple of pilgrimage spots submerged within 1-2 kms. There’s also a garden called ‘Chhatrapati Pratapsinh’ situated on its banks.

The walk from the bus stop to the lake is bewitching. Go for boat rides and horse riding at the lake. Satisfy your hunger pangs at the eateries and restaurants nearby. Be sure to witness a stunning sunset by the lakeside.

Entry Fee:

7 am – 7 pm. (Open every day).

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar, Satara, Maharashtra – 412806.

Distance from bus stand:
 3.7 km.

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Mapro Garden

Mapro Gardens is one of the most famous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day. Located in Panchgani, this garden park comprises a chocolate factory, restaurant, small nursery, children’s play area and a retail outlet that sells Mapro products.

It also hosts the Strawberry Festival during the Easter weekend in March/April. Farmers from nearby villages open their farms to tourists and distribute strawberries for free. They also showcase unconventional strawberry-based products like strawberry pizza, strawberry bhel and strawberry sandwiches among others. Several folk performances are also held.

Entry Fee:

8 am – 8:30 pm (weekdays), 8 am – 9 pm (weekends)

15/1B, Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar Road, Gureghar, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 11.5 km.


Lodwick Point

Initially known as Sydney Point, this hill-top was renamed Lodwick Point to honour General Lodwick, the first British officer to have climbed the hill. His son also got a 25-feet high pole constructed in his father’s memory and it is one of the famous Mahabaleshwar places to visit in one day.

Lodwick Point is a must-visit for tourists for unparalleled panoramic views of the Pratapgarh Fort and the Elphinstone Point. There are several local guides at your service to provide you with information about the area.

You can avail of carriage drives on your way up to Lodwick Point. Surrounded by mountains and dense forests, this place offers its visitors a peaceful and pleasant escape from their hectic work schedules.

Entry Fee:

6 am – 8 pm (Open every day)

Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 3.5 km.

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Lingamala Falls

Trek through the forest to reach the Lingamala Falls, one of the most scenic places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day. The best time to visit is between July and December. The water falls below from a height of 600 feet and gets illuminated when the rays of the sun fall on it.

This water further flows into the Venna Lake. Surrounded by lush green forest, the Lingamala Waterfalls offer stunning views for photographers and nature lovers. Plus, you get to see three waterfalls - the Dhobi and Chinaman - for the price of one!

Entry Fee: Rs 20 per person. Rs 10 for still camera.

Timings: 8 am – 5:30 pm (Open every day)

Location: Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar Road, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 18.7 km.

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Sunset Point

One of the most lovely places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in a day, the Sunset Point raises the bar high for all the other mesmerising sights you would indulge into. Popularly known as the Mumbai Point or Bombay Point, the place is a splendid spot to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

You will feel the tranquillity seeping in as the sun dives into the sky, withering off into the valley. The sky lit in the various hues of the scintillating colours is an aesthetic sight you must catch when you are here. Make sure you try horse riding or the famous Choupati games along with the Chaupati food like Bhel.

Entry Fees: Free

Timings: 6:00 am - 6:30 pm

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 

Distance from Bus Stand: 3 Km



Also known as ‘Mini Kashmir’, Tapola is famous for the picturesque Shivsagar Lake, jungle treks, pastoral beauty and Eco Agro Tourism. Trek to the Vasota and Jaigad forts located in the dense jungles around the lake. Take a stroll or enjoy the sunset at the several islands situated near Tapola. Indulge in adventure sports like kayaking and paragliding or enjoy a peaceful boat ride at the lake and it is one of the best Mahabaleshwar places to visit in one day.

You can also interact with locals and experience village life under the Tapola Eco Agro Tourism initiative. Hike to the strawberry fields to help pick out the fruit or try your hand at milking, feeding and taking care of cows like locals.

Entry Fee:

Open 24 hours every day

Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 27.2 km.


Rajpuri Caves

One of the most ancient attractions in Panchgani, Rajpuri Caves are a group of four caves surrounded by several holy water kunds with mythological references to the Mahabharata. Three out of the four caves are connected by underground tunnels and are believed to have served as a home for the Pandavas during their exile and it is one of the finest places for Mahabaleshwar one day trip.

They are believed to have been used by Lord Kartikeya for penance and performing religious rituals. Devotees believe that taking a dip in the holy
kunds will relieve them of diseases and evils. The first cave consists of a holy kund constantly filled with water flowing from the sacred Gomukh.

The Lord Kartikeya Temple, one of the highlights of the Rajpuri Caves, is believed to have been built using the sand from the caves. The entrance consists of several stone plates with inscriptions on them. A couple of traditional images of Nandi can be seen right in front of the caves – one of which lies opposite to the main entrance. 
The Thaipooyam Festival celebrated in January/February is another highlight of this temple.

Entry Fee:
No entry fee

6 am – 7 pm (Open every day)

Panchgani, Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412804

Distance from bus stand:
 24.9 km.

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Table Land

Asia’s second highest mountain plateau, Table Land is situated at a height of 4,550 feet above sea level and is spread over 95 acres of laterite rocks and dense vegetation. Enjoy jaw-dropping views of the sunrise and sunset. Go horse riding, trekking or paragliding or just gaze at the stunning view of the hill station. There are several stalls and eateries situated in the area to satisfy those food cravings and it is one of the best Mahabaleshwar places to visit in one day.

Get a clear view of the Rajapuri Caves, visit One Tree Hill Point (the only tree on the plateau) or get a glimpse of the real footsteps of the Pandavas that have stood the test of time and remain embossed into the ground at Table Land!

Entry Fee:

Open 24 hours every day

Table Land Road, Godavali, Panchgani, Maharashtra - 412803

Distance from bus stand:
 19.9 km.


Connaught Peak

Connaught Peak was earlier known as Mount Olympia but was given a new name after the Duke of Connaught fell in love with the place. Located on the Old Mahabaleshwar Road, it is the second highest peak in the hills & it is one of the best places for Mahabaleshwar one day trip.

Located at a height of 1,400 feet above sea level, this place is a must-visit for its spectacular views of the Venna Lake and Krishna Valley. You can also enjoy beautiful views of the Pratapgarh Fort, Panchgani and Pasarani. The stunning sunset with the Sahyadri Range in the backdrop is a sight for sore eyes. Do not miss it!

Entry Fee: None

Timings: Open 24 hours every day

Location: Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 5.2 km.

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Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple

The Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple stands as a testimony to Maratha glory and heritage. An ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, it has a 5-feet wall around it and is divided into two sections – the central hall and the sanctum sanctorum and it is one of the holy places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day.

The latter houses a 500-year-old self-originated lingam known as the Mahalingam. The temple also boasts of Lord Shiva’s trishul, Rudraksha, damru and a bed. It has a square-shaped raised platform where, according to legend, Maratha king Shivaji weighed his mother Jijabai in gold and then gave it away in charity.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 5 am – 12 noon, 4 pm - 9 pm (Open every day)

Location: State Highway, 34 KA, Old Mahabaleshwar, Satara, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 3.0 km.

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Babington Point

Ideal for photographers, nature lovers and bird-watchers, Babington Point boasts of winding roads and pathways leading to a variety of birds, trees and flora and fauna. The tranquil environment accompanied by misty clouds further enhances the beauty of the place.

The best time to visit Babington Point is from June to November as rains along with waterfalls and lakes make the place look greener. Frequented by trekkers and nature lovers, this vantage point offers beautiful views of the Chinaman Waterfall and the Koyna and Solshi Valleys. You can also see the densely covered mountain ranges from Babington Point.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 6 am – 7 pm (Open every day)

Location: Tapola Road, Birwadi, Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 2.9 km


Parsi Point

With spectacular sunrise and sunset views, Parsi Point is one of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day. The vantage point offers breath-taking views of the lush green mountains surrounding it.

It is a photographer’s paradise offering mesmerising views of Krishna Valley and the sparkling backwaters of the Dhom Dam. You can also rent a telescope to see the spectacular views of the area from different angles. Parsi Point is the perfect place to take a break for a while and soak in all the beauty and tranquillity that nature has to offer.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: Open 24 hours every day

Location: Ganeshpeth, Panchgani , Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 412805

Distance from bus stand: 17.0 km.


Morarji Castle

Constructed in British style architecture, Morarji Castle offers exotic and spectacular views of colonial buildings that can be best explored while on a drive around these structures. It is said that Mahatma Gandhi had decided to take a rest at this spectacular castle when he visited Mahabaleshwar in 1945.

The colonial structures around Morarji Castle add to the natural beauty and elegance of the place.

Entry Fee:

10 am – 6:30 pm (Open every day)

Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, 412806

Distance from bus stand: 
17.5 km.


Bhushan Mahamuni

Also known as Shri Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, Bhushan Mahumuni is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is one of the famous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day.

This temple serves as base to Swayambhu Shivling with several water streams and is also the meeting point of five water reservoirs - Krishna, Koyna, Venna, Gayatri and Savitri.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 6 am – 10 pm (Open every day)

Location: Old Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra – 412806

Distance from bus stand:
 6.6 km.


Dhobi Waterfall

A fascinating sight to behold, the Dhobi Waterfall is of the one-day sightseeing places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Being a lesser-known attraction in the city, the place is quite secluded giving you solace in the lap of nature. This waterfall is located around 3 Km away from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand making it well connected and convenient to reach.

Perched amidst the natural bliss of the picturesque valleys, this waterfall cascades into the River Koyna. The monsoon showers turn the place into heaven as you would witness the greens turning greener, making it the best season to visit the Dhobi Waterfalls. With numerous hotels nearby, you can also enjoy the view of the striking waterfall and take a dip whenever you want to. 

Entry fees: Free

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 

Distance from Bus Stand: 2 Km.

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Falkland Point

Named after the Governor of Bombay Presidency during the British Rule - Sir Falkland, this is one of the most sought after one-day sightseeing places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Unfolding the natural vistas of the surreal surrounding of the Koyna Valley, this point has its own charm to play along with the eye-feasting experience. 

Apart from the natural suburbs, you can also rejoice the wondrous views of the Makarandgad Fort from this point on the hilly terrain. If you wish to break away from your monotonous weary lives, then this place is just the right one to re-energize and rejuvenate. Make sure you click a lot of pictures that will remind you of the impeccable moments you spent here.  

Entry Fees: 

Sunrise to Sunset 

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

Distance from Bus Stand:
3.5 Km


Chinaman's Falls

Lying towards the south of the Koyna Valley, the Chinaman’s Falls flows from two different streams merging into one. The fascinating flow of the cascading water will certainly lure your heart and eyes captivating you from within. Located around 2.5 Km from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand, this place is one of the best Waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar you cannot miss out on.

As the gardens close to the waterfall was once looked after by the Chinese, therefore the falls are called the Chinaman’s Falls. Perched at the pinnacle of the Venna Valley, this is the apt afternoon picnic spot you’ve been looking for. The monsoon season brings in more water to this astounding waterfall and also flourishes the lush green surroundings greener.

Entry Fees: Free

Timings: Open 24 Hours 

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Distance from Bus Stand: 2.5 Km.

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Velocity Entertainmentz

The only go-karting track in India on a mountain, the Velocity entertainment is the largest amusement park in Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. The motor ride nirvana for the thrill enthusiasts, this is one place extensively connected to the major cities Goa, Mumbai, and Pune. Offering something for everything, you can also indulge in several fun attractions including Bungee Trampoline, Hanging Merry-Go-Round, Dashing Cars, Rodeo Bull, Gyroscope, Basketball Arcade or indoor games like Air Hockey or Kiddie Rides. 

Enticing the inner foodie, this place offers a wide variety of food options including North and South Indian, Punjabi, Italian, Chinese, and fast food.  Not to forget the other stores you need to check out including the Ice Cream & Snacks Counter, Fruits Products Shop, and Toy Shop that will certainly invoke your interest. 

Village Bhose, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar

Entry Fees: Depends on what sport you indulge in.

Timings: 9:00 am to 11 pm

Distance from Bus Stand: 13.6 Km

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Mahabaleshwar Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Mahabaleshwar
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People Also Ask About Mahabaleshwar

  1. What are the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day in summer?

    1. Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this famous temple in Mahabaleshwar is an important reminder of Maratha valour and culture. The holy temple attracts a number of Hindu devotees.

    2. Tapola: Known for its picturesque ambience, Tapola is a must visit for nature lovers to appreciate the beauty of the countryside and undertake agro tourism. The must do activities here include visiting the Shivsagar Lake, trekking to Vasota and trek to Jaigad Fort.

    3. Pratapgad: All history buffs must visit the Pratapgad Fort to relive the important moments of history. The fort offers stunning views as it is located on a cliff top at a height of 1080 m above sea level.

    4. Elephant’s Head Point: Be prepared to be enthralled by mesmerizing beauty of nature at Elephant’s Head Point. This interesting rock formation shaped like a trunk of an elephant is a nice place to enjoy the panoramic views of Mahabaleshwar and it is one of the famous place for Mahabaleshwar one day trip.

    5. Dhobi Waterfall: Gear up to be fascinated by the amazing views of lush greenery and rocks at the Dhobi Waterfall. It is a must visit for nature lovers to enjoy a scenic escape from day to day life.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar to enjoy the weekend?

    1. Venna Lake: Encompassed by verdant green trees, Venna Lake in Mahabaleshwar was built by the Raja of Satara. The popular activities to enjoy here include boating and horse riding.

    2. Arthur’s Point: Arthur's seat or Suicide point is also known as the Queen of all points. It offers the most mesmerizing and fascinating view of the dense valleys of Brahma-Narayana and the Savitri river.

    3. Panchgani: Famed for its British colonial buildings, Panchgani is one of the popular hill stations to visit from Mahabaleshwar. It boasts of breathtaking natural beauty and offers various adventure activities.

    4. Morarji Castle: Renowned for its British architecture, Morarji Castle will help you relive the old world charm. It is a wonderful sight to behold for all history buffs and nature lovers and it is one of the best place for Mahabaleshwar one day trip.

    5. Connaught Peak: Bask in the surreal views of Connaught Lake and Krishna Valley from Connaught Peak in Mahabaleshwar. It is the second highest peak of the region and was named after the Duke of Connaught.

    6. Lingmala Falls: Promising a refreshing adventure, Lingams Falls offers an exciting trek through the most scenic route. The waterfall falls from a height of 600 feet and offers a wonderful sight to behold.
  3. What are the best resorts in Mahabaleshwar to stay?

    1. Brightland Resort & Spa: Enjoy luxurious amenities at the Brightland Resort. It boasts of offering various facilities like an outdoor jacuzzi and pool along with refreshing views of Sahyadri ranges.
    Price: INR 8,000 to INR 11,000.

    2. Evershine Keys Prima Resort: Known for its world class amenities, Keys Prima Resort in Mahabaleshwar is one of the top choices for honeymooners. It is surrounded by fields full of strawberries and located near the Venna Lake.
    Price: INR 7,500 and above.

    3. Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa: Le Meridien is one of the popular 5 star properties in Mahabaleshwar where you can enjoy the lush green views of surrounding forests. It offers amenities like an infinity pool, mountain views and recreational activities.
    Price: INR 9,000 to INR 29,000.

    4. Citrus Chambers: Renowned for its colonial architecture, Citrus Chambers is one of the popular stays for couples in Mahabaleshwar. It is well known for its tranquil ambience along with the panoramic views of the valley.
    Price: INR 7,200 to INR 10,500.

    5. Bella Vista Resort: This modern resort in Mahabaleshwar is a relaxing retreat to soak in the views of Lingmala valley. Located high on a cliff, it lets you escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
    Price: INR 4,200 to INR 7,200.
  4. What is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar?

    Though the winter season is considered the best season to visit Mahabaleshwar, yet your ideal visiting timing depends on what activities you wish to indulge in.

    Summer Season (March -June): 
    Visiting Mahabaleshwar in the summer season can be a perfect getaway from the parching heat, yet you must be ready to face the blazing afternoons. Since summer season calls for summer vacations, it is often considered as the best weekend escape for the families. 

    Rainy Season ( July - October): 
    This tropical destination experiences heavy showers all along this season. Adding glitters to the beauty of the place, the monsoon season flourishes the place by making the grass greener and brimming the waterfalls with water. If you’re thinking of indulging in outdoor activities, then this time is not ideal for you at all. 

    Winter Season (November - February): 
    Winter season experiences a lot of rush in Mahabaleshwar as the temperature becomes pleasant, being the right time to indulge in outdoor activities. Also, winters mark the beginning of the season of strawberries, which Mahabaleshwar is quite famous for. 

  5. How far is Mahabaleshwar from Panchgani?

    Mahabaleshwar is around a mere 40 minutes drive away from Panchgani. Since there are no direct flights, trains and flights from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani, therefore the only way you can travel to this city is via taxi. Taxis and cabs are easily available from both the cities, making your trip comfortable.
  6. Is Mahabaleshwar good for honeymoon?

    Set against the backdrop of mystifying hills, unusual landscapes, striking waterfalls, and amusing flora and fauna, Mahabaleshwar is just the right place to spend your honeymoon.

    With so many one-day sightseeing places in Mahabaleshwar, you can spend more time amidst the undisturbed surreal surroundings with your beloved and take back sweet memories and pictures home.
  7. What is Mahabaleshwar famous for?

    Once the summer capital of India during the British Rule, this enchanting destination is famous for its breathtaking sights, natural bounties, thrill activities, and architecture.

    If you wish to spend a weekend amongst the flora and fauna, then you cannot miss out on the Chinaman’s Falls, Sunset Point, Falkland Point, and Dhobi Falls, on the contrary, if you wish to add a tinge of excitement to your Mahabaleshwar vacations, then you can try your hands in go-karting, horse riding, or indulge in the various activities at the Velocity Entertainmentz. Lying in the Sahyadri Range, this place is one of the top places on the traveller’s list.
  8. How many days are enough to explore Mahabaleshwar?

    It takes around 3 days to explore Mahabaleshwar if you plan well as there are numerous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in one day. All the places of attractions of this place will hardly take more than an hour to explore, hence if planned well you can easily cover 4-5 spot each day.

    It also depends on what season you visit the place in and what activities you wish to indulge in.

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