15 Best Farmhouses in Karjat - 2020 (Photos & 1700+ Reviews)

Karjat Farmhouse

The Whey Side Farmhouse, Sanvi Nisargvaibhav Farmhouse, Liberty Farmhouse, JM Eco Green Nest Farmhouse, SKS Farmhouse, Santoni Farmhouse, Annapoorna Farms, JenJon Karjat Holiday Farm, River Deck Farm, Mandewal Farm House, Dreamland Farms and many more.

For travellers looking for a farmhouse in Karjat, there is no need to look any further than this list which describes for you the best properties this quaint city near Maharashtra has to offer.

Karjat is a relatively secluded hill-station teeming with rolling green mountains, waterfalls, rivers and vast expanses of agricultural fields. For residents of Mumbai and Pune and other adjacent cities looking for a retreat in the countryside to take a break from everyday urban living, Karjat is the perfect place to go.

The scenic beauty combined with easy accessibility to the place has made a weekend stay at a Karjat farmhouse a popular getaway plan for travellers. Whether you are looking for sports and adventures, sight-seeing in nature or to historical places or simply looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life into the peaceful lap of nature, a trip to Karjat is bound to leave you rejuvenated.

Here are some of the best farmhouses in Karjat:


The Whey Side Farmhouse

The Whey Side Farmhouse
Image Credit : thewheyside.com

Considered one of the best farmhouses, The Whey Side is an eco-friendly, nature-centric accommodation, which embodies the spirit of Karjat. It is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls allowing for a serene view to greet you during your stay at the farmhouse in Karjat.

Known for its warm staff, countryside hospitality and impeccable local cuisine, this is a place that is going to make your trip to Karjat truly memorable. Travelling to some of the more popular sites such as the Bhivpuri Waterfalls is also easily accomplished due to its convenient location.

Amenities: Swimming pool, family rooms, pet-friendly, terrace, free parking, dining area, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 5,927 per night

Location: Mothe, Vengaon Road, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


Sanvi Nisargvaibhav Farmhouse

Sanvi Nisargvaibhav Farmhouse

The Sanvi Nisargvaibhav farmhouse in Karjat is one of the most exclusive retreats in the hill-station. with amenities such as private pools and nightclubs, you can enjoy a wholesome, adventurous and rewarding experience during your stay here. Limited accommodation makes it an exclusive property, allowing for a quiet and unique experience.

Located at a mere 78 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, the farmhouse has a range of activities, amenities and experiences to offer, starting from a playground for kids to outdoor pools and an irresistible breakfast buffet.

Amenities: Swimming pool, tennis court, bar, free WiFi, pet-friendly, accessible parking, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 8,000 per night

Location: Bhaliwadi aashram school road, Bhaliwadi, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.


Liberty Farmhouse

Liberty Farmhouse
Image Credit : libertyfarms.co.in

Conveniently located in an adjacent village called Humgaon, this farmhouse is a quiet, serene getaway from city-life that is both secluded and easily accessible at the same time. With mountain views and close proximity to the Bhivpuri Waterfalls, this property is the perfect home for your weekend.

During your visit to the farmhouse, you can make use of their pools and gardens, but more importantly, the huge indoor and outdoor spaces which allow you to conduct workshops, go for picnics and corporate outings and other group activities that you would want to do outside the city.

Amenities: Private pool, pet-friendly, free parking, room service, laundry service, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 5,934 per night

Location: Humgaon Village, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


JM Eco Green Nest Farmhouse

JM Eco Green Nest Farmhouse

If you’re looking for a farmhouse in Karjat here you can relax in the truest sense of the term without having to worry about amenities or luxuries that might impede your enjoyment, then JM Eco Green Nest has facilities that will accomplish just that. Nestled amongst the hills and surrounded by extensive greenery, this farmhouse is perfect for the ideal weekend getaway.

Equipped with an outdoor pool, nightclubs, an in-house restaurant and other modern facilities, this property offers a complete and well-rounded holiday experience, coupled with great service and excellent views.

Amenities: Private pool, pet-friendly, free parking, massage, library, game room, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 18,964 per night

Location: Vaijanath, near Jeevan Vidya Dnyanpith, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.


SKS Farmhouse

SKS Farmhouse
Image Credit : karjatvilla.in

Surrounded by water bodies and lush green vegetation, the SKS Farmhouse, also known as a Karjat Farmhouse is a great place to plan your vacation if you want to go to the countryside for the weekend.

One of the most special features about the property is its unique architecture and stunning interior design to make your stay comfortable and homely. With views of the mountain, surrounding greenery and the large plethora of activities that you can enjoy on the property, this is a must-visit property during your trip to Karjat.

Amenities: Swimming pool, parking, playgrounds, games room, air conditioning, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 3,499 per night

Location: Karjat Matheran Road, Village Vadawali, District Raigarh, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


Santoni Farmhouse

Santoni Farmhouse

If you are planning a day-trip to a farmhouse in Karjat, there is no better property than the Santoni Farmhouse, which is located at a mere 23 km away from Lonavla. It is beautifully equipped and offers some of the most stunning views from the three rooms on the property.

It is surrounded with deep valleys on one side and natural rivers on the other, which makes it one of the most in-demand farmhouses amongst visitors. The riverside villa also has several indoor and outdoor activities to offer to make your trip truly memorable.

Amenities: Private garden, housekeeping, air conditioning, playground, terrace, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 13,000 per night (for 12 guests).

Location: Vaijanath, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


Annapoorna Farms

Annapoorna Farms
Image Credit : annapoornafarms.com

For the original, undiluted Karjat farmhouse experience, you must pay a visit to Annapoorna Farms, known as one of the best health and nature resorts in the area. It is spread over 21 acres and allows for direct interaction with the goodness of nature through various nature-based activities and engagements.

The sprawling fields and gorgeous indoors makes for a relaxing stay at the property which is perfect for those who want to get away from the noise and activity of city-life. You can enjoy organic cuisine that is hand-picked from plantations on the property and even engage in a little agricultural activity yourself!

Amenities: Pet-friendly, swimming pool, free on-site parking, games room, bonfire, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 9,720 per night

Location: Near Banjarwadi, Ashram school, Bhaliwadi, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


JenJon Karjat Holiday Farm

JenJon Karjat Holiday Farm
Image Credit : jenjon.in

If you’re looking for a farmhouse in Karjat that can facilitate a luxurious stay and let you absorb the goodness of nature eat the same time, then there is no better property than the JenJon Karjat Holiday Farm.

Rated one of the best farmhouses in the area, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding nature including mountains, lakes and forests. With amenities such as buffets, river-side sports, fishing and playgrounds, this is a stay you are bound to remember for a long time after you have gone back to the city.

Private pool, pet-friendly, free parking, BBQ facility free WiFi, etc.

Starting from INR 6,860 per night

Tata Road, Near Kadav Village, Vaijnath, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


River Deck Farm

River Deck Farm

If you are looking for easily accessible farmhouses, but one which is also remote enough to let you forget about city life for a while, then there is no better option than the River Deck Farm and it is one of the finest farmohouse near Karjat.

A beautiful property featuring a large outdoor swimming pool, a comfortable and well-equipped lounge area and a big sun-terrace with breathtaking views, this is truly the dream resort for weekend travellers.

It is located at a comfortable distance from Navi Mumbai (38 km) and Alibaug (49 km) and makes for a peaceful retreat, whether you are travelling with friends, family or on your own.

Amenities: Pet-friendly, swimming pool, free parking, terrace, air conditioning, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 10,879 per night

Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203


Mandewal Farm House

Mandewal Farm House

For an exclusive rendezvous with nature and a chance to reconnect with your surroundings, pay a visit to the stunning property known as Mandewal Farm House. Located just 6 km away from the beautiful Bhivpuri waterfalls, this property is girdled with rolling gardens, natural flora and fauna and breathtaking views of natural and man-made water bodies and it is one of the finest farmhouse in Karjat.

Equipped with modern amenities, an in-house restaurant and several activities to keep you occupied, this is the perfect place to escape to after a stressful week in the city.

Amenities: Pet-friendly, swimming pool, free parking, personal kitchen barbecue, air conditioning, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 14,000 per night (for the whole villa)

Location: Bhoirwadi, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


Joshi’s Farmhouse

Joshi’s Farmhouse
Image Credit : facebook.com/joshifarms2018/

Joshi’s Farmhouse, located at a mere 500m from the Neral Railway Station, prides itself on its simplicity. This quiet, serene and secluded farmhouse in Karjat is the go-to weekend destination for many urban travellers who wants to enjoy a relaxing minute in the midst of nature.

The farmhouse is surrounded with gardens and scenic views, where you can take a stroll, or simply unwind and relax on a hammock. It’s also a great spot for picnics and outdoor activities with small groups of people. Essential amenities also allow for a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

Amenities: Swimming pool, parking, playgrounds, in-house restaurant, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 5,269 per night

Location: Karjat Murbad Road, near Kadav, Takave, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201


Tulsi's Agro Farm

Tulsi's Agro Farm
Image Credit : tulsisagrofarm.com

When you are planning to get out of a city and to a farmhouse, there is no denying that you need space and uninterrupted views to help you unwind and relax. Tulsis farmhouse boasts of 20 acres of lush green land that surrounds a quaint farmhouse, equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Children can play on the playground while adults can enjoy a peaceful walk on the property or enjoy a quiet meal in their in-house restaurant that offers a range of local delicacies. One can also enjoy local agricultural activities and relaxing sports here.

Amenities: Pet-friendly, free parking, terrace, outdoor dining, games room, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 6,800 per night

Location: Savane, Karjat, 421503


Dreamland Farms

If you are looking for the perfect picnic spot to travel to during the weekends, the Dreamland Farms Resort is the perfect choice. The property boasts of a quiet and secluded bungalow that you can rent out for the weekend or even for a single day.

Surrounded by expansive lush green gardens, the Dreamland Farms Resort allows guests to soak in the goodness of nature while still experiencing the luxuries of hospitality. Good food, great service and stunning views of the surrounding flora and fauna make this place a must-visit for those travelling to Karjat in large groups.

Amenities: Private pool, pet-friendly, free parking, room service, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 5,600 per night

Location: Ambiwadi, Kothal Kalathi, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.


Sky Farms

Sky Farms in Karjat describes itself as a home away from home. With an air-conditioned cottage fully equipped with luxurious amenities and breathtaking views that you can enjoy from the French windows on the property, this is a farmhouse near Karjat that had to make it on our list.

Whether you are travelling with your loved ones, or alone just to get away from the humdrum of everyday city life, you can pay a visit to Sky Farms to make your trip worthwhile. They have extensive plantains on their 4-acre property that is also surrounded by natural streams.

Amenities: Pet-friendly, free parking, terrace, outdoor dining, games room, etc.

Price: Starting from INR 6,800 per night

Location: Vaijanath, Maharashtra 410201

Newly Added Karjat Experience

Adventure in Karjat

Explore All (23)
Explore All (23)
Amazing experience.. Must visit
"Very nice experience. Good combination of camping and hiking. "
04 January 2020
Camping at base of prabalmachi and the next day trek to kalavantindurg was an amazing experience. Mr. Anurag the guide who lead the trek was really amazing, motivating person and made this trek more enjoyable. This trek should be named as Kalavantindurg trek, we just get a view of prabalmachi from kalavantindurg. Overall food and camping arrangement was great. Trek was thrilling experience and the view when we reached at the top was spectacular. The only that could be improved was the transport service from Panvel Station to the base village and same way round. A bus will be more comfortable journey. Overall great experience and had an amazing time.
"It was a great experience....the place is beautiful and the trek was made even more fun and easier by the trek leader Mr. Anurag Baraskar. Must visit place????????"
It was the most amazing place i have been to. The experience of trekking was very adventurous and trek was easy. Toilets were clean and camps were comfortable. It’s good weekend place to travel with friends.
Best Trekking experience in Maharashtra till date. Prabalmachi is a beautiful place and we suggest all our friends go there once. It had everything a photographer, adventure lover or natural lover wishes for. We had recorded the entire journey and people loved it. Amazing views of the greenery, mountains and flora and fauna. The star looks amazing in a clear environment. Highly recommended!!!
13 January 2020
Our experience of trekking till Pinnacle was exciting and we had so much fun. The views from the Pinnacle are worth the efforts we put to climb till there. The panoramic views of the mountains are breathtaking and we had captured so many pictures of the place.
07 January 2020
I am thankful to the thrillophilia team for arranging such a beautiful trekking experience to the abandoned place of Maharashtra. The views of the mountains are breathtaking from the top and the campsite was in a wide open area for stargazing.
08 August 2019
We had heard about the beauty of this Prabalmachi watchtower but were not aware that there is camping available as well. Soon we learned about it. We booked it from Thrillophilia and was surprised by the beauty this place has to offer. The mesmerizing views and beautiful greenery makes this place more perfect for nature lovers like us.
28 November 2019
I loved this place. It was a perfect place to camp with friends if you love nature. We were a group of 10 guys who went camping in Prabalmachi. The trekking was a bonus for us. We loved the food as well.

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