Dhobi Waterfall Overview
This is one of the most enchanting waterfalls not only in Mahabaleshwar but in entire Maharashtra. Placed facing the famous Elphinstone Point, this waterfall is just 2km from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. The falls’ site is enclosed from all directions with rocks and barriers, while the stream gushes down from the rocks and flows into the valley before meeting the Koyna river. This is a great spot for a family picnic and day-long recreation. 

Also, couples can enjoy their private time too. Around three hours or more can be spent here. The place is well-connected through bus, cab and private vehicles. You can walk or trek to the falls as well.

Location: Old Mahabaleshwar Petit Road

Height of the waterfall: The height is around 600 feet above the ground.

Yet another Mahabaleshwar’s jewels, Dhobi Waterfall is a magnificent gift from nature. A perfect combination of adventure and tranquillity, the fall is tucked between the lush green trails of Western Ghats. The water streams down into the Koyna river and forms mists and rainbows. It is situated 3 km away from the main town of Mahabaleshwar and it is one of the famous Mahabaleshwar Waterfalls.

The Dhobi Waterfall is a good choice for those seeking a peaceful and thrilling experience. The pathway towards the fall is muddy but the hike is absolutely worth it. The green belt of mountains bursts with the colours of nature. While entering into Dhobi Waterfalls’ premises, you will come across various trees, migratory birds, and of course, clear blue skies.

Just a 10-minute drive away from Mahabaleshwar, Dhobi waterfall’s location feels fully tropical. Cafe-hopping and picnic planning are one of the most exciting activities near the fall. In contrast with these activities, travellers in search of solitude are also heartily welcomed. The tranquil location regularly attracts foreigners and tourists. The place is also perfect for planning some exotic photo shoots. Don’t forget to pack your extra zoom lens!

How To Reach

By road:
  You can take a local bus or cab from the main town of Mahabaleshwar and reach Dhobi Waterfall. Also, the city is connected to major cities like Mumbai, Pune, etc. with proper routes. The fall is situated 2 km away from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand.

By rail: There is no direct rail connectivity to Mahabaleshwar. But you can reach Pune by train and then take a bus or cab from there. It will take 3 hours to reach.

By air: The facility of airports is not yet developed at Mahabaleshwar. But you can take a flight to Mumbai, Pune or Nagpur then travel via road to reach Dhobi Waterfall.

Best Time To Visit

-June to September:  These months constitute a monsoon period of India. It is the best time to visit Dhobi Waterfall as the flow would be at its peak. The beauty of the fall comes alive during this period.
-October to February:  After the monsoon ends, you can visit this place. The flow would be strong and the weather would be pleasant to roam around Dhobi waterfall.
-March to May:  You will experience hot waves during these months. It might be possible that waterfall would be dried up or minimum flow can be observed. It is not a favorable time to explore the Dhobi waterfall.

Other Essential Information

Connecting Old Mahabaleshwar Road and Petit Road, Dhobi waterfall is located 3 km away from the main town of Mahabaleshwar.

  There is no entry fee required to enter this place but the trip would cost you around INR 350 – INR 500 from Mahabaleshwar.

Visit during day time for comfortable trekking

Places to Eat Near Dhobi Waterfall

1. The Grapevine Restaurant 
Known for its culinary creativity, the Grapevine Restaurant is famous amongst tourists. Situated in the main town of Mahabaleshwar, the restaurant excels in serving various cuisines. Moreover, this place is known for its fine variety of wines. Parsi and fresh seafood are the USP of this place.  

2. Farmhouse Bistro 
Known for its authentic and aromatic ingredients, Farmhouse Bistro is famous for its fabulous dishes. The bistro is known for picking their ingredients directly from the farm. This Italian restaurant is a perfect choice to relax and spend time with your family. Don’t forget to try the mac n cheese pasta!

3. The Sizzler Place 
Famed for its sizzling Chinese platters, Sizzler Place is the first choice of every tourist. The quality and ambience of this food joint are always appreciated. From starters to main course meals, Sizzler Place has a huge variety of dishes.
4. Saayali Restaurant 
If you are looking for warm ambience and lavish surroundings, you should consider your food search on Saayali Restaurant. Known for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, you will get plenty of options to order.
5. Little Italy Restaurant 
Yes, this is what the name suggests, this restaurant is a replica of Little Italy in Mahabaleshwar. With chic and minimalistic décor styles, this place will not fail your thirst for Italian food. It is set between the tranquillity of Mahabaleshwar.

Travelers' Tip for Visiting Dhobi Waterfall

1. Try to wear sneakers or comfortable shoes only. The route towards Dhobi Waterfall can be bumpy or rocky.

2. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, mosquito repellants, and wet wipes. These will play a major role in protecting your skin.

Carry an extra pair of clothes for any emergency.

Don’t step out of the limits. Any wrong turns or careless step can lead to injury or an accident.

Try to visit during proper sunlight and avoid exploring after dusk. It can be dark and dangerous for you.

Packing glucose or energy drink is a must while exploring Dhobi waterfall. There aren’t many services around the fall, so be prepared beforehand
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Dhobi Waterfall FAQs

How can I reach the Dhobi waterfall?

You can reach Dhobi waterfalls via road, rail, and air. The most convenient mode of transport is via road. There are plenty of local buses and cabs available for reaching the fall. Or, you can stop by Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and take bus, cab, or drive by yourself.

Can we visit Dhobi waterfall in July?

July is the most preferred month to explore Dhobi waterfall. You will be blessed with blue skies, the scent of freshly damp soil, and pleasant weather. The fall possesses good flow and mists from the fall can make the surroundings cooler. The area around Dhobi would bloom and you can spot lush green blanket of trees everywhere.

What is the height of Dhobi waterfall?

The Dhobi waterfall doesn’t fall from much of the height but its enigmatic vibes won’t disappoint you. Mahabaleshwar is set at the highest point and thus the structure of Dhobi waterfall falls in such a way that it seems smaller than other waterfalls. The water flows around the rocks and boulders instead of covering the entire distance while cascading down. Due to such flow, the waterfall seems smaller. The fall cascades down to meet with Koyna river.

Is Dhobi waterfall worth visiting?

One of the serene spots of Mahabaleshwar, you can’t miss the beauty of Dhobi waterfall. Tucked amidst the enthralling mountains, the fall takes you to nature’s lap. You can explore the fall from various points like Arthur’s seat and Elphinstone point. This portion of Western Ghats is a perfect picnic spot to spend time with your family and friends. Moreover, you can also plan a quick road trip with your squad.

Can we take a bath in Dhobi Falls?

Taking a bath in Dhobi falls would be slightly hard. The water streams down to mix with Koyna river and the surroundings have become slippery throughout this time. If you visit during monsoons, it is hardly possible to reach that point of the fall. The area becomes muddier and there are high risks that you might slip your way into the river. Although, some people still try with proper guidance and bath during summers or winters when the flow is low in comparison with other seasons.

How can I go to Dhobi waterfall from Panchgani?

Panchgani is situated almost 21 km from Dhobi waterfall. You can take a local bus, taxi, or drive by yourself to reach the fall. While entering into Satara, Mahabaleshwar is usually the next stop from Panchgani. The ride will take approximately 40 minutes and the road is well-maintained and connected.

Is it safe to visit Dhobi waterfall with children?

Absolutely. With proper and basic precautions, you can spend time with your children at Dhobi waterfall. Don’t forget to cover them properly and make them wear comfortable shoes. You might have to walk a little so carry glucose and freshwater. Most importantly, try to keep them with yourself. A small mistake can be hazardous.

Is there any ATM nearby Dhobi waterfall?

It would be hard to find ATM nearby Dhobi waterfall. But you can surely find some at Mahabaleshwar. Due to the recent development, you can find ATM and online transfer services quite easily. The connectivity is strong and you will find ATMs of various banks over here.

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