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The Upside Down Amsterdam Tickets highlights

  • Explore the world of The Upside Down, featuring mind-bending illusions and surreal installations.

  • Engage with hands-on exhibits that challenge your senses and perceptions, inviting you to interact with the inverted environment.

  • Stroll through the exhibits and capture selfies and snapshots against gravity-defying backdrops.

  • Experience immersive Virtual Reality that defies the laws of nature, offering thrilling adventures.

  • Discover hidden passageways and surprises tucked away throughout the exhibit, adding an element of mystery to your visit.


The Upside Down Amsterdam
Europaboulevard 5, 1079 PC Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The Upside Down Amsterdam Tickets overview

About The Upside Down Amsterdam:

The Upside Down Amsterdam is an art installation that flips traditional perceptions of the world on their head. Located in Amsterdam, it reimagines iconic landmarks and everyday scenes in a topsy-turvy manner. Visitors stroll through inverted buildings, walk on ceilings, and experience gravity-defying environments, all designed to challenge perceptions and spark creativity. It's a journey that invites participants to see the world from a new perspective, blending artistry with innovation in a unique way.

About the Upside Down Amsterdam Tickets

  • Visit Upside Down, where the conventional concepts of gravity are flipped. Explore rooms, furniture, and everyday objects suspended from the ceiling, creating a disorienting experience.
  • Visit Upside Down which offers a series of optical illusions for people of all ages, particularly appealing to families with children.  
  • Enhance and deepen your understanding of the science behind the illusions by participating in hands-on activities in the Upside Down. 
  • Learn about the educational insights from the science of perception, gravity, optical illusions, and how things work.
  • Stroll through Upside Down and capture memorable moments, from posing inside upside-down rooms to defying gravity alongside floating objects.
  • Stroll through 25+ incredible fun rooms, including the Dutch Design, Royal, Mondriaan, Pool, Soccer, Club, Ruby, and Infinity Under Sea Rooms.
  • Explore the souvenir shops that offer a range of unique souvenirs and gifts that allow visitors to take a piece of the upside-down world home.

How to Reach:

  • By Car: The Upside Down is 5.3 km away from the city centre. It will take 15 mins via s110

routes to reach the attraction.

  • By Tram: Take a tram from Amsterdam South to  Amsterdam RAI, which is 460 metres away from the attraction. You can reach the activity location from the station within a 6-minute walk.

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