Lingmala Waterfall Overview

Situated between Mahabaleshwar and Pune, Lingmala Waterfall is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the country. Known for its tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous panorama, the waterfall originates approximately 600 feet above a cliff and is engulfed by lush greenery. Set next to the Lingmala Forest Bungalow, the waterfall is a brilliant spot for a daybreak from all the hustle and bustle of your daily city life. 

Interestingly, Lingmala Waterfall also offers you a picturesque view of Dhobi Waterfall as well as Chinaman’s Waterfall, which makes it a fabulous spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The waterfalls are divided into two levels – the lower deck and the upper deck.

The lower deck has the mini waterfall which is perfect for swimming and splashing around since it is much safer. The upper deck, however, is dangerous for any such activities and is accessible after a 30-minutes trek from the mini waterfall. Though getting to the actual waterfall is not possible because of the difficult path, it makes for an adventurous trek and a splendid experience.

How To Reach

1. By Road: Located only 6 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar Bus stand, Lingmala Waterfall can be easily accessed via a taxi or a private car. If you are travelling from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani, you would notice a small signboard on your right, directing you towards the waterfalls. Take a left and drive another 10 minutes to reach the entrance of the waterfalls. From here, the lower deck of the waterfall is approximately 1.5 kilometers while the upper deck is nearly 2.5 kilometers. 

2. By Train: The nearest railhead to the waterfalls is Wathara at a distance of 60 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar. However, Pune railway station is considered to be the most convenient because of its extensive connectivity to the rest of the country.

3. By Air: The closest airport is the Pune Airport which is at an approximate distance of 123 kilometers from the Waterfalls. Take a bus or a cab to reach Mahabaleshwar and hire a taxi or a private car to reach Lingmala Waterfalls.

Best Time To Visit

July to October is the best time to visit Lingmala Waterfall. Though you can visit the waterfalls any time of the year, these months are the best to admire the waterfall’s beauty at its peak. Avoid the rainy season as it could be dangerous to swim during the time due to high tide and rough water current.

Other Essential Information

Location: SH72, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806

INR 15

Timing: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Places to Eat near Lingmala Waterfall

Here is a list of some of the most popular restaurants and cafes near Lingmala Waterfall:

1. Garden Ice Cream Restaurant: A highly recommended joint located right off the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani highway, Garden Ice Cream Restaurant is known for their magnificent location, great customer service, and of course, an outstanding variety of Indian as well as western dishes on the menu. The restaurant is known to specialize in Punjabi cuisine and also has a variety of strawberry desserts on offer.

2. Bagicha Corner: A great stop for some snacks and smoothies, Bagicha Corner is the perfect place to take a break during your Mahabaleshwar-Lingmala Waterfalls journey. Enjoy a bit of their freshly made sandwiches and other snacks while you quench your thirst with one of the many smoothies and shakes available here. The café also has a wonderful souvenir shop, if you wish to take some memories and gifts back home. 

3. Food Studio Pure Veg: Finding healthy, tasty vegetarian food may be a problem anywhere else in the country but not here. With over thousands of brilliant reviews, Food Studio Pure Veg is one of the best and most recommended vegetarian restaurants in the area. From sandwiches and rolls to lip-smacking lunch and dinner preparations, this place has it all. 

Travelers' Tip before Visiting Lingmala Waterfall

Though Lingmala Waterfall is a fairly safe place to be, following are some of the things you should keep in mind while visiting the falls:

1. Though anybody can visit the waterfalls, keep in mind that the trek to the waterfalls, especially to the lower deck, can be extremely strenuous. Hence, it is best for elderlies, toddlers, and people with health conditions to avoid the trek. 

2. Treat nature as your own home and do not litter. Carry your waste back with you to dispose it off in a proper bin. 

3. Wear proper clothing and footwear. The walk back from the waterfalls is known to be very incline and proper shoes will be necessary to maintain your grip and avoid injuries. 

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Lingmala Waterfall FAQs

How can I reach Lingmala waterfall?

Lingmala Waterfall can be easily accessed from Mahabaleshwar. The falls are only 6 kilometers away from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand. From the bus stand, take a taxi or rent a private car to drive to the waterfalls. Head out towards Panchgani and look to your right for a small signage directing you towards the waterfalls. From here, take a left and drive further to reach the entrance.

What is the height of Lingmala waterfall?

The height of Lingmala Waterfalls is approximately 600 feet. The waterfall has two decks, upper and lower. While the lower is only 1.5 kilometers from the waterfall entrance and relatively safer to swim and enjoy a picnic, the upper deck offers a rewarding 2.5 kilometers trek and some amazing views.

Is it safe to visit Lingmala waterfall at night?

No. The waterfall is open from 8 AM until 4:30 PM only. A visit outside this time duration is neither legal nor advised Also, the waterfall is accessible through a strenuous trek which can be extremely dangerous to fathom at night. 

How can I go to Lingmala waterfall from Mumbai?

From Mumbai, the easiest way to get to Lingmala Waterfall is to take a train to Wathara or Pune. From either of the railway stations, take a bus or taxi to reach Mahabaleshwar Bus stand. The waterfall is only 6 kilometers by car or taxi from the bus station.

Can we take a bath in Lingmala Falls?

Yes. You can definitely swim and bathe in Lingmala Falls. But, do not use soap or shampoo and other such products. Keep in mind that the waterfall is a public place and using chemicals may not only damage the water but may also make the place unhygienic. Also, it is best to carry swimming clothes if you are planning to take a dip in the water. 

Is Lingmala waterfall worth visiting?

Lingmala Waterfall is one of the most visited attractions near Mahabaleshwar. It’s beauty and grandeur make it worth your while.

Can we visit Lingmala waterfall during monsoon?

Yes. A visit to Lingmala Waterfall during monsoon is highly rewarded due to the falls being at their peak. However, keep in mind that the paths get slippery and dirty due to the rains and can make the terrain extremely risky for trekking and swimming.

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