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    Take amazing photos on a photography tour in India

    Photo credit: Lyle Vincent - flickr

    Travelling is all about setting out on a journey. It includes experiencing the people, food, culture, ambience, picturesque views and the indelible imprint it leaves on your mind, body and soul. The best way to do so is by capturing and immortalizing all those moments. This is what photography tours are all about. They are made for photography enthusiasts, amateurs, advanced and professional photographers, who seek to have a memory, a story or an incident immortalised in a frame.

    As we know, India is a land of billion opportunities and has an array of tours to offer to photographers in terms of culture, tradition, topography, geography, history et al. It is advisable for people to take photography tours in groups consisting so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experience and expertise along with improving skills and gaining knowledge about the places of visit. 

    Generally the duration of each of these photography tours ranges from one week to four weeks, depending on the intensity of the action chosen and the number of participants. 

    Nature photography tours in India

    1. Wildlife Photography Tours

    Wildlife is a popular genre of photography

    Photo credit: Vinoth Chandar - flickr

    Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If your answer is yes, then pack your bags and plan for a wildlife photography tour that will give you a first-hand experience.

    India can be considered as a hub of wildlife with national parks, 440 wildlife sanctuaries, 42 tiger reserves and 18 biosphere reserves. To get a chance to explore some of the magnificent national parks in the country is a privilege. 

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    Wildlife photography tours in India are conducted to give one an experience of clicking high motion pictures of wild animals and capturing the scenic beauty of the forest. Generally the duration of these tours ranges from six to fourteen days where participants not only get to click pictures but are also given a chance to debate about them and to learn about wildlife culture and its importance. So, whether a participant is an Indian or a foreign national, the tour helps them understand the concept of biodiversity and environment conservation.

    2. Bird Photography Tours in Tal Chapar

    Majestic birds are abound on this tour

    Photo credit: Steve Wilson - flickr

    For all you bird enthusiasts, the Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary lying in a hidden corner of the magnificent state of Rajasthan is surely a treasure. A heaven for all bird photographers and enthusiasts, this place is well known for sights of rare birds. It is also one of those sanctuaries where wildlife is respected and a strong conservation mindset is followed.

    [Explore varieties of birds and diversity in flora with our birding in Kerala package]

    This well protected park is home to around two thousand and five hundred blackbucks along with being the best Indian wildlife sanctuary to watch grassland birds. This place has recorded more than three hundred birds, which include some very rare species like White-tailed Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Spotted Creeper, Red Phalarope, Yellow-eyed Pigeon, Punjab Raven and many others. On an average, this area is great for spotting raptor species such as Eagles, Buzzards, Falcons, Vultures, Harriers and Hawks.

    A bird on a branch

    Photo credit: Ali Arsh - flickr

    [Go bird watching and photograph numerous species of birds in Goa on a tour with us!]

    Apart from these, some lucky ones may get an opportunity to sight the Chinkara, desert fox or desert cat as well. All in all, this is one of the best wildlife parks to participate in photography tours in India. It gives you a taste of photographing amazing birds and wild animals. It would definitely be exciting to be in this veritable paradise and to explore the bio-diversity of this place along with capturing its beauty.

    3. Wildlife Photography Tours in Bhadra, Kutch, Tadoba, Bandipur and Gir National Park

    This is a great tour for all photography lovers, whether beginners, professionals or enthusiasts. One of the better photography tours in India, it captures the essence of Indian culture through its wildlife. These tours covers the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Kutch, Tadoba, Bandipur National Park and Gir National Park.

    The elusive tiger is sought after by many photographers

    Photo credit: Daniel Dudek Corrigan - flickr

    The Bhadra Tiger Reserve is in the stunning green forests of Karnataka while the Gir National Park is the only place in the world where elusive Asiatic Lions are found. But it isn’t just about tigers or lions. What makes this one of the best ways to explore the wonders of photography is the fact that it offers a wide variety of flora and fauna that can help anyone learn more, trying different photography techniques to take images of animals!

    [Explore a wildlife safari and go animal spotting with our Bandhavgarh tiger trails tour]

    These regions are well known for their lush green nature, which helps wildlife photographers get better, brighter and more interesting pictures. At the same time, this tour allows them to capture elusive, endangered animals in their true environments, doing things they naturally do.

    Photographers can get images such as a tiger eating a prey or pouncing on an animal, an elephant taking a safari while travelling behind a tiger or a lion sleeping beside his family. Other images worth capturing are birds and reptiles flying and moving around as if they own the world.

    4. Environmental Photography Tours in India

    Pollution in Mumbai

    Photo Credit : Manweed Tanzoor - flickr

    Photography is a medium where one can convey a message and spread awareness. The environment photography tour is designed for the same purpose. It is based on helping photographers realise the need for bringing a change in the environment and equipping them with knowledge about why and how the world needs to be saved.

    [Discover the double decker living root bridge on our tour in Meghalaya]

    These tours takes photographers through a variety of places and regions, wherein they can click natural beauty and learn about the hazards that the environment is facing. It is through their photos that photographers can spread a message for the ailing environment.

    5. Cave Photography in Badami

    Cave photography in Badami

    Photo credit: Karunakar Rayker - flickr

    Photographers who seek to practise and gain knowledge about different types of ancient architecture and history of India can join the travel photography tours in Badami. The region of Badami is one of those few places in the world where travellers and explorers can revel in the beauty of rock cut temples and caves. The best part about visiting this place is that it isn’t just about photography, but also about capturing the essence of Indian history and culture.

    [Travel across Karnataka visiting wildlife sanctuaries and experiencing the culture]

    Apart from spectacular scenery, the region offers numerous opportunities for every kind of photographer Badami boasts sand stones that sparkle in the sun, waterfalls, cliffs, temples cut out from the rocks and crowds of rural people. Here one can observe women washing clothes and gossiping by the lake, along with men washing their buffaloes on the opposite side.

    Monkeys huddle up for safety

    Photo credit: Karunakar Rayker - flickr

    The brilliant landscapes serve as quite an incredible factor during the whole tour. This Badami travel workshop is generally held for a period of two to three days, wherein individuals get to shoot regular images and practise indoor as well as on outdoor exploration sessions.

    Cultural photography tours in India

    6. Photography Tours in Varanasi

    Varanasi, the village of death

    Photo credit: Ken Wieland - wikicommons

    Certain places offer photographers a chance to click something unique, such as monuments, historically popular places of interest, festivals, culture or landscapes. Some places however, are able to offer everything in a nutshell. One such place is Varanasi. This region is best known for its religious reverence along with its bright culture, vivid hues and colours, elaborate traditional, cheery locals and ghats.

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    Defined by colours, unity in diversity, death and birth, indulgence and spirituality, this place is unique for photography. The photography tour of Varanasi can easily bring out the photographer in a person. In fact, even people who believe that they don’t need a camera, will take one and click images of Sadhus, priests and ladies dipping into the holy water of the Ganges. Such is the mesmerizing capacity of this photography tour!

    Getting around in Varanasi often requires a boat

    Photo credit: Lyle Vincent - flickr

    Photography tours in India offers a great opportunity for beginners to learn, a perfect place for medium levelers to hone their skills and a venu for advanced photographers to frame creative and unique shots. Apart from photography, tours are also a great opportunity for travellers to explore India and to learn its ancient, divine history while becoming acquainted with its unique culture and people.

    7. Photography Tours of Forts and Dunes in Rajasthan 

    Amazing forts await you in Rajasthan

    Photo Credit: Icekrish - wikicommons

    Rajasthan is one of the premium destinations of India to visit. It is better known as the land of forts and dunes and offers its visitors diverse sights, showcasing its magnificent forts, cultural inheritance, desert safaris and much more. Most of the places covered during the photography tours in India of this region are in Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. During this tour, one gets an insight into how to photograph culture, heritage sites, landscapes, fort interiors and other structures and monuments.

    Camel riding in Rajasthan

    Photo credit: Sankara Subramania- flickr

    [Experience the actual luxury and royalty of Rajasthan with our Royal Rajasthan Tour]

    Imagine the beauty of forts along with their fortified walls that go as far as the edges of the hills enclosing them. That topped with a deep orange hue of the sun setting over the grainy texture of orange dunes creates a sight, which is splendid as well as mesmerizing. The whole feel of the starry night and full moon shining over the sand of the desert creates a magical sensation. Combined with the sound of the camel’s bell, it makes the whole scenery even more charming. Since Rajasthan is a colourful region in itself, one would find people wearing colourful clothes with women in mostly red robes and long skirts walking graciously.

    The magnificence of the forts here along with their opulence and great architecture is something that would enthrall you. It is certain that by the end of this photography tour in India, most of the participants would be lingering on to get a few more glimpses of this region. 

    8. Photography Tours in Lahaul and Spiti

    Winding mountain roads

    Photo credit: Michael Scalet - flickr

    While hundreds and thousands of photographers have explored the beauty of popular Indian cities and regions, there are a few beauties in this country that haven’t been explored yet. One such set of places includes Lahaul and Spiti. These regions still have a lower population density than most of the hilly regions in this country.

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    Though, what gives both these regions an edge over the others is the fact that they are a valley of stunning sceneries and are complimented by snow-clad mountains. The crystal clear lakes of this region are overwhelming, while the stars and rivers can take anyone’s breath away. The tour to this region combines elements such as Jeep Safari, which will give one an idea about the region, along with short walks. Here photographers can practise and hone their skills while exploring the beauty of the villages and the pristine sights of this environment.

    Spectacular views of the valley

    Photo credit: Wolfgang Maehr - flickr

    This exotic location is a perfect environment to learn several photography skills, especially the skill of taking pictures in any kind of environment and at any kind of temperature. The terrain is spectacular and will surely enthrall photography enthusiasts.

    9. Photography Tours of the Pushkar Camel Fair and Diwali in Rajasthan 

    Photo credit: Uzi Yachin - flickr

    There isn’t a doubt that when it comes to India, photographers from all over the world prefer to explore the lands of Rajasthan. This region offers something for everyone, whether in terms of culture, environment, deserts, monuments or even fairs and festivals.

    The tour is normally planned for fifteen days, wherein photographers get to experience every small and big detail of Indian culture. For instance, they can visit the Pushkar Camel Fair, a vibrant celebration of camels and the traditional mode of conveyance in this region. Photographers get to enjoy and capture a variety of vivid hues, campfires along with setting sun and hot air balloons.

    [Explore dry land of golden sand with our royal desert safari in Jaisalmer tour]

    Photo credit: Benjamin Vander Steen - flickr

    Rajasthan’s famous cities such as Pink city of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaiaslmer and Udaipur are covered in this tour. Each of these regions is known for its enthralling edifices that make for excellent pictures. And the best part isn’t the places, but how people there celebrate Diwali. This festival, which celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama, sees different kinds of elaborate rituals and ceremonies along with prayers and bursting of firecrackers bringing light and life to the pictures of photography.

    If that isn’t enough, you can capture the beauty of tiny, traditional workshops, cultural beauty, bazaars or markets and private homes. This tour isn’t just about photography; it is also about the spirit of photography, the need for capturing incredible beauty through the lens.

    10. Photography Tours of Kumbh Mela

    The Kumbh Mela is one of those celebrations that every Indian or Hindu would love to see at least once in a lifetime. Celebrated in Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain or Nasik at least once a year, this celebration occurs at different periods of time and varies in accordance to when Jupiter enters the sun sign of Aquarius, while Sun enters the sun sign of Aries.

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    This is the largest gathering of religious nature on the earth, which happens only four times in a period of twelve years. Hence, photography lovers should try the Kumbh Mela Tour. Not only will it help them get an idea about Hindu religion, it would also give them the opportunity to witness the largest religious gathering on the planet. The place is one of the best regions to enjoy several kinds of life form photography.

    Mass bathing in the river

    Photo credit: -.-Paul-.- - flickr

    In fact, the coverage of Nanga Sadhus or Nude Sadhus is one of the best photographs that the photographers can have in their collection. Apart from this, mass bathing and the overall colourful, chaotic aura of the region is something that the photographer would not just remember for ages. He will also take pride in showing the summary of the entire Mela through his pictures.

    During the 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela, over thirty million individuals took a dip in holy water! Now, imagine taking pictures of elated crowds taking a dip into the holy waters of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The enthralling religious gatherings provide ample opportunities for photographers makes Kumbh Mela tour one of the best photography tours in India.

    Tribal photography tours in India

    Tribal people of India

    Photo Credit : rajkumar1220 - flickr

    For all those photographers who seek to capture the beauty of tribal people, going to Africa can be a difficult option. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t pursue tribal photography tours in India! India is one of those regions that has the largest tribal population on the planet. There are over 530 different types of tribes, which are actually a conglomeration of over 80 million kinds of tribes.

    What makes tribal photography tour in India a must-do for every photographer is the fact that tribes here are one among nature. Apart from being attractive, these tribes are also known for living in pristine environments, with special kinds of living customs and traditions that make them even more interesting.

    [Explore the tribes of Orissa on our cultural tour through tribal India!]

    Currently, Tribal photography tours  are organised in the regions of Nagaland, where over sixteen major tribes are found, including some that have close ties with Myanmar’s culture along with areas of Orissa and Manipur.

    Those who want to try something that is similar to the rest of Indian culture can simply undertake the tribal photography tour of Rajasthan, where fifteen percent of the population belong to tribes such as Bhil. Chattisgarh is another region that has royal photography expeditions, where photographers get to interact with tribes and witness them close to their roots.

    11. Santhals Tribe Photography Tours

    Village people dancing

    Photo Credit : Dipanker Dutta

    With more than ten percent of its population designated as Tribal People, India along with Africa certainly has one of the largest tribal populations in the world. Here several tribes have been formed after the combining of over eighty million tribes.

    Although, going to different regions in India, particularly North Eastern sections can be difficult for photographers, the fact that there is a vast populations of tribal people in the country ensures that one can easily capture tribal populations in their natural habitat. The best way to do so is to opt for Santhal Tribe Tour, which allows photographers to understand different notions and ideas behind tribal living and helps them learn different customs and rituals.

    [Experience a culturally rich tribal tour in the land of the Seven Sisters]

    Santhal Tribe is the largest tribal community in India and one of the significant communities in Bangladesh and Nepal. This community, which is found in central states of India, is known for its distinct looks, along with food taboos, magical beliefs as well as exorcism. For instance, Santhals are usually short in height, have darker skin tones with nose ridges quite sunken.

    Therefore, photographing them gives the learner or professional an opportunity to understand the similarities as well as diversities between Santhals and rest of the country. It also provides them a chance to depict lives of Santhals in such a manner that anyone who sees an image understands the kind of life these people live along with the customs and traditions that they follow. This tour is not just educative, but photographically relevant as well.

    12. Munda Tribe Photography Tours

    For all those who want to capture tribal populations in their true nature and environment, Munda photography tour is the best option. This tribal section of India lives in the Nagpur region and has a simple, basic arrangement.

    Photographers who love to try something different and new can opt for a tour where they get to meet, live and enjoy the traditions, lives and styles of the Munda People of India. This photography tour is enthralling for photographers who want to capture life.

    13. Khasi People Photography Tours

    Elaborate costumes of the tribalmen

    Photo Credit : rajkumar1220 - flickr

    In India, several sections of North Eastern tribal people are known as Khasi or the indigenous people, who have their own unique culture, customs and traditions. For instance, in Ka Naim Khasi, it is widely believed that sacrificing a rooster will help man get redemption for sins. It is due to such traditions, rituals and customs that a tour to the Khasi dominated regions of India can be a boon for photographers.

    [Get an authentic village experience at a homestay in Orissa]

    This is one of the best cultural photography tours in India, where people can learn about Khasi traditions, their way of living and get in-depth knowledge about their customs, taking away picture perfect memories.

    14. Angami Naga Tribe Photography Tours

    Tribal people make interesting subjects for photography

    Photo credit: rajkumar1220 - flickr

    Nagaland is a world on its own. This stunningly state of North Eastern India is known for its uniqueness, different style of living as well as its distinct features and customs. Hence, Nagaland is a heaven for photographers, especially for those who wish to get acquainted with the Angami Naga tribe, comprising of hill people who cultivate or perform the act of farming as well as livestock rearing.

    A photography tour of Angami Tribe is sure to provide photographers with a wonderful opportunity to capture something different in India. Comprising of mostly Christians, this tribe is known for being traditional warriors and a well-knit society that can serve as a great subject for photographers who love clicking humans and life forms.

    [Explore Caves of Eocene Age with 21 Day Meghalaya caving tour for Krem Liat Prah]

    Angami Naga tribe doesn’t follow any kind of social stratification. Therefore, this observation can help photographers in getting some shots that truly explain the level of equality in this tribe. Apart from this, photographers can also capture the popular Angami dance festival.

    Here you can harness a beginner’s skills and provide professionals an opportunity to try something different. One can also take images of people playing Tati, a musical instrument for Angami and other such stills. They can capture kids from Angami tribe or a wedding ceremony in this tribe.

    15. Village Photography Tours

    Photo credit: rajkumar1220 - flickr

    There isn’t an end to creativity and innovation, especially when photographers have their camera and walk towards a destination filled with colours, customs, commotion, people, places of interest and rituals. That is the reason behind the popularity of village tours in India. These tours give every kind of photographer an opportunity to hone his skill, while giving ample chances to click photographs or images that are innovative and unique in every sense.

    [Know more about rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan with our Rajasthan village tour]

    This village photography tour of India takes travellers and photographers on a voyage to different Indian villages, particularly the ones in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Here photographers can get a grasp of vivid Indian customs, kaleidoscopic traditions and colours that will surely make for good photos. Capture a woman dancing in a ghagra choli or a woman preparing chapattis on Indian style hand-made gas burners. Or else, go creative and take shots of men in the field or something unique that goes on in the villages.

    Photo credit: Stan Dalone & Miran Rijavec - flickr

    Village tour is where photographers can capture people living life in a true spirit. For instance, women washing clothes at a ghat or a lake, young children clad in uniforms walking towards a government school, people feeding buffaloes or talking while ploughing the field. Offering a good exposure, these photography tours in India works best for beginner photographers as well as learners who seek to know more and explore something new.

Photography in India