10 Haunted Places In Chennai That You Must Not Visit Alone!

Haunted places in chennai includes De Monte Colony, Broken Bridge, Karikattukuppam, ECR,  Two-Laned East Coast Road,  Anna Flyover, Madras Christian College and many more.

Chennai is one of the four metro cities in India that is widely known for its beautiful beaches and the intellectual crowd. But despite all of it, Chennai is also a city that stands as a testimony for various paranormal activities.

There are several haunted places in Chennai that could excite a paranormal enthusiast and the stories also make for an interesting read.From age-old banyan tree in the Theosophical Society where screams from the tree’s branches had spooked visitors in the evening to the suicide point on Blue Crossroad where the city’s maximum suicides have taken place and the haunted De Monte colony where dogs and humans have gone missing making it the most haunted place in Chennai, to the broken bridge where people do not dare to go after sunset.

These haunted places, with their equally scary stories, have made their way to limelight after several paranormal activities were reported by many tourists and residents alike.

Here is the list of Haunted places in Chennai:

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De Monte Colony

De Monte Colony was a colony in Chennai that was built by a Portuguese businessman, De Monte. According to reports, Mr. De Monte led an unhappy life with his mentally challenged wife and a son, who died young under mysterious circumstances. There are a total of ten identical houses (mostly deserted) in this colony built on two lanes that are lined with old trees and zero streetlights.If the stories are to be believed, many residents living in this colony have spotted Mr. De Monte walking on the deserted roads, resting on his rocking chair, and opening the locks of the house.

Strange incidents of street dogs vanishing mysteriously, and a security guard, who was appointed by the residents of the colony going missing have been reported, which added to the eeriness of this already eerie place. Considered as one of the most haunted places in Chennai, if you still wish to visit this colony, here’s the address.

Location: Demonte Colony, Off St. Mary’s Road, Abiramapuram, Chennai.

Timings: It is best to avoid going here since there have been reports of missing trespassers, but should you wish to, you can drop by anytime.


Broken Bridge

Built in 1967 over the Adyar River to facilitate easy movement of people and fishermen from Santhome Beach to Elliot's Beach, today the half-broken and deserted bridge is the hotbed for paranormal activities in Chennai. The bridge had collapsed partially in 1977 due to strong tidal currents and made a perfect spot for movie shoots. This also gave the place a sense of eeriness.

Soon after, dead bodies of women without I-cards were recovered from the spot. Since then, fishermen in the area have said that they often hear women screaming at night. Some have also reported seeing wailing women roam around this poorly lit broken bridge at night.

They believe that those are the same women who were murdered at the spot a few years ago. While the place is closed to the public at night, you can visit it in the morning or before sunse.

Location: Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai

Timings: Best if visited before 5:30 pm


Besant Avenue Road

They say that looks can be deceptive, well the same applies on roads too. The Besant Avenue Road looks like a peaceful stretch of road with greenery on both sides of it. The stretch even houses a school, an animal shelter, and a temple too.

But all this is negated by an evil ghost who rules the roost in this stretch, even during the day! The ghost, whoever he or she is, seems to have a weird sense of humor. He/she often slaps passersby, throws people off their vehicles, even kids, and then laughs out loud.

Many people have registered complaints at the local police station about being slapped hard enough to faint. No logical explanation of these incidents has been found yet, which has landed this place in one of the top haunted places in Chennai.

Besant Avenue Road, Arunachalapuram, Adyar.

Timings: Go at your own risk any time of the day.


F2 Building

We all love our homes. After all, it’s the place with which we have a deep connection. The F2 Building tells the story of a girl who loved her home a bit too much and thus refused to leave it even after her death.Flat number F-2 in Valmiki Nagar is said to be possessed by a young girl who died years ago.

While the apartment is owned by her father, it currently lies vacant. Many people have reported instances of the doors to the house opening and closing at weird hours and sounds of a girl sobbing from the window. But the scariest of them all is, the network on a mobile phone stopping and the screen flickering when one passes by the house.

All these incidents have even made Google mark the spot as haunted on the map and the place also earned the tag of one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

Address: 3rd Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar, 
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

Timings: This place is not open to the public.


Blue Crossroad

Well, every city today has a suicide spot where the majority of suicides have taken place. Chennai is no different and the Blue Crossroad is the place where the majority of suicides in the city have taken place. This also makes it the hotbed for paranormal activities.

Surrounded by dense green canopies on both sides of the road, the road is basically devoid of sunlight even during the day. There have been reports of people screaming from the bushes, white apparitions floating by, etc.

Address: 4th Avenue Link Road, Sai Ram Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai

Timings: While people still drive past this place during the day, they avoid it after sunset.


Karikattukuppam, ECR

Karikattukuppam was once a bustling fishing hamlet. But after the tsunami struck in 2004, this happy place by the sea speaks of only damage, disaster, and the lives lost. And along with it – tales of paranormal activities.Left completely damaged, this little fishing hamlet has seen the death of many innocent souls.

Soon after, many people reported sightings of dead souls – especially a young boy and an old man. But what makes it one of the scariest haunted places in Chennai are the chopped body parts and drops of blood that people have spotted at the temple near the fishing hamlet. No crime was ever reported in the area and so, no one could trace the source of the blood or the chopped body parts.

Address: Karikattukuppam Road, Muttukadu, Chennai

Timings: Go anytime at your own risk. 


Two-Laned East Coast Road

The two-lane East Coast Road connects Puducherry to Chennai. While the road is a driver’s delight during the day, given its smooth conditions, it can become extremely dangerous at night. Why do you ask? The reason is a shape-shifting ghost who appears in the form of a child, a girl, a cat, etc.

Several experiences and accidents have been reported on the stretch, and here is one of them – “I had not done anything wrong to anger the ghost on the road. I was driving my car at 90 km/hr which is normal on this road.

I suddenly saw a toddler crawling in the middle of the road. I was about to push the breaks and guess what? The baby came onto my windshield and turned towards me with red growling eyes. I lost my wheels and crashed the crash guard.

Anna Flyover

Anna Flyover is one of the most haunted places in Chennai. It is also another suicide spot in Chennai where many unhappy and lost souls have ended their lives. This, in turn, has made the place a bed of paranormal activities.

People passing by the place and commuters have often reported hearing strange echoing noises of both laughter and cries. Many have also experienced winter chills on a hot summer day while passing by this place.

Address: Dr. Radha Krishnan Salai, Rangaiah Garden, Mylapore, Chennai.


Theosophical Society

Built in Adyar in 1887, the Theosophical Society is home to one of the oldest and biggest banyan trees that is about 450 years old. But not just that, it is also home to a lot of spooky tales that make it one of the top haunted places in Chennai.

Here’s a real-life incident - “We sat under the tree and took photos. It was nothing weird until it was 7 pm in the night and the guard started chasing us out. We managed to beg for little time and we were seeing the photos that we snapped sitting in a mansion, close to where Vivekananda was believed to have stayed. We heard a really scary scream from the branches of the tree and couldn’t tolerate it; even the birds began to fly in all random directions.

The scream lasted for about 30 seconds and there was no one around the place except my friend and myself. I could feel the fear in my abdomen and I was about to cry. We just ran, without looking back, to the main circle where we told the watchman. He said it must have been some bird. Please, we know how birds chirp. Many creepy incidents have been reported after sunset.

Address: Arunachalapuram, Adyar, Chennai

Timings: 8:45 am to 4 pm


Madras Christian College

Another one of the most haunted places in Chennai, Madras Christian College was shifted to Tambaram in 1937. A guy is said to have committed suicide in the Herber’s Hall after his heart was broken.

According to reports, the soul of this jilted lover still roams around in the college, opens and closes taps at his will, hiding balls of cricket playing kids, breaking windows, etc. People have also heard footsteps in various places of the college.

Tambaram East, Tambaram, Chennai.

Timings: 8:15 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

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