Trekking in Bangalore

Bangalore Trekking Packages

Duration Price
Tadiandamol Trek, Coorg1 day - 2 days
INR 1,695
Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg1 day - 2 days
INR 1,525
Skandagiri Trek, Bangalore1 day
INR 975
Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga1 day
INR 1,750
Ramanagara Trek, Bangalore12 hours
INR 1,220
Makalidurga Trek, Bangalore1 day
INR 1,271
Dudhsagar Trek from Bangalore2 days
INR 3,815
Anthargange Sunrise Trek With Cave Exploration12 hours
INR 1,199
Netravathi Peak Trek, Chikmagalur1 day
INR 1,906
Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur1 day - 2 days
INR 1,850
Savandurga Trek1 day
INR 1,099
Anthargange Night Trek With Cave Exploration12 hours
INR 1,050

Each of us are well aware of how beautiful South India is. From a splendid coastline to temples, water sport activities to adventure sport activities, from amazing farms to green hills, it has it all. One of the main parts of south India, Bangalore is such a city that deserves a special mention for offering some breathtaking views. It is the capital of Karnataka and one of the metropolitan cities of India. With beautiful hilly regions around, it is known for some of the best trekking tours in Bangalore. People living here have a couple of options for not just a one day trek but for a long weekend as well. There are some highly captivating spots near the city that let you enjoy your weekend to the most. A few hours from the city centre lets you enter a world of magnificence. The ideal destinations in Bangalore help you take a break from the regular, dull routine and engage in camping or trekking activities. Some of the best trekking destinations near Bangalore city are Ramanagara, Nandi Hills, Skandagiri, Anthargange, Savandurga Hill, Devarayanadurga, Makalidurga, Madhugiri, Channarayana Durga, and Kunti Betta, These destinations have some of the best scenic views and are of different difficulty levels. You can also celebrate new year eve in Bangalore with your friends.


Some treks can be easy level for beginners while some trek spots are difficult level for experienced trekkers. If you maintain a decent fitness level you can choose to go for a moderate level trek that will challenge you but at the same time won’t drain out all your energy. No matter which trekking destination you choose to visit in and around Bangalore, make sure you are well prepared. Carrying enough water, energy booster drinks and light snacks are the requirements of all treks; whether small or big. So if you are a resident of Bangalore but haven’t tried trekking in nearby regions, try now! You can browse through our list of the best trekking tours in Bangalore. And, if you are a non-resident, make sure you add trekking in your “things to do in Bangalore” list for your next visit to this vibrant city.

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Bangalore Trekking FAQs

Which are some famous treks near Bangalore city?

The treks around Bangalore are known to be both challenging and easy and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the striking landscapes. Places like Coorg, Chikmagalur located near Bangalore are also known for their verdant hilltops offering excellent trekking opportunities. The velvety emerald hills along with an immaculate cloud cover which accentuates the splendor of the landscape and makes trekking more interesting in these famous trails around Bangalore.

Some of these awe-inspiring treks near the city of Bangalore are:


  • Nishani Motte Trek
  • Tadiyandamol Trek
  • Kopatty Trek
  • Brahmagiri Trek
  • Kumara Parvatha Trek
  • Pushpagiri Trek
  • Kotebetta trek
  • Kakkabe Trek

Which are some famous night treks in Bangalore?

The treks around Bangalore offer the most majestic views and this nocturnal activity can be one of the most thrilling and fun escape to witness the natural beauty. Some treks could be challenging but it is an excellent way to see the nature and have a great time with friends, camping with a bonfire while trekking.

Some of these famous night trekking places in Bangalore are-

  • Kabbaladurga
  • Savandurga
  • Makalidurga
  • Ranganathaswamy Betta
  • Bheemeshwari
  • Nandi Hills
  • Kunti Betta
  • Ramanagara
  • Anthargange
  • Kanakapura

Where we can go for cave exploration and trekking near Bangalore?

It is a wonderful weekend retreat in Bangalore with a night trek as you explore the caves, witness awesome nocturnal sights and engage in singing or dancing with friends sitting around a bonfire. The overnight activity is a great way to relax in the quiet night skies and witness the gorgeous sunrise from the peak as the sky clears up.  One of the most sought after destinations for cave exploration and trekking near Bangalore is Anthargange.

Due to rocky landscape there are many ancient caves around Karnataka like:

  • Siddara Betta
  • Tumkur
  • Kolar
  • Badami

The closest ones to Bangalore for which exploratory tours are conducted is:

  • Antharagange in Kolar
  • Mullayanagiri caves

There are few cave temples that can be explored too like:

  • Hulimavu cave on Bannerghatta Road close to BGS school.

Which are some good weekend destinations for trekking near Bangalore?

Bangalore is a delight for adventure junkies and what is better than trekking to witness the thrill and excitement as you embark upon this adventurous activity. Bangalore with an array of sites suitable for trekking hits the spot in many ways. Here you will love the close interaction with nature and revel in sightseeing.

Some weekend destinations near Bangalore are:

  • Ramanagara trek (Approx. 55 km from Bengaluru)
  • Savandurga Trek (Approx. 65 km from Bengaluru)
  • Madhugiri trek (Approx. 100 km from Bengaluru)
  •  Antharagange trek & caving (Approx. 60 km from Bengaluru)
  • Ranganatha Swamy Betta (approx.70 km from Bengaluru)
  • Kanakpura trek near Bangalore (approx.60 km from Bengaluru)
  • Makalidurga trek (approx.50 km from Bengaluru)
  • Bheemeshwari trek (approx.110 km from Bengaluru)
  • Skandagiri or Kalwarbetta trek (approx.70 km from Bengaluru)
  • Kunti Betta trek (approx.130 km from Bengaluru)

Which are some famous treks in Coorg?

Coorg is famous for its various trekking options.The treks in Coorg can be both testing as well as kind but offer some of the most awe-striking vistas of the forests and mountains for hikers.  The treks are listed as following along with their difficulty level:

  • Nishani Motte- Easy
  • Tadiandamol- Easy
  • Kopatty-Moderate
  • Brahmagiri-Moderate to difficult
  • Kumara Parvatha Trek- Moderate to difficult
  • Pushpagiri Trek- Moderate
  • Kotebetta trek- Moderate
  • Kakkabe Trek-Moderate

What sort of trek is Tadiandamol? Where can we do it?

Tadiandamol is an easy trek and an ideal destination for those who are beginners to this activity. Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg which is surrounded by Shola forests. The trek is a popular one among domestic and international tourists that appeals to your imagination with its beautiful scenery.

The trek will take 2 days and one night to from Bangalore to Coorg.

Which places are famous for trekking in Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur is famous for its various trekking options.The treks here can be both testing as well as kind but offer some of the most awe-striking vistas of the forests and mountains for hikers . The treks in Chikmagalur are listed as following:

  • Mullayanagiri trek
  • Kemmangundi trek
  • Sakleshpur railway trek
  • Kumara Parvatha trek
  • Kudremukh trek
  • Agumbe Ghat or Narasimha Parvatha trek
  • Kemmanagundi trek

Can we do camping as well with trekking in Bangalore?

Yes, there are many packages which provide camping as well as trekking to enjoy the fascinating beauty of Coorg.

Are there any waterfall treks near Bangalore?

Waterfall treks are the best way to get respite from the hot summers by boating and bathing in the splendid waters. Some famous waterfall treks near Bangalore are:

Nishani Motte

Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Falls

Mekedatu Falls, Kanakapura

Are there any beach treks near Bangalore?

Yes, the Gokarna Beach trek is one of the most sought after activities in Bangalore. It offers you an exciting holiday experience as you witness the beauty of turquoise waters and the sands in Gokarna. The rocky hills adds to the allure of the landscape which is totally pristine and mesmerizing. This trekking activity takes about seven hours to be completed and is 486 km away from North west of Bangalore.

Is it safe for a solo female to trek in Bangalore?

Although Bangalore is a safe place to travel, it is not advisable for solo female travelers to go by yourself on a trek. You may get injured or get attacked by a wild animal left to fend for yourself. We strongly recommend female tourists to not go trekking alone and join a group tour.

Is there a chance of facing wild animals while trekking near Bangalore?

Yes, there is always a chance of facing wild animals while trekking since you will be going to forests and hills which are not necessarily urbanized. We suggest you to always have a professional guide assist you while trekking to minimize such dangers.

What should I wear while trekking in Bangalore?

You should wear comfortable clothes while trekking along the rugged terrains and hills. You should always wear sports shoes and carry a jacket in case the weather turns cold once you reach the higher altitudes while trekking.

What things I must carry while trekking in Bangalore?

The things which you should not miss putting in your backpacks while going for a trek in Coorg are:

  • Mosquito repellants
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreens
  • Jacket or some warm clothing to beat the chilly winds
  • Camera (optional)
  • Snacks and healthy nutrition bars
  • Plenty of water

Can we do smoking and drinking during the trek?

Most campsites have strict prohibition in smoking or drinking activities for people going out on a trek. Hence it is advisable not to engage in smoking or drinking while trekking.

What kind of Food will be provided to me? Will I get non veg food as well during trek?

You will be given food prepared in the local cuisine during trekking in Bangalore. It is generally packed food and you are offered all three meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Yes, you will get vegetarian and non-vegetarian food during trekking in Bangalore depending on the vendor you choose to trek with.

Bangalore Trekking Reviews

Anirudh Ghaty
Reviewed: 12 Sep 2018
"One hell of a crazy trek this one. The views were just splendid, and the organisers had it all charted out, and were extremely helpful. \n\nAn initial route through the forest is what we go through which is not that tiring, but after this stretch we move on to the most difficult part of the trek, w... Read More
Anirudh Ghaty
Anirudh Ghaty
Anirudh Ghaty
Anirudh Ghaty
Anirudh Ghaty
Anirudh Ghaty
(41+)View All
Reviewed: 24 Dec 2022
Overall 4.5 out of 5. Jayanth and team mates did great job. Driver needs to learn manners and human care in not rudel blasting loud songs at night even when requested not to do so. Worth the money. Well organized. Recommend before hand on website itinerary to bring warm sweaters and flask of hot tea... Read More
(28+)View All
Jatin Nehlani
Reviewed: 25 Sep 2023
Loved everything about the trek
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
(19+)View All
Swastik Uprety
Reviewed: 04 Sep 2019
My first ever trekking experience and I could not have asked for a better one. Booked for this trek just 2 days before, solely based on other trekkers' thrillophilia reviews and amazing pics they have posted on Thrillophilia website. Moreover, it was going to be a solo trek for me and quite obviousl... Read More
Swastik Uprety
Swastik Uprety
Swastik Uprety
Swastik Uprety
Swastik Uprety
Swastik Uprety
(26+)View All
Aadhithyah S
Reviewed: 17 Oct 2022
Negatives: 1)Delayed communication and updates from the operators. 2) Tempo traveller wasn't comfortable, got very little sleep in the overnight journey because of the congested nature of the vehicle. 3) Reaching the peak to witness the Adi Shankarachary... Read More
Aadhithyah S
Aadhithyah S
Aadhithyah S
Aadhithyah S
Aadhithyah S
Aadhithyah S
(17+)View All
Soumya D
Reviewed: 29 May 2023
It was an amazing Trek with friends and it was moderate level and it was worth treking here. The only issue was the pick up for us as we got picked up at 10:30 and had to sit in the bus till 5 in the morning. But once we started our journey it was all good and amazing. We had lots of fun
Soumya d
Soumya d
Soumya d
Soumya d
Soumya d
Soumya d
(9+)View All

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