Best Water Sports in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most progressive and cosmopolitan cities in India. The salubrious weather and many exquisite cafes, restaurants and pubs make it a perfect place to unwind. The city has earned its name as ‘the garden city’ because of its many peaceful lush green gardens. A concoction of modernity and conventionality. The silicon valley of India has retained its colonial charm with beautiful parks and the striking Victorian era architecture. The undulating terrain, lakes, and rivers around lend itself well to the best watersports tours in Bangalore and around. One can trek up the slopes or paddle along the roaring waters of the Kaveri River.


Either hang glide over the Western Ghats and climb or rappel down rocks. Enjoy the serenity of scuba diving in lakes and rivers. Float on hot air balloons or enjoy the thrill of going on an elephant safari in Bandipur. Take a break from the city humdrum and indulge in refreshing and rejuvenating water sports. Partake in bamboo rafting on the Barapole River nearby and navigate the turbid water for stress busting. Just want to spend time admiring nature go kayaking on river Sharavathi after all, a day spent on the river restores the soul. Bheemeshwari Nature Camp and Galibore nature camp offer opportunities to indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving in lakes and rivers. These are amazing places for a thrilling experience of the best watersports tours in Bangalore and around.

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Bangalore Water Sports FAQs

What are the best water sports in Pondicherry?

1. Yachting:  A must-try for adventure enthusiasts, Pondicherry offers excellent yachting facilities, with its high-speed yachts and steady waves.
2. Scuba Diving: The best way to explore the stunning marine life of the Bay of Bengal is to navigate the currents underwater. Scuba Diving in Pondicherry allows you to get personal with the beautiful fishes, corals and other hidden marine animals here.
3. Parasailing: An exciting sport offered at Karaikal Beach in Pondicherry, Parasailing lets you get a taste of the sea while in flight. Prepare to be amazed as your ride the winds in a parachute, towed forward by a motorboat.
4. Banana Boating: A fun group activity, banana boating involves wading out into the sea in inflatable banana-shaped boats.

What are the best water sports in Pondicherry for couples?

1. Kayaking and Canoeing:  A fun, laidback water sport made for enthusiastic couples, Kayaking and Canoeing can be attempted by beginners as well. The stunning waters of Karaikal beach in Pondicherry offers an ideal location for the sports.
2. Boating: Pondicherry offers the unique opportunity of exploring the vast expanse of the Chumnambar Backwaters in boats. Cosseted by lush green forests, this serene waterway offers a stunning refuge for couples.
3. Surfing: An extreme sport ideally suited for thrill-seekers, Surfing involves navigating the rough waves while maneuvering the wind. Paradise and Serenity beach in Pondicherry offers an ideal location for surfing activities.
4. Jet skiing: An absolute must for couples with a taste for adventure, this high-speed water sport can be tried at the Paradise beach in Pondicherry.

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