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pooja agrawal

21 May 2015

it was a trip with cousins. the first of this kind. i had arranged it was a big responsibility to keep up their expectation. thanks thrillophilia, u din let me down. the guides were so helpful throughout the trek. it was a difficult one but still we managed it easily and so on time..the water sports were even great. safe n clean. we were worried about the changing rooms after water sports but thanks to thrillophilia for that also, they gave us individual rooms to get freshen up.

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Dhanvin Naik

08 October 2015

This was truly awesome experience for all of us and we really got an insight into how it feels to trek in the night here.


nikita mantri

09 April 2015

We had an awesome time at Kunti betta trekking. People who have never been to trekking can also try, the guides and organizer were very helpful during the entire journey. We didn't face any difficulty, in fact we had the best time. After all, place never matters.....what really matters is the company, and I had an awesome friends with me :D

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Gokul Krish

11 April 2015

It was a Very Good which we had and everybody has enjoyed a lot. And food is also good. Thanks a lot for the wonderful arrangements.

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Harshit Agarwal

20 May 2015

I had gone there all alone. Made 4 new friends and a good trekking plus additional water sports and we did swimming in the open lake for half an hour. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to attend more treks in coming days.

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Gunjan Kumar

08 April 2015

A brilliantly organized trip to Kunti Betta, from being collected at the Marathahalli to our final step on the mountain, it could not have been better in any way. This was an excellent experience and one that I would recommend. The guides and the organizer treated us all with respect and although they must have done the trip 100’s of times they were always kind, enthusiastic and made it very special for us. 'A must do trek' that I wish had lasted longer, it was truly awesome. In short we can say it was well organized nice Trip, Breakfast and refreshment was served on the way. Water sports and activities was also awesome we enjoyed the trip. All activities was handled and well professional and in efficient way. Thanks to Karthik and Swamy the guide and the trip organizer.

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