Kayaking in Bangalore

Bangalore, the core nerve system and career powerhouse of the South Indian state Karnataka has seen a drastic increase in their population over the past decade. Other than being a land of opportunity Bangalore has also been the hub of many adventure sports and a drive-off starting point to many striking panoramic destinations. Speaking of nature, Bangalore is surrounded with some of the prettiest lakes and rivers, tempting you to jump into the cool water and splash to your heart’s content. Kayaking tours in Bangalore have been gaining a lot of attention, more and more people are getting out to try their hands and also to repeat their participation in this sport. People who have just discovered this term while searching for things to do in Bangalore, Kayaking as the name suggests, involves a Kayak which is a low-to-the-water cone-like boat, where the paddler or an individual inserts his/her legs leaving them straight and sits facing forward.


They have a double-bladed paddle to help them row and move forward. Kayaks can be easily navigated with equilibrium movement of one’s body and the paddle in hand. This sport adds for an exciting workout and leaves one with renewed energy by the end of the activity. Thrillophilia has hosted some of the most popular kayaking tours in Bangalore and works with certified instructors for these sports, hence you rest assured you are in safe hands. If you have a long weekend coming up and not too sure of your plans, get dialing, reach out to your friends and let them know Thrillophilia has an exciting activity planned for everyone and surprise them with a day of kayaking in the cool natural waters. Make this your opportunity to learn something new and tick items off your long bucket list.

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