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Gokarna Tour Packages

Gokarna, one of the most talked about places in India is a brilliant specimen of nature and its beauty. Located in Karnataka, that is, the western coast of India, Gokarna is actually a place situated in the Uttara Kannada district. This place is best known for its pilgrimage centers and temples for worship. Gokarna tour packages ensure the visit of each of the places of worship along with the other attractions in and around Gokarna. The people of Gokarna mainly worship Lord Mahabaleshwara, who is Lord Shiva. That is why devotees of Lord Shiva from all parts of the world travel to Gokarna in order to pray to the Lord wholeheartedly. Also, Gokarna is considered to be among the top seven Hindu pilgrimage towns. The people of Gokarna celebrate Shivaratri and Ganesh Chaturthi with great pomp and vigor. The main cities situated near Gokarna also reflect nature at its best. They include Karwar and Bhatkal. Also, these are the major train stations which need to be covered in order to enter Gokarna. Many tourists even come to witness the amazing river Aghanashini. Younger tourists visit Gokarna due to the beaches that make the entire place way more fun and beautiful. For this reason, many new restaurants and hotels have been set up. This is in fact, making Gokarna not just a pilgrimage town, but a town which is visited for its overall beauty and charm. The location of Gokarna seems to be perfect for beaches. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other, which facilitates beaches. Most of the beaches lie in the southern part of this fantastic tourist place.

The most attractive beach is the Om beach, which is actually an Om-shaped beach, hence the name. Here, visitors love to enjoy a peaceful and calm boat ride. This beach is also a center of commercial importance due to the fact that this beach is visited by several tourists throughout the year. Gokarna is also compared to Goa at times. That is because people believe that Gokarna is a lot like Goa, only a little more commercialized than the latter. If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation by the sea with your special ones, and if you are strictly against loudness, Gokarna is the perfect place for you. Not just this, Gokarna is a place which is culturally very important. Its clean sands and completely blue sky make it one of the most visited tourist spots in India.

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Traveller Tales From Gokarna


Geetanjali Kocchar

25 December 2018

Wanted to escape the usual clubbing scene in Bangalore last new year, so we booked this Thrillophilia trip very spontaneously, and it was one of our best decisions! Awesome NYE party, and the stay and


Suma Agarwal

25 December 2018

Never been to Gokarna before, but it turns out, it's an even better place than Goa to celebrate the new year. Less crowded and the beaches are better!


Tejas Adiga

25 December 2018

We had a couple of days off from college and wanted to try out something new for the 2018 new years so we booked this holiday with Thrillophilia. The price was very affordable, the accommodation was gr


Kali Ahluwalia

24 December 2018

If you ask me where i am going this year for 2019, it would be again to Gokarna. This trip last year my made new year very very special and me and my spouse were the happiest couple ever then. Love you


Anjali Prajapat

24 December 2018

I was struck with the performance of Gokarna locals. Such a performance it was. And beachside party rocked my life. I was like in another world. This place is perfect for NY celebrations and Thrillophi...


Ajit Jain

24 December 2018

I reached Gokarna with my office colleagues, trekked the hills, visited Shiva temple and enjoyed DJ party last year just like that. And this year too, I am up for it! 2019 and thrillophilia, here i com


Amritambu Nambeesan

24 December 2018

The beach party and bonfire with music were the most amazing thing i experienced here. It was actually refreshing to be here after so long and Thrillophilia made my new year most special with their ser


Manoj Kapoor

24 December 2018

Me and my college friends were picked up and we reached to the beachside camps next day. The bash started from morning itself while we trekked, spend leisure time and met locals. The next day was also ...


Bhadra Kaniyar

25 December 2018

My friend recommended this tour to us and we decided to try it out for 2018 New Years. Gokarna is a really beautiful place and the beaches are amazing! Our favourite part was the beach party for NYE, w

What You Should Know More About Tours in Gokarna

  • Q. Which are the best beaches to visit in Gokarna?

    Gokarna tour packages include some of the most renowned and popular beaches in Gokarna. It is true that Gokarna is full of beaches and water bodies. For these beaches, fantastic hotels have emerged near these beaches which offer elegant rooms to the travellers. Having said this, the beaches are mostly visited by the younger crowd who loves the rustic nature of the beaches.


    If you want a fun-filled day with lots enjoyment and relaxation as well, do visit the wonderful beaches of Gokarna. Some of the beaches in Gokarna are –

    • Gokarna Beach
    • Kudle Beach
    • Om Beach
    • Paradise Beach
    • Main Beach
    • Half Moon Beach
    • Nirvana Beach
    • Heaven Beach
    • God’s Own Beach
    • Small Hell Beach


    These beaches make sure every tourist has a great time. The beaches even offer nice service and good facilities to the tourists.

  • Q. Which are the best spots for dolphin spotting and fishing in Gokarna?

    The trip to Gokarna is incomplete without enjoying its activities on the water. However, there are a few beaches included in Gokarna tour packages which are very famous for the activity of spotting dolphins. Dolphins are fun and lovable creatures. People love being around dolphins. Therefore, it is amazing to spot dolphins and have a great time. For children and younger members in the trip, dolphin spotting would be one of the most cherished activities. The beaches which allow full-fledged dolphin spotting in Gokarna include –


    • Paradise Beach
    • Om Beach


    Fishing is a renowned activity in any part of India. Fishing is one such activity which is enjoyed by tourists and natives alike. The younger members and the older members, everybody would enjoy spending a great time fishing on the banks of the water bodies. In Gokarna, however, due to the abundance of beaches and water bodies, fishing is a very serious activity. Gokarna tour packages include fishing which is a major tourist attraction of the region. The main places where fishing is performed in Gokarna are –


    • Om Beach
    • Kumta Beach, which is 30 kilometers away from Gokarna but is one of the best fishing hubs in the outskirts of Gokarna.


    In Om Beach, this activity takes an hour. The water in Om Beach is ideal for fishing. The fishing is enjoyed while sitting on a boat which waters surrounding you from all the sides. After fishing, you are even offered facilities to cook whatever you’ve caught!

  • Q. Which are the most fun water sports activities to do in Gokarna?

    Since Gokarna is filled with beaches, water sports activities are a great part of Gokarna tour packages. Many beaches have unusual and adventurous activities which are some of the reasons as to why tourists visit Gokarna so much. Many of the water sports activities are a part of Om Beach alone. Om Beach is one of the most fun beaches of Gokarna. Some of the fabulous water sports activities include –


    • Gokarna Beach Trekking
    • Jet Ski at Om Beach
    • Dolphin Spotting Trips at Om Beach
    • Speed Boating at Om Beach
    • Gokarna Beach Fishing


    These amazing activities in Gokarna have been responsible for bringing thousands of younger tourists each day. Other than these, simple parties and gatherings are very common in all the beaches of Gokarna. These make the place one of the most important places for relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Q. What are the best sites for camping in Gokarna?

    Camping is a great activity which is emphasized on, in Gokarna. The amazing campsites offered by Gokarna tour packages make every tourist drool over the place. However, there are two most important camping sites in Gokarna which are also considered to be some of the best in the entirety of India –


    • Tipi Garden Resort
    • Kudle Oceanfront Resort


    Needless to mention, these campsites with starry skies and a beautiful view of nature is what every tourist wants. You would not feel out of place or bored, amidst the richness of nature and the company of friends and family.

  • Q. What are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Gokarna?

    Gokarna is mostly surrounded by beaches and temples. The main attractions that are included in Gokarna tour packages definitely include beaches and temples which are visited by tourists on a large scale. Some of the important attractions in Gokarna include –


    • Om Beach
    • Kudle Beach
    • Gokarna Beach
    • Mahabaleshwar Temple
    • Half Moon Beach
    • Shiva Cave
    • Main Beach
    • Nirvana Beach
    • Koti Teertha
    • God’s Own Beach
    • Heaven Beach
    • Small Hell Beach


    These enjoyable attractions have their own popularity which in turns Gokarna popular as a whole. While the younger crowd enjoys the lovely beaches, the older crowd makes sure they have visited every other religious spot of the place.

  • Q. What are the famous temples to visit in Gokarna?

    Gokarna is a place where religious learning is given a really good importance. Sanskrit is the most important language of the place. Also, Gokarna tour packages ensure that you visit the important sites such as Toggu Math and Bhandikeri Math.


    Having spoken about religious learning, Gokarna is actually a very spiritual place which many temples and pilgrimage sites. The most important ones are visited throughout the year, by devotees and tourists from different places of the world. Some of the most important religious sites in Gokarna have been listed below –


    • Mahabaleshwara Temple
    • Bhadrakali Temple
    • Maha Ganapathi Temple
    • Tamra Gauri Temple
    • Uma Maheshwara Temple
    • Venkataramana Temple


    Apart from these, there is a ritual bathing ground which is also used for immersing idols known as Koti Teertha. This place is surrounded by many temples. The overall atmosphere is very pious and peaceful.