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    The historical city of Yana is a well-known Shaivite pilgrimage center in Karnataka. The city is now fast becoming the place to be for rock climbers. There is a popular saying about Yana, The one with tremendous guts and determination goes to Yana and the one with money bags goes to Gokarna (another pilgrimage center near by). 

    Yana is part of Sahyadri range and is blessed with varied rock formations, rugged mountains, meandering streams and dense verdant forest. Yana offers plenty of opportunities for trekkers. There are number of Trekking Trails and peaks to explore.

    Here, in the midst of dense forest, two black limestone needle sharp gigantic peaks stand out and are the major attractions. These two peaks are known as Bhairaveshwara shikara (120 ft high) and Mohini shikara (90 ft high). One can spot hives of wild bees and bats in these rock-shelters. 

    A cave temple (a natural formation), called the abode of Lord Shiva, is located at the base of the Bhairaveshwara shikhara. The cave also has a bronze idol of Goddess Chandika who is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga.




    Exact Location: 

    Yana is situated in the Shayadri range of mountains in Northern Karnataka.

    Nearest Town: 

    Kumta 25+ km, Sirsi 40+ km

    Distance from Bangalore: 

    400+ km

    How to Reach: 

    Bangalore ’ Sirsi ’ Vaddi ’ Yana

    There are number of buses available daily from Bangalore to both Sirsi and Kumta. Yana is some 40 km from Sirsi and 25 km from Kumta, which is a small coastal town. Sirsi is 425 km from Bangalore. Reaching Sirsi, one can board a local bus going towards Yana. You need to get down at Vaddi cross, which is nearly 17 km from Sirsi. There is a 3 km motorable road from here.

    Alternatively, one can go to Sirsi, and then drive 34 km to Sundholle via Anegundi. Yana is 3 km trek from this point.

    Other Info

    Other Attractions in the Vicinity: 


    Sirsi is a quiet town blessed with serenity. It is 425 km from Bangalore. There are number of Jain Basadis (temples) and ancient Hindu temples here. One can take a walk to the 16th Century Marikamba Temple, which enshrines a wooden idol. Denizens of Sirsi say that the idol was found in a tank. Close to Sirsi, there is a picturesque spot in the midst of dense forest, and according to folklore, Pandavas visited this spot during their exile. 

    Vibhooti Waterfalls: 

    Vibhooti, also called Vaddi falls, is a small two-step waterfall quite close to Yana. Limestone rock structures surround the area and hence it has been named Vibhooti falls.

    Trek Length: 

    Approx.8-9 km (one way)/a day

    Best Time to Visit: 

    Early winter

    Keep in your Trek Bag:

    Walking stick 
    Hiking shoes 
    Woolen clothes 
    Water, juices, snacks
    Electric torch
    Medical kit
    A good compass
    An extra pair of clothes


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