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  • Panchgani, a gorgeous hill station in the Satara district of Maharashtra is known for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, bountiful nature and fascinating trekking options. Jotted with captivating and green rolling hills, embraced by the low-floating clouds, enchanted by the never-ending hues of Mother Nature and visited by a large number of tourists, this pictorial hill station is a true paradise for the nature lovers, trekkers, leisure seekers and other classes of travellers.

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    Discovered and developed as a hilly retreat during the British era, this magnificent place started gaining popularity as the replacement of Mahabaleshwar that used to get inaccessible during the monsoons. Soon, Panchgani became one of the favourite summer retreats for the British officials and also got a prominent place in the list of the summer retreats in the country.

    Today, in addition to being one of the most picturesque hill station, it also attracts a large number of adventure junkies who loves to challenge their own limits by conquering the lofty mountains and the fascinating peaks. Come, indulge in trekking in Panchgani and get a chance to witness and explore its magical beauty!

    Bringing in more details on trekking near Panchgani, here a list of some of the must trek within the vicinity.

    Some of the best treks in Panchgani:

  • 01Sinhagad Fort Trek

    Sinhagad Fort Trek
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr
    While trekking in Panchgani, you can spot several forts and historical places that has played a major role in its past. One such structure, the Sinhagad Fort; also known as the 'Lion's Fort', Sinhgarh Fort and Sinhagd Fort, offers one of the best treks in Panchgani. Seated on the isolated cliff of the Kondhana Hill, this historical fortress has an age-long history and was last ruled by the Marathas before it went to the hands of the British.

    The easy and favourable trails to this ancient fort make it an ideal trek for almost all the classes of trekkers. Be it the beginner or an expert trekker, everyone can easily hike up to the top of the fort within 40-60 minutes. Though this fascinating trek can be done throughout the year, monsoon is considered as the ideal time to embark on an enthralling trek to its top.
  • 02Lohagad Fort Trek

    Lohagad Fort Trek
    Image Credit : vivek Joshi - Flickr
    Located within a close proximity to Lonavala, Lohagad Fort is another historic and captivating forts in and around Panchgani. Perched at an astounding height of 1,033m above the sea level, this glorious fortress was lastly ruled by the great Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj, who used it as his treasury.

    Owing to the fascinating surroundings; the amazing hills, the sprawling greeneries, the tricky terrains and the exhilarating trails that lead to the main premises of the fort, it gained the popularity of being a major destination for trekking in Panchgani. If you are looking for awe-inspiring trekking experience in an around Panchgani or Pune, indulge in the Lohagad trek during the winters; you will get your dose of adrenaline!

    Though graded as an easy trek during the winters, monsoons make it a bit challenging for the hikers as the terrains get slippery; however, during this season, the entire region flourishes into the most amazing shade of greed and creates a magical appeal on the trekkers!
    Lohagad Fort Trek in Maharashtra

    Lohagad Fort Trek in Maharashtra

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  • 03Naneghat Trek

    Naneghat Trek
    Image Credit : rohit gowaikar - Flickr
    Nestled amidst the captivating Western Ghats, Neneghat is basically a mountain pass near Junnar in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Once a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar, it was ruled by several dynasties including the Satavahana and the Mauryas. Used as a toll road by the ancient traders, this thumb like cliff has now become an attraction point among the trekkers.

    Amongst all the enthralling treks near Panchgani, Neneghat holds its own charms and thrills! Easily accessible through the dense and lush route before Malsej Ghat. If you are coming from Mumbai, Viashakhare will serve as the base village, and if from Pune, Ghatghar will serve you as the base to embark on this enthralling trek.

    Rated as a moderate trek, it can be enjoyed by expert as well as novice trekkers; however, prior experience for the beginners are highly recommended. During the trek, it is also suggested to carry enough water as there might be scarcity of drinking water in and around Neneghat!
    Jivdhan Naneghat Trek

    Jivdhan Naneghat Trek

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  • 04Pratapgad Fort Trek

    Pratapgad Fort Trek
    Image Credit : DevashishP - Flickr
    A trek to the historic Pratapgad Fort in Pratapgad, Maharashtra, is also among the most popular and sought after treks near Panchgani. Located around 120km from Pune, this glorious fortress has witnesses a lot during its lifetime. And the most noteworthy happening was the war between the legendary Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan.

    As the fort is located within a close proximity to several important tourist spots, it witnesses a more volume of admirers as compared to other treks in Panchgani. Nestled by thick canopies of greeneries, though there is no proper trails that lead to the top of the fort, you can follow a tarmac road that will take you to the same, and once you complete the hike, you can enjoy the amazing views of the nearby surroundings from there.

    With most of the trek comprising of steep climbs through the dense forests, the trail also offers ample of opportunities for sightseeing and also to enjoy the untouched beauty of the nature. If you happen to undertake the trek during monsoon, you will come across several waterfalls along with the vicinity flourishing at its best!
  • 05Mahuli Fort Trek

    Mahuli Fort Trek
    Image Credit : Elroy Serrao - Flickr
    Truly a heaven for the climbers and trekkers, Mahuli Fort or the highest point within the vicinity of Thane district of Maharashtra makes it for an amazing trekking experience! Rising 2,815ft above the sea level, this historic fort is surrounded by several pinnacles named as Vazir, Vishnu and others; well, the names were given by local trekkers.

    With an easy, yet slow beginning, the trek advances through fascinating ridge and makes the next phase of the trek more enthralling. Here onwards, the terrains grow trickier and might require guidance to complete! However, if you opt for this trek near Panchgani during the monsoons, you might find it a bit easier.

    With the completion of your walk along the ridge, the trek gets followed by a plateau, dense thickets, challenging terrains and finally take you to the fort. Hike up to the fort, overcome all the obstacles on the way and curate some of the most adventurous moments while trekking in Panchgani.
    Mahuli Fort Trek in Thane

    Mahuli Fort Trek in Thane

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  • 06Tikona Fort Trek

    Tikona Fort Trek
    Image Credit : Shreyank Gupta - Flickr
    Flaunting around 3,500ft above the sea level and in the top of the Tikona Hill in Malval, Maharashtra, the Tikona Fort also serves as an ideal destination for the adventure junkies; especially the trekkers. While looking out for trekking in Panchgani options, you cannot miss out the enthralling trek to the top of the Tikona Fort and embrace the magical beauty of the nature from the top!

    The hike usually begins from Kamshet and takes you to Tikonapeth; jeeps usually serve the purpose of transferring the trekkers. Once at the base, embark on this enthralling trek! Hike through the dense forests, witness the bountiful nature, ascend through the rugged and challenging terrains, and make it to the top of this ancient fort.

    As the entire vicinity is bestowed with lush greeneries, you can have ample of opportunities to enjoy nature walk, bird spotting and bring out the shutterbug in you during the trek. On a whole, this easy, yet exciting hike might take you 1-2 hours; depending on your fitness level and pace of walking. During the monsoons, you might find it difficult to make it to the top as the terrains get slippery; winter is the best time to go for this trek.
    Bike Ride & Trek to Tung Tikona Fort

    Bike Ride & Trek to Tung Tikona Fort

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  • 07Ratangad Trek

    Ratangad Trek
    Image Credit : Elroy Serrao - Flickr
    The Ratnagad Fort in Ratan Wadi region of Maharashtra is also among the most sought after trekking destinations around Panchgani. Built around 2,000 years back, this glorious fortress overlooks Bhandardara and offers some of the most amazing and thrilling trails within the vicinity. Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadris, the fort is often referred as 'Amrutvahini' and stands graciously at around 4,250ft above the sea level.

    Though considered as a moderate trek, the steep ascents and descents on the way to the top might make the entire hike tiresome for you. Once you reach the base of the Ratangad Fort, you can easily witness a natural rock that has a cavity within and resembles much to a 'needle', the many different wells and the four distinct gates around.

    While planning for this amazing trek, make sure you ignore the extreme winters as the fogs might hinder your vision and cause plenitude of problem while ascending or descending.
    Ratangad Fort Trek in Igatpuri @ 1099 Only

    Ratangad Fort Trek in Igatpuri @ 1099 Only

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  • 08Rajgad Fort Trek

    Rajgad Fort Trek
    Image Credit : vivek Joshi - Flickr
    With an elevation of 1,318m, the Rajgad Fort; also called the 'Royal Fort', in the Puune district of Maharashtra was once the capital of the Maratha Empire. In the present time, this glorious fortress serves as an astounding trekking destination for the fun and thrill seekers. Even for the lovers of the nocturnal beauty, this glorious fort makes it for an exciting destination for night trek in Panchgani.

     Following the end of the monsoons, trekkers from various parts of the country throng this place and undertake an enthralling hike to the base of the fort. Though there are several routes to complete this trek, the ones from Gunjawane, Pali and Bhor are considered as the best three ways to make it to the fort. From Gunjawane, the trail might seem a bit difficult and proceed towards Chor Darwaja within 2-3 hours.

    Highly recommended for the experienced trekkers, the entire ascent might also require several breaks. On the other hand, the route from Pali is one of the easiest ways to complete this trek and is considered ideal for the beginners. Lastly, to complete the trek through Bhor, you need to head towards the NH-4 and after reaching the hamlet called Bhutonde, it will take you another 3-4 hours to reach the fort.
  • 09Korigad Fort Trek

    Korigad Fort Trek
    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar - Flickr
    Located around 20km from popular tourist spots like Lonavla, the Korigad Fort is yet another reminiscent of the past that also serves the purpose of trekking in Panchgani! Perched at an astounding height of 929m above the sea level, this historic fort was once ruled by Chhatrapati Shivaji before it was conquered by the British rulers.

    Owing to the enthralling locales, challenging terrains and the opulent beauty of the fort and its surrounding, it has gain a prominent place in the notebooks of every trekkers to this region. Considered as an easy trek, it can be completed by following two different routes: through Peth Shahpur and Ambavne villages.

    The one that embarks from the Ambavne hamlet is slippery and passes through the Ambavne Gate. On the other hand the route through Peth Shahpur Village is easier than the previous route and passes through the Ganesh Gate of the fort. Irrespective of which route you opt for, you are sure to have an enthralling experience as you make it towards this historic fort. On reaching the fort, you can also indulge in sightseeing around it and unravel its rustic charm.
    Ghangad to Korigad Trek

    Ghangad to Korigad Trek

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  • 10Kothaligad Trek

    Kothaligad Trek
    A chimney like fort located 3,100ft above the sea level, Kothaligad Fort in Karjat, Maharashtra, has a unique and distinnct feature. Also known as the 'Fort of Peth' after its base village Peth, short height and easy access make it a favourite destination among the trekkers to this region.

    With a chimney like tunnel, its curved pinnacle offers the access to the top from where you can enjoy amazing views of the entire vicinity and its opulent beauty. For those who are looking forward for the Kothaligad Fort Trek, they can board the Sinhagad Express by around 06:00AM, and make it to the Karjat Railway Station, from where a further bus ride will take them to Ambivili Village.

    Though the Peth hamlet is the base of this astounding trek, hiking usually begins from Ambivili; once in Peth, continue hiking through the lush and dense forest areas, traverse the rugged and uneven terrains, and make it to this historic fort. In case, you fail to board the bus from Karjat Railway Station, you can take a ride till Kashele and make it to Ambivili with the help of local transport and enjoy an amazing experience of trekking near Panchgani.
  • 11Rajmachi Trek

    Rajmachi Trek
    Image Credit : ptwo
    A quaint hamlet in the lap of the Sahyadris in Maharashtra, Rajmachi is yet another favourite destination among the trek enthusiasts! The abode of the Rajmachi Fort, which in turn is fortified by the Shrivardhhan and Manaranjan forts, this village has gained much popularity and attraction of the trekkers.

    The scenic beauty of the village, the mixture of pleasant and rugged terrains, the plethora of history and the amazing views from the fort makes this trek one of the must experience in Panchgani. If you are coming from Pune, you should follow the way to Lonavala and take the diversion before Khandala. Here onwards, you will be reaching Kunhe Gaon and finally the base of the trek.

    Another route from Karjat can also be followed to reach the base village; however, the first route is easier as compared to this one. Overall, the trek to Rajmachi fort is graded as an easy trek and a sure to have experience; it is also among the very few night treks in Panchgani.
    Trekking Expedition to Rajmachi Fort from Pune

    Trekking Expedition to Rajmachi Fort from Pune

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Trekking in Panchgani

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