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  • It is said that nature has its own healing touch and can rejuvenate you. Make your vacation special with this list of enticing list of places to visit in Panchgani, Maharastra and get a chance to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this region.

    Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or adventure Panchgani is the perfect destination for you. This amazing hill station Panchgani is 20 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar and derived its name from the five hills which surrounds it. This hill station is approximately 4000 ft tall. Once you are there you will be enlighten to explore the old Parsi homes nearing distinct colonial bungalow with the strawberry farms. 

    You can also trekking in the vast green lands and some fun filled activity like paragliding. One can also hike across some of the best places in this region like the Rajpuri Caves or you can visit the Pratapgad Fort which is famous for the historic stories about Chhatrapati Shivaji and Bijapur General Afzal Khan. Soothe your eyes with the stunning beauty of the valleys, mountains and scattered hamlets.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Panchgani:

  • 01Farm Stay Experience in Panchgani

    Farm Stay Experience in Panchgani
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lPanchgani
    • NNNNN185 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4051277
    About the Activity: 
    • Enjoy a fun-filled farm stay in the warm locales of Panchgani.
    • Revel in the beauty of the Krishna River and dense thickets.
    • Participate in farm tours, boating, bullock cart and tractor rides.
    • Spend a delightful evening beside a lively campfire.

  • 02Camping in Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lPanchgani
    • NNNNN628 ratings
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      Code: 2075404

    About the Activity:

    Welcome the adventure and excitement with Panchgani camping! Located amongst the vast reliefs of land, it is best suited for those who want to experience nature at its best. The prosperous plant and wildlife of the region make it even more beautiful in the monsoon season when they are in full bloom and zenith. Camping in Panchgani shows you the exquisite and various adventure pursuits, all of which are guaranteed to excite you!

    As you arrive at the campsite by noon, check-in and have a great spread of lunch served to you. Thereafter, you are free to indulge in any of the activities that capture your imagination like Ziplining, Commando Crossing, 12-item Obstacle Course, Learner’s Rock Climb, Rifle Shooting, Tent Pitching and many more. You can also try your hand at rappelling, rock climbing or the more exciting, waterfall rappelling. You can also explore the surrounding hilly area on foot by trekking or use the cycles at the campsite.

    Check-in: 12:00PM and Check-out: 10:00 AM

  • 03Table Land

    Table Land
    Image Credit : Flickr

    Have you ever wondered enjoying the sights of a barren land? Table land is the one of the best places to visit in Panchgani which will surely be the best experience for you. For the adventure seekers this is double treat where you can indulge in some paragliding while enjoying the amazing view of the region. This is the second largest mountain plateau in Asia at an elevation of 1387 metre sea level and is surrounded by hills. 

    This place also offers the best view of the magnificent Krishna valley and the small town of Panchgani. The best thing about this place is that you can get a breath-taking aerial view of the entire town. You can also get a clear picture of the Devil’s kitchen and Rajpuri caves.

    How to reach: You can take a 4 hours 21 minutes’ drive by car from Mumbai.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is during September to May.

  • 04Sydney Point

    Sydney Point
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    Tired of going to the same places. Pack your bags and explore this another places to visit in Panchgani which will surely rejuvenate you. Enjoy the sight of the orange hue Sydney point which is located at a 3kms from Panchgani. 

    This place offers you the magnificent view of the Krishna valley, Kamalgad fort, Dhom dam and the city of Wai. This hillock was named over Sir Sidney Beckwarth, who was the member of the council and temporarily succeeded Sir John Malcolm as the Governor of Bombay in 1830. One can also get the amazing views of the hill ranges of Pandavgad and Mandhardeo.

    How to reach: You can take a 5 hours’ drive to Panchgani by car from Mumbai or enjoy a bus ride from Mumbai or Pune.

    Best season: The best season to visit this places is from September to May.

  • 05Parsi Point

    Parsi Point
    Image Credit : Flickr

    Mark it on your bucket list yet another places to visit in Panchgani which is truly captivating for its scenic beauty. For the nature lovers this is the best place where you can enjoy the view of the lush green Krishna valleys and the Dom Dam backwaters. Parsi point is the best picnic spot where you can enjoy some delicious lunch with a view of the serene nature. Breathe in the cool mountain air and feel refreshed as you stroll in this place while enjoying the scenery. This famous place lies on the Mahabaleshwar road in Panchgani.

    How to reach: Panchgani is well connected through roads and railways. You can also enjoy a 4 hours 20 minutes’ drive by car from Mumbai.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is during September to May.

  • 06Kate's Point

    Kate's Point
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    Explore this another best places to visit in Panchgani and witness the stunning beauty of this region. The famous Kate’s point is named after then British governor Sir John Malcolm's daughter. This point is at a height of 1,290 metres and stands at a distance of 6.8 kilometres from the main market. One can get the best view of Dhom Dam, Kamalgarh, Pandavgadh and Mandardeo. 

    The place is has three different places which you can visit Echo Point and Needle Hole Point. Marvel at the sight of the amazing Echo point where you can shout at the top of your voice and it will return back.

    How to reach: You can enjoy a 4 hours 42 minutes’ drive from Mumbai

    Best season: The best time to visit this place is during December to May.

  • 07Dhom Dam

    Dhom Dam

    If you are in Mahabaleshwar then make it a point to explore this another best places to visit in Panchgani and enjoy the calmness and serenity. Dhom Dam is an exotic boating place which is located at distance of 21 kilometres from Panchgani. You can indulge in some exciting activities like scooter boats and speed boats while witnessing the scenery. This gravity dam is located on the Krishna River near Wai. 

    This dam was constructed in the year 1982and serves in the industrial and residential areas.  The main lands which are using the water of the dam are Wai, Koregaon, Satara and Javli talukas. The dam generates about 4 MG of hydroelectricity.

    How to reach: This place is well connected from the stations of Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.One can reach this place by car or by train.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is from May to September.

  • 08Kamalgad Fort

    Kamalgad Fort
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    If you are intrigued by history then this place is a must visit for you. This fort is filled with the murmurs of grief and mystery which is engulfed with enigma and perplexity. This fort was basically known for detain and execute prisoners during the wars. 

    Once you reach this place, you can see the fort covers a flat area of nearly 3-4 areas and you can find steep rocks around the vicinity. If you observe it closely you will find a hole at the top of the hole which was right through the rock and still holds water. 

    History say that’s the criminals had to keep within recess and had to choose from drowning or starvation, their own mode of death. This fort is located 10miles west of Wai and 32km from Satara.

    How to reach: If you are travelling from Mumbai you can drive for about 4 hours 40 minutes. You can also travel by bus from Pune to Panchgani

    Best season: The best seasons to visit this place is during the time of February to December.

  • 09Lingmala Falls

    Lingmala Falls
    Image Credit :

    Ligmala Falls is another best places to visit in Panchgani which will surely make your weekend special. This amazing Lingmala falls lies on the road of Mahabaleshwar-Pune and provides the best picturesque with the Dhobi waterfalls and Chinaman’s waterfall.

    Whether you are with your friends or family this places is an ideal place for all. If you are into photography then click some memorable pictures. The best time to visit this places is during the rainy season when these waterfalls are flooded with waters and descents from a 500 feet from the cliff. You can enjoy some refreshing bath once you reach the waterfalls.

    How to reach: If you are driving from Panchgani it will take around 21 minutes to reach the falls.

    Best seasons: The best seasons to visit the waterfall is during the time July to December.

  • 10Pratapgad Fort

    Pratapgad Fort
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    If you are planning for a weekend getaway and looking for some hiking spot then you should definitely visit this Pratapgad Fort in Satara. This is another best places to visit in Panchgani. This place is famous in the history for the great battle of Pratapgad was fought here. This place is around 22 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar at 1,080 meters above sea level.

     The fort is built in such a way that it oversees the connecting villages of Par and Kinesvar. The best thing about this fort is that the serene and the calm atmosphere will revive you at once. Now the fort is under the jurisdiction of Udayanraje Bhonsale, who is the heir of the Satara princely state.

    How to reach:  The fort is easily accessible by cabs and buses from Mahabaleshwar at a distance of 25 km. You will take an hour to hike up the stairs to the main fort.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is during the month of October to June but if you are visiting there in the time of monsoon then it’s a double treat for you.

    Time: 10:00 AM to late evening

  • 11Venna Lake

    Venna Lake
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    Pack out your bags and head out for a vacation at this another great site in Mahabaleshwar. Spend some time with nature within the lush green thicket by the lake side. This is one of the most popular attractions among the people. 

    The man-made lake was constructed in 1942 by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj. This lake was constructed to cater the water needs of the people of Mahabaleshwar. Indulge in some fun filled activities like boat ride or visit the amusement park which is opposite to the lake. You can also enjoy horse riding in this once you are there in the lake.

    How to reach the lake: Venna Lake is around 2 KM from Mahabaleshwar market and can reach there by car.

    Best season: The best time to visit this places is during the month of September to December.

    Time: 8:00 AM to 8:00 P M

  • 12Rajpuri Caves

    Rajpuri Caves

    Next time you plan a visit to Panchgani make sure to visit this exciting place Rajpuri Caves is amongst the most ancient attractions of the Panchgani region. The best thing about this cave is that it is surrounded by lakes from all sides. The cave is mainly famous for the temple of Lord Karthikeya and the temple is said to be made by the sands of the caves. Many believed that the cave was the shelter for the Pandavas during their period of exile. 

    The holy water in the lake is said to have magical powers which can cure you of all pains and miseries. Worshippers from far places visit this place to take a dip in the holy waters. While you enter the cave you can see images of the Nandi which will surely clear your minds. There are even other caves which are connected underground.

    How to reach: Panchgani is easily accessible to from the major cities of the country. You can drive for 4 hours 29 minutes from Mumbai to this exciting place.

    Best season: The best season to visit this cave is during the month of October to June.

  • 13Devari Art Village

    There is yet another place in Panchgani which cannot be left unexplored. If you want to celebrate creativity and nature this is a must visit site for you.The place is a non-profit initiative where you can find the people produce quality artifacts by Adivasi craftsman. 

    This artist from Gadchiroli region in Maharashtra produce mass products and help in sustaining the traditional art and culture. You can also opt for a training session in Panchgani. This is one of the most visited place in Panchgani. Make your vacation special with some artifacts skills and explore the amazing beauty of the region as well.

    How to reach: You can take a can or a bus from Panchgani.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is during the month of May to September
  • 14Panchganga Mandir

    If you are looking for some spiritual visit then this place is the best option for you. Panchganga Mandir is one of the best places which a renowned in the Panchgani area and draws a lot of devotees all-round the year. This famous temple was constructed in the 13th century by the Yadavas and Raja Sighandeo. This place is 18 kilometres away from the city and is situated in old Mahabaleshwar. 

    When you enter the temple you can see a carved Gaumukhi and five rivers flows out from it. This temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Krishna. On you are at this temple you can but colourful souvenirs from the shops around the temple. If you are into photography then you can click some of the best pictures with its enduring scenic background.

    How to reach: This temple is easily accessible by roads and a 33 minutes’ drive from Panchgani.

    Best season: The best season to visit this place is during the month of October to June.

    Time: 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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