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Alibag Packages

Duration Price
2 Days Alibaug Tour Package From Mumbai2 days & 1 night
INR 5,999
Weekend Getaway to Alibaug from Mumbai3 days & 2 nights
INR 17,000
Weekend Getaway to Alibaug from Pune3 days & 2 nights
INR 17,000

Alibaug Holiday Packages

Browse through a wide range of Alibaug holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Alibaug vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

If you are planning your Alibaug trip, Thrillophilia’s readily available tour packages can be of great help to make your coastal vacation a memorable one. Our strategically developed hassle-free packages have been curated perfectly by our travel experts to come with the best possible itineraries that can promise you the best excursions within your planned trip duration. Furthermore, we have kept our packages really customizable for you to incorporate your personal ideas of tripping in the photogenic town of Alibaug.

With our travel-friendly Alibaug packages, you can experience the picturesque beaches, majestic temples, and glorious historic marvels of this quaint town in a more organized manner. Our packages will also offer you enough time and opportunities to indulge in the various water activities that Alibaug is famous for. You will also get the chance to relish your taste buds with the flavours of authentic Konkani delicacies as you tour this rustic Maharashtrian town with our package.

Our Alibaug tour packages are curated for all kinds of tours, including family vacations and business trips. Our packages are also priced at competitive rates to make sure you are only worried about gaining happy beach memories rather than fussing about your tour expenses.
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Alibag Tour faqs

Which are the best places to visit during Alibaug tour?

Alibaug is a paradise getaway that is abode to innumerable places to explore. Check out the popular places that can be visited while vacations at this pristine destination with your Alibaug Tour Package you avail from Thrillophilia.

1. Alibag Beach:
 At just a kilometre away from the main town of Alibaug, this beach is one of the most popular sites in the region. It is often crowded with tourists, locals and street vendors selling delicious street food joints.

: Alibaug beach is located 1 kilometre from the main town of Alibaug, Maharashtra.

2. Janjira Fort:
 Ideally located at a gorgeous destination amidst the Arabian Sea, one can reach this fort via boats available on the sea port. The Mughal architecture in the fort is really impressive. The fort also showcases war weapons and places of worship inside it.

: Janjira Fort, Alibaug, Maharashtra.
Entry Fee: The fee to be paid is for the boat entry and its parking which varies from INR 20-50 for smaller boats to INR 100-300 for bigger boats. The additional parking fee is INR 30.
Entry Timings: The fort visiting hours are 7 AM to 4:45 PM.

3. Varsoli Beach: C
apture the breath-taking views of the sunset at the Varsoli Beach as you stroll on the shore in the evening. This white sandy beach of the Arabian Sea is a popular place to visit in Alibaug package and grab some great food at the beach restaurants.

Location: Varsoli Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra.
Entry Timings: The beach visiting hours are 11 AM to 6 PM.

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4. Kolaba Fort
Known for its rich history and magnificent beauty, this fort sits amidst the Arabian Sea. The views of this fort under the bright sun are worth capturing. During the rule of Shivaji Maharaj, this fort was used as a naval station. Visit this magnificent fort that is very much spoken about the Alibaug tourism.

: Kolaba Fort, Alibaug, Maharashtra.
Entry Timings: The visiting hours for the tourists in the fort are 6 AM to 6 PM.

5. Kanakeshwar Forest: 
Witness the exquisite flora and fauna as you visit this place that is also for the Shiva sanctuary. Wildlife like leopards, snakes and others can be sighted at this location. It is famous among the adventure souls for camping and trekking.

: Alibaug, Maharashtra.

6. Mandwa: 
This location is known for the shoot of the popular Bollywood movies, Agneepath. It nestles on the banks of the Arabian Sea in the district of Raigad. One can avail direct ferry from Mumbai too to reach this place. Avail Alibaug packages today from Thrillophilia and earn great discounts.

Location: Alibaug, Maharashtra.

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7. Vrindavan Farms:
 Spread over a land of 30 acres, this farm is abode to trees of fruits like mango, chikoo, guava and others. It also resides in a museum that is worth visiting. One can shop for fresh fruits and great souvenirs from here like natural products, crafts and others.

: Alibaug, Maharashtra.
Entry Timings: The visiting hour for Vrindavan farms is from 11 AM to 12 PM.

8. Brahma Kund: 
Brahma Kund was built in 1612 and perches on the top of a hill. This rectangular shaped kund is believed to be the place where once lord Krishna once bathed. Owing to its rich history and spiritual nature, many tourists visit this location every year.

: Alibaug, District-Raigad, Maharashtra.
Entry Timings: The entry timings for Brahma kund are from 6 AM to 8 PM.

9. Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple: 
Perched at a height of 900 feet above the sea level, this temple is one of the eminent pilgrimage sites in Alibaug. One needs to climb the 5000 steps in order to reach the temple. It is also popular by the name of shiva temple among the devotees.

: Kanakeshwar, Alibaug, Maharashtra.
Entry Timings: Only during the daytime.

10. Magnetic Observatory: 
Built by the Britishers in 1904, this observatory is known to collect geomagnetic data. With equipment like Magnetometer and others, these find application in finding the change in the geomagnetic field which is in turn recorded at the observatory.

Police Line, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

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What are the best things to do on the Alibaug tour ?

Welcoming travellers of all tastes, Alibaug offers an array of activities for the visitors to indulge in. browse through the below mentioned points to check the fun activities that you can avail with your Alibaug packages.

1. Camping: 
Camping is all about nestling in tents amidst the mesmerising views of the location. Bonfire under the starlit sky will add on to your experience of camping in Alibaug. Get acquainted with new people on this activity on your Alibaug tour and enjoy your heart out.

: Camping is perfect to practise at any beach in Alibaug.

2. Trekking: 
This activity fits perfect for the adventure enthusiasts. Explore the dense forest as you trek your way down from the various trails. Sight and capture the mesmerising views of the surroundings from the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Sagargad fort you explore during this activity.

: Sagargad Fort, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

3. Sightseeing: 
Explore the popular attractions like forts, museums and others on your Alibaug sightseeing tour. For the travellers of distinct tastes like nature lovers, spirituals and history lovers, there are many attractions that cater to all the travellers.

: Hirakot Lake, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Samadhi, Hirakot fort and others.

4. Beach Visits: 
Stroll on the shores with your partner and capture the mesmerising views of the sunrise and sunset in Alibaug. Some of the popular beaches in Alibaug are also abode to various restaurants that are perfect to dine in.

: Varsoli Beach, Alibaug Beach, Kihim Beach and others.

5. Water Sports at Alibag Beach: 
Alibaug Beach is an abode to various water sports that fit perfectly with the bucket list of the adventurers. Water sports like Parasailing, kayaking, banana boat ride or scuba diving at this exquisite beach on your Alibaug Vacation.

: Alibaug Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

6. Spiritual Tour: 
With an array of popular temples in Alibaug, get close to divinity as you seek blessings at the important pilgrimage sites of the city. Apart from being spiritually charged these temples open doors to various legends that are worth listening to.

: Kanakeshwar Temple, Shri Balaji Temple, maari aai temple and others.

7. Shopping: 
With a great variety of souvenirs to shop from, Alibaug vacation will be reminiscent of a great shopping trip. One can buy antiques, handicraft items, jewellery and other things at the various locations in the city of Alibaug.

These are available at various beach shacks of the popular beaches like Varsoli Beach, Alibaug Beach and others.

8. Birdwatching: 
Strolling on the sandy beaches on the Alibaug Trip, one can sight flocks of exotic species of birds flying over the beach. These are abundant at this location and it’s a treat to watch these beautiful beings in the sky.

: Kihim Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

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How can I reach Alibaug?

One can choose various modes of transportation to reach Alibaug on their Alibaug trip.

- By Ferry:
Alibaug can be reached conveniently via boat available from Gateway of India in South Mumbai’s Colaba neighborhood to Mandwa Jetty. It would take one 45 minutes to reach via ferry.

- By Bus
: Book for your bus tickets for Alibaug online or on spot to reach Alibaug available from all places in Maharashtra.

- By Train:
The nearest railway station in Panvel which is 45 kilometers from Alibaug. Book your tickets early to avoid the end time hustle.

- By Air
: Alibaug has no airport at its location. The nearest one is situated in Mumbai which is 113 kilometres away from Alibaug. Choose for a bus, boat or car ride to reach from Mumbai to Alibaug.

- By Car/Cab
: Hire a taxi or self-drive to Alibaug. Thrillophilia also offers great affordable taxis on hire for its travellers to reach Alibaug.

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What is special about Alibaug?

Alibaug is known for its important pilgrimage sites, magnificent forts, exquisite beaches and various water sports. Apart from this, the delicacies of the local cuisine are worth trying. Book your Alibaug packages in advance and enjoy all the popular water sports, tourist destinations and lip smacking food on your vacation here.

What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

The best time to plan your Alibaug vacation is from November to July.  The rains are not that frequent in these months due to which the water commutes and water sports are open. The climate is really pleasant to add on to your comfort of exploration.

What type of local cuisine can be found in Alibaug?

From mouth-watering sea food to Konkani delicacies, one can feast on great dishes with their Alibaug Tour package they avail from thrillophilia. Get in touch with the professionals to book your package.

Is Alibaug worth visiting?

Absolutely! Alibaug tourism will prove to be a worthy visit as it is  abode to various tourist attractions to explore. Beautiful beaches, magnificent forts, adrenalin pumping water sports and bustling markets make it a great tourist destination with so much in the list to do on your vacation.

Which beach in Alibaug has water sports?

There are an array of beaches in Alibaug that offer various kinds of adventure water sports like Nagaon Beach, Mandawa Beach, Alibaug Beach and others. One can indulge into water sports like parasailing, scuba diving, banana boat ride, jet skiing, zorb ball and others at these beaches with their Alibaug tour package. All the water sports are practised under expert’s guidance and with full safety gears.

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What are some of the famous water sports in Alibaug?

For the adventure souls, Alibaug is a den of thrilling water sports that will completely satisfy their thirst for adrenaline rushing activities. Check them out in the below mentioned points.

1. Jet Skiing
: Ride over the waves of the Arabian Sea as you indulge in jet skiing sport at Alibaug and Nagaon Beach. During this activity, two people can be accommodated on each Jet Ski that can sustain a weight up to 200 kilograms.

2. Sea Kayaking
: With the assistance of professionals, experience this sport for an exceptional thrill. It is very popular at Mandawa beach. The equipment used in this activity is a kayak which is around 15 feet long and is safe to indulge in.

3. Banana Boat Ride
: Riding amidst the serene blue waters of the Arabian Sea on a long tailed boat, this activity can be experienced at very reasonable fares. The banana boat in this activity can accommodate upto ten people at a time. This water sport is not restricted to any particular age group.

4. Scuba Diving: Witness the exquisite marine life as you indulge in scuba diving at Murud Janjira Beach on your Alibaug tour. This sport is a bit expensive but offers an exceptional experience to  sight the underwater life at the beautiful beach of Alibaug.

5. Parasailing: In this recreational activity, the parachute is tied to a boat which then sails on the ocean offering a bird’s eye view from the parachute. This activity is popular at Alibaug Beach and perfect to experience breathtaking views of the beach from the sky.

6. Zorb Ball: This great activity includes a person who is seated inside the zorb ball and left over to float on the waves of the waters. It requires great body balance to experience utmost fun in this activity. It is a newly introduced activity in Alibaug’s tour package
list of various adventure activities.

What are the best places for parasailing in Alibaug?

One of the best places for parasailing in Alibaug are given below.

1. Nagaon Beach
: The activity of parasailing at Nagaon Beach is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. Feel like a floating feather as you experience this activity. Apart from this, the scenic beauty of this beach is undeniable.

2. Mandwa Beach
: This beach is very popular for parasailing that offers this experience under the guidance of experts and with complete safety equipment and gears. It is a bustling location for the water sports lovers.

3. Alibaug Beach
: For an ultimate fun filled aerial experience, indulge in parasailing at Alibaug beach that is always crowded with flocks of tourists and local people. It is the most famous beach of the city.

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Which are the famous forts in Alibaug?

On your Alibaug sightseeing tour, do visit the magnificent forts in this city to get a peek into the history of the place.

1. Kolaba Fort: The rich history and undeniable beauty of the Kolaba Fort is really praise worthy. This fort once used to be the naval station of the ruler Shivaji Maharaj. Due to its great historical importance, it has been declared as the nationally protected monument.

2. Murud janjira Fort: This fort nestles in a small coastal village named Murud. It was constructed by  the emperor Malik Amber in the 15th century AD. This fort survived a war that occurred in the 17th century whose damage can be seen today also. The entry to this fort is free of cost.

3. Undheri Fort: Nestled on the Undheri Island, this fort calls for an exploration for its rich and interesting history. It was built in 1680 CE by the kahim of the siddis. It is located 300 meters away from Kandheri and is famous as the companion of khanderi fort.

4. Khanderi Fort:
 This fort got its name from the Kanhoji Angre Island. It was built to keep an eye on the Murud-Janjira Fort. It was built in 1678 under the rule of the Peshwa dynasty.

Which are the famous beaches in Alibaug?

Alibaug is best known for its exquisite beaches that are worth visiting on your Alibaug sightseeing tour. Check out the popular ones mentioned in the list below.

1. Alibaug Beach
: This beach is the most  popular spot for the locals  as well as the travellers. It is a great weekend getaway for the Mumbaikars. One can stroll on the black sand of this exquisite beach and get a boat ride or feast on the luscious sea food offered here.

2. Nagaon Beach: A
dorned with beach side cottages, charming views and proximity to the Kashid Beach, this beach is a great spot for family holidays. Relax on the glittering sandy shores of this beach and get great captures of the sunsets with you.

3. Kihim Beach
: This location is a birdwatchers delight. It is popular among the tourists for water sports, tranquil environs, collecting sea shells and sighting exotic species of butterflies and birds. An array of adventure enthusiasts visit this place for thrilling water sports.

4. Varsoli Beach:
This beach is one of the cleanest one in the entire city of Alibaug. It is also one of the base stations for the Indian Naval forces. One can also relish the taste of Konkan delicacies while visiting this beach.

Which are the best homestays in Alibaug?

Some of the best homestays to nestle in while on your Alibaug Vacation are listed below.

1. Baan Thai
: Experience an international holiday vibe as you nestle at this accommodation on your Alibaug Trip. It is a 4 BHK Villa with a living room, lawn with seating arrangement and fully equipped kitchen for your utmost comfort.

2. Bapunchi Wadi
: This homestay is open on one side to the beach and thus makes it a perfect place to get accommodated with serene views of the beach. It can accommodate up to 7 guests in its 3 bedroom. The mango and coconut trees add on to the beauty of this homestay.

3. Vasco Da Goa
: This 3BHK boutique villa is one of the finest homestay one can reside in. With an open sky restaurant, one can feast on the vegetarian and Jain food served here amidst the serene views of the beach. This place is also ideal for the bird lovers as one can sight many at this place.

4. Lotus Holiday Home:
 This homestay is located at just 10 minutes of walking distance from the popular Varsoli Beach. Encircled by coastal trees, this 3 BHK homestay can house up to 16 people at its premises. Do taste the famed Konkani food served at this homestay.

5. Swapnapurti Bunglow: 
With ideal location in the heart of the city, this homestay offers complimentary breakfast to its guests on their Alibaug trip. With a living room, dining area and fully equipped kitchen, one can make themselves feel at home.

What is Silvassa famous for?

Silvassa is a city located in the Indian Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is famous for being the capital of the territory, but also for its beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, and rich culture. It is a popular tourist destination for those looking for a relaxing getaway, with a range of activities such as birdwatching, boating, and trekking. The city is also known for its colonial architecture, Vanganga Lake, Hirwa Van Garden, Tribal Cultural Museum and the Vanganga Dam.

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