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A land of serene beaches, seashores, hills, cascading waterfalls and forests interspersed with rivers is a dream holiday destination for any. An icing on the cake is the flavorsome Konkani cuisine and mouthwatering Alphonso mangoes which are a speciality of this region. A beautiful port city on the Arabian Sea coast, Ratnagiri is a prominent town of Maharashtra and a popular beach destination. Surrounded by beautiful hills of Sahyadri range, the land is bestowed with rich art and culture. Rising hills to its east and azure waters of the Arabian on the west, the region contributes to an unmatchable beauty and caliber to cater to different needs. Offering exciting tour packages in Ratnagiri, it is a perfect leisure holiday destination with family, with ample opportunities for Jungle Safaris, camping amidst the forests and long nature walks on the emerald green paddy fields.


Majestic Monuments, forts and serene temples stand witness to the magnificent history of this region. Spread over 13 acres and situated on a cliff that overlooks the Arabian Sea, the Jaigad Fort is comparatively smaller yet historically significant. However, the most famous one is the Ratnadurga Fort. Surrounded by Arabian Sea from three sides, the Fort is spread over 120 acres and has a fascinating tunnel. However, the quaint and clean beaches in Ratnagiri dominate all other tourist attractions. While the black sand Mandvi beach is the most popular one amongst tourists; Pawas Beach, Ganeshghule Beach, Bhatye Beach and Ganpatipule Beach are some other beautiful beaches that continue to spell bind tourists.


335 kms away from Mumbai, the best Ratnagiri Tour Packages have something or the other, special to offer to everyone. Bestowed with the finest horticulture products such as cashew nuts, coconuts, jackfruit, mangoes, jambulam, karvandas and Pancakes made from dried mangoes and jackfruits; the region gives you ample chances to pamper your taste buds. Don’t delay to make a visit to this beautiful jewel in Maharashtra.

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Ratnagiri Tour faqs

What are the best things to do on a Ratnagiri Tour?

1. Go on a tour of the Marine Aquarium and Museum: The Marine Aquarium and Museum was established by the Marine Biological Research Station of Ratnagiri in 1985 to highlight the importance of marine wildlife. There are terrific specimens of Sea horse fish, Lionfish, Triggerfish, Sea turtles, Starfish, Lobsters, and sea snakes, etc. displayed here. Moreover, with the Ratnagiri Tour Packages, one can also explore the freshwater aquarium that has been a recent addition.

- Location:  On Ratnagiri - Bhagwati Mandir Road, Sadanand Wadi, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
- Timing: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
- Price: INR 5 per person

2. Water Activities at Ganpatipule Beach: Ganpatipule Beach on the Konkan Coast is among the best Ratnagiri travel places to spend a fun day of your vacation with your near and dear ones. To add to the spectacular shoreline and scenery of the sandy beach is an ancient Ganesha Temple which is said to be 400 years old. Being a popular tourist attraction, one can find the beach filled with people who are either visiting the sacred sanctuary, lazing around, or indulging in water sports, such as - boat rides, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, water-scooter rides, etc.

- Location:  Konkan Coast, Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra
- Timing:  24 hours

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3. Get blessings at the Parshuram Temple (Mandir): A dedication to the immortal Lord Parshuram, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, this temple is an ancient place of worship that still holds high regard as one of the important Ratnagiri travel places. Built-in 1700 by Swami Paramhans Brahmendra with financial aid from Siddi Rasul Yakut Khan. One can pay their respects and seek blessings of the divine that resides within the astonishingly beautiful temple, the three idols of - Kal, Kam, and Parshuram.

- Location: Sansthan Shri Bhargavram Parshuram At post, Taluka, Parshuram, Chiplun, Maharashtra 415605
- Timing:  6:00 am to 9:00 pm

4. Relive History at the Devgad Fort: Built by Dattajirao Angre in 1729, the Devgad Fort is an important tourist and historical site that one can visit as part of their vacation with Ratnagiri Tour Packages. The fort is situated on the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Devgad Creek, offering amazing views of the endless waters. Devgad also has quite a history with the Britishers trying to conquer it and much more that can be learned about with a tour of the entire vicinity which contains a lighthouse, Ganesh temple, three cannons, and the Bastions.

- Location:  Devgad Fort Rd, Devgad, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 416613
- Timing:  7:00 am to 7:00 pm
- Price:  INR 10 per person

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5. Trek your way to Mahipatgad Fort: When someone thinks of Ratnagiri, trekking and verdant hills isn’t the first thought that pops up, but it definitely should. This coastal town is home to several hill forts and is flanked by the Sahyadri Hills on one end which makes for the perfect trekking and camping sites. Among them is the most renowned - Mahipatgad Fort, a hill fortress that dominates the Khed town skyline. To reach the top one has to complete a two-part trek, starting in the village of Wadi-Jaipur to Wadibeldar, and from there to the fort.

- Location:  Dahivali, East of Khed City, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra 415730
- Timing: 24 hours

6. Shopping Spree: The city and the entire district of Ratnagiri are most prominently known for the massive production of delicious and quality Alphonso Mangoes. Thus, if you are visiting during summer, it is a must to come back home with boxes of fruit. For the rest of the year also, one can find mango products like - amboli, aam panna, aam papad, etc. During your shopping endeavors, also look for kokum products and drinks, cashews, and local handicrafts at local bazaars and streets.

- Location:  Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
- Timing:  9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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7. Spend a day on Guhagar Beach: Guhagar Beach is among the cleanest and largest beach stretches in the Konkan region. Situated in the Guhagar town in the Ratnagiri District, this serene and pristine beach is perfect for a laid-back and tranquil afternoon. Still not under the tourism radar, the shore remains clear of crowds. There are no water sports available here, but visitors can have a picnic, enjoy a swim or sunbathe all day.

- Location:  Konkan Coast, Guhagar City, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra
- Timing: 24 hours

What are the adventure things to do on a Ratnagiri Tour?

1. Trekking: The city and district of Ratnagiri present with plenty of destinations and terrains suited for a trekking adventure. Some of the best-known treks here are the Sahyadri Hills, several waterfalls and Mahipatgad, Sumargad, Rasalgad and Prachitgad hill forts.

2. Kayaking: One of the best activities to add to the Ratnagiri Tour Packages is kayaking. Surrounded by the vast Arabian Sea, Ratnagiri and its many talukas have coasts where you can go for a relaxing kayaking excursion in clear, azure lagoons.

3. Parasailing: The beaches in Ratnagiri, such as - Ganpatipule, Kunkeshwar, Anjarle etc. are spots that offer many water sports activities including parasailing. In this adventure, attached to a parachute from a yacht, you get to soar and rise into the sky and fly like a bird.

4. Maldoli Crocodile Safari: This activity is available in the town of Chiplun of the Ratnagiri District. Maldoli is a small village where an expansive network of backwaters flows. The waters are home to crocodiles that can be spotted with planned boating safari tours.

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How to Reach Ratnagiri?

Here are the ways to reach Ratnagiri:

1. Flight: Ratnagiri does not have a personal airport and the two closest airstrips are in Mumbai - at 346 kilometres via NH 66 and Goa - at 259 kilometres via NH 66. Travellers can get-off at either of the two locations and complete the remaining journey in buses or taxis.

2. Rail: Ratnagiri has a railway station with a well-connected route with all the major cities in India.

3. Roda: This option is convenient for travellers living in Maharashtra or other neighbouring states. One can choose to board private or state buses to reach Ratnagiri bus-station. Alternatively, they can rent a cab or drive to Ratnagiri in their personal cars.

What is the best time to visit Ratnagiri?

The winter months from November to March is the most favourable time of the year to plan Ratnagiri tour packages vacation. Around this time of the year, travellers can make the most by enjoying sightseeing, activities and much more. Summers and monsoons are off-season as the weather conditions can be harsh or extreme to be able to enjoy any activity.

What is Ratnagiri famous for?

Here are a few things that are famous in Ratnagiri:

- Alphonso Mangoes
- Mango products - amboli, aam papad, aam panna etc.
- Kokum Drinks
- Cashews and its byproducts
- Ancient Forts
- Scenic Beaches

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How can I go to Ratnagiri from Ganpatipule?

Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule lie 25 kilometers apart, via the Arrey Warrey-Road route. Ganpatipule has a bus station that has regular private and state buses operating between the two stops. Other than that, the best and most convenient way to travel from Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri is in a taxi or a personal vehicle.

Which are the best beaches to visit during a Ratnagiri Tour?

1. Ganpatipule Beach: This is one of the most renowned and gorgeous white-sand beaches to visit in the town of Ganpatipule during the Ratnagiri tourism packages vacation. The beach has a 400-year old Ganesha Temple, a variety of flora and fauna that harbours here and the availability of many water sport activities.

2. Velas Beach: This beach is also known as the ‘Turtle Beach’ since large flocks of Olive Ridley turtles reside and lay their eggs here. And to witness this event, a turtle festival is organized between February and MAy here. Other than that, the shore is scenic and perfect for beach camping and other recreational activities.

3. Kunkeshwar Beach: A part of the Sindhudurg city, Kunkeshwar Beach is hailed as one of the most spectacular shores of the Ratnagiri Tour packages. Besides the water sports and panorama of a tropical landscape, the beach is also famous for the ancient Lord Shiva Temple.

4. Murud Beach: Located in Dapoli of Ratnagiri District, Murud Beach is among the best places to visit with the Ratnagiri tourism packages. It is a long coast covered in lush green verdure and soft sand that merges into the salty seawater. Visitors can enjoy a swim and many water sports at Murud for a fun beach day.

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Which are the best historical places to visit during a Ratnagiri Tour?

1. Jaigad Fort: This is a 16th-century architectural marvel that sits atop a cliff, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Also known as ‘the fort of victory’, Jaigad is an important part of the Archaeological Survey of India. Besides the fort, there are temples and the Jaigad Lighthouse places within the vicinity that can be explored.

2. Tilak Ali Museum: This is a house-museum which is managed by the Archeological Department of India. The present-day repository of artefacts and historical art collections was the ancestral home and the place where Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born.

3. Thiba Palace: This place was built in 1910 by the British Army to accommodate the then king Thiba of Burma (present-day Myanmar) during his and the family’s exile of 7 years. He was placed in the palatial residence after the English took over his country, and the structure now is one of the best places to see with the Ratnagiri Tour Packages.

4. Parshuram Temple: This temple was built in the 1700s as a dedication to the sixth avatar or (immortal) incarnation of Lord Vishnu - Parshuram. Located in Chiplun of Ratnagiri District, the temple has a remarkable architecture with Hindu and Muslim design elements, and it is visited by flocks of devout tourists each day.

Popular Ratnagiri Attractions

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