Voi Phuc Temple Overview
Dedicated to the Royal highness Prince Linh Lang the 953-year old Voi Voi Phuc Temple is popularly called as the Kneeling Elephants Temple. Ly Thai Tong constructed this temple believing that his son is a god. This ancient place of worship occupies the exact place where the mighty elephant knelt so as to allow Prince Linh to mount on top of it and ride to the battlefield.

When you go sightseeing in Hanoi city you cannot miss visiting this wood temple for the stunning architecture of the shrine. What’s remarkable is that configurations of several walls, statues and entrances of the temple have been built as per the feng shui practices.

Location: Thu Le Zoo Hanoi, 306B Kim Mã, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Highlights: To this date from 1953, the temple has been renovated multiple times. Every year on the ninth and eleventh day of the 2nd lunar month, the Voi Phuc Temple Festival is conducted to commemorate Linh Lang God’s merits. This festival is marked by a grand procession of (bat am) musical bands,  drums, gongs, fans, flags, parasols, and the dancing senh tien group.
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