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The Hanoi Old quarter is among the first place which tourists visit when in Vietnam and also the last place which they go before leaving the country. It was previously a great place for merchants and artisans to sell the goods they create but now it has become a place of heritage for tourists. The place is quite lively and different from rest of the places in the city.

Location: 14 Yên Thái, C?a ?ông, Hà N?i, Vietnam

Highlights: It is a great place to know about the culture and tradition of the people who live in Hanoi as well as the city itself. The old quarter has many old style narrow streets with brick houses. We all are used to see tall skyscrapers and buildings but this place will bring back you to where we used to live some hundred years ago.

History: It was a place where traders used to trade goods they had.
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