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Best Things To Do in Hanoi

Offering you the best of culture and the perfect amount of urbanization, there are a lot of things to do in Hanoi for anybody who wishes to explore it. The Vietnamese capital is nestled inside a world which has strongly stuck to its roots and even so has gone ahead with establishing an identity of its own. With an intriguing history and a breath-taking present, you are sure to never have a dull moment in Hanoi. Each corner of Hanoi has a story to tell. There have been different dynasties who have called Hanoi it’s home and the city has adapted well to the traditions of all to make one of its own. While the landmarks are in plenty for you to see, it is the vibrant streets in which the real essence of Hanoi lies. The locals here hold the maximum tourism factor and are the biggest USP of visiting Hanoi.

There are plenty of museums, lakes and restaurants to fill up your itinerary. But, it is the story of rising like a phoenix which is what describes Hanoi the best. Being the capital of a country that has seen its fair share of destruction and wars, Hanoi has stood with its head held high always giving everybody who wishes to explore it a connection of their own. All of the seasons of Hanoi have a different shade of the city to offer to you. The 4 distinct seasons that it experiences bring out a speciality of the city like no other season does. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the history or lose yourself in the tranquility of the well nestled landmarks, you will never have a moment in Hanoi where you do not experience their culture. There are so many things to do in Hanoi, that you would simply be spoilt for choice.

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The body of Ho Chi Minh is preserved here so people visit to see that. There are many type of restrictions by the authority here such as you need to follow the dress code, be silent and walk in straight lines. Hands must be in pocket and arms should not be crossed. Apart from that no smoking, drinking or eating.

 Location: Hùng V??ng, ?i?n Biên, Ba ?ình, Hà N?i, Vietnam.

 Highlights: The place is protected by Militiary honour guards and is a high security place. The architecture is nicely done and a lot of people visit here to pay their respects to Ho Chi Minh.

 Best time to visit: One of the best things about the mausoleum is that it stays open for 24 hours so you can visit it any time you want. Only you need to keep in mind that it stays closed on Monday and Friday so make sure to not visit it then.

Lake of the Restored Sword

The English translation of the lake name means "Lake of the Returning Sword". It has a huge historical context and is one of the oldest places in the city. One can also easily spot some soft shell turtles which swim in the lake and has been seen since years, they make a beautiful sight. The lake was also known as Luc Thuy which means Green water in English. This was the former name given to the lake because it has green water.

Location: It is located in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam and has many other tourists attractions nearby as well.

Highlights: Lake of the restored Sword is one of the most scenic spots of the city and is a major tourist attraction which is visited by hundreds of people daily.

Best time to visit: During dusk and night, the lake looks stunning as it lights up and people mostly take this as an opportunity for photographs.

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

The Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural is a mural on the wall of the dyke system of the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. The content of the mosaic contains decorative patterns of different periods in history of Vietnam. It is a great place for all those who want to know about the culture of Vietnam.

Location: It is located in the city of Hanoi and attracts a lot of tourists and visitors.

Highlight: It has a length of about 4 km which is quite long. The place is nicely decorated and looks beautiful, this is the reason why a lot of people visit here and it is also a nice attraction for the locals here.

History: It was developed as part of the millennial anniversary of Hanoi and was considered among the major projects that were developed during that time. It was the result of a Hanoi architecture contest where an architect won a prize for transforming the dyke system of Hanoi to a ceramic mosaic.

Thap Rua Tower

The Thap Rua Tower is also famously known as the Tortoise tower. It is a small tower in the middle of Sword Lake in the city of Hanoi. Although people can't actually go to the tower, they can have a look at it from a distance.


Location: Tháp Rùa, Hàng Tr?ng, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam.

Highlights: Since it is located in a little island, the beauty of the tower is enhanced as it is surrounded by a nice lake. This makes a good spot for photography and tourists often visit here as it has a lot of historical context.

History: The tower exists in a place which was a former fishing site under the famous king Le Thanh Tong. It was made during the time when French had conquered the city of Hanoi and most of the people in the city fled away due to fear of death.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang Ceramic Village is a wonderful place where you can buy a number of handicraft and pottery goods. There are a number of gift & specialty shops available in this village that is famous for offering tea sets. The quality of the goods offered at Bat Trang Ceramic Village is amazing. This place is active in Hanoi since many years and is preferred by tourists as well. The big market area in Bat Trang Ceramic Village can be visited in order to savor some wonderful delicacies. There are tour packages that can be accessed so as to explore Bat Trang Ceramic Village at ease. You can plan a trip with your friends or family so as to enjoy this excellent market.

Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi,Vietnam

Highlights: Bat Trang Ceramic Village has a lovely ambience as the scenic beauty is quite mesmerizing.

Best time to visit: Autumn season is the perfect time to visit this place.


54 Traditions

54 Traditions is a wonderful outlet that is famous for its textile goods. The items available at 54 Traditions are worth a buy. You will experience a good cultural feed at this outlet which is quite inspiring. The amazing collection of fabric and textile materials at 54 Traditions is famous in the city of Hanoi. The local crowd admires this destination which is also a museum. You will require a patient time to explore the beauty of 54 Traditions. You will need to hire a guide in order to learn about the various products availabl at 54 Traditions. This destination is perfect for family outings if you are in Hanoi. Prefer public transport to reach this place as parking might be an issue.

Location: 30 Hang Bun, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi,Vietnam

Highlights: Do check out the cloth textiles that are prepared by Vietnamese artists.

Best time to visit: The evening time is perfect to pay a visit.

Hoa Fashion

Hoa Fashion is one of the most renowned fashion stores in Hanoi. You can access a large variety of tailored goods at this outlet. Hoa Fashion will surely impress you with its fine collection of men & women clothing. The fabric along with the tailoring methods at Hoa Fashion is very impressive. If you are searching for quality clothing & accessories then do prefer this store that is located in Tay Ho. Hoa Fashion has grown over the years and is visited by a large crowd in the city. The best part about this store is that, there is a good blend of formal as well as casual clothing at Hoa Fashion. The prices are decent and can be accessed by a major customer population.

Location: No.1 Xuan Dieu | Tay Ho, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Highlights: Hoa Fashion is a well managed shop with a supportive staff.

Best time to visit: Prefer the evening time before 6 PM.

Bambou Silk

Bambou Silk is a good shopping complex in Hanoi that offers a good collection of tailored clothes. You will surely admire the number of shops available in this area that offer quality items. This market is known for its suit pieces that are very classy. People from different parts of the city prefer Bambou Silk because of the fabric that is available here. You cannot park your car in this vicinity so prefer public transport for travelling. There is a good blend of casual as well as formal clothing in Bambou Silk. Tourists are also spotted at this market since the prices are too attractive. Do not miss a chance to visit Bambou Silk due to its clothing greatness.

Location: 6 Nha Chung Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: Formal clothing accessories such as tie, belt, jackets etc are famous in this market.

Best time to visit: Prefer weekdays to visit this place.

Ask a Question

What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Hanoi

  • Q. What are some of the best things to do in Hanoi?

    Some of the things that you can definitely do in Hanoi are:
    Take a local food walking tour
    Attend a show at a puppet theatre
    Go ice skating
    Spend a day at any of the Water Parks
    Attend an Ionah Show
    Watch a show at the famous circus of Hanoi
    Explore history and Hanoi’s culture at any of the museums
    Take part in any of the water sports

  • Q. What all adventure sports can be done in Hanoi?

    There are plenty of adventure activities that can be done in Hanoi such as:
    Climbing Mountains
    Go Canyoning
    Para sailing
    Mountain Biking

  • Q. Which are some must try water sports in Hanoi?

    The must-try water sports in Hanoi includes

    • Kayaking
    • Cruising and
    • Scuba diving.

  • Q. What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Hanoi?

    The most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Hanoi are:
    Take a romantic cruise to Halong Bay
    Explore the islands of Halong bay together hand in hand.
    See the Halong Bay and the city from an aerial perspective
    Have a romantic culinary evening out.
    Visit one of the beautiful sunset bars and witness the sunset
    Enjoy a Jazz performance together!
    Go bicycling together
    Take a romantic walk hand in hand.
    Go for a couple spa together.

  • Q. Which are best places for scuba diving in Hanoi?

    You can visit Nha Trang as well as Halong Bay to enjoy Scuba Diving in Hanoi. These are the two best places for scuba diving in Hanoi.

  • Q. Which are the famous destinations for river rafting in Hanoi?

    There is only one famous destination for river rafting and that is Halong Bay. So, head to Halong Bay for river rafting in Hanoi.

  • Q. What are the famous hiking trails in Hanoi?

    There are plenty of famous hiking trails available in Hanoi. A list of the top ten amazing hiking trails is:
    Lang Bian Mountain
    Cat Tien National Park
    Ba Be National Park
    Cat Ba National Park
    Mai Chau
    Cuc Phong National Park
    Cao Bang
    Ba Na Hill
    Pu Luong National Park

  • Q. Which are some famous beaches in Hanoi?

    There are no beaches in Hanoi. The closest one is situated at a distance of 116 kilometres. The beaches you can visit close to Hanoi are:
    Bai Chay Beach (Quang Ninh) Bai Chay Beach is located in Quang Ninh Province, around 100km to the Northeast of Hanoi. ...
    Tuan Chau Beach (Ha Long)
    Do Son Beach (Hai Phong)
    Cat Ba Beach (Hai Phong)
    Hai Thinh Beach (Nam Dinh)

  • Q. Which are the famous boating destinations in Hanoi?

    There are plenty of destinations to enjoy boating near Hanoi. The best destinations to undertake this activity in Hanoi are:
    Mekong Delta
    Halong Bay
    Gio Biosphere Reserve
    Cu Chi Tunnels

  • Q. Which are some best cycling trails in Hanoi?

    The best cycling trails in Hanoi are:
    West Lake and Three Bridges
    Bat Trang Ceramic Villages
    Duong Lam Ancient Villages

  • Q. Which are some famous cruises tours in Hanoi?

    Some famous cruise tours in Hanoi are:
    Halong Bay Day Cruise
    Day Tour of the Ancient Binh
    Trang An Bai Dinh Tour
    Lan Ha Bay Tour
    Cong Dam Bai Tu

  • Q. Which are some famous places for snorkeling in Hanoi and how much does it cost?

    Hanoi lies in the vicinity of South China Sea which is extremely beautiful. There are plenty of sites here which are great for snorkelling. The closest places for snorkelling to Hanoi are the following:
    Halong Bay
    Mekong River Delta
    Con Dao Islands
    Phu Quoc Islands
    All of these places charge a rough estimate of 5,25,000 VND for snorkelling.

  • Q. Where can I experience jeep safari in Hanoi?

    You can head to various spots for jeep safari in Hanoi. The places that you can go to are:

    • Saigon
    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Hoan Kiem District
    • Truong Son Range

  • Q. What are the most happening nightlife experiences in Hanoi?

    1. The most happening nightlife experiences in Hanoi are:
    • Take a heritage walk at night
    • Enjoy the street food at night
    • Enjoy the local beer on tap
    • Catch an orchestra show
    • Enjoy cocktails in the old quarter

  • Q. Which are the pilgrimage sites which are a must visit in Hanoi?

    1. The pilgrimage sites that you must visit in Hanoi are:
    • One Pillar Pagoda
    • Tran Quoc Pagoda
    • Bach Ma Temple
    • Dong Huong Temple
    • Nam Huong Temple
    • Cau Dong Temple
    • Hoe Nhai Pagoda
    • Ba Da Pagoda
    • Ly Quoc Su Pagoda
    • Phu Ung Temple
    • Ngoc Son Temple

  • Q. Which are the best biking routes in Hanoi?

    The best biking routes in Hanoi are:

    • Ho Chi Minh Trail
    • Coastal Road from Quy Nhon To Nha Trang. … CV
    • Back-Road From Cao Bang to Ban Gioc waterfall. ...
    • The road crossing the Rock plateau in Ha Giang. ...
    • Motorbike Ride from Tu Le to Sapa.

  • Q. Which are some famous lakes to visit in Hanoi?

    • Hoan Kiem Lake
    • Thien Quang Lake
    • Truc Bach Lake
    • Turtle Tower
    • West Lake

  • Q. Where is the famous locality for shopping in Hanoi?

    • Dong Xuan Market
    • Hanoi Weekend Night Market
    • Hang Da Market
    • Cho Hom Market
    • Quang Ba Flower Market

  • Q. Which are the best areas to taste the street food in Hanoi?

    The best options for street food in Hanoi are:

    • Pho (Noodle Soup)
    • Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)
    • Pho Ga(Chicken Noodle Soup)
    • Cha Ca(Grilled and Fried Fish with Rice Noodles)
    • Xoi (Sticky Rice)
    • Bun Cha (Grilled Pork and Noodles)
    • Bun Bo Nam Bo (Beef and Noodles)
    • Banh Mi(Baguette Sandwich)
    • Pho Cuon( Rice Noodle Rolls)
    • Pho Chien Phong (Fried Rice Noodles)

  • Q. Which are the best places for day trips from Hanoi?

    • Mai Chau
    • Hoa Lu
    • Bat Trang
    • Tam Coc
    • Huong Pagoda
    • Van Phuc Silk Village
    • Duong Lam Ancient Village
    • Ha Long Bay
    • Ancient Capital Hoa Lu