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Ba Vi National Park is a place where you will find different species of birds, animals and plants. It spans across around 26,720 acres of land which is quite vast and you can spot various type of animals here. But the reason why it attracts so many visitors and tourists is the natural beauty of the place.

Location: Thôn Nghe, Vân Hòa, Hà N?i, Tây ??ng, Ba Vì, Hà N?i, Vietnam. The place is around 48 km west to the city of Hanoi but you can book a vehicle which will take you there. Even public transportation is available here at a good frequency.

Highlights: The park is rich in flora and fauna, it is a great place to be in midst of nature and enjoy your time here. The scenic beauty is at an another level altogether, if you are a tourist you must not leave Hanoi without visiting the lovely place.
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